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Krav Maga Bristol is one of the UKs’ leading Krav Maga schools.

We are one of the first CrossFit Affiliates in the UK. Crossfit is the conditioning method used by professional athletes and Military using a highly varied and intense conditioning program

We welcome your interest and offer a free taster session to anyone over 18.

If you want to be at the’cuting edge’ of Reality Based Training look no further

Come and try us out and see what you think - you’ll enjoy the experience

09 ‘Outstanding find, one of the UKs top trainers here in Clifton’ K.M.B Student

COME AND TRAIN AT KRAV MAGA BRISTOL Krav Maga: ‘The Most Realistic Self Defence and Fitness Training System in the UK today’ The Sunday Times Welcome and Thank you In the next few of pages we will introduce Krav Maga, introduce ourselves and tell you what you need to bring if you are coming for a try out session. You’ll find We’ll train you hard but you’ll have out what will happen, where to go and what will happen in training. a great time and meet a whole new group of people. Thank you for contacting us, we have booked you in for your free lesson so hang on, its going to be fun ;-)

It will be a busy session - you’ll kick off with the same fitness and conditioning programme used by Professional Athletes, Fighters and the US Marine Corps. Its called CrossFit. From there you’ll move straight in to the Worlds most battle tested combat system - Krav Maga.

What do I need to bring You will need to bring: Trainers, joggers/tracksuit bottoms a t shirt something warm for afterwards Fluid to drink in the session. Can anyone train ? We train men and women of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

So for now, sit down, take a weight off your feet and spend a No experience is required. few minutes finding out whats in store for you and a little about us. [2]


‘You know the school is good when students are traveling 90 minutes each way to train here’ ‘Great class, great system and a great Instructor’ “I have never know anything like it. I get withdrawls if I miss a session. Classes are tough, and high intensity - but there is always humour. And a great bunch to train with.


TESTIMONIALS TESTIMONIALS “If you get the opportunity to train with Paul Grab it. Best training ever - trust me on this..” “great atmosphere, the hard work, the training ethos and the hard fitness sessions ie kettle bells, strike pads and getting totally beasted by tough sessions. I love it ! “Krav Maga training here really does teach you fighting spirit and the positive benefit of that seems to seep into your normal everyday life.”

What happens on my first lesson ?

Do I have to be fit ? No. Usually people come to us to unhappy with their fitness.

We meet up briefly before class and have a chat about Are CrossFit and Krav training and safety. We check out Maga included in the cost ? any questions or concerns you Absolutely, yes ! See money at have and outline what will the back ;-) happen. Then the class kicks off. Will I learn to protect Will I get hurt ? myself ? No. We are Professional There is probably no better Instructors. Sessions are safe, system of self training for the well structured and great fun. streets - than Krav Maga. Its got a Training is progressive and the worldwide reputation for novice classes are designed to introduce realistic training quickly effectiveness and is taught to over 500 military and law and efficiently. enforcement units across the world. Do I need martial arts experience ? No.

“As a Personal Trainer I can tell you the training is spot on, I see a lot of very fit people in this class.” “If you are looking for black belts, mirrors and shiny machines - it just aint gonna happen here. If you want to get fit - I mean really fit and learn to fight - here is the place. Highly recommended.” “Great people and an excellent instructor (with a natural flare for teaching).” “The atmosphere was electric awesome session” “Martial Arts - I could never go back - not after something like [3]


CROSSFIT WITH US CrossFit has a refreshingly simple message. Eat right, train really hard and we will make you fitter and stronger than you have ever thought possible. And guess what – you’ll Introducing CrossFit Crossfit delivers a complete program of exercise and nutrition. It is nothing like circuit training and has been proven to be vastly more effective than training in a gym. CrossFit uses large multi joint movements delivered at intensity with highly varied and ultra short work outs. The Workouts are called W.O.D. s and can be brutally intense. Our average W.O.D is less than 20 minutes - believe me its long enough ;-) . All our W.O.Ds are scaleable for different fitness levels or abilities. CrossFit uses large ‘functional’ multi joint movements. This way trainees use their bodies as they were meant to be used – as a whole unit. As a functioning system of muscles, bones and organs. There are no isolation movements - they have no functional use in the real world and are detrimental to overall performance.

CrossFit Bristol Offers

CrossFit’s appeal has not been missed by the military. Particularly the special forces community who embraced it with open arms. The U.S marines were so impressed by the CrossFit method that they adopted a CrossFit based fitness selection process. More recently, the Navy S.E.A.L s adopted CrossFit to prepare recruits for their world famous B.U.D.s course such as B.J Penn .

A huge variety in work outs


Cheap time effective work outs No expensive memberships

Proven results A great community of like minded athletes

Training Schedule


What where and of course - when...... CLIFTON COLLEGE







Crossfit 7.30

Krav Maga 10 am (90 minutes) St Stephens Lansdown Rd

Krav Maga 8 pm (90 minutes)



CrossFit 7.00

Krav Maga 8 pm

Krav Maga 7.45

Phase 1 Gym Comfortable place

Classes at the Campus Highland Lane Worle W/S//M


Krav Maga 8.10

I love the whole CrossFit ethos, tough training, unusual equipment and variety, oh and lots of it.. Its been a great experience at CrossFit Bristol. The other athletes are behind you every step of the way we push and encourage each compete with one another, but there is always support... I love it... The training is so alive, so challenging and so dam tough - just join us.. ‘I thought I was finished, thought it was tough - then it dawnwed on me - ‘that was the warm up!!!’

Wednesday CrossFit 7.30 Krav Maga 7.45

‘Brilliant training, great group and an awesome experience. Highly recommended.’ “Addictive sessions and full on training. If you like to push yourself - This will be for you..’ ‘I started almost 4 stone overweight. The supportive was amazing - I never felt bad but they never let me off the hook for 1 minute.’ [5]

MONEY MONEY MONEY Joining - fees and financial stuff Keeping it simple.. We try to keep the financial side of things - simple. We dont want it to detract from training or impact on our time. So... We dont take cash. Everything is paid monthly online. Fair pricing Our prices are extremely competitive for a professional school. But, we no longer do student or Military discounts. We felt it was fairer to reduce all our prices across the board. Joining Fee There is a joining fee. £25 for Crossfit. £45 for Krav Maga. Commitment to training We have a minimum commitment of 3 months for training. We were overwhelmed with demand and have only a few places available. So we decided to screen out less committed applicants with a 3 month

Krav Maga Membership Krav Maga only - No CrossFit sessions 3 months Minimum period of training

commitment to training.

Cancelation We require is a minimum commitment of 3 months Direct Debit after this period. To cancel simply email us. We usually do it within 3 working days. Membership options We offer 3 membership types. 1. Krav Maga training only. 2. CrossFit training only 3. Full membership - includes both sessions.

How often should I train ?

CrossFit only Membership

Once weekly session - £35 P.C.M

I am away for extended periods - do I still have to pay. No. We get a lot of military and students train with us. We are happy to suspend payments for placements holidays etc - as long as its more than 3 weeks in duration. What about the costs for Bath and Weston Super Mare ? These are charged at £30 (WSM) and £35 a month (Bath)


All Crossfit sessions - excluding Krav Maga

All CrossFit Sessions All Krav Maga Sessions

No minimum period All Crossfit sessions

All Krav Sessions - £45 P.C.M

We recommend twice weekly. Some train more, some less. Once weekly is OK if thats what works best for you.

£35 a month CF Drop in session £10


3 months Minimum period of training £50 a month

Welcome to Krav Maga  
Welcome to Krav Maga  

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