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WELCOME! Barbados is pleased to invite you to the 2013 Caribbean Award Sub-regional Council (CASC) Adventurous Journey - Code Name: Journey to a Greener Barbados. Enjoy all that Barbados has to offer, sample Barbadian culture while traversing the country’s many gullies,watercourses and breathtaking coastlines. Be a part of the exciting celebrations as we mark 50 years of youth development. See you there!

CASC 2013 Proposal Journey to a Greener Barbados

CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

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Barbados - An OUtstanding Little Island 03 The Award in Barbados - 50 years of youth development


Details of CASC


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CASC 2013 Budget


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CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Introduction “CASC Adventurous Journey... highlight of summer for Barbados’ gold participants” The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Barbados will mark fifty years in 2013. Throughout the year, it is expected that there will be a number of celebratory activities. One of the biggest events on the calendar will be hosting the 34th Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council (CASC) Adventurous Journey. Barbados has a long and intimate history with the CASC expedition having sent six participants to be a part of the first venture held in St. Vincent in 1980. Since that time, Barbados has hosted the event in 1992 and 2002. The CASC Adventurous Journey quickly came to be one of the highlights of summer for Barbados’ gold participants. Thousands of Barbadians have benefited from various programmes organised by the Award. Participants and leaders have come to be known amongst other charities and organisations as ready, willing helpers. Those who complete the programme are easily described as civic minded and driven individuals. The year 2013 offers the country the opportunity to make a memorable mark at the regional level. Barbados is excited to welcome fellow ‘dukers’ from the Caribbean and wider Americas region to take part in the annual event which will have the code name ‘Journey to A Greener Barbados’.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

BARBADOS An Outstanding Little Island Barbados is, by global standards, a tiny island; however its physical size is no measure of the country or its people. Measuring just 21 miles by 14 miles, Barbados boasts a number of outstanding features. Amongst these are the official inscription of the capital city Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a World Heritage Site on June 25, 2011. In addition to that international designation, the country lays claim to Sir Garfield Sobers who, to the world, is the greatest cricketer who ever lived. Other outstanding sons and daughters of the soil are: celebrated checkers player, Ronald ‘Suki’ King, pop star Rihanna and Professor Oliver Headley, who was a respected mind in solar energy.

History The island was named after the bearded fig tree which was called ‘Los Barbados’ by the Portuguese, who arrived on the western shores in 1536. However, it was not they who colonised the island but the British in 1627. The island would remain under British rule until gaining independence in 1966. Since then, Barbados has benefited from having stable government administered under a democratic political system. The country’s affairs are managed by a Prime Minister and other elected members of parliament. Queen Elizabeth II is the recognised Head-of-State and is represented by a Governor General.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Geography The island is made up mostly of coral limestone, meaning that most of its water runs underground. The terrain is undulating with its highest point called Mount Hillaby standing 1100 feet above sea level. As a leading Caribbean tourist destination Barbados has a fully developed transportation system and is accessible by both sea and air.

Politics & Education The local government has continuously invested in the development of the country’s human resources. Primary and Secondary education is provided free to all citizens and as a result Barbados has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. In 2011, Barbados was ranked number 47 on the United Nations Human Development Programme (UNDP) index.

The People Barbados’ greatest natural resource is its warm, hospitable people. With an extremely diverse population of Barbados is approximately 270 000 people from many different ethnic and religious groups living harmoniously. English is the official language and a local dialect known as ‘Bajan’ is widely spoken.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

The Award in Barbados 50 Years of Youth Development Since it was first started in Barbados under the Voluntary Council in 1963, the Award has grown from strength to strength. For Barbados, this golden anniversary is a celebration of more than award holders; it is an acknowledgement of the dedication and hard work of thousands of participants and leaders. It is level of commitment that has helped to mould these individuals into stewards of their communities. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programme in Barbados is known as an organisation that is always ready with volunteers to offer assistance and representation of the youth. The first group in Barbados was established out of the Combermere School with members of the scout troop through the efforts of Col. Deighton Maynard. Since that start, the programme has spread to secondary schools, churches and community groups. There are more than 150 young people who are today working to complete the three different awards. The programme is constantly seeking to expand through the formation and revitalization of groups. Participants are active across the island giving voluntary service. They have taken part in beach clean ups, assisted with restoration work at the popular tourist attraction, Welchman Hall Gully and other community based projects. Through working to earn their Awards, many people have been able to discover and develop new talents. For most, these have evolved into careers and lifelong passions. The Award continues to fulfil its promise to challenge young bodies and create responsible citizens. In celebration of the Golden Anniversary, there will be a number of commemorative events, some of which will occur during CASC 2013.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Details of CASC 2013 CODE NAME: Journey to a Greener Barbados Barbados has a long history of using green energy sources, namely solar energy for water heating. In recent years there has been even greater emphasis on increased use of renewable energy and the associated care of the natural environment. The government of Barbados has stressed the importance of a national interest in the environment, by focusing on developing a green economy. In 2009 the then Prime Minister the Honourable David Thompson suggested that Barbados ought to become the most environmentally advanced, green country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Local organisations are encouraged to use renewable energy sources and actively work towards reducing carbon footprints. Those responsible for planning CASC 2013 therefore have chosen to make green livings one of the features of the event. During the phase of the camp dedicated to the residential project, the region’s youth will be mobilized to carryout work which is dedicated to the environmental preservation and protection. For the more than fifty years of its existence, the Award has made care of the environment a priority through adherence to the Country Code. CASC 2013 aims to encourage the youth to take an even closer look at how they impact the world that they live in. The movement of Barbados towards a greener economy is depicted in the logo which was designed by Chairman of the Barbados Gold Award Association (BGAA), Kerron Hamblin. Close examination of the logo shows dukers leading the way to a greener society with the use of bio diesel, solar and wind energy away from dangerous emissions from homes and businesses. The placement of a map of Barbados on the wider globe symbolises the fact that changes made in individual nations will redound to global benefit.


CASC 2013 T-Shirt design

CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados



CASC will be held from Friday, August 2, 2013 to Sunday, August 18, 2013 over a total of seventeen (17) days.

The compound at the base camp is fully enclosed and has twenty-four hour security. Additionally, the staff will be engaged to provide in house security. National security forces will also be asked to assist.

Base Camp Adventurous Journey

The Lester Vaughan School has been identified for the base camp of CASC 2013. It is one of the newer secondary schools on the island. Centrally located in the parish of Saint Thomas, it is in close proximity to the main highway and necessary support services. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Barbados has used the school’s facilities on numerous occasions for training and overnight camps. Additionally, the school has been the host venue for the Barbados Boy Scouts Association and the Girl Guides for different large group events. The school compound is fully secured.

Coming to Barbados for the adventurous journey will give participants the chance to see some of the most interesting parts of the country. Both gold and silver level participants will be able to complete qualifying ventures. Groups are encouraged to keep the code name, ‘Journey to A Greener Barbados’ in mind as they plan their ventures. The possibility also exists for groups to engage in some conservation work as they complete their journey.

Communications Residential The base camp will be equipped with access to telephone and internet services. The island offers affordable cellular phone access. During the expedition phase, systems will be established to ensure that groups can be in contact with relevant personnel.

CASC 2013 is focused on environmental sustainability. In addition to a strict adherence to the Country Code, the residential project will focus on the theme for CASC, ‘Journey to A Greener Barbados’. To complete the residential project, it is planned to work in conjunction with the Future Centre Trust (FCT).


The FCT is one of the island’s major stakeholders in environmental protection and a leader in this sector. Guided by a mission to encourage responsible management of the relationship between people and their environment the FCT carries numerous initiatives with youth organisations and schools to educate the younger generation on matters of sustainable development.

Transport will be provided to and from the airport for the arrival and departure of contingents. Additionally, where necessary transportation into and out of the field will be organised to facilitate the smooth running of the adventurous journey. Chartered buses will provide the main means of transportation for large group activities and the base camp will be equipped with dedicated transport vehicles.

Those who choose to participate in CASC 2013 Journey to A Greener Barbados, will be given the opportunity to raise environmental awareness in Barbados. In addition to making a local contribution, visitors will acquire skills and knowledge that they can use in their own home environments.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Official Social Events

“... people does jump up in the street in the Crop Over heat, and then you could call it a Kadooment, a Kadooment, a Kadooment! Make it beautiful, make it excellent...� Burn Mr. Harding -The Mighty Gabby

Opening Ceremony


The official opening ceremony for CASC 2013 will be held at the Base camp on Sunday 4, August and will take the form of a church service.

The traditional party will be held on Saturday 17 August after the closing ceremony.

Reception It is hoped that the Governor General of Barbados will host a reception for CASC 2013 participants on Sunday 4, August.

Kadooment The summer months in Barbados are the height of social activity as the island comes alive with the Crop Over festival. The climax of the festival occurs on the first Monday in the month of August (Monday August 5, 2013). Attendees at CASC 2013 will be invited to visit the event as costumed bands parade along the streets.

Sports Day Individual strength, strategy and teamwork will be put to the test as groups compete in the Sports day scheduled for Friday, 16 August. This will surely be great fun for all with exciting prizes available.

Talent Night Representatives are encouraged to come prepared to show off aspects of their local cultures during the talent night. This will be one of the most exciting nights of the event as some hidden abilities are sure to emerge. It is scheduled for Friday 16 August.

Closing Ceremony The official closing ceremony will be held at the base camp on Saturday August 17. All will have the chance to say farewell to new friends.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Budget Estimated Expenses T-shirts Meals Base Camp 5 days expedition Transportation Office supplies and Equipment Communications (incl. overseas calls) Closing ceremony (base camp) Opening ceremony/ Cocktail reception Signs & banners Invitations (letterheads, stamps) Cleaning Equipment and Supplies Medical Supplies (Sick Bay) Maps & Compasses Insurance (Motor & Public Liability) Expedition leader to CASC 2014 (Airfare & fee) Partial coverage of CASC 2013 AGM (room, rental, lunch coffee break & transport for Chairpersons) Miscellaneous





$48,000.00 $6,000.00 $20,000.00 $500.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $13,000.00 $2,800.00 $200.00 $1,200.00 $2,000.00 $500.00 $2,000.00 $2,400.00

$24,000.00 $3,000.00 $10,000.00 $250.00 $500.00 $500.00 $6,500.00 $1,400.00 $100.00 $600.00 $1,000.00 $250.00 $1,000.00 $1,200.00





Total Expenses Estimated Income Registration fees (BDS) 400.00 X 189) Registation fees (BDS) 250.00 X 11)



$75,600.00 $2,750.00



$37,800.00 $1,375.00

Money to be raised/ donated






CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Schedule of Events “We have a powerful potential in out youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.� Mary McLeod Bethune Date

Friday Aug 2nd 2013 Saturday Aug 3rd 2013 Sunday Aug 4th 2013 Monday Aug 5th 2013 Tuesday Aug 6th 2013 Wednesday Aug 7th 2013

Thursday Aug 8th 2013

Friday Aug 9th 2013 Saturday Aug 10th 2013 Sunday Aug 11th 2013 Monday Aug 12th 2013 Tuesday Aug 13th 2013 Wednesday Aug 14th 2013 Thursday Aug 15th 2013 Friday Aug 16th 2013 Saturday Aug 17th 2013 Sunday Aug 18th 2013


Arrivals/ Registration CASC AGM Opening ceremony/Church service Reception Training for leaders/assessors Cultural Event/Kadooment Day Training for leaders/assessors Training for Participants Training for leaders/assessors Training for Participants Residential Project Residential Project Training for leaders/assessors Training for Participants Preparations for Adventurous Journey Adventurous Journey Adventurous Journey Adventurous Journey Adventurous Journey Adventurous Journey Report writing/ debrief Residential Project Sports Day Talent Night Shopping day Closing Ceremony & Party Departure and Clean up 10

Base Camp


Base Camp To Be Announced Base Camp Spring Garden Base Camp Base Camp c/o Future CentreTrust c/o Future CentreTrust Base Camp

Base Camp Base Camp Base Camp

Past Participants, Staff and Leaders of CASC 1992 Barbados.

CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Who’s Invited? Efforts will be made to have the event be fully representative of the membership of the Caribbean Award Sub-regional Council group and the wider Americas Region. Additionally, as Barbados celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, invitations will also be extended to the wider Award family, namely the United Kingdom. Over the years Barbados has consistently welcomed participants and leaders from the UK to CASC.


Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda Barbados Belize Bermuda Brazil Canada Cayman Islands Dominica Ecuador Grenada Guyana Jamaica St. Vincent St. Lucia The Bahamas Trinidad & Tobago Turks & Caicos United Kingdom England United Kingdom Scotland TOTAL

Participants 1 5 15 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 3 5

Trainee Leaders 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1






1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 2

2 7 37 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 13 13 13 13 5 7



CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Who’s In Charge? It is expected that the management team will comprise persons from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Barbados and from other participating contingents. Members of the Award in Barbados have agreed to take on the responsibility of a number of posts and each carry many years of experience within the programme.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


Expedition Leader Deputy Expedition Leader Secretaries Accountant Medical Officer

Quarter Master

Logistics Officer

Messing Officer

Environmental Officer

Transport Officer


Job Description

Smooth and Efficient administration of CASC 2012 Logistics, transport, environmental, security and messing officer, secretary, quarter master, accountant, medic, opening and closing ceremonies Registration, Daily Logs, meeting minutes, incoming and outgoing correspondence, supervision of assistant secretaries, smooth and efficient functioning of the office. Daily expedition finances, running the ‘bank’, and banking times. Record all payments and receipts of payments. Reports of the Deputy Expedition Leader for all accounts Matters relating to hygiene and sanitation persons who are sick and injured, maintenance of all medical records, procurement of medical equipment and supplies, organisation of medical support staff as required, request advice on all medical and health related matters from the Dep. Expedition Leader Stores/ equipment procured for the use of the expedition, maintain proper receipts, records and storage of all items in his/her care. Consult with Dep. Expedition Leader on matters of his/her responsibility, security of property during the expedition. Coordinate arrivals and departures of CASC contingents; coordinate movement of all persons to and from activities, liaise with transport officers date times, locations and number of vehicles to move persons. Mess halls are properly cleaned and meals served, ensure the care of all kitchen materials. Report any damage or loss to Quarter Master, ensure approved menu/ diet sheet is displayed and followed; requisition of supplies through Quarter Master. Report to Dep. Exp. Leader on matters relating to cooking/food preparation and all messing arrangements on camp. Assign and supervise areas of camp to be cleaned, control personnel assigned to duties. Liaise with medic, quartermaster, Dep. Exp. leader, as relates to matters of cleaning and equipment to maintain duties. Reports to Dep. Exp. Leader for camp hygiene and sanitation matters. Control movement of all vehicles, requests all transport to be made, ensure that drivers are in possession of licences, vehicles are kept clean, arranges vehicles with logistics officer for movement of participants as needed, safe and efficient operation of vehicles. Safety and security of base camp, duty rosters for personnel, wake-up and lights out


Kenrick Rogers Ryan Nurse Kathy Ann Rogers Christine Howell Robert Springer / Applon Parris (Assistant)

Louis Boxill

Roger Best

Jamila Bayne

Kerron Hamblin

Jimmy Mayers/ Robert Bourne (Assistant) Charles Sealy

CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


Contents Profiles of CASC Staff Proposed Menu CASC Registration Form CASC Medical Form Designs for CASC 2013 T-Shirt and ID Badge Standing Orders Equipment List


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

CASC 2013 Staff Profiles Kenrick Rogers Expedition Leader

Louis Boxill Quartermaster

Kerron Hamblin Environmental Officer

Since completing his leaders training at CASC Grenada in 2004, Kenrick has joined the Barbados Expedition Panel. An avid outdoorsman Kenrick will be a key member of the team for CASC 2013.

Since gaining his gold award Louis has come to be one of the programme’s greatest resources. In addition to the role of assessor with the Barbados Expedition Panel, he has acted as a group leader for various Award groups.

Ryan Nurse Deputy Expedition Leader

Jimmy Mayers Transport Officer

Kerron represented Barbados at the 2011 International Gold Event in Kenya and has served as a member of the National Award Council over the last 2 years. Working towards his bronze, silver and gold awards Kerron has taken on a variety of activities, including volunteering with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project and archery.

Ryan received his gold award in 1992 from HRH Prince Philip at Government House in Barbados. In the ensuing years he has served in a number of capacities with in the Award. At the 2002 CASC he was responsible for transportation when Barbados hosted CASC under the theme ‘Unveil the Secret’.

Jimmy started with the Award in 1985 and since then has advanced through the ranks to be a member of the Barbados Expedition Panel. A gold award holder, Jimmy has taken part in several CASC expeditions in Dominica, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Grenada and in 2002 was the Quartermaster in Barbados.

Kathy-Ann Rogers Secretary Kathy-Ann was one of the participants to ‘Unveil the Secret’ in 2002 and has remained committed to the Award. She assists with the management of one of the local school groups as an assistant leader and is a member of the Barbados Expedition Panel.

Christine Howell Accountant Christine participated in CASC 2002 as the on site accountant. She is a gold award holder and has served as a member of the National Award Council for a number of years.

Robert Bourne Transport Officer (Assistant) One of the youngest members of the Barbados Expedition Panel, Robert has taken part in CASC in St. Lucia, Antigua and Grenada. Robert started his Award journey in 2001, achieving the gold award in 2004. He is a professional dive instructor and has been able to blend his love of the sea with the Award. In 2010, he sailed in The Royalist Regatta Barbados 2011 alongside His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex Prince Edward. Charles Sealy Security Officer

Jamila Bayne Messing Officer The journey from participant to assistant group leader has been filled with Adventure for Jamila. She completed her gold qualifying expedition during CASC 2006 in Antigua. Holding bronze, silver and gold award, she even tackled agriculture in order to complete the skills section. Roger Best Logistics Officer Over his years of involvement with the Award Roger has been an assest to the Expedition panel. He took part in CASC across the region at various intervals in different capacities. Adventures in Jamaica and Dominica are often part of any conversation about the Programme. Roger also represented Barbados at International Gold Award Training (IGAT) now International Gold Event (IGE). Applon Parris Medical Officer (Assistant)

Coming through the Award under the leadership of Mr. Gregroy Ellis, Charles is a proud graduate of the St. Leonards Boys School. Before completing the leaders and assessors training course in Guyana Charles completed bronze, silver and gold awards.


With more than twenty years experience leading groups, Applon’s is a well known face at CASC. He has led groups to CASC in Guyana, Jamaica and Antigua. Additionally Applon took part in an exchange between Barbados and Scotland in 2003.

CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Proposed Menu Fri Aug 2 Breakfast

Sat Aug 3 Fresh fruit Scrambled Eggs Peanut Butter Bread/ Biscuits Hot Beverage Milk Corn flakes

Sun Aug 4 Fresh fruit Corned beef Bread/ Biscuits Hot beverage Milk bran flakes


Macaroni Pie Fish Cucumber Beverage

Shepherd’s Pie/ Gran Burger Fried fish Carrots Macaroni Pie Beverage Peas & Rice Cole Slaw Beverage


Minced meat/ gran burger Spaghetti Tomato sauce Beverage Milo/tea

Fried chicken/fish Chips Beverage Milo/tea

Fri Aug 9

Sat Aug 10

(Reception) Fish cutter Beverage Milo/tea

Mon Aug 5 Fresh fruit Luncheon meat/ sardines Jam Bread/ biscuits Hot beverage Cornflakes/Milk Cream of Wheat Chicken Pelau/ Veg pelau Beverage

Tues Aug 6 Fresh fruit Cheese/ peanut butter Bread/biscuits Chocolate beverage/tea Milk Oats

Wed Aug 7 Fruit Fried eggs Bread/biscuits Chocolate beverage/ tea Milk Bran flakes

Thurs Aug 8 Fresh fruit Sausages/ Tuna Bread/ Biscuits Chocolate beverage/ tea Cream of Wheat/ Raisin bran

Beef Stew/ Salt fish Stew food Carrots Beverage

Steamed fish Split peas & rice Mixed vegetables Beverage

Fried fish/ chicken Potato Sliced tomato Beverage

Fish cakes Bread Beverage Milo/tea

Beef burger Bread Beverage Milo/tea

Sweet bread/ Pastry Quaker oats Beverage Milo/ Tea

Stew beef/ bean stew Spanish Rice Beverage Milo/ tea

Wed Aug 14 Fresh Fruit Scrambled eggs Peanut butter Bread/biscuits Chocolate Beverage/tea Milk Bran flakes

Thurs Aug 15 Fresh fruit Corned beef Bread/ Biscuits Hot beverage Milk bran flakes

Beef Stew/ Salt fish Stew food Carrots Beverage

Packed lunch

Sweet bread/ Pastry Quaker oats Beverage Milo/ Tea

Mince meat/ tuna Spaghetti Beverage Milo/tea

Sun Aug 11

Mon Aug 12

Tues Aug 13




Pelau/ Veg Rice Steam fish Beverage Milo/ tea


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Fri Aug 16

Sat Aug 17


Fruit Luncheon meat/ sardines Jam Bread/ biscuits Hot beverage Cornflakes/Milk Cream of Wheat

Fruit Fried eggs Bread/biscuits Chocolate beverage/ tea Milk Bran flakes


Barbeque Chicken/ fish Lasagna/ Rice Lettuce/tomato salad beverage

Shopping Day


Beef burger Bread Beverage Milo/tea

PARTY / Closing ceremony


Sun Aug 18 Fruit Sausage/jam Bread Hot beverage Corn flakes/milk

CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

CASC 2013 Registration Form


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

CASC 2013 Medical Form


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

CASC T-Shirt Design “.......examination of the logo shows ‘dukers’ leading the way to a greener society with the use of bio diesel, solar and wind energy away from dangerous emissions from homes and businesses.”

The shirts depicted here are representations of the shirts that will be issued at CASC 2013. Actual colours may vary slightly.

ID Badge All persons participating in CASC 2013 will also be issued with an official ID badge for ease of identification.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

Standing Orders 1. Lights out will be at 10:00p.m. 2. There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages on the camp and no consumption by minors at anytime. 3. Smoking is not allowed. Use of illegal substances is NOT allowed. 4. Participants and Leaders must ensure that no damage is caused to any property or equipment 5. Participants and leaders must ensure that honesty is practised for the duration of CASC 2013. 6. Obscene language is strictly prohibited. 7. Male and Female dorms are Out of Bounds to the opposite gender. 8. Participants and leaders must ensure that and maps are returned in good condition. 9. Participants and leaders must ensure that the base camp and campsites are kept clean and tidy at all times. 10. Participants, leaders and staff must maintain a very high standard of discipline, 11. Participants are not allowed to leave the campsites, base camp without permission 12. No excessive jewellery is to be worn and absolutely no cell phones allowed on the Expedition. Participants found with cell phones will automatically be disqualified, No Army camouflage colours are allowed, These types of clothing will be confiscated

13. Monies should be turned into the accounts officer, 14. I-pods, cameras and other electronic devices are allowed on the base camp, and must be played at a very low level. They must not be used on the Expedition and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Barbados will not be responsible if items are lost, stolen or damaged. 15. Record books must be brought to CASC 2013. All Record books will be checked before the start of the expedition. 16. Participants must ensure that they meet all the pre-requisites to attend CASC 2013. 17. Serious violation of any of these Standing Orders and any other rules that may be implemented will lead to expulsion from CASC 2013. 18. The decision of the CASC 2013 Expedition Leader is final.

The standing orders listed here are to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all participants, leaders and staff of CASC 2013. It is therefore advised that the above orders be adhered to. Any serious violation of any of the Standing Orders or any other rules that may be implemented will result in expulsion from CASC 2013.


CASC 2013 Proposal: Journey to a Greener Barbados

CASC 2013 Equipment List


2018 Business Proposal


CASC 2013 Proposal Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Barbados Sheraton Mall Saregant’s Village Christ Church Tel: (246) 436-8754 Email: Document compiled by:

Tel: (246) 823-6188 Email: © 2012

CASC 2013 Barbados Proposal Document  

This is the official proposal document of CASC 2013 Barbados.

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