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imagination. intoxicated. is de brainchild of a zany bloke bitten by, that’s right, a kreative bug. The kreative bug never ceases to inspire you, if you have a penchant to explore your wild side. Like it says in our tagline, each of us is capable of seeing the world with our two I's: and make it imaginative and intoxicating. Each & Every one of our designs is inspired by de creator in “You.” We have a huge treasure trove of personalized designs that flaunt your attitude. And we’ll run cartwheels for you: if you can think of a kewl line or design, just send it across & we’ll do de rest. You can put them up on your cars, bikes, laptops, mobiles, just about anything limited only by your imagination. The base collection features trendy pickup lines, throwaway lines & decal quotes painstakingly collected from folks like you by the kreative bugger himself. Its’ imagination. intoxicated.

Every single design in our repertoire is inspired by ‘YOU’. If you have a line, quote or design in mind, we will personalize it for you. Just mail it to along with desired size & where you wish to flaunt it. We will then send you the costing and delivery date. Once you confirm, we’ll process the order. Standard sizes are 10 x 2.5 (inches) for flat panels and 5 x 5 (inches) for square panels. However, there are other variants depending on the designs & shape of the stickers. We also design and custom-make t-shirts on order. Plus, we can take up bulk orders at bargain-basement pricing. For more info, please visit … it currently will take you to our Facebook profile as the website is undergoing construction. Oh and do not hesitate to write to us at should you need any further clarity. - presentation  

We have a huge treasure trove of personalized designs that flaunt your attitude and would like to add a little more to your existing categor...

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