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8. Classic series™ by Geiger A longtime Geiger staple, Classic Series lounge seating has welldefined and tailored lines that exude a timeless sensibility. 9. Downtown™ by Geiger Downtown lounge seating is a contemporary classic that combines simple elegance with exceptional detailing. 10. Impromptu™ by Geiger With the pivot and lift of its optional tablet arm, Impromptu changes from a contemporary lounge piece to a functional workstation. 11. SWOOP™ CLUB CHAIR Swoop offers a different kind of lounge seating construction. Its sweeping curves and modular components provide multiple configuration options for variety of spaces—large or small, individual or group. 12. Wicker Back™ by Geiger Wicker Back lounge seating offers a dramatic profile in an efficient footprint, making a bold design statement without being overpowering. 13. Uptown by Geiger A contemporary classic, Uptown lounge seating features simple design, exceptional detailing, and scaled-down dimensions that make it perfect for smaller environments. 14. Washington Avenue™ Group by Geiger One of Geiger’s most popular seating lines, Washington Avenue exhibits fine detailing and contemporary aesthetics.

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Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments