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FIRST DAY ON EARTH by Jasna Atanasova

n°13...number 1

1 18.07.1991 – my first day on Earth, about 230 million years after dinosaurs

4 8 Digital Magazine __ Libertas

Yes, on that date, at 11:35pm, I became mortal with my own space on this planet. Too bad we can not remember anything from the birth day. But, we have our mother to retell us our crying. They are the memory keepers of the time when we are the purest souls. So, I asked about my first day. But, it’s not the most exciting thing to tell to all you strangers, to all you who are bold enough to read me. Therefore, I’ll remake my first day.


Yasnah’s first day of mortality

“And yes,

she remembers her day,


unlike you”

Once upon a time, and that time was 220 millions years before 18.07.1991, Yasnah got bored of the immortal life, so she became human in the very well known time of dinosaurs. Subsequently, she came out of an egg. So, this is a story where first comes the egg and then the chicken (human). And yes, she remembers her first day, unlike you. When she first saw the world, it gave her a worm feeling, it gave her new unfamiliar feeling. She felt astonished of the greenness and joy because of the honor to be there. She was weak. Yes. But, surprisingly there were three other human beings. They were two men, Dostoevsky and Coelho, and one beautiful woman called Hepburn, which took care of her. First, she fed her with the famous non forbidden green apple. This was new to her. She was eating. Moved her mouth, used her tongue, swallowed. She ate with the biggest satisfaction and enjoyment that you’ll ever see, and never feel and never remember. She had the ability to concentrate

Libertas 13  

The birthday issue of Libertas! This month about the number 1. Enjoy!

Libertas 13  

The birthday issue of Libertas! This month about the number 1. Enjoy!