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Anthony’s Kover: Photo: Eric Ganison

04 | THE VIP SPOT 05 | BITS & PIECES 06 ANTHONY DORSETT JR Son of a Dallas Cowboy legend Anthony Dorsett, Jr is mentoring many aspiring athletes young and old while keeping himself in top shape.

31 GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING Tis the season everyday to spoil yourself with the hottest gifts and gadgets on the market.

35 RLX FASHION Cutting edge athletic fashion with an unmistakably respect for both functionality and style.

21 TRX TO THE MAX The great new way to improve the shape of your body

27 LEG BLAST Try this on for thighs

38 MUSCLE WHIP 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider. Turn heads and corners.

Alonzo’s Kover & TOC: Photos: Maya Guez


Photo by Leonard Poteat • Clothes by Andrew Nowell

Photo by Ronald Johnson

Photo by Eric Ganison • Hair by Marquinn Middleton








Waddup KRAVERS! We made it thru our first year of KRAVE Fit and it’s been amazing. We have met some amazing people along the way. The world of fitness and bodybuilding is energetic, motivating and very hands on unlike the fashion side (KRAVE) that didn’t have us face to face with our readers as often as KRAVE Fit has and we’ve enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. We’re looking forward to making 2012 bigger and better. This first year of KRAVE Fit wouldn’t be possible without the support and contributions of my amazing team. Photographer Maya Guez in New York has given us some of the most amazing covers and editorials that rivals any other fitness publication and we are forever grateful. Lookout for 2012 because we’re gonna do it big. As a friend told me…

2011 has been an amazing year for KRAVE Fit Magazine. I am so proud of everything we have accomplished thus far and even prouder of our “Kravers”(readers) for staying committed to their fitness/health goals. My advice to everyone is to get rid of those yearly resolutions and start making life long commitments. List your core values and prioritize them from most important to least to live your life by…not just a year. Staying committed to our brand, KRAVE Fit will continue to inspire, influence, empower, entertain and connect to those individuals wanting a healthier fitness lifestyle. Be sure to have a safe holiday and thanks for supporting/purchasing this issue.

I am excited for all of the things that we have lined up in 2012. Before we begin the New Year, I want to tell all of you, thank you. Thank you for supporting KRAVE Fit Magazine. 2011 has been a wonderful year. I am grateful for many things, most importantly my family, my friends, my faith, and our KRAVE Fit readers. As we enter into the holiday season, may we be reminded of the spirit of giving and those who are less fortunate. One of the best gifts one can give is time. Take time to visit,to help, to share, to care. Something so little can be of most value. I look forward to going into 2012 with you all and your continuous support. From my family to yours, have a joyous, fit, and safe holiday season.

No Grind, No Shine!

“When you want to succeed as bad as you wan to breathe is when you will start to accomplish every goal that you have set for yourself.” A few weeks back, I watched a few motivational videos that I was going to show to my athletes. The video showed a couple of guys pushing themselves until they couldn’t push anymore. Then you would see them take a deep breath and start right back up. It really made me think about how bad do I want my own success and have I been focused and pushing towards that. So KRAVE Fit family…if you have goals that you want to accomplish, push yourself towards those goals. If you get tired or feel like you can’t go any further,take a deep breath, re-focus, dig your heels into the ground, tighten your abs, push your chest out and go make things happen. If you can breath and you can dream, then you can succeed. Live Life, Love Yourself and Stay Fit


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Photo Eric Ganison Ah yes! The Fountain of Youth, 16th century tale of the legendary spring that reputedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks of its waters. Today’s advances of medicine have assured success using age-defying creams and procedures. Although there aren’t any magical fountains to sip from that transforms us into creations of whom we once were at our optimal best, we can slow down the natural processes of life. So let’s explore a few cost efficient --- and safe --- methods that will help us in get to our Fountain of Youth! The number one thing that I ask my clients as we begin our journey is: Are you getting enough rest? And for the most part they are not. Rest is very vital in maintaining proper mental, physical and spiritual health. Making sure that we get AT LEAST 7-hours of sleep is a great start! Another great tip --- and as contradictory as you all may think this sounds to your health and wellness --- is to eat more fat! Now don’t get too excited and think that I’m insisting that you should eat whatever you want. Good fats such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in walnuts, salmon, and seeds maintain healthy brain and bone function, and helps to reduce inflammation. Lastly --- and you’re going to love this --- is to drink red wine! Resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of grapes and in red wine, has helps reduce arterial clogging, resulting in lower blood-cholesterol levels and a reduction in deaths from heart disease. If you do not drink alcohol, not to worry; your local drug store should supply capsules of Resveratrol. Being proactive about your health is the best way to control your Fountain of Youth. Sip and see!

ASSAULT YOUR WORKOUTS!! Muscle Pharms “Assault” is taking the pre-workout industry by storm by going back to the old school ingredients that actually WORK… even better than before! It’s not heavily stimulated like all of the preworkouts on the market today, so you don’t get that cracked out feeling; but yet it does give you a long lasting consistent energy without the crash. Assault utilizes not only Beta Alanine which reduces muscle fatigue, but also CON-CRET® Creatine HCl, a 100% concentrated creatine that has ZERO creatine side effects, increases strength and gives muscles a hard dense pump. It provides enough of these ingredients to give the stamina and muscle building results that one is looking for in a preworkout product. All in all “Assault” is a complete preworkout that has actual muscle building properties and not just an energy drink with a sprinkle of this and a little of that… and it taste pretty good too.



Which supplement have you had the best results with? Email me your before and after pictures and the supplement that helped you achieve your incredible results. NPC Competitor Lee Pelmore is our resident supplement specialist.


2-Time Super Bowl Veteran & Son of a Dallas Legend…


Dorsett, Jr Photos: Eric Ganison • Interview: Trish Houston • Styling by Will Young

When you see him, he’s a spitting image of his father, former NFL player and legend, Tony Dorsett. To hear him speak, you hear the words of a man who was raised well, educated, humble, kindhearted, and very passionate about sports, his family, and fitness. Spend time with him and you not only get to know him, but learn of his mother’s gift of giving, especially her time, and his admiration for his dad. As an 8 year veteran in the NFL who has made an appearance in the Super Bowl with the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders along with having a winning performance in the Super 60 race at the 2010 Millrose Game, your athletic abilities are much to be admired. Let us not forget that your father is still mentioned in conversation as being one of the best ever in football. So Tell our readers Who is Anthony Dorsett Jr.? How would you describe yourself? I am a God fearing, confident, hard working, respectful, humble, ambitious, loyal, and intelligent man. What was it like growing up being the son of Tony Dorsett? In my eyes, my dad was just like any other dad. I didn’t see him as the football player that the world knew him as. I saw him as my parent, my dad. So in that sense, it was quite a normal childhood. On the flip side of that, you have the fact that he is ‘Tony Dorsett’ one of the greatest players of his era. I met everyone from Michael Jackson to the Muhammed Ali. I grew up fast, saw and did a lot, and had a good time. If not football, what career choices did you consider? My mother always wanted me to be a lawyer; but if not football, something in television or journalism. What was it like not only being an athlete, but a professional athlete with the famous Dorsett name attached? I viewed the world no differently than anyone else. I just so happen to be the son of a famous football player. I grew up playing continue to next page

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football against those in the local and surrounding neighborhoods. There were expectations of course. I am sure that people expected me to be just like my father on the field, if not better. What team(s) did you play for and what was it like to be in the Super Bowl? I played for the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders. The Super Bowl was the most incredible experience of my playing career. The best part about it is that your family gets to have a great experience also. What is your training like? Is it different from when you were playing football or do you still have a similar regimen? Is it different from when you were playing football or do you still have a similar regimen? My training has changed since I no longer play football professionally. I don’t have the need for the extra weight or muscle and 8 years in the NFL will make you change your workouts. What gets you hype before a workout? I get hyped easily before a workout; it does not take much. It can be a thought, something on television, or a song. What’s your favorite body part and what exercises (include sets & reps) do you do for it? I don’t have a favorite body part. When I look at my own body, all I see are the places that I need to make improvements. I like to train my core. I do planks for time 20-30 seconds, all 4 positions, 3 sets of each; the ab wheel, 10 reps-3 sets; V ups with a weighted ball, 20 reps-3 sets. Do you take any supplements? If so, why do you take them? I take a multivitamin. I sometimes will take protein and glutamine. The multi is just a great source of vitamins. The other stuff I never stay committed to. What is your diet like? Is it consistent all year or do you have periods of which it may change? My diet stays the same as far as the way I eat and what I eat; but It changes when I want to change the look of my body. You have several projects that you are currently working on? Can you elaborate on them? continue to next page

Yes, I am the Executive Producer and Host of a talk show with my dad called the “Dorsett Roundtable”. We are proud to say that our 2nd Annual SuperBowl special will broadcast February 2012 on the Showtime Network. There are a few others as well. Are you involved in community services projects or charities and if so please list them and what you do with them? Yes I am involved with my Dorsett 33 Camps. We do football camps for kids and adults who want to learn the game better. “We teach the game at a high level so it can be played at 1.” I also have the Anthony Dorsett Jr. Foundation which my mother runs and I stay connected to the Bless the Children Foundation, which has a couple events coming to Super Bowl XLVI. What are you best known for in your NFL Career? I was known for hitting, speed, and quickness. Also for making big plays in big games. What has been your biggest career achievement to date? The NFL What lessons have you learned from football that you can apply to your life now and in the future? You get out of the game what you put into it. If you disrespect the game it will disrespect you. Life can be the same. What was your reaction to being selected for the cover and what does it mean to you? I was nervous about being selected to do the cover. That’s BIG! What’s your favorite quote? My favorite verse, Luke 12:48 - For unto whom much is given, much is required. Do you have any hobbies or other areas of interest? I love music, good comedy, coaching, public speaking, acting, etc. I am sure that many of our female readers would like to know...Are you single, divorced, in a relationship? I am single and I have never been married. I like to keep my personal life personal. continue to next page

Navy Cardigan Sweater: ZARA Man Playboy Tee: ZARA Man Jeans: True Relegion

I was nervous about “being selected to do the cover. That’s BIG! ” continued from page 9

Using 3 words only, how would you say life has been for you to date? Blessed, exciting and full. If one of your closest friends or family members had to describe you in one word, what would that word be? Selfless. Describe your personal style. My personal style is more laid back and clean. I don’t like logos all over me and I like my clothes to fit, but not tight. You can keep it simple and still make a statement. Remember the man makes the clothes. What are some of your favorite grooming products? I grew up on all DOVE products. That’s all that my mom bought. Dove soap, shampoo and Palmers Cocoa Butter. I still use this stuff as well as products from Urban Skin Solutions in Oakland CA. If you ever go there, ask for Kat. Best Cologne(s)? Colognes depend on the season; but I like Gucci, Creed, Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, and a couple others. What’s the best gift to give to a woman? A place to feel vulnerable. Favorite places to eat, to shop and have a good time. Favorite cities to do all of these are Miami, L.A., Houston and Chicago. Do you prefer women to be natural or with artificial/cosmetic enhancements? I like beautiful women; natural or with artificial/ cosmetic enhancements. What is the biggest fashion mistake most men make? I think it’s being trendy. Find your style and rock it. Trends come and go, but your signature style is timeless.

You keep going to average “places but you have never been an average athlete.”


From customized training to physical therapy, ZOOM Sports offers a variety of service products to help you reach your personal fitness goals and improve your total physical well being. Known for not only having one of the most progressive sport facilities around the world, they too have the latest in advanced sports science and human performance training. If you are looking for speed, endurance, strength, or seeking rehab for a sport injury, then Zoom Sports is definitely the place you should be. Are you interested in a nutrition or fitness program? Let Anthony custom design a program for you. “Zoom is the best training facility I have ever been a part of or trained at. It’s not about what they/ we have as much as whom we have. My first couple years out of football I was having a hard time with gyms and workouts. I was complaining to my boy one day about it and he said, “You keep going to average places but you have never been an average athlete. Find a place that is serious about athletes.” I found Zoom Sports and trust me it works! We train athletes of all ages, sports, and levels, from the youth league to the Pros.” – Anthony

Track Jacket & Pants: Ralph Lauren RLX Sneakers : Model’s own




TRANSFORMED There’s a lot to say about a man who has washboard abs. Having nice abs often equates to a great physique. The difficulty lies within the perfect sculpture, having nice obliques. When a man has more than nice abs, but too has the devil’s horns, there’s more than just a lot so say; there’s so much a woman can do, wants to do to the guy. Whether it be a combination of twists, oblique crunches, side planks, or bicycles, make sure you sculpt the total package. A woman won’t be able to keep her hands off of you. To train your obliques: You can do side bends or Russian twist, but the best exercise for your obliques IMO is the conventional deadlift. The day after doing heavy deadlifts your obliques will feel sore as hell.




A. Squeeze Lats B. Head and Eyes Forward C. Bring Elbows Down 90°

Sit in the pull-down machine with your hips underneath the pads, not the knees. Grab the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart. Begin by pulling down the bar down to your lower pecs, slightly arching your lower back with chest out. Push chest up to meet the bar squeezing shoulder blades together. Slowly return the bar upward until your arms are straight

Just as, strong and rounded off shoulders aid in the V-taper shape of the male physique, the lat's play very important part as well. Well defined and strong lat's will help trememdously in the pursuit of the V-taper physique. You want your shoulders to stand out, your love handles to say i'm leading you to the promise land. Make those lat's stand out and give your body the V-taper physique that it deserves.

Ladies there are 3 words no man want to ever hear... You Are Small. And we’re not talking about just in the bedroom. Those words are equivalent to us asking when are you due and you’re not even pregnant. Now for most men when we’re in the gym we’re trying to gain size. We want the big biceps, wide back and big chest. So day in and day out we’re constantly trying get your swole on. So when you say to us “are you still working out, you look smaller?” You have single handily reduced months of blood, sweat and tears to nothing and killed any idea of progress we thought we had achieved. So eliminate these words... thin, small, tiny and frail from your vocabulary if you want to keep the peace at home.



Richardson, TX Jerome, Gym Owner


CIRCUIT CORE TRAINING Photos: Eric Ganison Each exercise is done for 50 seconds without resting. First exercise is a dumbbell row. You want to make sure you use a 2-0-2 tempo with this; with 2 seconds down and 2 seconds up without a pause at the top or bottom. Next we go into a push up. Hold row with cable. You want to make sure you do not twist at the hips with this exercise and use the same 2-0-2 tempo, 50 seconds on each arm. Next go right into pull-ups. Make sure you hold 2 seconds at the top of the pull-up on each rep. Without resting, go into the bench press using the same tempo. As soon as the 50 seconds are up, go right into the push up fly and push up pull down with the Akron wheels. The 2-0-2 tempo should now almost feel impossible to manage with your core, along with your chest, back and a full blown pump. If your gym does not have the Akron wheels, your may substitute by doing push up hand claps. The goal for this circuit is to complete 4 rounds in less than15 minutes. Each exercise is done one right after another with no breaks in between. Remember the 2-02 tempo is the most important part of this.

Perform exercises in this order: Dumbbell Row • Plank Hold with Cable Cord Row Pull Ups • Bench Press • Push Up Fly ( w/ Akron Wheel) Push Up Claps




Keep back straight and abs tight. Make sure to keep elbow tight to your side and pull all the way up and thru.

TIP: Concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you reach the full contracted position. Also, make sure that the force is performed with the back muscles and not the arms. Finally, the upper torso should remain stationary and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no other work except for holding the dumbbell; therefore do not try to pull the dumbbell up using the forearms.




PULL-UPS 3 working sets of 10 reps BENT-OVER BARBELL ROW 3 working sets of 10 reps REVERSE-GRIP BARBELL ROW 1 warm-up set of 8 reps 2 working sets of 8 reps ONE-ARM DUMBBELL ROW 3 working sets of 8-12 reps CABLE PULL-DOWN (reverse motion) 7 working sets of 10 reps

CHEST BENCH PRESS: Start off in a plank position in front of a cable cord machine. Reach out until you have full extension from the shoulder to the cable cord machine. Make sure you don’t twist your hips during this exercise. Keep your elbow tight to your side and pull all the way through the workout.

NIKE MACHOMAI BOXING SHOES Designed to maximize today’s elite fighters for quickness, agility, maneuverability and speed, they’re perfect for the gym as well. Super nimble and flexible gum rubber outsole made for control, traction and power pivots on all gym floors.


INCREASE YOUR BENCH PRESS PUSH UP CLAPS: Lie on floor face down and position hands on floor. With toes on floor, push body up with arms extended and body straight. Lower body to floor and immediately push body up as fast as possible. As the hands leave ground, rapidly clap hands together and place back to original position, catching body before it falls. Repeat.


INCREASE TORSO STABILITY AND MUSCLE ENDURANCE PLANK HOLD WITH CABLE CORD ROW: Start off in a plank position in front of a cable cord machine. Reach out until you have full extinction from the shoulder to the cable cord machine. Make sure you don’t twist your hips during this exercise. Make sure you keep your elbow tight to your side and pull all the way thru.




Start off in a push up position with one hand on the floor and the other on the Akron wheel. As you start to descend down with one arm you roll the other forward on the Akron wheel doing a fly in the process. Be sure to keep your core tight.

STRENGTH PULL UPS: Be sure to keep your bodystraight as possible and core tight. Hold for 2 seconds at the top of your pull up and then extend all the way down.


STRENGTH THE CORE & STABILIZE MUSCLES IN THE ARMS AND CHEST PUSH UP FLY (USING THE AKRON WHEEL) SAME AS PREVIOUS PAGE: But instead of rolling your arm forward with the Akron wheel, you’re going to go out to the side.

Concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you reach the full contracted position. The upper torso should remain stationary as it moves through space and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no other work other than hold the bar.








Photos: Eric Ganison



Exercise band crunches can have many variations. We are going to combine two variations that will also incorporate the shoulders to increase the intensity of this ab movement. These exercises are meant to help stabilize while strengthening your entire abs, without the excess bulk that may come from weights, forming long, lean cuts. Begin by sitting in a crunch up position and push the bands forward. Repeat. This time push the bands over the head just like a shoulder press. Continue this cycle 20 times for four sets. The next unique ab exercise used with a band is a modified plank. Attach one end of the band to the foot opposite of the arm you are intending on performing the movement with and then with that arm pull the other end of the band forward until the arm is fully extended. This is great for working out the entire core and shoulders at once. Perform 10-15 reps on each arm for three sets.

HARRY STEWART Dallas, TX 6’3” • 230 lbs.

EXERCISE #1 Sitting on the floor, make sure feet are flat on floor as you’re lying on your back. Next grab the bands that are securely placed on an object with both handles in each hand. While lying on the ball, extend your arms behind you while keeping arms straight. Using your abs, with a pushing motion, lift the upper body from the floor while keeping the arms extended. Make sure the bands don’t have any slack. Keep tight and repeat 3 x 25.




The LEVEL 3 RESISTANCE TUBE from Reebok provides a strong resistance and allows you to copy actions and swings from other sports. The tube creates resistance from every direction, adjust your angle of movement and combine several exercises seamlessly. And, thanks to Reebok’s high-quality latex and soft-grip foam handles, you can do it all in comfort.

EXERCISE #2 While lying on floor, keep feet flat on floor. Grab the secured bands in each hand. With hands next to chest, use a pushing motion as you come off the floor with body straight up and down and arms above your head. Lay back and repeat 25 x 4 sets.




EXERCISE #3 Starting in a plank position, feet shoulder width apart, secure one end of the band to your foot. With opposite hand, pull band till arm reaches out completely in front of you. Repeat 25x per side for 4 sets.


ADIPURE TRAINER Harness your body’s natural mechanics for optimal training in the adidas adiPURE™ Trainer shoes. The toes are liberated so your foot can move as freely as if you were barefoot, with a rounded outsole in tough rubber for extra protection and traction. The adiPURE Trainer excels because of what I think it achieves in relation to the foot, which is an excellent 1:1 fit. It’s just excellent. I’m reminded of a football glove and an aqua sock combined in one. The close fit keeps moisture from becoming a problem, which is assisted by an Ortholite sockliner. Further defining the fit is the adiPURE Trainer’s memory foam collar, which secures the fit comfortably. $90


HOW TO MAINTAIN A BALD HEAD Bald heads are fashionable now, have been for quite a while. Maintaining a great looking bald head and caring for a shaved head takes a bit of work. Preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs and keeping the sun from wreaking havoc on your scalp are essential. Follow these three tips for keeping that dome looking smooth: Shave. The first step in maintaining your bald head is to use proper shaving technique. Moisturize. Daily shaving and exposure to the sun can leave your scalp dry and flaky. Remember to use a good moisturizer on your scalp every morning. Protect. The scalp is even more susceptible to damage from the sun than other parts of the body. Always use a good sunscreen on your scalp before prolonged sun exposure. Many companies make high quality moisturizers with built-in sunscreen, so check the skin care aisle of your drug store. These are but a few tips for keeping your bald head in great shape. Check out:

Name: Alonzo Wilson III, 29 Height: 6’1 Current Weight: 220 lbs. Occupation: Personal Trainer @ New York Sports Clubs Residence: Queens, NYC


TRX training exercise builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once. TRX and Suspension training was born in the Navy Seals and has moved from the battlefield to the weight room. Harlem Magic Masters basketball player Alonzo Wilson III shows us a few of his favorite TRX and Suspension training workouts that keep him in the game longer. Photos by: Maya Guez


QUADRICEPS & HAMSTRINGS POWER CLEAN FRONT SQUAT PRESS Chest out and head up, pull the bar up to your chest lower into a squat. Come up and press weight over head lower without locking knees and return to squat position.

BACK, SHOULDERS & ABS BEHIND THE NECK PULL UP WITH AB CRUNCH Grab pull up bar pull your body up till the back of your neck touches the bar crunch knees hold for 2 seconds lower back down to start again.

CHEST, BACK & ABS TRX PIKE A great overall core movement since we incorporate the stabilization of a plank, the anti-extension of the saw and also the hip flexion of the pike.

ABS , BACK & SHOULDERS LEG LIFTS WITH MEDICINE BALL Probably the best TRX antirotation exercise around. The key here is to create a body angle (lean) that makes it very difficult to maintain that stable position during the presses.

ABS , BACK & SHOULDERS MID AND HIGH ROWS The TRX Row allows you to target the muscles of your upper back and shoulders and may help improve posture.

CHEST TRX PUSH UP This is a very simple unilateral horizontal pushing exercise that ends up being a KILLER core exercise as well. Be sure to

HAMSTRINGS, QUADRICEPS & CHEST LUNGE FLY Grab the handles and lunge one leg forwarded while flying your arms out. Switch legs and repeat.

keep the hips and shoulders square the entire time while the core fights in an anti-rotation fashion.

SHOULDER STABILIZERS ATOMIC PUSH UP Hands at side, press up and bring knees forward and down.

OBLIQUES, ABS, SHOULDERS & BACK WINDSHIELD WIPERS WITH MEDICINE BALL Holding the pull up bar place a medicine ball between your ankles and lift your legs up to the bar and rotate left and right.

SHOULDERS, BACK & TRICEPS MUSCLE UP FLIP OVERS While grasping the wide grip pull up bar, pull your body up and in a forward motion flip over. Here’s the tricky part, you have to grab the close grip handles on the other side and hold your self for 10 seconds before coming down.

HIP ROTATORS TRX SINGLE LEG SQUAT (WITH ROTATION) The key to this pistol-style explosive squat is to sit the weight back onto the heel as you descend. You will use as much upper body as needed to offset the load, but the emphasis for me is the “brakes” or the ability to decelerate on the landings. This is where most performance injuries occur, so we can never get enough deceleration work.

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A ROLE MODEL? I would say that I am just a normal guy but others may say that I am. As with all role models, we need to be careful as to how we conduct ourselves so that we can set examples for children looking up to us. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN PERSONAL TRAINING? I was always strangely strong. My father had me doing pull-ups out on scaffolding back when I was 5. In high school and in collage, students would ask me what is one to do to gain strength and if I could train them. WHERE DOES YOUR MOTIVATION COME FROM? I am motivated buy my mother who passed and by people with disabilities. They are my daily motivation. SO WHAT IS YOUR TRAINING LIKE? I do high intensity for balance and stability. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT TRX TRAINING? I like that I can do it anywhere and use your own bodyweight. The people I have met from their company were all wonderful people which had me use their product even more. GIVE US A LITTLE BACKGROUND HISTORY I grew up in Queens, NY in South Ozone Park. I was raised by my parents, Alonzo Wilson II and Annette Wilson. I moved to Arizona when I was in high school where I played basketball, football, and ran track. I graduated from Grand Valley State University where I played football and won a national championship.      WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY DOING? I am a player and trainer for the Harlem Rockets and the Harlem Magic Master, both which are entertainment basketball teams. We do fundraisers, assembly programs, camps and clinics, bar mitzvahs, family entertainment games, straight games, international tours and special events. I also am a trainer at NYSC and teach TRX and sports conditioning classes. WHERE DO YOU TRAIN? I train at NYSC 86 st. and Lexington. You can also find me everywhere in the city including parks and at many different schools, especially when we travel and are on the road playing basketball. WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO BEING SELECTED FOR THE COVER AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU? I was blown away and very grateful. TELL US ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND YOUR BASKETBALL LEAGUES. We do basketball fundraisers for schools as well as assembly programs. We talk to the kids about bullying, not to be a bully, how to handle bullies, and getting adults involved when if being bullied or witnessing someone being bullied. We also talk about saying no to drugs, respecting parents and teachers, and of course staying fit and healthy.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE ON AND OFF STAGE? I want to continue to help people through fitness; hopefully be in another movie; finish a business I am working on; get married and start a family. WHAT IS YOUR DIET LIKE? Anyone that knows me will tell you that I eat a lot of grapes and bananas. WHO DO YOU ADMIRE? I admire a lot of people, but I have to start with my father and owner of the basketball teams I belong to Mr. Jack Bryant. FAVORITE QUOTE? “Happiness is a choice.” ~ Unknown YOU HAVE GREAT SKIN AND TEETH, WHAT’S YOUR GROOMING REGIMEN? I brush 2 times a day and I wash my face at night. I don’t drink or smoke. BEST FAT BURNER? Green tea WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BODY PART AND WORKOUT FOR THAT BODY PART? My back is my favorite body part. I do behind the neck pull-ups to give my back its defined form. WHAT’S BEEN YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR? I would have to say graduating from college. I told my mother before she died that I would go back and finish and I did.




Woodside , NY



The legs for most people always need work. Why? The legs and hips are where all the power comes from. Without power, a physique is all looks and no go. But even developing a real body in the first place is going to take massive amounts of mental and physical power. And true legwork will give you pain above and beyond anything you have ever experienced before. The legs are truly a great body part once developed. They exude strength, and according to recent studies, the legs are the most looked at body part next to the abs. NPC Competitor and Fitness Model, Chris Villa is here to share his secrets to building bigger and stronger legs of steel.




Leg extensions are perfect for warming up the legs at the beginning of an intense leg training day. Perform 15-20 reps with a low intensity weight and gradually increase to a moderate intensity over three sets. Leg extensions are also great for sculpting and bringing out every detail a good pair of quads can present. It may be only a warm up but strict form is important to maximize the effectiveness of leg extensions.

You will need to adjust the pad so that it falls on top of your lower leg (just above your feet). Also, make sure that your legs form a 90-degree angle between the lower and upper leg. If the angle is less than 90-degrees then that means the knee is over the toes which in turn creates undue stress at the knee joint.



FOR SIZE LEG PRESS Leg press is great for putting size on the quads. It’s a great alternative to squats and taking pressure off the lower back. This exercise should be all out intensity and performed 10-15 reps for three sets.


Make sure that you do not lock your knees. Your torso and the legs should make a perfect 90-degree angle. This will be your starting position.



SINGLE LEG CURLS Now that the quads are torched; let’s isolate the hamstrings with single leg curls. It’s considered the bicep curl for legs. Strict form should be used in this isolation movement with higher reps of1215 at three sets each leg.

Now that your hamstrings are on fire, let’s add more weight and do a similar movement to the previous, lying leg curls. This is an excellent exercise to put some serious weight on the hamstrings and involves both legs simultaneously for maximum power. A higher rep range will be used with this exercise ranging from 12-20 repetitions and three brutal sets. Definitely emphasize form for this movement and don’t let your lower back do the pulling.

WEIGHT ON HAMSTRINGS STANDING CALF RAISE No great physique is complete without a nice set of calves. Standing calf raises is the ultimate calf building exercise. You can use a heavy load but make sure you are able to stretch the calves at the bottom of the movement and squeeze them at the top; no bouncing and using momentum to do the exercise. A good rep range is 12-15 with four high intensity sets. Calves are an endurance muscle and require more volume for proper growth.




Donkey calf raises are a lost art in today’s fitness world, but a very effective movement when training calves. It’s a great isolation movement. Again use 12-15 reps but only three sets for this one.

ISOLATION CALF PRESS Calf presses are another really effective isolation movement for the calves. It only puts stress on the calves themselves. 15-20 reps are recommended since it is such an isolated movement with three intensely burning sets.



A GOOD CALF STRETCH STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFTS Stiff legged deadlifts for calves you ask? With a little modification to your form by straightening your legs completely and pushing your glutes back, this movement can be an excellent exercise for the calves. It will give a maximum stretch and incorporate every fiber the calves have to offer. Keep the reps a little lower than the other calf movements at 10-15 and 2-3 sets

Although Christmas is over, thats no reason why you can’t spoil yourself or a loved one with one of these amazing gifts selected by the KRAVE Fit team.

URBANCASE EMERGENCY COCKTAIL STATION The emergency cocktail station - a tongue in cheek interpretation of a first aid kit provides storage for liquor, glassware, and tools. $850.00


BONE COLLECTION HORN STAND Slip the BONE Horn Stand onto your iPhone 4/4S for lo-fi amplification simplicity. Using old-fashioned acoustical science, this silicone stand adds 13 decibels of sound pressure to your iPhone’s speakers without asking for an erg of battery juice. $24.99



MinuSkull is a wonderfully designed Hi-Fi sculpture by Kuntzel+Deygas. The tailor crafted speaker is made for a high-quality sound experience and creates a perfect sound without any distortion.

Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space. $399 (350 pics) -$499 (750 pics)

LEICA M9 TITANIUM With a suggested retail price of £19,800 (currently about $32,000) and only 500 units in existence, Leica’s limited edition M9 Titanium probably isn’t a camera you’re ever going to lay eyes on in real life. When it was announced back in September of last year, we predicted that most of them wouldn’t see the light of day and would be placed immediately into collectors’ vaults.

AEROSYSTEM ONE: IPOD & IPHONE DOCK SPEAKER Jarre has put his name to the AeroSystem One iPod and iPhone dock speaker, a sonic tower with a dock for Apple iThings (not iPads, mind) and 3.5mm and USB inputs. • Compatible with all iPod generations: iPod Touch®, iPod Nano®, iPod Classic®




Photographer: Phillip Reyes Photography


RONNIE AMADI Agility is defined as the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily. When we think of it in terms of sports, we tend to think of balance, speed, coordination, and quickness. Look around many of your sport training facilities and you will see something in common. Agility drills are very common in athletic training programs. It’s part of an athlete’s core training. Whether it is the sprint lateral shuffle, box drill, or the ladder, if you are an athlete or have the heart of an athlete, agility drills will definitely give you a cutting edge on and off the field.



Houston, TX


INTERVAL TRAINING Begin a moderate jog for 2 minutes. Drop to a brisk walk and raise the incline to 7%. Walk for another 2 minutes. Repeat the intervals increasing the incline 1% each time you hill walk.

V SQUATS Position shoulders under shoulder pads with back against pad. Place feet on platform shoulder width apart. Extend hips and knees and release lever. Lower body until knees are just short of complete flexion. Raise sled.

MUSCLE WHIP STANDING CALF RAISES Stand with your toes on the platform and your heels hanging off the platform. Lift the weight clear of the support. Lower your heels and weight. Rise up on your toes as far as possible.

HYPEREXTENSIONS Position thighs prone on pad and lower legs under padded brace. Hold weight to chest. Raise upper body until hips and waist are fully extended. Lower body by bending hips and waist until fully flexed.

ROMAN CHAIR LEG RAISES Position yourself in the chair with small of the back against the lumbar support. Raise your legs keeping them straight until legs are parallel to the floor. Pause briefly and return to the start position.


RLX REVISITED The RLX label, which carries seasonal fitness essentials in the form of high-performance athletic gear, combines style with functionality through waterproof and breathable fabrics.

Shirt $68 Short $65

Short $65

Jacket $128 Pants $98





BEST! At first glance, with a strong athletic build, you would never know that this former professional football player is more passionate about being a mentor than he is sports. A teacher, coach, mentor, a father, trainer, and now a competitive bodybuilder, David Hicks has a lot to be proud of. Making his first appearance on the stage this year, he’s off to a great start. Not only does has his background provided him an avenue to becoming a great speaker and mentor, the stage allows him to build confidence an increases the value of his totality. He has a great future ahead of him as he’s already standing on a great foundation that he’s created through hard work. Don’t be surprised if you hear his name again, if not frequently.

David’s Current Stats: Height: 6’2”, Competition Weight: 238 lbs.


JEROME’S GYM Richardson, TX Photo: Eric Ganison

Muscle-Mania Texas State Championships Oct. 22nd • Fort Worth Tx Photo by: Jeff Kutscher

“Success Is uncomforable”- David Hicks Give us a little background history: I was born and raised in El Dorado, Arkansas. I grew up in a single parent home with my mother and two older sisters. I attended Grambling State University where I played every defensive position on the football field from safety to defensive end, including being a linebacker. In my senior year, I was the MVP of my team. After college I played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, and New York Giants. After the NFL, I played in Canada for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and in the Arena Football League for the Dallas Vigilantes. Though my playing career was cut short due to a back injury, it got me back to my true passion, mentoring kids. What are you currently doing? Currently wearing many hats, I am a: high school teacher, football and track coach, in addition to having my own personal training business. I am also a mentor to kids and adults; I do speaking engagements, run youth sports camps, and I’m also looking into starting a promotions and marketing company in the near future How did you get started with bodybuilding? I was sidelined due to a herniated disk in my back my last year playing football when I realized that my career was coming to an end. While thinking about what all I wanted to do in, but he and others always told me I had the genetics and that I was already shaped like a bodybuilder. They told me that I could be a star in the sport. I eventually gave him a call. He then put me in contact with my bodybuilding mentor, Charles Anderson with Natural Promotions, which was good for me because he also had the same background as me as far as he playing football and then turned to bodybuilding after his career ended. Charles put me a diet together for me and taught me how to lift and pose like a bodybuilder. Ten weeks later I was on stage doing my first show in the open category. Where does your motivation come from? My family keeps me motivated, especially my son. He always says that he is going to do everything I do. It is funny to hear a 7 year old say that he wants to play in the NFL and afterwards become a bodybuilder like his daddy. So what is your training like? My training is functional and INTENSE! It’s not the typical bodybuilder’s workout. I still run hills do kettle bell workouts, push cars, intervals, pull sleds, and a lot of plyometrics, just like I’m still playing football. The difference now is that there is a lot more concentration lifts rather than trying to be explosive or just “get it up.” I do a lot of super sets and heavy lifting. What is your supplementation like? I have always believed in have a good supplement plan since high school and it has stayed with me. I take multi-vitamins, BCAAs, glutamine, and protein year around. I cycle on and off of pre-workout products

and creatine. I like to read and study what I put in my body. I am a natural athlete and I take pride in that. I have nothing against a guy who uses performances enhancing drugs, but I like to teach kids to do things the right way and that there is no short cut to success. I live my creed. Favorite Bodybuilders? Ronnie Coleman, who is also a Gramblinite, and Kai Greene; no one can put on a show like him. What are your plans for the future on and off stage? On stage, I plan on becoming the best thing since ‘slice bread,’ so the bodybuilding world better be ready. Offstage, I plan on using fitness as an avenue to reach more people with my mentoring services, speaking, and personal training. I want to show everyone that with hard work you can come from nothing and be something. What are your plans for the future on and off stage? On stage, I plan on becoming the best thing since ‘slice bread,’ so the bodybuilding world better be ready. Offstage, I plan on using fitness as an avenue to reach more people with my mentoring services, speaking, and personal training. I want to show everyone that with hard work you can come from nothing and be something. What is your diet like? My offseason diet is TERRIBLE! I eat donuts, pizza; pretty much anything that I can put my hands on. I do keep my training so intense that my body fat stays low and bad eating doesn’t show much. About 20 weeks out from a contest is when I start cutting out the donuts and pizza. I eat off a planned menu at 16 weeks out allowing myself only 1 cheat meal a week. I cut out all cheating 8 weeks out and consume a balanced diet that is protein packed. What class do you compete in? The big boy class… HEAVYWEIGHT! What was your first show and how was that experience? Muscle-Mania Texas State Championships was my 1st show. The experience was great. I get the same rush as being on the football field. The big difference now is that I don’t have a helmet on so it was nerve racking. After being on stage for the first time, it felt good. I had a lot of fun. Afterwards I was thinking how I was made for this. What have you learned from your experiences as a competitive bodybuilder? That anything is possible and it’s never too late or too early to do whatever you want. My best advice to anyone is to shoot for the stars. Favorite Quote? “You can’t change the world, but you can change the world that you live in.” - Unknown


2012 FERRARI 458 SPIDER Is there anything more beautiful than a red $260,000 Ferrai? The Spider is powered by the 4.5-liter V-8 that manages to make 562 horsepower without turbocharging or supercharging and claims a top speed of 198 mph. Its exhaust note is symphonic. On the road, the Spider feels big and wide, absolutely filling your lane on the highway. Steering is light and very quick. We give it a A+++++





Shoulders are the capstone of the arms. Just like a rock on a platform, they are boulders; they accent the triceps and biceps and must be impressive in order look complete. The shoulder to waist ratio is very important, especially when desiring the highly sought after V-taper. The strong, defined and thick shoulders show well fully clothed and gives the man a well fitted look. Whether it be the muscles that move the shoulders themselves, or the muscles that move the arm, be careful not to overwork them. Pay close to your form as the shoulders have very small muscles and joints that are easily susceptible to injury. When training shoulders, make sure that you choose a variety of exercises to target each part of the shoulders. Do these shoulder exercises to get the results you desire for the look and power that you deserve.

Deltoid: (Anterior Fibers)

Deltoid: (Lateral Fibers)

Deltoid: (Posterior Fibers)

The Workout Shoulder Press with Smith Machine Leaning Lat Raises Lying Rear Delt Extensions Rear Delt Crossovers with Cables

4x8 4x8 4 x 10 4 x 10

Squeezing and holding at the end of last rep until muscle failure.

Dumbell Press on Chair Lat Raises with Dumbbells Front Delt Raises Front Delt Raises with Plate

5 x 10 5 x 10 5 x 10 5 sets

Hold for 30 seconds

For more Tips to shirt filling shoulders send questions to Jason at:

Jason Warren

JASON STATS: Height: 6’0 Age: 40 Yrs. Training: 15 Occupation: Underwriter of BOA Workout Gym(s): 24 Hour Fitness Lewisville & Dallas-Downtown




OBI STATS: Height: 5’9 Age: 33 Yrs. Training: 15 Occupation: Personal Trainer Nothing underlies a strong, powerful physique more than a pair of defined, massive stompers. Over the course of 10 years my legs have become the muscle group to thrash and I beat them like the world is coming to an end. I work them once a week, twice a day or twice a week and I go heavy, lots of reps and always in compound sets. The goal: size, strength, symmetry and lots of endurance.

The Workout ** Smith Machine Squats ** Angled Leg Press compund set with Front-weighted Barbell Walking Lunges

3 to failure 3 x 20 3 x 60 steps

(Rest for only one minute between sets)

** Stiff-leg Dead Lifts 2 x 15 Laying Leg Curls 2 x 12 compund set with leg extensions 2 x 12 (Rest for only one minute between sets)

** Calf raises

3 to failure

** Select a weight that will make you struggle to perform the last 3-4 reps. You should need a spotter only for the last 3 reps if necessary. If you need a spotter for more than 4 reps, reduce the weight.



Rectus Femoris Vastus Lateralis Vastus Medialis Vastus Intermedius


BEATS BY DRE TOUR Still the best headphones on the market to date. Beats by Dr. Dre Tour with ControlTalk High Performance InEar Headphones in Black will keep the sounds pumping while you’re pumping up. $149.999

Sometimes one song can turn up our energy levels more any energy drink can.


Young Jeezy


Snoop Dogg & Whiz Kalifa

J Cole

THE SKINNY JEAN ...For the non-skinny

MM Texas Novice Champ Ezra Dew is far from skinny but we found 2 pairs of 511 Levis ($58), straight legs, that fit him like the champ he’s becoming. PHOTOS: ERIC GANISON


Now everyone can train with boxing gear endorsed by the Greatest of All Time with this new collection.

Heart of Texas 2nd Place Open Heavyweight Arlington, TX

JOHN KIRBY, 23 When did you get your first tat and what was it? I got my first tattoo when I was 16 with my friends I.D. (LOL). It’s a small biohazard sign between my shoulder blades, but is now covered up.

Who are your go-to tattoo artists? The only go to artist is Fuji, the owner of Studio 77 in Arlington Texas. Would you ever consider going fullbody suit, or are there some places where you just wouldn’t tattoo yourself? No way. I think that’s way too much and I wouldn’t be able to show off all my muscles well. I will never get tatted on my face, neck, thighs, ass, or middle stomach. What does your body art say about you? My body art is just me really; my style and personality and being unique. What’s been the Pros & Cons of your tats? The pros have been really just standing out with my own style. The cons for bodybuilding is covering up a lil definition which will probably hurt me on the national level stage next year; but we will see. Which of your tattoos is your most meaningful and why? My most meaningful tattoo is on my forearm and it says family because family is everything in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.







“A King represents Strength. A King wears the best. A King represents luxury. A King is a leader. A King is a provider. He’s almost like a superhero.” –Sean Combs This 12-month Kalendar represents the majestic beauty of being a man of color. Shot by celebrity photographer Eric Ganison, this Kalendar is sure to be at the top of everyone’s must-have list. A portion of the proceeds will go to local charities in honor of William T. Young Sr. Limited quantities available.

Available Now at Signing Party 2/11/12 Aloft Hotel, Dallas TX


KRAVE Fit Issue #5  

What is KRAVE FIT®KRAVE Fit® will serve as the go-to health and fitness guide for real people looking for real results without the fluff. W...

KRAVE Fit Issue #5  

What is KRAVE FIT®KRAVE Fit® will serve as the go-to health and fitness guide for real people looking for real results without the fluff. W...