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May 2012 ♼ Volume 11 Issue 5

Blessings & Bits By Reverend Billie Martini Words of Myrtle Fillmore, Mother of Unity “But dear, I feel you are crowning me with an honor that belongs to the Holy Spirit which is

God working so perfectly through us to bring forth this great ministry called Unity of Surprise.

omnipresent, and which expresses in the loving

I behold the Divine Mother in you,

desires of the hearts of all those who are endeav-

Reverend Billie

oring to manifest the Mother side of God! You call me the mother of Unity! Well, now, I know of nothing that would give me greater joy than to

Open Space Visioning

feel that God could work so perfectly through

Hot off the printer is the booklet which is the result

me as to bring forth a great ministry and a place

of all the ideas presented in the Open Space

of peace and good will and health such as this

Envisioning Workshop in March.

(Unity School) is; but in reality, I feel that I am only the soul who caught the first vision of this ministry, and who nurtured that vision until others came along to help in the establishment of it in the

All the ideas, called the ‘convergence,” that were presented in the workshop are recorded in this booklet to share with all of you.

minds and hearts of our dear ones, and to help

The attendees of this workshop worked very, very

in the molding in substance the outer forms of this

hard in these sessions and this booklet is the

school and its work.


It is my great joy to perceive somewhat of the

Please pick up your booklet on the information

Mother side of God the divine love that never

counter and look it over this summer. In the fall,

fails and that is equal to the drawing of souls to

we’ll have a congregation meeting to determine

itself. It is my prayer to be able to radiate the

which of these major initiatives we’ll put our focus

qualities of this divine love to all. You too are the

and our energy on as we continue to make this

mother of Unity, because in your heart you have

the most dynamic Spiritual Community in the

the same ideals, and the same great generous


spirit, and the endless and tireless service, and the love that never fails! The Mother of Unity is the

We are Bountiful!

universal Mother. How happy we are to represent

THANK YOU to all who participate monthly in our

this Mother!” from Healing Letters

Food Drive held on the 1st Sunday of the month. Remember, your gifts may also be received

At Unity of Surprise, our members and attendees express the Mother side of God. The Divine Moth-

during the week, Mon.—Thurs.; 9:30—3:30 pm.

er radiates as love, ideas, generosity, and tireless,

In addition to non-perishable foods, the food

selfless service from all, even you “manly” men.

bank is also collecting plastic bags and toiletries.

We are blessed to perceive the Mother side of

As the basket fills up, our abundance is delivered

God, the divine love that never fails and draws

to The Valley View Food Bank.

souls to itself. What joy it is to know and to feel

Thank you for sharing your treasure.

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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Side By Side By Rev. Denise Ostendorf As the newest board member, I

Let’s Make Music By James Crowley As a child, May always used to be

would just like to take the time to my favorite month, mainly because I thank you for your love and sup-

knew that summer vacation was

port. It has been such a blessing

right around the corner. In the weeks preceding

for me to find Unity of Surprise

the final day of school, I would plan out my sum-

and to be part of this dynamic

mer as thoroughly and completely as possible,

spiritual community. I have

leaving nothing to chance.

always felt this amazing, loving, energy from the

Since I lived in Southern California, a trip to Disneyfirst day I walked in the door and I am truly grate- land was almost always in the plan, as well as a ful to all the people who come and create such trip to Phoenix, to see my grand parents. But mostan awesome family church home.

ly, I just played outside, with my old red Radio Flyer

This position on the board truly means so much to wagon. I was blessed to grow up in a cul-de-sac me. I know by being treasurer at Unity of Surprise neighborhood that contained eighteen kids bethat I will be given opportunities to learn and

tween seven houses.

grow and become the spiritual leader that I want So, every morning, as early as I could manage, I to be. I have already received so many blessings would dash outside and grab my wagon, somefrom my new church family and I am so grateful

how expecting every other kid on the block to

to have a safe place to go where I can just be

come running out to join me, despite the fact that

myself and always be loved and supported. It is

I could be out as early as 6 a.m. Sometimes it

very important for me to be able to give back

would work, but often my friends’ parents would

that same love and support to my spiritual family

simply tell me to go back to bed. I was not de-

at Unity of Surprise. Therefore, it is a great honor


for me to be on the board.

Eventually, I would be joined by almost everyone

I have to admit it was certainly divine guidance

in the neighborhood as the street woke up and

that brought me here to Unity of Surprise. For

came to life... or perhaps it was me who woke

many months, I had resisted God’s guidance to


come to Unity of Surprise because of the dis-

One of my favorite activities was to have all the

tance I have to travel to get to church, but I am

other kids link their riding toys to my wagon. Then I so very glad that I made the trip. I found out very would load everyone up and pull them around quickly that God’s instructions were not so crazy the cul-de-sac, making scheduled stops in front of after all. I love being here and I promise to serve

everyone’s house. To this day, I don’t know how I

you in the best way that I can.

did it without suffering a massive coronary... or at

Love and Blessings

least giving myself a nasty hernia.

Rev. Denise Ostendorf

Now, as I surpass the age of all my friends’ parents at that time, and look back on my childhood, I can say, with certainty, that this is one of my most cherished memories.

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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June 3, 2012

It’s our 10th Birthday S

What would a party be without gifts? Please gift us with your “presence” and if you so desire with a “present” for Unity of Surprise wrapped in birthday paper. Gift suggestions include: gift cards for Office Max, Staples, Costco, Sam’s Club, any grocery store, paper products, including plates, cups, towels, napkins, copy paper, bottled water, coffee, tea etc.

te! a d e h ave t

Join us for a Potluck in the Grand Canyon Room after the service. Contact Kathryn: 623-214-3884

Unity of Surprise 14495 W RH Johnson Blvd Sun City West, AZ 85375 Phone: (623) 214-3884 Fax: (623) 214-5223 E-mail:

Where Good Happens

7th Annual Women’s Tea ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea’

Healing Circle Reverend Billie Martini

Saturday, May 5th 1:00—3:00 PM In the Webb Room 14465 W RH Johnson Blvd, Sun City West Co-chairs: Lynda Thomas & Valerie Griffin

Tuesday, May 8th 1:00—2:20 PM in the Sanctuary Reverend Billie Martini Officiating

The theme for our Annual Women’s Tea this year

healing potential of that focus for our individual

is “Celebrating Women of Wonder.” With that in

needs. Our healing circle uses the concepts and

mind, enter through the Rabbit Hole and like

work of Myrtle Fillmore and expands the healing

Alice in Wonderland… come face to face with

power within us. Our circle embraces the con-

the Queen of Hearts, and maybe even Alice

cept of Jesus—whenever two or more are gath-


ered in his name there is love and greater pow-

We are sold out! Please remember to bring your cup and saucer to the tea and your ticket to get in.

Experience with us the power of group focus and

er—and the lessons he taught us about helping each other see the wholeness of our bodies and lives. Join us from 1 to 2:30 PM on Tuesday, May 8th in the Sanctuary. Everyone is welcome. A love offering will be accepted.

Planning a Wedding, Vow Renewal or Christening? Our new Sanctuary is such a beautiful place for Enjoy the talent show, win a door prize, table center piece or a prize for your crazy hat. A great celebration is being planned. Buy your raffle tickets for the many great prizes or for a mystery gift. A love offering will be taken at the tea with 10% tithed to Faith House.

special ceremonies. Unity of Surprise has many ordained ministers to choose from for your special occasion. Call the church office for details and available dates—(623) 214-3884.

Tell Your Friends Do you know people who need space to rent? Unity of Surprise has our lobby area and Serenity Room available for support groups and classes.

I give in love because I love to give.

Any group that has a mind, body, spirit connection is welcome. Call the church office for more information, rates. etc.

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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Prayer Chaplains’ Corner By Reverend Denise Ostendorf For the past few weeks, I have been having a reoccurring dream that I am blind and I get very, very frustrated because I can’t see. It truly was not too hard to figure out that these dreams were just reflecting the way I felt. Right now, I seem to be in a place where one door has shut and I am still waiting for the other door to open. I know in my heart that all I need to do is to trust God. However, my head still sometimes wants to see proof in the outer world that the other door is opening. Consequently,

and presence of God. In today’s world, we are always getting bombarded with facts. Facts are things of the world that can always change. Facts are statements that we hear from the doctors. Facts are statements about the economy or about our financial situation. Facts are things we hear on the news. I am always given a choice to put my faith in the facts or to put my faith in the truth of my being. We are told in the Bible to seek the truth and truth shall set you free so let us claim our freedom.

I have learned through these dreams that it is ok not

The truth is that you are a beautiful Divine child of God

to be able to see. When I can’t see, I know it is time to

and that you are perfect, whole, and free. The truth is

trust in what God sees for me. I now trust that He is

that you are always loved and that you are never

working on bringing my heart’s desire into manifesta-

alone. The truth is that you are prosperous in every way.

tion, and like magic I quit having these dreams.

The truth is that you are one with God and this truth will

Our faith is always the key to overcoming any of life’s challenges. Therefore, the question to ask is where I am putting my faith. If I put my faith in the outer world,

never change. It is the same today as it will be tomorrow. Have faith in it and you will always be able to create abundant good in your life.

I will always be looking for something to satisfy my

Here is an affirmation on faith written by Ernest Wilson in

needs and I will never truly find it. Therefore, it is time

the book “The Week that Changed the World” that I

to quit looking to the outer world for something that I

would like to share:

already have within myself. I have and you have the

I have faith in God and His power now guiding the

power and presence of God within and that power

world, its leaders, its institutions, and its people. I have

will fulfill all of our needs. If I have faith in God, then I

faith that the power of God is mightier than any seem-

can receive the knowing that everything is going to

ing power that threatens the forces of right. I have faith

be alright. If I put my faith in God, I will know in my

that my own good and the good of those dear to me is

heart that I have every reason to be confident in all

precious in His sight, and that even now the forces of

that I need to do or to overcome. God is always here.

good surround, enfold, and protect us. I have faith in

Once again, if I can’t see the answers in the outer

God to strengthen me, to guide me, to heal me, and

world then I need to absolutely trust that God is the

help me in doing whatever in His sight is wise and right

answer and that is all I need to see at any moment in

and best, to fulfill the world’s divine destiny—and my



It is amazing at how many times are we shown in the

Love and Blessings,

Bible the power of faith. Through faith, kingdoms have been conquered, the sick healed, the multitude fed,

Rev. Denise Ostendorf

and the dead brought back to life. It is faith that takes Jesus from the crucifixion to the resurrection. It is faith that shapes the invisible into the visible. Therefore, it is very important to build our trust in the power

I live in grace and walk in peace.

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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Selfless Service By Kathryn Clouther It is my great pleasure to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the people who make Unity of Surprise what it is today. To the team leaders of the Worship Assistants— Janice Primerano & Barbara Wilson; to the team leaders of Hospitality—Vard Miller & Marilyn Michaelson; to the team leaders of the Prayer Chaplains—Rev. Marcia Gonyea & Rev. Billie Martini; to the team leaders of the Cleaning Crews—Jim Young & Ed Schafer; to the team leaders of the Mail Team—Ed & Sandy Schafer; to our Cub Reporter & Special Events Planner—Joyce Hahn; to the Co-chairs of the Women’s Tea—Lynda Thomas & Valerie Griffin; to the Co-chairs of the Dynamic Women’s Spiritual Group—Helen Slemons & Linda McClure; to the Co-chairs of the Dynamic Women’s Unity Playful Sisters—Valerie Griffin & Patti Masters; to the Healing Service Facilitator’s—Carolyn Sodini, Reverend Billie & Tamra Stark; to our team leader of the High Watchers—Helen Slemons; to our Coffee Barista’s—Sherry & Bill Ritchie, Marion Upper, and Ralph Martini, to Ken & Bonnie Knapp for arranging Lunch Bunch each month, to the team leader of our Receptionists—JR Reese, to the team Leader of the Men of Faith—Richard Brooks, to the team leader of the Beautification team—Tamra Stark and last but not least to our Board of Trustees—Jan Karns, Joyce Hahn, Carolyn Sodini, Rev. Marcia Gonyea, Rev. Denise Ostendorf, Sherry Ritchie and Wisdom Council—Pat Shipley. These are the Dynamic Leaders of our Church Community who willingly surrender what is dear to aid in the growth of another. They have Servant’s Hearts who seek to please, hunt for opportunities and who calculate ways to serve. They find fun in giving and joy in serving. Thank you, thank you all for your leadership and for the gift to attract so many other volunteers to want to assist you on your teams. To ALL who serve Unity of Surprise, bless you and thank you for having servant’s hearts.

In Loving Memory of...

William Joseph Lord Jan. 27, 1922—Feb. 28, 2012 Memorial services were held on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in celebration of the life of our dearly departed, William Joseph Lord, husband of Ruth Lord and loving father. Bill joined Unity Church of Surprise along with his wife, Ruth, on September 26, 2004. We thank you Bill for your years of dedication and support to Unity of Surprise along with your deep, spiritual wisdom that you shared so lovingly. You will be missed by many.

Carol Jean Ray Dec. 29, 1938—Mar. 23, 2012 Memorial services were held on Saturday, April 7, 2012 in celebration of the life of our dearly departed, Carol Ray, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and founding member of Unity Church of Surprise. Carol joined Unity Church of Surprise on October 13, 2002. Her faith and belief in Unity Principles have inspired many over the years. Her service to Unity Church included hospitality, handy woman, usher, greeter, and volunteer coordinator. Her talents were unlimited. She was loved by many and will be missed by all.

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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Dynamic Women of Unity Spiritual Growth Program

Wishes Fulfilled Reverend Victoria Healing

Co-chairs: Lynda McClure & Helen Slemons

Saturday, May 12th—June 16th 10:00 AM—Noon Based on the book Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer Facilitated by Reverend Victoria Healing— Myrtle Fillmore Room

A Holy Consciousness By Reverend Dr. Carol E. Beyer Thursday May 10, 2012 1:30—3:30 PM—Myrtle Fillmore Room

Please come to class with the book read. Books

In this talk the subject of a Holy Consciousness will

are available in our Living Light Bookstore.

be discussed. From the first glimpse of earth life

Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take you on a voy-

we are forever on a journey of awareness.

age of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap

Little by little our world view enlarges. From purely

into the amazing manifesting powers that you pos-

physical knowledge, emotional and mental

sess within you and create a life in which all that

faculties begin to contribute to this unfolding

you imagine for yourself become a present fact.

human awareness.

A love offering will be accepted.

Where, when and how do we begin to develop consciousness? What tools would be necessary for this journey to a more Whole and Holy Consciousness?

Biography Although a native New Yorker, Reverend Victoria believes she truly came home when she moved to Arizona in 1986. Her career spanned twenty years


in community colleges in New York and Arizona.

Reverend, Dr. Carol E. Beyer, Ordained by the

Reverend Victoria discovered Unity in 1995 when

Light of Christ Community Church & National

she moved to Phoenix, AZ. She was blessed by her

Council of Community Churches

friendship with (now, Reverend) Billie Martini that

Doctorate: Sancta Sophia Seminary, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Teacher of Spirituality, R.N., Reiki Healer,

continues for 17 years. She feels her still small voice moved her to become a Licensed Unity Teacher and serve three churches, including Unity of Surprise. It continued to move her to apply for

Student Advisor at Sancta Sophia Seminary, RISE Presenter: Learning for Life at Rio Salado College and Spiritual Mentor.

ministerial school in 2006. Upon ordination in June of 2009, she immediately moved to Yuma, AZ to establish its first Unity Church, Unity Center of the Desert. It is now a sus-

I am created in the image and likeness of God.

taining church with an interim minister. In January 2012, she followed her guidance to return to Phoenix.

(continued on page 9)

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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Wishes Fulfilled

We’ll Miss You!

(Continued from page 8)

Reverend Victoria has two grown children and

It’s that time of the year when we say goodbye

three cats. “My cats own me and keep me hum-

to those of you who escape the heat for the

ble,” she admits. She thinks of life as one exciting


adventure after another, but believes, “The adventure of the Spirit is the greatest adventure of all.”

Please know that you will be missed. Drop us a note once in a while. Please also remember to call the office with

Just a Reminder

your summer address so you don’t miss out on anything.

Sunday lessons can be heard on pod cast. Go to our website

Confidential Prayer Support Here to pray with you The Unity of Surprise High Watchers prayer team trusts in the creative, regenerating, transformative power of Divine Love.

Also remember to check the website, for the pod casts of Reverend Billie’s lessons each week. Prayer for Protection The light of God surrounds us, The love of God enfolds us, The power of God protects us, The presence of God watches over us,

Through God’s Wisdom, we immerse the dear ones

Wherever we are, God is,

for whom we pray in God’s absolute love. We see

And where God is, all is well.

these Beloved as perfect, whole & complete, limitless & free.

Celebrating Excellence

A Prayer Request box is located on the information

One of our coffee barista’s,

counter in the lobby and also in the Sanctuary

Marion Upper, a Michigan

each Sunday.

snowbird, will be returning to Michigan, May 7th via Branson,

Remember, God is always with you. All His blessings

MO. She has been invited to

and goodness are yours by divine inheritance.

perform in Branson on May 8th

God is the freeing transformative power within;

and 9th with the Ms. Senior

infinite Intelligence and Wisdom, always your light and inspiration, healing and harmonizing in every way.

America Pageant Women. Marion is a Mid-Eastern dancer and that was her talent when she was crowned Ms. Senior Michigan of 2006.

I remember, I am loved.

Marion will be teaching Mid-Eastern dancing in January upon her return to Arizona. The class consists of stretching, exercising, dance movements and lots of smiles and laughter.

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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May Birthdays I love myself the way I am, yet still I want to grow. Lila Kent ♫ May 4

Drumming Circle By Joyce Hahn Hello fellow adventurers! You won’t want to miss the next scheduled Drumming Circle: FRIDAY, May 18th

Vard Miller ♫ May 6

TIME: 6:30—7:45 pm

John Starkey ♫ May 10


Ken Clouther ♫ May 12

14495 W RH Johnson Blvd.

Valerie Griffin ♫ May 15 Carolyn Sodini ♫ May 19

Bring a drum or any other instrument, plus we have some “Toys of Sound” like rattles and shakers to share. Come join the celebration.


Sharon Rose ♫ May 20 Dottie Hurd ♫ May 27

Create your own drum! Interested in creating your own drum? We are planning a Workshop in May (date & time TBA) Drum Kits are available that contain Elk hide (recommended for the desert climate) and leather lacing along with a special made frame created

Birthday Lunch May Births

by a carpenter in Missouri. Your 15 inch drum kit would be $85.00. I need to know how many drum kits to order in advance, so please let me know as soon as possible.

Saturday, 12, 2012

Contact Joyce at (623) 266-3331or email her:

12:30 PM in the Charles Fillmore Room

Join Reverend Billie and Marilyn Michaelson in

Thank you, I consider this to be an honor.

celebration of your May birthday. We’ll have

Joyce Hahn, Facilitator

lunch and take a look at the year gone by and set an intention for this next great year of life.

Mother’s Day Sunday, May 13, 2012 Join your Unity family for an inspiring Mother’s Day as we honor all women and the Divine Feminine in us all. We’ll have a special Mother’s Day message, surprises, and special refreshments. Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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‘Purls of Wisdom’ Craft Club Lunch Bunch Ken & Bonnie Knapp A Community Outreach Friday, May 25th, 10:00 AM—Noon Charles Fillmore Room

Marley’s Restaurant Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knit 1, purl 2…

15226 W Bell Road, Surprise, AZ

WELCOME to the Unity of Surprise “Purls of Wisdom Crafting Club" we are "hooked" on knitting, crocheting and making new friends. We love to knit, crochet, and chat. We get together to learn from each other and to

12:30 PM Join us for another fun outing on Sunday, May 27th following our worship celebration and

create lifelong friendships with a common thread. We

fellowship hour. Enjoy a cuisine of American,

are more than a social club looking for all levels of ex-

Southern/Soul food and soups. Prices range

perienced knitters and crocheters. While we are craft-

from $10 and $15 per entrée.

ing, we will be sharing patterns, swapping yarn/ crafting supplies, getting or giving advice, helping

Please sign up at the information counter or

chatting about our knitting/crocheting ideas and

call the office (623) 214-3884 for a reservation. Deadline for reservations are Wednesday,

munching on goodies. All crafted items will be tagged

May 23, 2012.

each other through our frustrating project moments,

with our group name and Unity of Surprise and donated with love to charitable organizations in the surrounding communities. Do you have a talent with yarn? Are you passionate about sharing your gift with others? Please join us on

Memorial Day Sunday Celebration

Friday, May 25th from 10 am –noon. Bring your sticks,

May 27, 10:00 AM

yarn and a treat to share.

Join us in remembering all those who passed from

For more information, contact Sherry Ritchie at

this earthly life into the next great adventure of

(623) 680-5664 or email:

living. Let us honor also, those who have died in service to our country.

I am worthy of good.

Bring pictures of your loved ones for our memory table.

Early Bird Coffee Service Come to church early and enjoy your favorite coffee drink and some good conversation. Our baristas are on duty each Sunday morning 9:00— 9:35 am and again after the worship celebration. You’ll find us located in the Lobby across from the Living Light Bookstore. Enjoy your beverage, socialize or shop the bookstore. A love offering is accepted.

Thank You, Unity of Surprise Dear Rev. Billie & Trustees, Well it is finally here! Thank you, Billie, & Unity of Surprise for believing in me. What a ride it has been, and you have been a major part of me making it through to ordination! Thank you so very much! Reverend Connie VanSant

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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For Your Reference Contact Information Minister Reverend Billie Martini Minister E-mail: Call Reverend Billie if you would like prayer, a home or hospital visit, or spiritual counseling. She is also available for baptisms, christenings,

Dynamic Women of Unity Unity Playful Sisters Co-chairs: Patti Masters & Valerie Griffin Save the Date: June 23, 2012 Time: 9:00—11:30 am Event: Clothing Swap Where: Unity of Surprise Classrooms

memorial or funeral services, weddings,

As you plan your spring cleaning, consider shar-

office or home blessings.

ing your finer clothing items, belts, shoes, jewelry,

Music Director James Crowley

hats, and scarfs with others. The Unity Playful Sisters have planned a clothing and accessary swap meet on Saturday, June 23, 9—11:30 am here at Unity of Surprise.

Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator Kathryn Clouther Church E-mail

Bring your clean clothes that don’t work for you anymore and swap them out for one’s that do. Mary Jo Farrell, Style Consultant will be on hand

to assist you with selections that best compliment

Church Main Telephone Number

your figure, style and colors.

623 214-3884 Church Fax 623 214-5223 Reverend Billie Martini—Option 1 Kathryn & General Information—Option 2 Prayer & Inspiration—Option 3 Office Hours

Please bring your items to the church on Thursday, June 21st for sorting and set up. We want your hangers too! On the day of the swap meet you will be able to try on your selections. There is no charge for any of the clothing items. Coffee and treats will be available. A love offering will be accepted.

Monday—Thursday 9:30—5:00 PM Closed on Friday for classes. Church Website Tuesday Whispers Connect mid-week with an inspiration e-mail message. To sign up, e-mail Reverend Billie at

Unity of Surprise ♥ The Church of Practical Christianity ♥ Where Good Happens

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May EVOLVE IN 2012 Sun.




All Services 10:00 a.m.








Katie Byron’s The Work—Study Group

The Mad Hatter’s Tea

(Serenity Room)

(Myrtle Fillmore)




Healing Service 1:00 PM

The Song of Renewal 10:00 AM

Katie Byron’s The Work—Study Group

1:30—3:00 pm Food Bank Sunday Share your daily bread by brining dry food items & toiletries, to





Myrtle Fillmore, Mother of Unity Mother’s Day Celebration

(Myrtle Fillmore)


7th Annual Women’s Tea

1:30—3:00 pm

1:30—3:00 pm





Dynamic Spiritual Women


1:30—3:00 pm

A Holy Consciousness


New Class Wishes Fulfilled 10 am—noon Reverend Victoria Healing

1:30 pm

(Myrtle Fillmore)

1:00 PM (Webb Room)

(Serenity Room)


Birthday Lunch 12:30 (Charles Room)


Katie Byron’s The Work—Study Group


Wishes Fulfilled

1:30—3:00 pm (Serenity Room)

10 am—noon

1:30—3:00 pm

Drumming Circle


6:30 pm


(Myrtle Fillmore)




Being Fertile Ground



(Myrtle Room)



Wishes Fulfilled

Katie Byron’s The Work—Study Group


1:30—3:00 pm

10 am—noon Continued

(Serenity Room)

1:30—3:00 pm

Purls of Wisdom 10 am—noon (Charles Room)

(Myrtle Fillmore)

27 The Protecting Presence Memorial Day Service Lunch Bunch 12:30 Marley’s Restaurant



30 Katie Byron’s The Work—Study Group

1:30—3:00 pm

(Myrtle Fillmore)


Sign up Sheets are located on the Information counter off the lobby.

(Myrtle Room)

U.S. Postage Paid Sun City, AZ Permit No. 339 Nonprofit Organization

Unity of Surprise 14495 W RH Johnson Blvd Sun City West, AZ 85375-5671 Phone: (623) 214-3884 Fax: (623) 214-5223


I’ll Evolve in 2012 10:00 AM Service May 6 May 13

“The Song of Renewal” Reverend Billie Martini “Myrtle Fillmore, Mother of Unity” Mother’s Day Celebration Reverend Billie Martini

Board of Trustees Jan Karns—President Joyce Hahn—Vice President/Special Events Coordinator Carolyn Sodini—Secretary Denise Ostendorf—Treasurer

May 20

“Being Fertile Ground” Reverend Billie Martini

May 27

“The Protecting Presence” Memorial Day Service Reverend Billie Martini

Reverend Marcia Gonyea—Discernmentarian Sherry Ritchie—Support Member

Wisdom Council Pat Shipley

Unity Worldwide Ministries ♥ Affiliated with Unity, Publishers of the Daily Word Member of the International New Thought Alliance

New May 2012 Newsletter  

THE PRESENT THE PRESENT THE PRESENT THE PRESENT Your Monthly Newsletter Gift May 2012 ♥ Volume 11 Issue 5

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