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Just Another Skate Trip

Just Another Skate Trip China is a truly amazing country. The people were friendly, the countryside was beautiful, and the cities were more massive than we could have imagined. Because of the exotic locations, this was unlike any skate trip we have ever been on, but besides that, it was very similar. We woke up, found coffee, and rode our skateboards for most of the day. We met cool people, saw amazing sights, and ate great food, but besides that, this was a trip about skateboarding.

Photos by: Andrew Loaiza, Zach Diekman, and Nick Weber Layout and Words by: Nick Weber




Xiamen Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong


April 6 - 9, 2012

Cross training

Andrew. Frontside Tailslide

Zach with a boardslide to switch 5050, half cab out.

Beijing Nick. Nosebonk

Andrew. No comply wallie

Diekman frontside grinds the smooth marble of China

anghai h S April 10 - 14, 2012

Andrew ollies into the bank, avoiding the umbrella salesman on the roll away.

Diekman crushing through the Shanghai streets

Shooting this photo was fun. I drank two beers on the sidewalk, and had a nice chat with an Afghan man while Andrew tried this pole jam. He was successful, rolling away before the rain fell.


Andrew, from the quarterpipe to the bank in the largest skatepark in the world.

Nick, frontside grind into the bank.


April 14 - 18, 2012

A large crowd had formed to watch Diekman do this bank to ledge.

Nick. Hawaiian shirt frontside wallride.


This was one of the coolest skatespots I have ever been to. It was essentially a massive skeleton of a building right on the ocean. Andrew wallied it at the end of the session

uangzhou G April 18 - 23, 2012

Andrew, Rock n Roll

A woman at the spot made me take a photo of her kids

Nick. Ollie to fakie

Andrew did this wallride before we were kicked out of this filthy alleyway


nzh23e-n25, 2012 SheApril

Lost in Shenzhen

Zach Diekman rode up the wave and popped into a lipslide to fakie

Andrew, wallie the Dragons back


g Kong n o H April 25 - 28, 2012

Hong Kong

Not stoked

This spot was so much fun I forgot to shoot any skate photos.

On our last night in Asia, we met Justin Eldridge, Brandon Biebel, and filmer Anthony Claravall. Nice guys.

The End

Directions to our hotel, apparantly. We used this during our few hours of lost wandering around Shenzhen

This trip was great because it forced us out of our comfort zone and placed us in an unfamiliar world. We had done a little research on China before we left, but for the most part, we figured everything out as we went along. The language barrier seemed daunting at first, but we soon realized that many people spoke English, and most other transactions could be acheived through pointing and nodding. The skating was incredible, and we found a ton of great spots. Often during the trip, the thought struck... “I cant believe I am skateboarding with two close friends on the other side of the planet�. This trip was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Just Another Skate Trip  

Talked about going to China to skateboard at the bar one night, and a few months later it actually happened.

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