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Tracks Easy too hard from white to black (I am so ashamed by my score XD) anyway I got 57 medals from bronze to silver which requires you to clear computed times

Editing You can make tracks, paint cars here and edit a replay during the making of a track you can save it and it will say “HEY y u no validate?” you don’t have to but it is a good idea

Skins and other When you go onto Explore you can go to different locations then you can buy stuff (skins exedra exedra) you buy those things with cobber (coins in game) you earn those by getting medals

Multiplayer Here you can play with others the whole world around there will first be your country as first the ones are those with most plays most of those you play with are skilled players so it’s not the first recommendation from me

Water physics You will see when you glide- or jumps through then you will see water splashes or soar through the sky when you skip up again

The three viewing angles You can change your viewing angles by pressing 1 2 and 3

The end This was not a full review there is much more to make and much more to explore thank you for reading and see you around

Track Mania  

This is not a full review

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