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Bleu & Fig is a full service boutique catering and design company with a fresh and sophisticated take on celebrations. We offer exquisite food, experienced design consult and coordination for events of all sizes. | 614. 348. 3328

w w w. b l e u a n d f i g . c o m

menus. unique. chic.

VEGAN & VEGETARIAN Charred Zucchini Vegetable Pinwheel Kale Chips with Red Pepper Flakes Roasted Garlic Hummus Chunky Garbanzo and Pomegranate Dip Seasonal Roasted Vegetable Platter with Herb Infused Olive Oil Cheese Board with Seasonal Fruit, Housemade Bread and Crostini Cheese Straws: Bleu, Sharp Cheddar, Parmesan Rosemary Olives with Capers, Roasted Garlic and Orange Zest Fig Glazed Almonds with Dried Cherries Wild Mushroom Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta with Mascarpone Mediterranean Artichoke Bottoms with Feta Mint Salad Bleu Cheese Crostini with Honey and Apples Savory Cheese Tart with Fig Preserves Poached Apricots With Mascarpone and Toasted Almonds Sweet Beet Parmesan Pesto Twice Baked Maple Sweet Potato Twice Baked Roasted Garlic Potato Goat Cheese and Chopped Tomato Olive Salad Baskets Creamy Arugula and Heart of Palm Dip Orzo Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Shaved Parmesan Fig, Olive, and Walnut Tapenade with Goat Cheese Polenta Cups with Bleu Cheese and Pinenuts Pear Goat Cheese and Fig Foccacia Wild Mushroom PatĂŠ Boursin Cheese Straw with English Cucumber and Radish Mushroom Polenta Diamonds Tuscan Wine Grape Pie Notes: All dips, hummus and pates come with crunchy vegetables and toasted pita.

$3.00 piece $3.00 person $2.50 person $2.50 person $4.00 person $5.00 person $2.00 piece $2.00 person $2.50 person $2.50 piece $3.50 piece $2.50 piece $2.50 piece $2.50 piece $3.00 person $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.50 piece $3.00 person $3.50 person $2.50 piece $3.50 piece $2.50 piece $3.00 person $3.00 piece $2.75 piece $2.50 piece

simple. tasty. local.

CHICKEN Black Bean Corn and Chicken Puff with Salsa Creme Fraiche Sesame Rice Noodle Salad with Tandoori Smoked Chicken Saffron Chicken Skewers with Moroccan Rice Almond Bacon Chicken Pate in Crispy Phyllo Cups Curried Chicken Salad Apple Boats Pesto Chicken Satay with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis

$3.00 piece $4.00 person $4.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece


Shaved Cucumber and Cilantro Filled Lettuce Cups with Lemongrass Beef Tenderloin Beef and Butternut Squash Skewer with Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce Gorgonzola Beef Crostini with Mint Chimichurri Prosciutto and Pear Roll with Pea Shoots and Parmesan Foccacia with Fig Preserves, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Brown Sugar Candied Thick Cut Bacon Smoked Ham and Gruyere Thumbprints Rosemary Lamb Lollipops with Raspberry Mint Coulis

$5.00 piece $4.50 piece $5.00 piece $4.00 piece $2.50 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $5.00 piece

SLIDERS Duck Confit Slider, Bahn Mi Style Seared Beef with Swiss Cheese and Bacon Sweet and Sour Pork Meatball Slider Lobster Salad with Crispy Prosciutto Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders with Citrus Fennel Slaw

$5.00 piece $4.50 piece $4.50 piece $5.50 piece $4.50 piece

creative. scrumptious. seasonal.

FISH/SEAFOOD Smoked Trout Mousse Spirals Lemon Basil Grilled Shrimp Lollipops with Horseradish Molasses Cocktail Sauce Polenta Cups with Goat Cheese and Red Pepper Shrimp Salad Shrimp Salsa with English Cucumber, Meyer Lemons and Pomegranate Seeds Oyster Tartare Dip with Crunchy Potato Chips Crab Stuffed Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Creme Fraiche and Caviar Butter Poached Lobster Mac-n-Cheese Trifle Wonton Seared Tuna Tacos with Pickled Chow-Chow and Plum Aioli Spicy Tuna Tartare on Crispy Waffle Potato Chips Pistachio Crusted Scallop Lollipop Savory Dill Shortbread with Lemon Boursin and Smoked Salmon Mustard Crusted Salmon Skewers with Lemon Creme Fraiche Ground Mustard Salmon Cake with Honey Citrus Butter

$4.50 piece $3.50 piece $5.00 piece $4.00 person $4.00 person $4.00 piece $4.00 piece $5.00 piece $5.00 piece $4.50 piece $4.00 piece $4.00 piece $4.00 piece $4.00 piece

savory. beautiful. intriguing.

DINNER BUFFET: $40/person SALAD, VEGETABLE & STARCH - Choose Three Items Warm Salad with Sunchokes, Bacon and Radicchio Fennel, Sunchoke and Apple Salad with Orange Dill Vinagrette Mixed Greens with English Cucumbers, Cranberries, Goat Cheese and Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette Quinoa with Basil, Olives, Capers and Lemon Caesar with Roasted Garlic Anchovy Croutons Asparagus with Pinenuts Green Beans with Garlic and Almonds Honey Roasted Beets and Butternut Squash with Candied Pecans Roasted Carrots with Caraway seeds, Grapes and Walnuts Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan Crisps and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Braised Kale with Caramelized Onion, Garlic and Parmesan Warm Leeks with Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto and Cashews Cinnamon Roasted Rutabaga and Pears Whipped Redskin Potatoes with Baby Spinach and Roasted Red Peppers Horseradish Scalloped Beet and Potato Au Gratin Oven Roasted Herbed Redskin Potatoes Roasted Vegetable Rice Pilaf Saffron Rice with Toasted Almonds Roasted Beet and Butternut Squash Orzo Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Pecans

wonderful. unique. yours.

ENTREE: Choose Two Items (additional entrees $5/per person)

Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken with a Feta Caper Vinaigrette Pesto Grilled Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis Rosemary Chicken Marsala with warm Wild Mushroom Salad Pear, Applewood Smoked Bacon and Provolone Stuffed Chicken Breast Artichoke, Baby Spinach, Red Pepper and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast Prosciutto, Gruyere and Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Breast Wild Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast Asian Flank Steak with Charred Tomato, Garlic and Chili Salsa Coffee Dusted Beef Tenderloin with Au Jus Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Merlot Reduction (additional $10/per person) Mustard Crusted Salmon with Lemon Creme Fraiche Pasta alla Vodka: Penne, Tomato Cream Sauce, Parmesan and Basil Warm Orzo, Parmesan Cheese, Roasted Beets and Butternut Squash with Basil Olive Oil Pasta Penne: Roasted Red Pepper Cream, Asparagus, Baby Spinach, Lemon Lasagna: Layers of Marinara, BĂŠchamel, Italian Sausage, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Ricotta Thyme roasted Pork Loin with Figs, Cranberries, Orange Pomegranate Sauce Roasted Pork Loin with Sweet Potato Butter

inspired. fun. artistic.

DESSERT Toasted Meringue Lemon Pie Brownie Bite with Buttercream Icing Chocolate Toffee Raspberry Trifle Brown Sugar Key Lime Trifle Tiramisu Shooter Apricot, Fig, Cranberry Rice Pudding Shooter Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding with Almond Whipped Cream Shooter Carmel Pecan Bread Pudding with Apple, Pear and Shortbread Spice Crinkle Cookie Lollipop with Cinnamon Butter Cream Lemon Crinkle Cookie Lollipop with Cardamom Butter Cream

$3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece $3.00 piece

We look forward to creating a memorable celebration with you!

Bleu & Fig Winter Menu 2012  

We are a full service boutique catering and design company with a fresh and sophisticated take on celebrations. We offer exquisite food, exp...

Bleu & Fig Winter Menu 2012  

We are a full service boutique catering and design company with a fresh and sophisticated take on celebrations. We offer exquisite food, exp...