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hoto: Don Flood for ArtMix • Hair: Kim Kimble for Margaret Maldonado Agency • Makeup: Mylah Morales for Celestine Agency Photo: Don Flood for ArtMix • Hair: Kim Kimble for Margaret Maldonado Agency • Makeup: Mylah Morales for Celestine Agency

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were boyfriend “andWegirlfriend first, 04 | THE VIP SPOT 05 | WHO’S WHO 14 BORIS KODJOE We finally got him.

23 MAN OF STYLE Celebrity Stylist Atiba Newsome

36 STYLE ESSENTIALS Everything you need for summer is here

45 FITNESS Before you bear arms, get some.



54 2011 STARTECH-JAGUAR-XJ Boris Kover: Eric Ganison • Styling: Kenny Hibbler Asst. Stylist: Donald Johnson, Tekenna Jacobs & Jasmine Anderson Suit: World of Alfa; Watch: Just Bling • Chair: Patina Bleu T.O.C.–Shirt: World of Alfa; Black Jeans: Ted Baker of London; Wooden Bracelets:; Watch: Just Bling Willy Monfret Kover: Maya Guez • Styling: Felipe G.

and if you forget that you might get caught up in machinery of being a family, raising kids, going to work...”

04 VIP STATUS THE PUBLISHER, OWNER& CEO {WILL YOUNG} Photo by Eric Ganison • Hair by Marquinn Middleton

I heard something not too long ago that I found to be the dummbest way of thinkimg but appears to be common amongst black men. Someone refered to a clothing accessory as being Gay. Since when did clothes have a sexuality? Unless of course you purchased a message tee that said I'm Gay, your clothes arent gay. That statement tells people how narrow minded we are when it comes to fashion and it's sad. The way an indvidual chooses to express him or herself thru their clothing does not determin their sexuality. Not everything can be paired up with Timbs. This is why I am looking forward to this issue. It's fashion forward and there's something for everyone regardless.


Congratulations to Shawn Marion and the 2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks

The past few months have been a period of reflection. Many of us speed through the seconds, minutes, hours and days of our lives intensely focused on our goals. The person we want to be and how we want to be remembered. The impact and influence we want to impress upon our family, friends and society. As I write this I am thinking about the impact that Oprah Winfrey has had not only on OUR society, but on a worldwide scale. A woman of color from a poor family in the south has reached astronomical levels of success and respect. Oprah’s journey makes you wonder if you’re living to your full potential. At least that’s what’s going through my mind. Part of the KRAVE mission is to empower our community to believe that the sky is the limit. So I ask,” How high will you soar?”

Photo by Eric Ganison


OUR NEW FASHION EDITOR {PORSCHE MONTGOMERY} Armed with a belief that positive self-image and defined personal style are priceless, Porsche Montgomery founded Fashion Fix Personal Styling to help women and men ease the stress of that eternal question, "What should I wear today?" Porsche combines a degree in psychology from the University of Illinois and her experience in wardrobe styling and retail to help her clients build self-esteem through an organized wardrobe that fits their unique body type, individual needs, lifestyle and the latest trends. Porsche is a featured Celebrity Stylist for PEOPLE StyleWatch and MAXIM Magazine. Through psychological research and research on trends, body type, and a personal assessment of your wardrobe needs Porsche can help relieve the stress of shopping and getting dressed on a daily basis. “Retail Therapy” is a real concept, when you look good you feel good and in turn project a positive self image. •

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Shining examples of positive role models in education and life success, these two young brothers reinforce the idea of not only staying in school but running it! Their actions loudly enforce the urgent need to fund education instead of shelling out $$ for new parks over freeways for the rich.

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

"Directions are meant to be followed, Expectations are meant to be exceeded."




A. Maseo Smith High School - Asst. Principal

Carter Junior High - Principal

Derek Stricklin wanted nothing more than to give back to his community. What a better way than to serve as a teacher, coach and principal? As a first year assistant principal, he has an opportunity to make sure education is equitable for all students. Derek’s future plans include, becoming a college professor and starting a non-profit that focuses on youth literacy and empowerment.

Sam Nix began his career in education as a teacher/coach at Workman Junior High school in the Arlington ISD. He was named Teacher of the Year and runner up for teacher of the district in 2005. During his tenure as a teacher, he led both his school and district in U.S. History TAKS Scores. Sam was recently promoted to Principal at Carter Junior High School in Arlington.


MARC CLARK Marc Clark is the culmination of ingenuity and creative design. He pushes the limits and defies artistic bounds by his sheer determination and willingness to deliver quality and uniqueness. Inspired by different facets of his surroundings such as plants, animals, colors, shapes, etc, he is revamping the look of the classic bow tie, glasses, and tees. His designs have been seen amongst such celebrities as Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Diggy Simmons, Taraji P. Henson, Will.I.Am, Teyana Taylor, Estelle, America’s Next Top Model Jaslene Gozles, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. MARCC’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection features none other than Kendall Jenner, the rising young Wilhelmina model and sister to reality stars, the Kardashians. “Super chic” and “edgy” are amidst some of the terms used to describe Marc’s collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Everything about his line screams “I am not for the subdued but rather the adventurous.” His collection consists of tees that carry his slogan “love life” and wired glasses that personify the meaning of cutting-edge. Oh and let’s not forget about those flirty, unisex bow tie brooches. Rihanna sported one of these hand-made, exotic printed beauties at a party and the search was on for the one who could be accredited for this innovative design. Marc has been in the fashion business for over ten years and has an impressive résumé which includes directing various fashion shows, coordinating some of the hottest fashion events, retail management, and affiliation with such charities as Teen Court and Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic organization. He is looking to expand to different outlets such as jewelry and shoes and is well on his way of making Marc Clark a household name. We look forward to more fashion forward designs from Marc Clark.





Singer Rosalind Rice, often called "Roz" by friends and family, hails from Essex County, NJ. Rosalind realized her talents at the early age of nine when she wrote her first song. This led to the recording of her first demo at the age of ten years old. She got her practice by singing in church and kept recording and performing at various venues in the NYC area. At the age of 16 she performed at the Apollo theatre and went on to get a full scholarship at Berklee College of music in Boston. Although she learned a great amount of knowledge from Berklee, she did not feel as though the Boston area was the correct platform to pursue her music career so she moved back to the New York/New Jersey area. She immediately got back to her grind recording new material and perfecting her craft. In 2008 she worked with Roc Davis on her first music video "Myspace". Since then she has continued to put out music videos with him such as "Rydah" off her album "Ready", which is on iTunes.  In 2010 she did a video with Design Digital films for her single titled "Hustler" feat. hip hop artist French Montana. She is currently gearing up for the release of her second album produced by the hip production duo Soundwavve titled "Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E".

Photography: Maya Guez



DeShone Clients

FROM THE GRIDIRON TO THE CATWALK Age: 19 Height: 6'1 Hometown: Houston Texas Current Residence: New York How were you discovered? I was discovered on craigslist when I was 17, after my mother posted some pictures of our family vacation. What lessons have you learned from modeling? Modeling has taught me a lot about responsibility and professional networking. What have been some of the highs of modeling for Calvin Klein? It has helped me gain exposure as a model and it’s just great to be able to say "I've walked in a Calvin show". You played football in high school. How do you make the transition from the field to the runway? The transition from the gridiron to catwalk hasn't been hard, but I still miss being as physically active and competitive as I used to be. Have you met any celebrities through modeling? Yes I’ve met a few celebrities through modeling but I live in New York now so it has become a regular thing for me. What’s after modeling? After modeling, I hope to pursuit a career as an actor or singer. I would really like to use my career as a platform to open other doors. Photog: James George Make up: Theo Faulkner Styling: Atiba Newsome

What do you want aspiring models to know? I would like aspiring models to know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, have patience and work hard for what you want! "Make your dreams your reality".

How was fashion week? I actually didn't do NY fashion week last season but I did walk in Paris for Givenchy. What’s next for you? Next for me are shows in Europe and fashion week NY in the fall.

What is your style when you're not on the runway or in front of a camera? My style is Kadeem, conservative for the most part and low key.


Where has modeling taken you since you started? Modeling has taken me to places I've never dreamed of going and it’s given me ample opportunities to be successful in my life so far. Have you treated yourself to anything since you began? No not really, just necessities. How often do you workout and where? I work out almost every day. From the sport club LA on 64th to pretty much any basketball court in the city is where I get my "me" time in. What designers have you walked for or would like to walk for? I've walked for a number of designers like Italo Zucchelli for Calvin and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, I would love to walk for Tommy Hilfiger or Dior.

Walking for Calvin Klein, Givenchy Spring/Summer in Paris And walking in the Cayman Fashion Solstice in the Cayman Islands


“You have to have something to put your work in otherwise it’s not valid” – Grace Coddington Vogue Magazine's Creative Director


Known for her amazing lighting, attention to details and jaw dropping details, Maya Guez is one of Manhattans most sought after photographers. Shooting for top fashion, advertising and editorial clients as well as building a strong celebrity clientel.


Born in Greensville Mississippi photographer Eric discovered his love for Photography over 10 years ago. Over the years, he has traveled international from Taiwan to Paris shooting high fashion for various publications.


Model turned photographer, D. Taylor is no stranger to being in front of the camera. Darren began modeling in 2007 and last year decided he try his hand at being behind the camera. Already his photography is being published in publications at an alarming rate.


Sailey’s interest in photography began primarily in order to capture models in his garments. Once he stepped behind the camera, he knew that fashion photography was what he wanted to do. He has a keen eye for conceptual detail and a shooting style uniquely his own.

JOSEPH MACKEY Novice Overall title winner in men’s bodybuilding at the 2011 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic.


TATIANA HARVEY, 20 She is the embodiment of creativity she's delightful, flirtatious, and driven. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY this self proclaimed diva strives to show America that the some of the most beautiful women come from Jamaica. This Caribbean beauty sets herself apart from the typical glamour model, showing that you can be both sexy and classy at the same time. Never one to settle, Ms. Harvey strives for what makes Business Sense. Always carefully thinking threw her next step and how it benefits her blossoming career. If you will meet Tatiana she'll be sure to make you smile with her wit, candid and charm, however she's known for being a bit feisty at times so watch out! But what is food with out a bit of Jamaican spice and pepper? PHOTO BY MAYA GUEZ


Just Not Ready for a Relationship By Drew-Shane Daniels I could start this piece by trying to paint a picture of the perfect Mona Lisa of a partner, but for time sake, you know what and who they are. They’re everything you want and you just can’t get enough. If you could replay every moment in time you two were together over and over again, you would. You’ve both devoted some heavy time in getting to know each other - which might be new for you. I mean you’re not looking for the next ‘wifey’ because you actually enjoy the time and space you’re in. However, for some reason you feel like things are just moving too fast and you’re just not ready. We’ve all envisioned our life’s journey to be full of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but what actually happens when these carefree destinations are heading in the opposite direction? No matter what you do in life, once you’ve committed to making yourself better personally you increase your chances of being happy. Being happy starts within! Find out what makes you happy and seek time for those activities-Yes, this includes dating too. For some people the pursuit of happiness relies with consistent advancements in their careers, obtaining higher degrees in their education or even cultivating their immediate family members to grow. So is it safe to date while waiting for other parts of your life to come together? Wait, before you answer that question, first you must know what your intentions are for dating. What are you dating for? Will the person - or persons - you’re dating fit in to your lifestyle? There is a bold-thick line between casually dating and dating for commitment. Engaging in committed relationships just to keep the other side of the bed warm is a beautiful blueprint for chaos and busted car windows. You both have to know what you’re walking into because relationships are made up of two people’s emotions, wants and needs. Trying to manage and get on the same page isn’t always simple. Respect has to be given on both sides because if you're at a point in your life where you selfishly indulged in your own well-being then dating is not the answer. When to date is always a self-reflection on how much we love ourselves. Dating is an integrity sport full of good and bad quarters; even with a little overtime. Not only do you have to be properly equipped with the endurance and skill set, but you also have to be honest with your current situation and state of

mind. Conditioning and constant improvement will allow you to overcome yourself by allowing someone to be an effective part of your life. We are so quick to shut ourselves down from thinking we aren’t ready for this commitment. Can I give what I’m wiling to receive? If our package, meaning self, doesn’t have the most luxurious perks and incentives attached, we often drive people away. There's never a point in your life where you're going to feel at 100 percent. If you ever find yourself being content perhaps you should focus on ways of improvement. You're going to always look ahead to achieve your dreams and finding out ways to better yourself. As a progressive generation and culture, we expand on our life experiences in mapping our roadmap through our journey called life. We all strive to have success in our personal relationships while staying progressive. Developing strong relationships in every facet of our lives is important. Once you realize you’re ready to date, allow others the opportunity to develop interest. Don't be afraid to get out and meet people who fit into your life. So, before telling yourself, “But, I’m not ready”- think. Dating is a part of life, which helps you mature no matter what’s going on around you –but only if you’re dating for the right reasons. But Wait… I’m Not Ready

14 KOVER STORY He’s living his dream as a leading man in Hollywood and now a budding mogul with his new clothing line, World of Alfa. All while being a loving father and husband, philanthropist and social activist and also an equal rights supporter. With Style!



Photography: Eric Ganison • Story By Marcus Scott • Styling Leading a stampede of women to cinemas has never been the easiest thing. You have to have an interesting plot, a likable and relatable female lead, romance and fashion—all of which are accentual to the classic ‘chick flick.’ Mostly, you need a smoldering, bedroom-eyed swain with a praetorian swagger. No one in recent history quite exhibits this on the silver screen than German aborigine Boris Kodjoe. Exhibiting poise, virtus and dignitas, he is a man about town, open to the universe, getting inspired by tinsel town polyphemes and inspiring a nation of up-and-coming cinematic muscle pups, Boris has come into his own in a short time. After all, it was only 11 years ago when he made his feature-length film debut as Jason in the 2000 romantic-dramedy Love and Basketball. Now at 38, he is resting in his study between award shows and charity functions, casually dressed, his children playing between their bedrooms and the family room. Father’s Day weekend has passed and he is indoors, enjoying the fruits of his labor and the laughter of his children in the distance. Over an hour, we talked about his affair with the movie business, his life as an advocate and philanthropist, his life as a father, his modeling career and his new life as a budding fashion savvy businessman. After his parents Ursula, a German Jewish psychologist, and Eric Kodjoe, a Ghanaian physician, met at the University of Freiburg, before moving to Vienna, Austria, Boris was born on March 8, 1973, aptly named after Nobel Prize rebel Boris Pasternak, writer of novel Doctor Shivago, who penned the his parent’s favorite film of the same title. Now known

worldwide as simply the leading Afro-Scandinavian Adonis, Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe is a self-made man of politesse branded by the sum of various influences: his middle name Frederic was the name of his father’s baby brother; Cecil was his father’s grandfather; Tey-Natey means “first born son” in his father’s tribal language; and the family name Ofuatey-Kodjoe, usually a common first and middle name, means born on a Monday. But life was no crystal stair: His parents divorced when he was only a mere six years old, where he grew up in Gundelfingen, Germany within the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district of Germany alongside his younger brother Patrick and sister Nadja. Perhaps that’s why he’s become the man he is today. With father’s day passing recently, he couldn’t help but reflect on his life with his own father with whom he wasn’t very close to growing up. “It was difficult. My father left when I was six and I only saw him twice, maybe three times a year. So, it was not the optimum kind of relationship growing up. We’re closer now than we’ve ever been. I guess, he definitely shaped my views on fatherhood, based on my relationship with him,” he says with a quite meditation. “He showed me how I knew I wanted to be a very present father because I was on the receiving end of a non-present father and as a kid, you know, you miss your dad. So, that sort of lack of guidance and presence, sort of translated into me wanting to be a very proactive and committed father, which I am.” Since becoming a father, having to juggle between glitzy movie star and an accountable family man, notes that while it’s a tremendous responsibility, it is also the most rewarding

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Tangerine Polo: Ted Baker London Jeans: Ted Baker London Shoes: Boris’ own, Bracelets: Watch: Red’s Swagger

as he shapes unconditional love and confidence into his children to make them the most complex and balanced individuals. “The most important traits to have are how to give and receive love and be respectful of others, how to be comfortable in your own skin, how to be confident and also interested in that you develop in a child to explore and to make sure that you introduce your child to as many things [as possible]: culture, music, sports,” he says with such an assurance. “I think it’s important to give your child a well-rounded perspective on life and this planet we live on, to be open-minded and curious. Those are all things I’m mindful of; when I talk to them, the way I behave myself because the way I carry myself is the way my son will carry himself. The way he treats other people, is sort of modeled after the way he saw me treat other people. It’s very important that you are mindful that your kids take you in all day, every day.” During the holiday, his thespian wife of six years, Nichole Ari Parker Kodjoe and kids flew to Baltimore to visit her father, where and he the family had brunch to celebrate. “It’s a big deal when you become a father. Culturally, where I am from, you don't become a man until you’re a father. To me a big a deal when we started having kids,” he says with an undeniable familiarity. But has being a father strained his relationship with his wife and did they celebrate the holiday, not as parents but as a couple? “Yes, she did! Which, shall remain between the two of us,” he laughs with vigor. “But, needless to say it was great. Sometimes you got to get away; sometimes you got to get away from the kids because truth be told, we were here first. We were boyfriend and girlfriend first and if you forget that you might get caught up in machinery of being a family, raising kids, going to work, making it happen and forgetting that this person living with you used to be your girlfriend. So we put a lot of thought and effort in staying boyfriend and girlfriend, so to speak.

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Boris with his beautiful wife Nicole and their kids Sophie 6 and Nicolar 4.

It’s very important.” Throughout the week, he traveled from airline to airline, making his rounds in his Los Angeles home to Baltimore suites to host the Heart & Soul Awards alongside icon Vanessa Williams and reality TV sugar mama Rebecca Crews. Honoring his wife and selected empowered women in and out of the black community where were being celebrated for overcoming the obstacles. “It was inspirational, uplifting, empowering. It was a great way to celebrate my wife and her accomplishments, philanthropy, the foundation, the stuff she has accomplished in the past six years because it wasn’t a cakewalk,” he says with a heartfelt baritone. He’s referring to the birth of his daughter Sophie Tei Naaki Lee, 6, who was diagnosed at birth with spina bifida, a nural tube defect. Kodjoe spent 20 hours a day talking to experts all over the world and reading up on everything written on the subject on the internet. The heartbreaking discovery soon turned into his life’s work essentially with the launch of Sophie's Voice Foundation, to raise awareness of the disorder. Nichole and Boris’ efforts have been critically lauded and have allowed him to expand outside of the states, launching a foundation in Ghana recently. “Well, the experience is surreal. I mean, you don't expect your child to be born with a birth defect. You just don't. You envision your child, perfectly healthy, twirling around, and you see your child grow up being completely healthy. So, that was a huge adjustment. A huge shock,” his voice cracks. “Somebody just rips your heart out. What we found through educating ourselves and dealing with each other people's pain and this sort of new norm that we were faced with that there are hundreds of thousands of people in circumstances like that with their children needing their help twenty-four seven... we found that it was therapeutic process to reach out and while we helping, we were receiving help as well because we would talk to people about their issues and their situation and get advice. Starting this foundation, even though we did it to raise awareness and raise funds for kids in projects [living] with spina bifida, we really benefited from the whole thing because we started to heal. When Sophie got older, she was also a teacher because she taught us how to not just manage, but also embrace the responsibility, but its really a privilege to be her father. And it’s a privilege because she picked us. I feel like God placed her in our arms for a reason. It became another purpose, a mission; it became much larger than we had expected. At first when you are faced with such a huge challenge, you only see a

mountain,” Kodjoe said. Perhaps this is why he is a advocate for human rights, using his celebrity to champion public opinion on hot topics such as racism, prejudice against people with disabilities and the topic of gay marriage. Over the last month, Kodjoe tweeted his two cents on the hot button topic which as been met with much distain by people of all calibers, from politicians and religious figures to pop icons and finger-waving scientists. The tweets let to a dialogue between Kodjoe and syndicated journalist Roland Martin, “There was a wide gamut of topics we touched upon. I am completely against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Of course, I am aware of the church's position and I am aware of other positions—everyone has their own person perspective on that issue. I just feel that above us, we must respect and love our neighbor,” he says has if he were standing on a soapbox, waiting for the revolution to be televised. “We can not discriminate against our neighbor based on he chooses to love. So, I support gay marriage. I support gay rights. I think that for a people have been discriminated against as long as we have been discriminated in the past, it is also most ironic--sadly ironic--that we can turn around and discriminate against a group of people based on something that their not in control of, something that has been passed on to them through their DNA and is something that they can not change. And I happy that most of them don't want to change it, or shouldn't have to change it,” he says steadfastly with conviction. “They shouldn't want to have to change it based on what the church says is wrong, so I believe that it is important that we remember that we are all the same and I think its really part of our civil right to be true to who we are and true to our identity without having to fear discriminatory actions against us. That's really all I wanted to express when we had that conversation. It was a discussion, not a fight because Roland can see both sides of the argument. It’s his job as a journalist to explore different opinions.” A few days after we spoke, New York State passed its historic Marriage Equality Law, however amidst the roses and confetti, there are controversies and upheaval from all sides, especially concerning the Eddie Long scandal, also a topic dished between Martin and Kodjoe. “In my opinion, my passion came from basic rights of a person living their life openly and freely according to their identities. Its the same with this case. I don't know much of the details or much about it, but first of all, there two different issues. One is the alleged pedophilia, and two, is homosexuality. One is a crime and the other is identity, so please don't get that confused. It’s not even close; you can't even compare the two. They are two different separate issues. If the crime was committed, it should be dealt accordingly. I don't know if he is gay or not, I met him once, I just don't know. I would hope that its his personal right to express himself accordingly to his sexual orientation, however, the issue was that the two sort of converge. He was alleged to have relations with minors, as I understood. If the boys have been of age and had been over 21, it would have been a completely different issue. It would have been just about what he preaches and what he does and or allegedly does. Unfortunately, they were under-age so it took on a whole new meaning. The God that I believe in is inclusive and ever-loving, ever-forgiving and doesn't judge and discriminate against somebody because he chooses to love someone of the same sex,” Boris says firmly. Perhaps he is pioneering a new wave of acceptance because he has gone through the wire and come out the other side with some cuts

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The most important “traits to have are how to

give and receive love and be respectful of others, how to be comfortable in your own skin...�

White Eagle V-Neck Tee: Black Jeans: Ted Baker London Glasses: Ray Ban Bracelet: Boris' Own Watch: Red Swagger

Boris Suit, Tie, Shirt and Pocket Square: World of Alfa Watch: Just Bling Pat 3-piece Suit, Shirt, Tie and Pocket Square: World of Alfa Watch: Just Bling


and scrapes, scars and bruises. After playing tennis since he was three years old, he was accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University on a tennis scholarship with dreams of going pro. Unfortunately, a back injury stripped him of that dream and he lapsed into a depression. However, that didn’t end long. With a marketing degree, was approached by the Ford modeling agency in New York City and spent the next few years zip-lining the globe as a fashion supermodel, working with the likes of photographers Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, and Mathew Rolston. With the knowledge that the fashion world was a fickle place, the polyglot began taking acting classes to freely converse without his thick German accent. The rest is history, and soon after he moved to L.A., he was on the set of the Soul Food sitcom set, acting alongside his future wife Nichole with a resume that included Brown Sugar and the shortlived J.J. Abrams spies rom-com Undercovers. His toughest role came a few years ago when he made his premier on the Great White Way, taking over for Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard in as Brick in Tennessee William’s classic drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, opposite Broadway legends James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad and Anika Noni Rose. Described as one of the greatest moments in his career with the gracious and inclusive ensemble cast, he learned presence and really got his feet wet. “When people talk of being in the moment, for me, it was a challenge. Because when I am truly in the moment and instinctual, that moment is German because that's who I am. I think in German, I speak in German, that's my mother tongue. So, for me the stage was basically an exercise, in trying to—on the one hand—be in the moment but on the other hand—learn what that meant as a character, meaning I completely had to relinquish my own identity and live in Brick's identity and therefore create Brick's instincts in the moment. Meaning, most actors they bring most of each of their own personality into the role, maybe a little bit less, but you can not become another person. It’s impossible, a good performance is always healed personal experience. Meaning, when a character comes alive on screen it’s basically because the actor was able to associate with certain elements of the character and connect with it. In my case, it’s a little bit different because my culture, my mentality, my language is so different." “For instance, The Gospel. The movie I did about five years ago, it was the hardest thing for me because I had no idea of the culture of the gospel music or the Southern Baptist church at all. I never saw it, heard about it, nothing. I was so far removed from that culture, that's like you going to Germany and having to learn about a performer in traditional local folk ensemble. It’s the weirdest thing; the furthest thing of the stretch of imagination. So being on Broadway was huge growing experience for me, and I will cherish it,” a smile beaming across his face. “There you are!” says his chipper second child, Nicolas Neruda, 4, his boy soprano scraping the ceiling with joy. In his native German, Kodjoe addresses Nicolas who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We laugh and break off due to other commitments. He’s got a bit of traveling to do for award shows, has to connect with Patrick about their easy-on-the-pocket fashion line ALFA, is in talk with making his directorial debut on a romantic comedy he’s developing and is in the talks with studios about his next gig… and I’m on deadline.


Clockwise: Perry Ellis '97 & '98 campaigns, EM Magazine Editorials '96

We had a bunch of aspiring male models who wanted to know if you had any advice for them on how to succeed in the fashion world? Stick with it. Before that, finish your education. While you 're doing that, you can always model on the side. If it takes off that’s a blessing, but I always tell people, it’s a very fickle business and its so random. All you can do is be ready if the opportunity comes and live your life. If something great happens, that’s great and but don't forget to live your life. Also you can’t sit at home and just expect that something is going to happen. You got do what you got to do. And if some thing happens when you’re modeling, you have to take advantage of it. But if not, you’ve still got your life and it’s the same thing with acting. Live your life: Fall in love, get married, have kids, do what you got to do. Don’t wait for your career to take on a certain shape. Because you can be completely dedicated to your career and committed to your craft, while enjoying this blessing we call life.








Glidden Paints believes that every guy should have a place where he can go kick back and just be a man. These colors will help give any room a more masculine feel.

Rich Navy

Gentle Fawn

Black Mahogany

Water Chestnut

Walnut Bark

Mossy Green

Slate Green

Seal Grey

Sweet Tea

Deep Garnet



A.King.Of. Oneself.

A KING OF ONESELF, a phrase that truly symbolizes the spirit of a KRAVE man and is also the meaning behind the acronym of one of the most exciting and refreshingly bold clothing brands, AKOO Clothing. AKOO Clothing is the new Americana fashion go-to brand for top fashion and innovation nationally and internationally. From global trendsetting celebrities to all-star athletes, top 40 musicians to A-list actors, AKOO Clothing brand enthusiasts including B.O.B, Curtis Granderson, Carl Crawford, Hosea Chanchez, Travis Porter, Tristan Wilds, Meek Mill, Mickey Factz to Larry King, all wear AKOO Clothing. AKOO has been featured in national print publications such as VIBE magazine, as well as the men’s magazine GQ, which named AKOO’s founder T.I., one of the “10 Most Stylish Men in America.” The AKOO Clothing brand has the potential to revolutionize the clothing industry. With collections that cater to all men of unique stature and flair, AKOO is becoming a prominent brand in a competitive marketplace and is reaching a wide audience. It is a brand that is not only fitting for the refined gentleman in a social setting, but also for the maverick youth in any setting. AKOO’s contemporary design and construction exudes an unmatched sense of elusive style, yet remains versatile to one’s own lifestyle. The brand offers the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. Distinctive prints and inimitable fabrics are featured in AKOO’s comfortable denim with custom embroidery line, stylish leather jackets, detailed sweaters and durable lightweight tees as well as woven button downs and polos. Unique and individual expression of style is every man’s calling card. In our capital-driven society, the entertainment industry has played a major role in influencing the direction of urban style. AKOO may be the perfect combination of these two industries.   Founded by Grammy award winning artist, music and film producer, and actor T.I., and his business partner and Grand Hustle Entertainment CEO, Jason Geter, AKOO upholds a stellar reputation in the clothing industry today. AKOO is manufactured and distributed by RP55 Group. The AKOO Clothing showroom is located in New York and is sold in retail stores nationally and online.





The bold, debonair and outspoken star of House of Glam models some of the hottest looks of summer while giving his expert on exceptional style. Rockstar style, celebrity looks and rights and wrongs for MEN of style, from the expert himself. If you weren’t a stylist what would you be? If I wasn't a stylist I'd probably songwriter or working for the city. I worked at the post office for the transit authority, did security, etc. I also wrote a few songs while working in the industry but styling always came easiest to me. I never kept a job for more than a year before becoming a fashion stylist and I'm going on 15 years. How do you get the clothing you use to style celebrities for the red carpet and photoshoots? I get clothes from showrooms or I'll go to a store like Barneys or Saks 5th Ave and take things out on approval. That's when we put down a credit card as security and take the merchandise on consignment and pay for whatever the client decides to keep after the job.

Blazer: Moschino Shirt: Alexander McQueen Shades: Tom Ford Pants: Gucci

Jacket: Moschino Jeans: Roberto Cavali Suspenders: Bess V-neck: American Apparel Sneakers: Mason Martin Margiela

Are you still with an agency or solo? At this time I'm not signed to any agency, before I joined the BLynn Group I represented myself for years so its not foreign to me. I just wanted to sign to an agency because its better for stylist to have someone represent them, negotiate rates for them. They also do all the billing and other paperwork. I'd rather just show up and be creative. What, if anything, would you have done differently if you had to start over as a new stylist? I wouldn't do anything different! Everything I've done has lead me to where I am today and I'm blessed. God forbid, if I died tomorrow I've lived a great life. Being in this industry I've worked with the most talented people been to most amazing places and seen things people wouldn't believe. Oh, and the money ain't bad either. Lol How did you link up with Diddy? I met Puff while interning for June Ambrose when I was apart of a group of male stylist she had called the "Mode Squad". After leaving June I was styling Kelis and Puff was managing her at the time, he always commented on my clothes and style and one day he asked me to style him for MTV Euro Awards and we worked together off and on for almost 10 years after that. Why Styling? Styling just always came natural to me. I always liked nice clothes and I think I've always had a good eye for quality. What should women avoid when it comes to shopping for their men? Women shouldn’t shop for their men. A real man dresses himself, unless he needs a stylist. Then she should call me. Lol

What's been some of the ups and downs of the industry for you? The ups and downs are simple. When you're working your working like crazy! No time to date, clean ya crib, go to the barber, nothing but work! And when your not working its dead as hell. You’re bored out of ya mind It makes you appreciate work when it comes around and you put more heart into it. Any advice for anyone who want to be a Stylist? I advise upcoming stylist to do they're research. Know the history of fashion, find out who styles the artist whose looks they admire. Know how to do all genres of style, men, women,hip hop, pop, rock, even grunge. Find a stylist whose work you admire and try and intern for them. Also look like a stylist, you have to be your own spokesperson. Why would someone pay you to style them when you can't style yourself? Which celebrity clients have you worked with? I've styled P. Diddy, Kelis, T.I,Mary J.Blige, Monica, Nas, Kelly Rowland, Lauren London,Tristan Wilds, Lenny Kravitz, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Faith Evans, Jo Jo, Cassie and I'm currently styling Prince. Who would be your dream client to style? My dream client would be Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, or Janet Jackson. Which celebrity in your opinon is currently killing it with their style? Its a few people whose style I like for different reasons. J.Lo, David Beckham, Swiss Beats, Oprah to name a few. Lol

Fitted Yankee Cap Black Leather Shirt: Prada Black Tank: Alexander Wang Pant Skirt: Jean Paul Gaultier Sandal: Burberry

And who's a walking disaster and why? I wouldn't call anyone a walking disaster but Lady Ga Ga just popped in my head. There's a fine line between fashion and foolish. What do you look for when you're pulling clothes? It depends on who the client is and what the event is. But I look for pieces that stand out. Great shapes, good quality, great details and most importantly something that I haven't seen worn before. Describe your own personal style? My style is versatile, I can dress it up or down. It depends on where I'm going and who I'm around. I love Tom Ford but I love Top Shop too. You have to know how to mix the sheap with the chic. Its's not what you wear but how you wear it. I can make H&M look like Hermes. What has been your most expensive purchase? I won't answer this question, my mother would have a stroke if she knew how much I spent on a Gucci coat. Lol What is a current Big Fashion HELL NO for men? I think the saggy jeans thing is getting out of hand! Black men look nuts with they're asses hanging out and walking like ducks. I can't wait til it goes away.


This is a just a taste of some of the greatness of celebrity stylist Atiba's work for clients such as, Diddy, Sean John, Teyana Taylor, Mary J. Blige, Day 26 just to name a few.

Vest: Burberry Tank: Burberry Shorts: D Squared Thermals: Caulfeild Preparatory Sandals: Burberry



The FACE "I use to think I was ugly until I got into modeling the ladies started to flock. Hahaha...  Seriously, I used to think I was a weird looking kid.  I was constantly ridiculed for having small eyes and big lips as a child.  The older I got the more  people started telling me I was "unique" looking and should consider to model.  I love my face though! Look where it has got me.  Thanks Ma and Pops!  Hahaha..."



DONITHON The Youngster "I have a unique look to be 6'4 and 190 lbs. With big lips and bold eyes. Some would think these features are awkward, but I use them to my advantage. I enhance what God gifted me with and allowed my awkward frame, bold eyes, and big lips be used as an asset. To portray the beauty of a man. I allow my height to enhance my stature. My bold eyes speak with confidence, and a taste of sex appeal from my lips. That is how my look is unique."

STYLE MATTERS DEMARIO The Rebel "Modeling is helping me be a more responsible and professional man. While also helping me develop better work ethics and build business relationships through which can open doors for more opportunities. Modeling is also helping me build my brand, build up my confidence and serve as a role model to future generations. Thats why my motto is "Bound to Shine."

BRANDON The Eyes "I started modeling because of the struggle my mother went through after having a brain tumor and pulling through it. Her perseverance and strength fueled me to pursue my dream of modeling because you realize in moments like that life is too short. It changed my outlook on life and how everything can be gone in an instant. So I'm motivated to chase my dreams and to live everyday as if its my last."


The Dreamer Many things inspired me to pursue modeling. The first time I thought about it was when I saw Tyson Beckford got a deal with a clothing line that you did not see African Americans modeling. That let me know that anything is possible in this industry and you can get respect as a Black model. My goal is to become the African American face that you see in places that you never seen before.


THE NEW "IT" FACES OF FASHION - DALLAS Every summer, two top Dallas- based modeling agencies hold a citywide search for the new face of fashion and it's a pretty big deal. The area newspapers sponsor and report the contenders from the search and more than likely you will only see one or two black models as finalists and rarely do you see more than one black male model. We know that Dallas has more minority males who are worthy of being recognized! Introducing the new class, our "IT" Faces of Fashion-Dallas 2011.





34 STYLE FORECAST Ralph Lauren Fall 2011

Roberto Cavalli Winter 2011-12 • Designer: Christopher Bailey

Givenchy Winter 2011-12 Think of it as Samurai B-Boy. Clothes that are rough in their roots (skater-like shorts over black tights) but refined in their cut. These are duds made for dudes like Kanye and Drake: Guys who are not shy about wearing bold tailored classics with an extra wattage of rockstar, featuring pitbull prints, monochromatic mixing, finishes of fur and boots laced up to the knee, and beyond. These clothes are not afraid to swagger.


STREET KRAVINGS – WEST VILLAGE, DALLAS, TX Every Sunday between the hours of 4pm and 7pm you can find our Fashion Editor Porche Montgomery and photographer Shakayla Giles posted up in uptown at the West Village Mi Cocina restuarant, looking for the fellas who are bringing the runway the real way. Here are the 10 best head turners who brought it.


Beginning in August KRAVE and KRAVE Fit magazines will address the issue of sagging pants thru a series of in your face campaigns in hopes that young brothers (and some sisters) will take pride in their appearance and respect others by pulling up their freakin' pants! There isn't anything fashion forward or appealing about showing your underwear and in some cases your ass to the world. It's rather embarassing to see. So we're asking all our KRAVE readers to look out for our campaigns all across Dallas/Fort Worth and soon the entire US.





T-shirts and tanks are the two pieces of summer clothing of which you can never have too many. Bring out your personality and guns in graphic. logo and colored tees and tanks. PHOTOS: ERIC GANISON • MODEL: QUINTIN W. (ARLINGTON, TX) STRIPE IT OUT $8.99 Point Zero: TJ Maxx

MAKE A STATEMENT $9.99 Champion: Target

ACCESSORIZE Watches serve two purposes, style and time. It is always important to know the time, but most of us men pull out our cell phones before we look at our wrist watch. So then why do we wear watches? Watches are for looks more than telling time now-a-days. They portray the type of person we are from classy to sporty to even trendy. Pick your style and buy a watch that fits your personality because women do notice the little things. A man should always have a least two watches; a dressy watch and a casual watch. Just like shoes you wear the appropriate watch for the occasion. The dress watch should consist of silver of gold, a classy look with no bright colors for the face. The casual watch should fit your style whether it is sporty, trendy, fashionable, or sleek, make it your own.



GET FITTED $9.99 Marc Ecko's Cut & Sew: Macy's

SHOW OFF YOUR TATS $8.99 Luner Sanctum: TJ Maxx


are for all types of reasons, occasions and miscellaneous uses. Hats can be for covering up your hair when you don’t feel like combing your hair or for when you’re headed to a ball game in the sun. Hats are for purpose and style. Make sure you hat is communication with your clothes. Your hat must match what you’re wearing, in terms of colors, style and functionality. There are all kinds of hats, find hats that work for you and add character to your outfit.





Okay its time to ditch the long basketball and cargo shorts at the pool. To make matters worse you sag them to reveal another pair of shorts and boxers underneath that. Thats a big summer fashion NO! We're not saying you need to rock speedos, unless you're just that confident and in Brazil, in which case we say go right ahead. However for the average brother, Board shorts will allow you to maintain your summer swag.

Photos: Eric Ganison

$16.99 Navy/White MERONA@ Target


$19.99 Red/Brown Stripe MOSSIMO VOLLEY@ Target



Still holding onto those plastic and raggedy flip flops and sports sandals? Upgrade your summertime style from head to toe with these luxe leather sandals. Make sure you have those feet and toes RIGHT first!

$478.30 GIVENCHY




$979.70 DIOR HOMME

$481.70 DSQUARED



$352.90 KSUBI



3416 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas (214) 443-0886 Fellas summers here and that equals heat. And dressing comfortably in Texas is a must. However before you slip into a pair of sandals or flip flops, make sure you get your feet tight. Women do notice. We stumbed upon Nails Work a few summers ago and been telling pur readers about it every since. The salon is guy friendly so you wont be breaking any man laws for going. However one violation we do not want to see this summer is the application of a clear polish. Go natural.



Let’s face it; making a list is the best way to remember what you need to get done, so here are the hottest items for summer, move these to the top of your list. If you have these 5 items in your wardrobe, you will seal your spot on the best dressed list. PHOTOS: ERIC GANISON • STYLING: PORSCHE MONTGOMERY • HAIR: "CBJ" JOSH

Shirt: Ben Sherman Pant: Calvin Klein Scarf: CollectionEighteen Belt: Martin Dingman Shoes: INC Watch: Breitling

Grey Pinstriped Suit: Express Dress Shirt: VanHeusen Pocket Square: Stylist Own Belt: Marc New York by Andrew Marc Shoes: INC

Vest: Express V-neck: Express Belt: Kenneth Cole Necklace: Vanessa Mooney Shorts: Projek Raw Shoes: INC Bag: Marc New York by Andrew Marc Watch: Just Bling


"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” –GORE VIDAL

Sandals: INC, Shorts: Express Tee: Alternative Apparel

Henley: Ben Sherman Shorts: Express Belt: Marc New York by Andrew Marc Dog Tag: Models Own Straw Fedora: Goorin Sunglasses: Stylist Own Sandals: INC

A Summer Suit

Throw on a Vest

This is a no brainer, it’s too hot for that “Marry ‘em & Bury ‘em” suit you have in your closet. Cool off in a light weight linen or seersucker suit.

This is a simple way to update you go-to v-neck and shorts look. Choose a single-breasted style for a casual look.

Walk It Out in Sandals

A Pop of Color

OR “Mandals” whichever you call it, it works for summer, they keep your feet cool and up the style quotient on any outfit. Just don’t forget to take care of those toes.

This wardrobe update goes a long way; you can try a scarf, belt or a t-shirt in a bright bold color to take your look to the next level. Be sure to balance this with great summer neutrals like tan, white, or navy.

Top it off with a Hat Try a fedora or a driver depending on your mood. The fedora will dress up your casual, while the driver will dress down your work wear.



Black Polos that is. Just like women have the little black dress as their wardrobe staple, men should have a black polo as theirs. Its bold, stylish, versatile and it’s whats hot this summer. PHOTOS: ERIC GANISON







The sleeves are cut shorter to show off your guns.

DERRICK BAYLOR » Fall ‘10 Houston Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

3 OLD NAVY $15.00


Just Bling Watch

4 MERONA $12.99


SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO By Demarcus McGaughey "Traveling alone has its benefits you can do all the things you want." TRAVEL LITE + TRAVEL FAR (THE ART OF TRAVELING SOLO) AM I REALLY DOING THIS? I remember my uncle telling me in high school, “Women like a confident man and I would go to the club alone not knowing anyone but I would come out with a female because I opened myself up to new experiences and having the time of my life.” Moving forward I made it my personal mission to adopt my uncles confidence when I set out on this solo trip. I made sure I looked the part every night I'd hit a party. Doing so, I learned confidence, networking and how to get out my comfort zone (because I looked the part and traveled alone I worked my way into first class). I decided to travel solo to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I wanted a Latin vacation that showcased parties, food, Puerto Rican rum and Puerto Rican bodies! Traveling alone has its benefits you can do all the things you want. However, play it safe and never tell people your traveling alone. Just say you have your own room and your meeting your friends later. Trust me you will get your life back.

HOW TO GET TO THE HOTEL: Puerto Rico Taxi & Tourism Cabs are waiting outside airport Make sure the meter is running WHERE TO STAY: Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza 999 Ashford Avenue, San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico Tel: 787-721-1000 HOW TO GET AROUND: Bus: 75 cents (Operates 24 hours), Taxi or you could rent a car WHERE TO SHOP: Iconica San Francisco Street #366 (Old San Juan) Cool collection of Tees, Hoodies, Hats, Bags and Skateboard Accessories. WHERE TO PLAY: The City Cancun Night Club Address: Blvd. Kukulcan km. 9.5, ZH Cancun, Quintana Roo, México Tel: (998) 848-8380

FIND PEOPLE TO PARTY WITH: WHERE TO EAT: Bodega Chic (Old San Juan) Calle Cristo 51 787.722.0124 This San Juan jewel transport you into a Spanish living room and can easily be mistaken as a Brooklyn spot with a colorful vintage feel. Drink: Mojito Side Trip: If you want to be Player, bring your passport and take a day trip on the Ferry to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. PLAYLIST SONGS FOR THE ADVENTURE: I’m on One + DJ Khaled featuring Drake & Rick Ross Danza Kuduro (Remix) + Don Omar Poppin’ Bottles + T.I. featuring Drake George Bush + Youngbloodz featuring Lil Jon Start it Up + Lloyd Banks Moment 4 Life + Nick Minaj Swim Good + Frank Ocean Dream Money Can Buy + Drake The Morning + The Weeknd Ruben Blades + Amor Y Control


Kanye West's Line of Limited Edition Silk Scarves Which he has produced in collaboration with Parisian design duo Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag of M/M, has finally arrived in stores in Paris May 9th. The scarves, depicting artist George Condo's controversial cover art for Kanye's 2010 opus 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' which M/M designed the album packaging for, are available in five different editions of 100, referencing the album's themes, 'Power,' 'Phoenix,' 'Face,' 'Ballerina' and the 'Priest.' "During the creative process, M/M (Paris) created a series of hand drawn ornamented frames to adorn the Condo paintings," M/M said in their press release regarding the collaboration. "The design team decided to use the most striking combinations of the paintings and the frames, and transform them into silk scarves." The scarves are printed on 100% silk twill, adorned with gold lettering and sell for $364 exclusively at renowned Paris boutique Colette and M/M (Paris)'s online store.



IT'S TIME TO BE ECO FRIENDLY Here’s an interesting take on watches. WEWOOD uses 100% natural and toxic-free wood and materials to create watches that are not only eco-friendly, but fashion forward and free thinking design. Even better, WEWOOD plants a tree for every watch purchased.

wewood DATE

THE CHRISTOPHER BACKPACK This is a very limited show piece that came out in 2005. Louis Vuitton declared NEVER to make this bag again. Unless you are a celeb or have some sort of social status.




Arms and biceps in particular are one of the muscle groups that most people are interested in working on and for good reason. After all, a good set of bulging biceps look great with your shirt off, wearing a tighter fitting t-shirt and you could even pull off the long sleeve look given the right amount of size.





3 2






Sit at the end of a flat bench with your feet flat on the floor and your back upright and straight. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and let them hang at your sides with both palms facing inward toward the bench. Simultaneously curl the dumbbells up while twisting (i.e., supinating) your wrists outward on the way up. Be sure to squeeze your biceps at the top for a one-count and then slowly return to the start position and repeat.

Attach a straight bar to a low pulley and position your hand on the bar with palms facing up. Stand about 2 feet away from the pulley with your arms straight down. With a slight bend in your knees and your abs tight, exhale as you curl the bar towards your chest. Be sure that your elbows and upper arms are close to your side and stop when your forearms reach your biceps.

Grab a dumbbell in each hand and let your arms hang at your sides. Slowly curl both dumbbells up and try to touch them to your shoulders. While you are performing the movement, turn (i.e., supinate) your palm outward and squeeze your biceps for a onecount at the top of the movement. Slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position and repeat.


46 KOVER STORY Cream Tailored Suit: House Of Kas Black Button Down Shirt: B. Oyama Bow Tie: House of Kas Red Textured Shoes: Irregular Choice

the real deal

With his signature blue-green eyes, French model Willy Monfret captured the hearts of thousands of women across the globe as the love interest of rapper Nicki Minaj in her ‘Right Through Me’ video. And it's been non-stop ever since. Photography: Maya Guez Interview: Kaleena Hibbler Styling: Felipe' G • Grooming/MUA: Erica Diggs Location: Le Souk Bistro/Harem Lounge, NYC

Your resume is amazing! The designers and events you’ve worked with are nothing short of amazing and recently you’ve had great success here in the US with the Nicki Minaj video. How was it working with her? Well it was my first job in the US as well as my first acting job. I’ve been here about a month before doing the shoot. She was very cool, very down to earth, yet professional at the same time. Doing the shoot was lots of fun! Were you nervous about meeting her or being in the video? Not necessarily. I had traveled so many places and have done so many shows that I wasn’t nervous about meeting her. I was nervous about it being my first acting job and it being an English speaking job at that (laughs)! Besides the most recent event, what was your most memorable job to date; something you’ll look back at years down the line and remember. Oh that’s easy! It was an Australian shoot with a beautiful Indian girl. The shoot was for a magazine on a rooftop in Sydney. It over looked the entire city and the view was amazing, one that I will never forget. Wow…it wasn’t so much the job, the beauty that the job encompassed? That is amazing! You’ve been a lot of places because of Mode, but I also know that you actually started out getting a degree in Business Management. How did modeling come about? My modeling career started after a stranger approached me out of nowhere asking me if I wanted to model and telling me about a local casting. At the time, I was so busy with my studies I told him no; that I didn’t have time, but I went and it went from there. There wasn’t any money involved; but in the beginning, it wasn’t about money and it just took off from there. A ‘diamond in the rough’ story… It seems kind of crazy having someone to literally approach you off the street and it working out. That’s a blessing! After you started, was it rocky and did you find it hard to find an agent or get signed? Not at all. I stopped modeling for a while but then I found a local agent after getting a few really good gigs in France. RED agency ( actually contacted my agent and said they wanted to sign me. It was all so fast! Well that must mean you have the niche (laughs). What is it you think they saw? Some feel that the market for multiracial or African American models is tough. Do you think that hurt you in any way? Absolutely not! In France you’re not special just because you’re a French model (laughs). In Paris, however, multiracial or African American models are rare. There’s like 3 of us so it actually worked in my favor. My look doesn’t hinder me at all. It has actually helped me along the way in many markets like Asia and Japan, not just here. I’ve been all over and I think the work comes often.

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Well said. There’s a market where you make it. I like that. Positive thinking helps keep paths opened and you have definitely been many places. I also hear you do many things. And of course, we touched upon the fact that you have a degree, yet it is widely known that you DJ and I think I saw something about a clothing line. Is that true? Oh yes, yes! Well with the clothing line, it’s a luxury jean line in France called Shams. It’s something I started a while back with some Parisian designers. I had begun modeling and I wanted to use that and my degree and delve into fashion also. It’s something I’m still working on. They are currently getting ideas together for the women’s line. Oh ok! It’s very important to know that the degree still plays a large part in what you do. Most definitely! I use my degree in every aspect of modeling. With the clothing line, it has greatly helped me keep a business focus on everything I try to get into. I see you have an event coming up in NY so it is safe to say that DJing is not just a hobby? Oh no! The DJing will always be there. I love it! I love music. I’m a fan of everything and I do some producing and mixing up of what I play. The event in NY is now going to be one Friday every month so it’s cool to be able to do it and do my modeling at the same time. Wow…So you’ve got a lot going on: modeling runway, commercial print, DJing, and maybe a break into acting. Is there one thing you want to focus on? Right now I love where I am, whether it is a runway show, a JC Penny commercial, or acting, which I do really want to try my hands at. I have a few auditions coming up and some commercial work I’ve recently completed, so I’m very excited. With so much under your belt, what advice would you give to aspiring models? The best advice I have tell them would be to find your market. If you start out in the states and it doesn’t work, stop, build your portfolio, find out what works best for you and then come back to show people that you’ve worked hard. If France doesn’t work, go to the US. If that doesn’t work, go to Japan and so on. There is work there, you just have to find it and keep at it. That is very, very sound advice and it has worked so well for you thus far. I hope that aspiring models take that and apply it. Now let’s switch gears slightly. You of course know that KRAVE is a magazine geared towards a variety of readers and we like to not only give them views into your professional life, but also into your personal. Your appearance, somewhat being your occupation, how do you maintain it? It’s kind of easy. I make sure I work out 3 times a week at a minimum and if I’m not too busy, I will go more. I eat right, don’t eat fast food, don’t drink soda, and

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Croc Textured Biker Jacket: Austin-Paul Burgundy/Silver Gun Metal Button Kilt: Alt. Kilt Gentleman's Pocket: Alt. Kilt Floral Animal Hide Shoes: Irregular Choice

France you’re “notInspecial because

you’re French model. In Paris; however, multi-racial or African American models are rare. There’s like 3 of us (laughs) so it actually worked in my favor.”

Couture Crystal Heart Blazer: Jeantrix Black Lace Top: Austin-Paul Harem Pants: Austin-Paul Silver Textured Shoes: Irregular Choice

I’m a jeans and “t-shirt kind of guy.

Jeans a v-neck and a black leather jacket. Its very French lol.”

Shirt and Tie: B. Oyama Pants: Austin-Pauland Shoe: Irregular Choice Cover Photo: Smoke Python Screen Print Biker Jacket: Austin-Paul Croc Jacquard Print Pant: Austin-Paul Gun Metal Shoe: Irregular Choice

« continued from page 48 do not consume too many sweets, and unnecessary heavy meals. I try to put good things in my body. And that’s it (laughs) you make it sound so simple…well that’s body wise…style wise someone’s always watching for what models wear in their down time, what do you wear when you’re not working? (laughs) Simple again. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. Jeans a v-neck and a black leather jacket. Its very French lol. But that’s what I like. I mean if I go out I like blazers, you might even catch me in a tie, but I like to keep it very simple.

states now. Did you come here and get a car to get a firsthand experience with our bad drivers? Oh no way! I can barely stand traffic here. You of course don’t really need a car in NY. I haven’t had a chance to drive here. You're not missing anything (laughs). Maybe one day after being here a while,

Nothing wrong with that at all. I think simple gives people a chance to look at you and not necessarily what you have on, yet I think everyone has an accessory/wardrobe musthave. Of all the things you put on, could be clothes or accessories, what must you have when you dress? I don’t like too much but my black leather jacket. I’d say that is something I like to wear the most. Again very French (laughs). Still keeping it simple again gives a way for people to see you. I’m sure people can’t miss you (laughs) at 6 ft. 3in. with blue green eyes. You’re a sight seen from far away. What features do you receive the most compliments on besides your eyes? I would have to say my height and my complexion, but mostly my eyes. No compliments on the accent? Oh yeah! Now that I’m in the states, I always expect people to make fun of my bad English; but here in NY they love it. I bet they do! They probably look at you the minute you start talking. New York is your main home in the

you can have a taste of our highways. Traveling so much makes having a car does seem like a waste. And besides, with the amount of traveling you do, you probably leave a lot behind? Do you get home sick? Well I love what I’m doing right now. Traveling, seeing the world, meeting people, is awesome. Of course I do miss my family and friends. Since I’ve been in NY, a lot of them have actually come to visit which is cool. We will get together and I get to be as I was at home; talking in French

and laughing and joking. They all love NY! That helps a lot being away from Paris. It’s good to know that your family and friends enjoy the city. NY is a happening place, but then again you’re a DJ and well traveled. What would you say is the best city to party in that you’ve been to so far? Well here I’d say Miami. It's a beautiful place with beautiful people. When I go there, I have the best time. But the best party I’ve ever been to is one outside of Hong Kong. There's a party once a year. DJs, models, everyone attends. It’s really big on the beach. The DJs set up on the beach and we party all day and all night. People come from everywhere to have a good time. When it’s over, the boat takes you back to Hong Kong. It’s the best party I’ve ever been to. Wow that sounds like a memory for life and something our KRAVE readers should go to at least once. But when you're not working or partying what do you do to relax? When I have the chance, I will just chill out. I may watch a movie, Japanese anime. If I can, I will get a massage at the spa (laughs) and talk to my friends. I might check my Facebook page or my Twitter here and there. You get on Facebook and twitter huh (laughs)? Well I think that’s good especially when you’re in entertainment. You don’t overdo it, but you keep in touch with fans and those who admire you so that they feel you’re tangible, like a regular ole guy. Is there anything else you would like readers to know about you? Well I’m just living the dream (laughs). I am out here working hard and I'm going to keep working. Whether it is acting, music, modeling or whatever I choose to do. Right now so much is opened to me, and I definitely want to try it all. So look out for me on, because there’s definitely more to come.



THE SPOILS High-end refinement for a unique luxury sedan. The flat roofline that tapers off in the rear into a shape that approaches that of a fastback gives Jaguar a unique feature among luxury sedans that immediately catches the eye. The STARTECH designers have developed complementing body components that make the XJ even more unique. All aerodynamic-enhancement components are manufactured in OEM quality. The new British luxury automobile also offers an excellent platform for exclusive interior refinement Ă la STARTECH. The interior designers offer a multitude of different leather and Alcantara colors, which are masterfully transformed by the company upholstery shop into custom interiors at the highest level of craftsmanship.






BALLER ALERT The official car of summer! 2011 MERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG ROADSTER

Based heavily on its hard-topped sibling, this roadster sets a new standard for Mercedes convertibles.


$300 SONY-NEX-C3




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Big Sean: Finally Famous, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, Lloyd: King of Hearts, Jagged Edge: The Remedy, Musiq Soulchild: MusiqInTheMagiq, Sade: The Ultimate Collection, Jill Scott: The Light of the Sun

Tyrese Gibson: How to Get Out Your Own Way actually exceeded my expectations. Not only was this book informative, it was very inspirational.


BEI MAEJOR: THROWBACK Multi-talented rising star Bei Maejor is back with another new release for the fans. The man does it all, and he wanted to give us 1 more mixtape, before he puts full focus on his debut album. Taking a different approach than with his “Upside Down” projects, Bei reminisced on some of his favorite records, which have influenced his style, and made them his own. As is implied in the title Throwback, this was his way of showing love to the songs and vocalists who helped shape his style. We're talking artists like Bone Thugs N Harmony, Carl Thomas, and Musiq Soulchild, who Maejor looked up to while honing his craft as a youngster. Speaking on the project, “I’m doing my take on songs that influence my music…they are songs that I grew up liking and have helped shape my musical experience”. Take a trip back to the future with Bei on “Throwback”. DOWNLOAD THROWBACK FOR FREE AT:

MATEO: LOVE & STADIUMS The stage is set for the release of “Love & Stadiums”, the first mixtape from singersongwriter Mateo on the Krucial Noise imprint. “Love & Stadiums” is a collaborative effort from the creative minds of Mateo and Grammy Award-winning producer Kerry “Krucial” Brothers. The inspiration behind “Love & Stadiums” comes from combining the melodies and lyrics of love songs with stadium sounding music. Krucial’s definitive production features live instrumentation and accentuates the project’s universal appeal. Mateo pushes the envelope with his hybrid of R&B, Pop and Alternative music — a style he eloquently refers to as “Urban Mod”. Mateo’s first single, “Don’t Shoot Me Down”, featuring Goapele, is a great track. Love & Stadiums is filled with different genres and inspirations which include Mateo experimenting with the sound of Imhotep. He also samples Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.


KRAVE Magazine Issue #24  

The Summer Issue

KRAVE Magazine Issue #24  

The Summer Issue