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2012 Winter & Spring Class Schedule February 6 – June 2, 2012

SaVe tHe date:

SPeCiaL eVentS: New Techniques for Teachers: Nuno Felting with Marilyn Mussman

Guest Artist Workshop Hadar Jacobson

Texture and Architecture in Metal Clay Rings

Friday, February 10, 8:30am-3pm

This professional development for area educators is a perfect opportunity to learn new techniques while networking with others in the field. Nuno felting, or laminate felting is one of the fastest growing felting techniques and is highly accessible for middle school and high school educators. Following the success of last year’s workshop, we’re pleased to offer this unique all-day intensive. Create a lightweight, highly textured scarf with beautiful results. The workshop will require standing strength and lots of arm work. No previous felting experience necessary. All materials provided! Bring a lunch or plan to eat downtown.

W4. July 20-22; 10 am-5 pm Jewelry Studio; Workshop limit 10 International jeweler Hadar will be back this summer for three full days in an incredible workshop in metal clays. Students will make highly detailed rings utilizing copper, bronze and steel clays developed by Hadar. Hadar has taught metal clay workshops and master classes for the past 15 years and is the author of three books on the subject. Please view her body of work at and join us at the Krasl Art Center for this exciting education opportunity. Metal clay experience required. Early Bird: $510/$525; After April: 1 $615/$630

Business of Art Continues at the Box

1st Thursdays, Jan. 5-June 7, 6-8 pm Located at the Box Factory for the Arts

Krasl Art Center’s 2012 Summer Art Camps Adults only:

Adult Studio Sessions, SB-CEU’s pending, June 11-15

Teen camps: Teen Summer Studio, Grades 6th-8th, July 23-27 NEW! Teen Summer Studio, Grades 9th-12th, July 30-August 3

The 2012 Summer Art Camp theme for children’s camps (ages 4-12) is “Krasl Rock—A Subterranean Journey! Enjoy searching for prehistoric fossils, creating Paleolithic art, and discovering the elements of art in nature!

The Krasl Art Center is proud to be a partner in the Business of Art series for 2012, with Berrien Artists’ Guild, New Territory Arts Association, Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Cornerstone Alliance, and Water Street Glassworks for a continuation of this engaging series. In this newly created format, 25 participants will meet on a monthly basis for relevant discussions on how to grow your art business while networking with local artists in the field. The six-week program, coordinated by Sheryl Kosovski, founder of Artful Work, is available for $60 for members of partnering institutions or $75 for non-members. Early registration will ensure a spot! Walk-in’s are welcome (if space is available) at $15 per session. Please register at the Box Factory for the Arts! Please call 269-983-3688 for more information. Jan. 5

Curating your Solo Show with Ali Hansen (Executive Director for the Box Factory for the Arts)

Feb. 2

You too, can be a successful Artist! Panel of artist professionals led by Tami Miller (Curator of Exhibitions for Krasl Art Center)

Mar. 1

Growing your Career with Sheryl Kosovski (Founder of Artful-Work)

Apr. 5

Social Networking with Reyna Price (Resource Development Coordinator for Cornerstone Alliance)

May 3

Intro to Writing Grant Proposals with Janet Bloch (Education Director for Lubeznik Cetner for the Arts)

June 7

Software to Run your Business with Katrina Andrews (with Andrews Tax Consulting)

Children’s camps: Krasl Rock—A Subterranean Journey! Mini Art Camp (half day), Ages 4-6 June 11-15 August 6-10 Summer Art Camp (full day), Ages 6-11 June 18-22 August 13-17 August 20-24 Art Camp Shorts, (customized 2-hr sessions), Ages 4-6, 6-9, 9-12 June 25-29 July 2-3, 5-6

Summer art campers at play.

YoutH Studio CLaSSeS Y4. Adventures in Storytelling Ages 4-6 Instructor: Sherri Baun 8 Wednesdays, Feb. 8-March 28; 4:30-6 pm Studio 1; Class limit: 10

Home School Tuesdays morning class.

Home School Program

Y1. Ages 4-6 Y2. Ages 7-12 Instructors: Christina Root and Nicole Rimes Tuesdays, Feb. 7-May 29 (no class April 3) 10 am-12 pm Studio 2 and Ceramics Studio; Class limit 10 per age group

From exhibitions and collections to a terrific art library and multiple art studios, KAC’s home school program offers a rich environment for students to learn about artists and art practices while creating individual and collaborative projects. Each week students will work in 2-D and 3-D mediums, utilizing drawing, painting, fiber arts, ceramics and sculpture.  The program Includes take-home sketch books, walking field trips and exhibition opportunities.    $185/$200

Picture making and storytelling are the center of a child’s artistic processes. Come look and listen to story book classics and tell your own stories through visual image making exploring oil pastels, watercolor crayons, colored pencils and other new media. $72/$87

Y5. Meet the Modern Masters Ages 4-6 Instructor: Sherri Baun 8 Tuesdays, April 10-May 29; 4:30-6 pm Studio 1; Class limit: 10

Come meet the artists through art making and exploring media in the KAC art library. From Jackson Pollack drip paintings to Picasso inspired animal collages, children will explore multiple medias as they grow artistically. $72/$87

aGeS 6-9 Y7. Elementary Industrial Arts Ages 6-10 Instructor: Tom Hurst 13 Mondays, Jan. 30-April 30 (no class April 2) 4-5:45 pmMeet at the KAC first week; Class limit: 8 Don’t miss this fine craft class, perfect for elementary students! Projects include wooden toys, games, small furniture and outdoor items, as well as useable art and craft items. Tom is an experienced industrial arts teacher who loves to teach. Students will work hands on in a well equipped shop and need to come dressed for dusty work with closed foot shoes. All materials included. $310/$325

Y8. The Elements of Art

Ages 6-9 Instructor: Angela Caldwell 8 Tuesdays, Feb. 7-March 27; 4:30-6 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Learn about the essential and elemental processes of art making with instructor Angela Caldwell in a highly supportive, creative after school class. Work with an exciting array of materials, from paint and pastels to clay and charcoal. Students will build a portfolio of projects to take home at the conclusion of the class! $72/$87

aGeS 4-6

Y9. Beaded Jewelry

Ages 6-9 Instructor: Molly Moran 8 Tuesdays, April 10-May 29; 4:30-6 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8 Making Art with Sherri Baun.

Y3. Studio Mix Up

Ages 4-6 Instructor: Sherri Baun Y3. 8 Tuesdays, Feb. 7-March 27; 4:30-6 pm Studio 1; Class limit: 10

Children will explore a wide and wonderful world of various art forms while utilizing 5 different studio classrooms—Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry and the Dark Room. This class will introduce new media to children to expand their understanding of fine art practices. $72/$87

Y6. Make it in Clay

Ages 4-6 Instructor: TBD 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 4:30-6 pm Ceramics Studio; Class limit: 10

Learn to coil, make slabs, build and make molds using clay. Clay is a fantastic medium to build fine motor skills while working with a highly rewarding process. All pieces will be high fired and food safe! $80/$95

Join Molly Moran in making fun, funky colorful jewelry using glass, wood, clay, and metal beads. Children will learn all about color as well as elementary principles of design while creating unique bracelets, necklaces, key chains, rings and more! $72/$87

YoutH Studio CLaSSeS Y10. Earth Art

Y12. Art of Origami

Children will take a wonder-filled journey out of doors examining flowers, trees, and plants while creating nature inspired art. Enjoy finding natural materials to inspire projects including solar photo prints, natural paper making, clay press molds, botanical illustrations and more. $72/$87

Learn the beautiful and historical creative art of folding paper. Join Montessori instructor Lauren Frangos for this relaxed yet highly instructional after school class. Students will study the historical root of this Japanese art form and will explore and enjoy a number of simple to advanced folding techniques. $72/$87

Ages 6-9 Instructor: Brittany Stecker 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 4:30-6 pm Sculpture Studio; Class limit: 10

aGeS 9-12

Age 9-12 Instructor: Lauren Frangos 8 Wednesdays, February 8-March 28; 4:30-6 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Y13. Creating with the Masters

Ages 9-12 Instructor: Lauren Frangos 8 Tuesdays, April 10-May 29; 4:30-6 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Come and meet master artists through history, learning about where they came from and what they created, exploring techniques that they used in painting, drawing, and more! $72/$87

Trinity creates a collage during Spring Break Shorts.

Spring Break Shorts (ages 4-6 and 7-12) April 2-6, $15/$30 per Short

Looking for a creative way to fill spring break? These customized 2-hour art classes are perfect for creative minds. Children come ‘dressed for a mess’ and leave with a handful of artwork. Look for the Spring Break Flyer in March for more information! Please pre-register to ensure enrollment. Middle school and high school students interested in volunteering for shorts can contact Rebecca Hunt, Education Programs Coordinator at!

Tuesday, April 3

Clay Creations

(Glazing will take place on Thursday, April 5, 12pm-2pm)

SB1. 10 am-12 pm, Ages 4-6 SB2. 1-3 pm, Ages 7-12


Y11. Introduction to Ceramics

Ages 9-12 Instructor: Christina Root 8 Tuesdays, February 7-March 27; 4:30-6:30 pm Ceramics Studio; Class limit: 10 Create hand-built pottery and sculpture and learn introductory wheel throwing. Practice coil and slab construction for hand-built pieces. Learn to make basic forms on the potter’s wheel. Students will also glaze their pieces, making food-safe high fired ware. $95/$110

SB3. 10 am-12 pm, Ages 7-12 SB4. 1-3 pm, Ages 4-6

Y14. Museum Explorations

Ages 9-12 Instructor: Lauren Frangos 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 4:30-6 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Take an in-depth look at artists and their techniques found in the KAC galleries and artlab. Explore the design process inspired by the exhibit Form: Essence and Simplicity in Product Design and dive into contemporary sculpture practices during the 9th Annual Biennial Sculptural Invitational. $72/$87

Wednesday, April 4

Painting Portraits

SB5. 10 am-12 pm, Ages 4-6 SB6. 1-3 pm, Ages 7-12

Adventures in Illustrating

SB7. 10 am-12 pm, Ages 7-12 SB8. 1-3 pm, Ages 4-6 Thursday, April 5

Painting Portraits

SB9. 10 am-12 pm, Ages 4-6 SB10. 1-3 pm, Ages 7-12

Architectural Explorations

SB11. 10 am-12 pm, Ages 7-12 AB12. 1-3 pm, Ages 4-6

YoutH Studio CLaSSeS T4. Cross Over Photography middLe SCHooL Grades 6th-8th T1. Introduction to Pottery

Grades 6th-8th Instructor: Laura Boyce 8 Thursdays, Feb. 9-March 29; 4-6:30 pm Ceramics Studio; Class limit: 8

Join recent MFA graduate Laura Boyce Students to learn the solid basics of wheel throwing—from wedging and centering clay to making cylinders cups and bowls. Students will glaze and fire their pieces and all work will be food safe and ready for use. Students will begin to learn how basic design aspects will affect the form and function of pottery. $110/$125

T2. The Fat Book of Art Journaling

Instructor: Andy Sawyer 8 Saturdays, April 14-June 2, 10:30 am-12:30 pm Darkroom and Studio 1; Class limit: 6

Andy Sawyer is a dynamic educator who pushes the boundaries of traditional black and white photography into the digital realm in unexpected ways. In this hands-on class students will create pinhole cameras from recycled and experimental materials, while learning to develop their photographs in the dark-room and then manipulate their images utilizing digital media. $120/$135


T7. Drawing Portfolio Class

A12. Life Drawing

Grades 6th-8th Instructor: Chantelle Allen 8 Thursdays, April 12-May 31; 4:30-6:30pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Join recent MFA graduate Chantelle Allen to learn time-honored, exciting observational drawing skills. Students will learn fundamental techniques for working in graphite, charcoal and pastel while exploring the art of a still-life, landscape, and portrait. $110/$125

Grades 9th-12th Instructor: Aaron Flynn 8 Tuesdays, April 10-May 29; 6:30-9 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 6

Join sculptor and draftsmen Aaron Flynn for this compelling class on drawing a self-portrait. Aaron will spark and push students to think about and create artwork that is innovative and honest. Students will also explore careers and higher education programs in fine art. This is a perfect class to create a college-ready portfolio piece. $142/$157

Join Robin Reva to explore collage, printing, painting, glazing, fold-outs, and letter styles to create your own altered art book. Learn to question, explore, and express your thoughts and emotions through visual and written expressions. $80/$95

T3. Realistic Drawing Techniques

Grades 9th-12th Instructor: Laura Boyce 8 Saturdays, Feb. 11-March 31; 12-2 pm Sculpture Studio; Class limit: 10

Sculpture is an exciting way to express your visual intentions. Students will investigate their concepts through a variety of mediums from clay and paper mache to plaster and wood.  We will look at a variety of sculptors and discuss the different processes that each artist uses.  Students will receive individual attention, and curriculum will be designed around their interests. We will investigate the art of making sculpture, through a materials and process based investigation. $100/$115

Grades 6th-8th Instructor: Robin Reva 8 Saturdays, Feb. 11-March 31; 10:30 am-12 pm Studio 2; Class Limit: 10

Painting with Chantelle Allen.

T6.The Sculptural Process

Grades 9th-12th + Adults Instructor: Chantelle Allen 8 Tuesdays, February 7-March 27; 7-9 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 6

Learn anatomical drawing skills through portraiture, clothed and nude figurative drawing. Students will work from a live model and will work both with short and long poses. Life drawing is wonderful for college portfolios. Parental permission forms and an additional letter of recommendation will be required for teen participation. Model fees included. Please contact for further details. $135/$150

Watercolors by Robin Reva.

T8. Color and Light: Watercolor Tricks with Shadows

Grades 9th-12th Instructor: Robin Reva 8 Saturdays, April 14-June 2; 12-2 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Watercolor doesn’t have to be intimidating if you know the best tricks! Come and enjoy exploring the perimeters and conquer techniques needed to render lights and shadows. $80/$95

aduLt Studio CLaSSeS Wednesday Night Ceramics CeramiCS Instructor: Christina Root, C5. 8 Wednesdays, Feb. 8-March 28; 6:30-9 pm C6. 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 6-8:30 pm Ceramics studio; Class limit: 12 per section

Have you witnessed the magic of wheel throwing or admired hand built ceramic pieces? Now is the time for you to try your hand at this engaging medium. Instruction and demos will be provided for beginning students. Advanced students will work independently with instructor. Class cost includes 1 bag of clay. Additional clay is available for $20 a bag. $120/$135 per section

C7. The Art of Raku

Monday Morning Clay

Instructor: Christina Root, C1. 8 Mondays, Feb. 6-March 26; 9-11:30 am C2. 8 Mondays, April 9-June 4 (no class May 28) 9-11:30 am Ceramics studio; Class limit: 12 per section

Have you witnessed the magic of wheel throwing or admired hand built ceramic pieces? Now is the time for you to grab a cup of coffee and a hand full of clay! Join Christina Root for this highly supportive and delightful Monday morning class. Students will receive personalized instruction in wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Class cost includes 1 bag of clay. Additional clay is available for $20 a bag. $120/$135 per section


Instructor: Anthony Schaller C3. 8 Tuesdays, Feb. 7-March 27; 6:30-9 pm C4. 8 Tuesdays, April 10-May 29; 6-8:30 pm Ceramics Studio; Class limit: 12 per section

Join Anthony Schaller, owner of Schaller Gallery in downtown St. Joseph for this terrific wheel centered class. Instruction will include demonstrations and will focus on clay properties, throwing techniques, trimming, glazing, and firing. Class cost includes 1 bag of clay. Additional clay is available for $20 a bag. $120/$135 per section

Instructor: Lisa Blubaugh 8 Thursdays, Feb. 9-March 29; 6-8:30 pm Ceramics studio; Class limit: 12

Work with ceramic artist Lisa Blubaugh to create hand-built and wheel thrown ceramic pieces ready for spring raku sessions. Special emphasis will be given to glazing and firing techniques.  Students will participate with spring firings as soon as the snow melts.  Previous ceramics experience required or instructor approval.  $120/$135

C8. Aesthetics of the Wheel Instructor: Aaron Flynn 8 Thursdays, April 12-May 31; 6-8:30 pm Ceramics studio; Class limit: 12

Aesthetics of the Wheel continues. New students are welcome to join this Thursday night crew. Explore how form follows function when creating wheel thrown pottery and sculptural pieces. Understanding form can open the doors to a wide range and aspect of pottery. This class will look at the structure of form and how it can relate to the objects we create. Beginning to advanced ceramic students are welcome. Class cost includes 1 bag of clay. Additional clay is available for $20 a bag.  $120/$135

Special Note: Raku firing options will be made available for returning students enrolled in any spring ceramics class. Students should notify their instructor when interested or contact education@ for more information. Lisa Blubaugh will lead the firing and will work with students individually to instruct on glazing. A fee of $20/$25 will be charged per student per firing to cover propane costs and instructional fees. $20/$25 per firing

JeWeLrY A1. Felted Jewelry Techniques Instructor: Angela Caldwell 4 Tuesdays, Feb. 28-March 20; 6:30-8:30 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8

Learn this ancient technique while building color, technique and jewelry based skills. Discuss color theory while incorporating hot water felted objects into your jewelry design. You’ll also learn how to knot with leather and basic wire wrapping skills. Let your creativity flow while designing your own jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and maybe even a ring! $60/$75

W1. Beaded Wrap Workshop Instructor: Angela Caldwell, W1. Saturday, March 10; 10 am- 1 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8

Have fun while creating a unique and stylish bracelet using leather and your selection of beads. You will learn to design tie knots and wrap beads using beading thread. Leave with a stylish finished piece. Attention to details and fine motor skills necessary. Material kit provided to take home and fine tune skills learned in class. $35/$50

aduLt Studio CLaSSeS

W2. Byzantine Chain Making Party Jewelry Open Studio with Vicki Cook.

Jewelry Open Studio

Instructor: Vicki Cook, A2. Mondays, Feb. 20-May21; 10 am-2 pm A3. Thursdays, March 1-May 24; 5-8:30 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8

Drop in for this open studio session to learn how to work with metal clay, traditional metals, or enameling. Tools and coaching on technique will be available. Materials are available for purchase from instructor. There is an additional $5 fee for enameling. No previous jewelry experience necessary. $20/$25 per session

A4. Copper and Bronze Metal Clay

Instructor: Vicki Cook, 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 6-8:30 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8

Work with bronze and copper clays to create beautiful hand-made jewelry. Create several wonderfully textured and formed pieces for earrings, pendants or decorative items with this new and rich colored metal clay. No previous metal clay experience required. $185/$200

A5. Beginning Metalsmithing Instructor: Marge Collins 5 Tuesdays, April 3-May 6; 6:00-8:30 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8

You can make your own jumprings, headpins, catches, spacers and other elements that can be combined with beads to create bracelets and necklaces. Basic wire work techniques as well as simple soldering will be included.  Tools will be available for use in class and metals can be purchased from instructor—affordable and creative! $90/$105

Instructor: Meg Tang, W2. Saturday, April 14; 11 am-2 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 8

A Byzantine chain is the perfect introduction to jewelry. Create a beautiful bracelet in a matter of hours through this simple yet elegant process. No previous experience required. All materials are included. Tell a friend, bring a snack to share if you’d like and have a great time! $50/$65

Hand-Knitted Wire Workshop Instructor: Joanie Flynn W3. 3 Saturdays, March 17-31; 9:30 am-12:30 pm Jewelry Studio; Class limit: 10

Joanie Flynn is back to teach this popular class, now in an extended format. Students will design and create their own custom hand-knitted wire bracelet, complete with beautiful beads and findings from Just Bead It.  Students will need to be able to perform basic knit stitch with precision and ease.  $75/$90

SCuLPture & fiBer artS A6. Paper Mache

Instructor: Laura Boyce, 6 Tuesdays, Feb. 7-March 20; 6:30-9 pm Sculpture Studio; Class limit: 10

Change description to: Paper mache is a versatile process that has limitless possibilities and is surprisingly affordable. Students will learn how to use this age-old process to create large or small scale detailed objects. Class materials, including newspaper glue and chicken wire will be provided. $95/$110

A7. The Art of Installation

Instructor: Laura Boyce, 11 Wednesdays, Feb. 8-April 18; 6-8:30 pm Sculpture Studio; Class limit: 10

This class will focus on developing the skills needed to create a successful installation. From power tools to hanging mechanisms, students will learn technical basics as well as multiple material properties. Going further, students will examine formal aesthetics of installation, such as spatial relationships or how material choices change the intention of a piece. This class will incorporate slide lecture and demonstrations along with lots of hands on studio time—individually or collectively. $175/$190

A8. Wood Carving Class Instructor: John DeLapa 5 Thursdays, Feb.9-March 8; 6-8:30 pm Sculpture Studio; Class limit: 8

Learn the basics of traditional wood carving using hand tools and focusing on carving classic motifs. Projects will include floral, shell and applied designs. Beginning and intermediate students are welcome. Wood and carving tools are all provided! $110/$125

aduLt Studio CLaSSeS A9. Culinary Woodworking Instructor: Tom Hurst 8 Wednesdays, Feb. 8-March 28; 6-9 pm Class limit: 6

2-d media

A13. Painting Like the Masters Instructor: Sheryl Kosovski 8 Wednesdays, Feb. 8-March 28; 6-8:30 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

This relaxed woodworking class will focus on creating utilitarian home items for the kitchen involving lathe turning and flat work. Projects options include rolling pins, cutting board, bowls, trivets, spatulas, spoons and more! Students will walk away with several items suitable for use or for gifts.  Activities are conducted in a well equipped woodworking studio with additional lab time available.  All tools and most materials will be provided.  Make your utensils, cook some food and share with friends! $290/$305

Enjoy researching the style, subject matter, palette and painting processes of artists such as Rembrandt, J.W.Waterhouse, Claude Monet and Georgia O’Keeffe. Beginning and advanced students are welcome. Work in acrylic or oils. Materials list provided. $145/$160

A14. Missoni Madness A11. Non-Objective Painting Studio

Instructor: Pam Kirkham 8 Thursdays, Feb. 9-March 29; 6-8 pm Studio 1; Class limit: 10

Loosen up and learn to create expressive abstracted paintings. Work in oil or acrylics—or try both! Students will learn to use color and texture to convey what they’re feeling while exploring a variety of techniques to find their own style. Bring music, sign up with a friend and expect to enjoy community in this lively winter class. All materials are provided. $120/$135 per class

A10. Beginning Rug Hooking Instructor: Darcy Baskin 4 Tuesdays, May 8-29; 6:30-8:30 pm KAC Library; Class limit: 8

This traditional American craft is an art in itself—join rug hooker Darcy Baskin as she leads students through beginning techniques to create a uniquely designed ‘log cabin’ hooked art piece. Students will learn color planning and finishing techniques as well. No previous hooking experience necessary. Take home kits are included for students to work on the project between classes. Come enjoy this classic, engaging new medium! $88/$103

Drawing by Chantelle Allen

A12. Life Drawing

Instructor: Chantelle Allen 8 Tuesdays, February 7-March 27; 7-9 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 6

Learn anatomical drawing skills through portraiture, clothed and nude figurative drawing. Students will work from a live model and will work both with short and long poses. Life drawing is wonderful for college portfolios. Parental permission forms and an additional letter of recommendation will be required for teen participation. (Other adults will be taking the class as well.) Model fees included. $135/$150

Instructor: Pam Kirkham 6 Tuesdays, April 10-May 15; 6-8 pm Studio 1; Class limit: 10

Legendary fashion house Missoni is known for an eclectic mix and match of pattern, color and texture. Since 1953 it’s iconic Italian style has influenced the nation.  In this class students will create acrylic paintings and silk-screened fabric designs inspired by Missoni fundamentals.  Explore and enjoy this colorful trend that’s re-emerged with a vengeance.  Material list provided. $95/$110 per class

A15. Classical Drawing

Instructor: Sheryl Kosovski 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 1-3:30 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

An introduction to classical academic drawing, students will work from casts and will address the fundamentals required to make a clear, accurate drawing.  Gain understanding of proportions, comparative measuring, block-in techniques and conceptualized form modeling. Also discuss how to turn the form using a very subtle shading method. This process is a more accurate way to draw than using the eye alone. Beginners and more advanced students can benefit from this class. Materials list provided.  $150/$165

A16. Watercolor For All

Instructor: Tess Story 8 Wednesdays, Apr.11-May 30; 6:30-8:30 pm Studio 2; Class limit: 10

Artist Explore the unique tools, materials, and painting processes of watercolors. On site landscape painting will take place, weather permitting. Watercolor experience is helpful, but not required. Material list provided. $95/$110

aduLt Studio CLaSSeS W8. Mixed Media on Paper Workshop Instructor: Mary Burke Thursday, Feb. 16*; 5:30-8:30 pm Studio 2, Class Limit: 12

Join artist Mary Burke for a dynamic workshop on mixing watercolor, acrylic, crayon and pencil onto watercolor paper. Students will explore a variety of mark-making to create shapes and forms, as well as imprinting in monoprint fashion to create visually exciting art pieces. All materials provided. $35/$50

PHotoGraPHY A17. DSLR Photo Tech and Critique

Instructor: Tim Schroeder 9 Thursdays, Feb. 9-April 5; 6-8:30 pm KAC Library; Class limit: 12

Intended for Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera users, meet with a pro weekly and dig into in-depth DSLR camera controls, image formats, lenses, flash, exposure and menu options and more. This class is lecture based, providing technical explanations and live critiques of student photographs. Instructor will work from laptop and digital imaging equipment. Students are encouraged but not required to bring their own DSLR cameras and/or laptop. $125/$140

A18. Contemporary Photography

Instructor: Andy Sawyer 8 Wednesdays, April 11-May 30; 6-8:30 pm Studio 1 and Darkroom; Class limit: 6

From pinhole cameras to cell phones, get ready for a cutting edge journey combing classic photographic processes with today’s digital imaging technology. Students will learn to develop silver print photographs in the darkroom as well as prepare a body of work for a semesterend reception. Supplies included; traditional SLR cameras will be available for use throughout the semester. Extra photo developing materials may be purchased from instructor at cost. Laptops are helpful, but not required. $145/$160

W5. Basic Portrait Lighting Instructor: Tim Schroeder Saturday, Feb. 18; 10 am-4 pm    KAC Library; Class limit: 10

aduLt ProGramS The following programs are free; no registration required.

Students will receive an overview of simple, inexpensive lighting equipment needed for quality portraiture. They will participate in discussions and exchange thoughts regarding composition and effective techniques of working with people in a portrait environment. Resulting sample images will be processed live using Photoshop and an overhead projector for further discussion. The workshop is DSLR-specific, but anyone wishing to see what’s involved in the process is welcome. $40/$55

W6. All About Lenses Workshop

Instructor: Tim Schroeder Saturday, March 10; 10 am-4 pm    KAC Library; Class limit: 10

This workshop is intended for people who want information about interchangeable lenses, the variations of lens designs, the variations of lens settings, lens filters, and what all the information means in helping them achieve more effective results in any type of photography. The workshop is FSLR and DSLR-specific, but open to anyone, especially those considering buying a DSLR, or other lenses for one they own already. $40/$55

W7. Photographic Composition Workshop Instructor: Tim Schroeder Saturday, April 14; 10 am-4 pm    KAC Library; Class limit: 10

This workshop is an open forum discussion of photographic composition and image attributes. Students are required to bring up to 4 images of their own, either as prints, or preferably as digital files on a USB flash drive for overhead projector use in the discussions. These can be images they deemed successful, or images that didn’t turn out as they wished, of any subject matter. This workshop is open to anyone using any type of camera, film or digital. $40/$55

Coffee with the Curator

1st Thursdays, Jan. 5-May 3; 11 am-12 pm Join Tami Miller to discover behind-the-scenes anecdotes about artists and installations, discuss the art on the walls, or listen to a focused talk about artworks in the community.

Book Discussion

2nd Thursdays, Jan. 12-May 10; 7-8 pm Join artist Jodie Hardy and librarian Carol Dudding in a lively and engaging book discussion. Partnering with the Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library, books will be lent to participants free of charge from the library while discussions will take place at the KAC. (Jan. 12 Book Discussion will take place at Maud-Preston Library)

Creativity + Sustainability: A Lecture Series 3rd Thursdays, Feb. 16-May 17; 7-8 pm

This lecture series will illustrate the role of creativity and its relation to sustainability at multiple levels of engagement and practice. Talks will feature a range of guest speakers and appeal to teens, adults, artists and nonartists alike.

Art Salon

4th Thursdays, Jan. 26-May 24; 7-8 pm

Bring an open mind and a tasty snack to this informal yet lively gathering of thoughtful and creative minds. The Art Salon will be a facilitated conversation on contemporary art and practices led by KAC Curator Tami Miller. (No Salon Nov. 24)

aduLt ProGramS Noontime Videos

Thursdays, Feb. 2-May 24; 11:45 am

Noontime Videos have moved to Thursdays! Learn about the historical contexts behind exhibitions in the galleries and expand your knowledge of art historical movements and significant artists. Bring your lunch and enjoy discussion afterwards. Join us as we welcome local artist Jodie Hardy as she leads this dynamic series.

KAC Member’s Show: In 3-D (Jan. 27-Feb. 26)

Feb. 2: How Art Made the World: More Human Than Human (50m) Feb. 9: How Art Made the World: The Day Pictures Were Born (50m) Feb. 16: How Art Made the World: The Art of Persuasion (50m) Feb. 23: How Art Made the World: Once Upon a Time (50m)

FORM: Essence and Simplicity in Product Design (March 2-April 29)

Mar. 1: Objectified; design of everyday objects (75m) Mar. 8: Between the Folds: Origami’s connection to art, science & philosophy (54m) Mar. 15: Herb & Dorothy; a mail clerk and librarian’s vast art collection (87m) Mar. 22: Cezanne in Provence (54m) Mar. 29: Make Me Think; artist Bruce Nauman (70m) Apr. 5: The Passing; artist Bill Viola (54m) Apr. 12: Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies; connections between cinema and Cubist paintings (60m) Apr. 19: Marwencol; outsider artist Mark Hogancamp (82m) Apr. 26: Craft in America; Landscape (50m)

9th Annual Sculpture Invitational Biennial (May 11-July 22)

May 3: Craft in America; Community (50m) May 10: In a Dream: muralist Isaiah Zagar (80m) May 17: Running Fence: Christo & Jean Claude (58m) May 24: Christo in Paris (58m) May 31: Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision; Vietnam War Memorial artist (83m)

famiLY ProGramS COASTLINE CHILDREN’S FILM FESTIVAL In celebration of the 2nd Annual Coastline Children’s Film Festival, KAC will be one of several host sites showcasing several award winning, family friendly films, uniquely paired with studio art opportunities during our Family Art Workshops.

Paddle to the Sea (30m) Saturday, Feb. 4; 10 am; KAC Library

Suggested donation $1 per person, All ages welcome. Join us for the Family Art Workshop, Build Your Own Boat, listed below.

Between the Folds (56 m)

Artful Origami

Saturday, Feb. 4; 2:30-3:30 pm, Studio 2

Join Montessori teacher Lauren Frangos for your own origami experience! Check out the film Between the Folds at 1:30 pm, listed above. Ages 8+ with adult. Please pre-register. $10 per KAC Member Family, $25 per nonmember family

Build Your Own Boat

Ages 6+ with Adult Part 1: Saturday, Feb. 4; 10:30 am-12:30 pm Part 2: Sunday, Feb. 5; 1-3 pm

Join Tom Hurst in the KAC Sculpture Studio to create your very own toy wooden canoe. One boat per adult + child pair. Thanks for registering early for this popular class. Cost $35 per pair

Saturday, Feb. 4; 1 pm; KAC Library

Red, Red Balloon

Animated Shorts (60 m total)

Enjoy watching French film maker Albert Lamorisse’s classic Red Balloon at 2 pm, listed above, and then join Nicole Rimes for an hour of creative stimulation in the KAC studio. Please pre-register! $10 per KAC Member Family, $25 per non-member family

Suggested donation $1, Recommended Ages 8+. Join us for the Family Art Workshop, Artful Origami, listed below.

Saturday, Feb. 11; 10:30-11 am and 11-11:30 am; KAC Library Take part in the St. Joseph Magical Ice Festival by enjoying magician John Dudley from 10-10:30 am in the KAC Lobby, complete with cookies and cocoa. Following the magical act, families are welcome to head upstairs to watch a set of Animated Shorts and enjoy a free art activity in the KAC studios. Recommended Ages 3-6

Red Balloon (28 m)

Sunday, Feb. 12; 2 pm; KAC Library

Suggested donation $1, All Ages. Join us for the Family Art Workshop, Red, Red Ballon, listed below.

FAMILY ART WORKSHOPS We’re bringing families into the galleries and studios for children and adults to work creatively side by side. Please pre-register to ensure enrolment for the following events!

KAC Exhibition Tour—Flow Saturday, January 7; 10:30 am-12 pm; Galleries and Studio 2

Families are welcome to celebrate the closing of Flow with an exciting docent led gallery tour, complete with interactive games in the library and a watercolor project in the studio. $4 per person (free for children 3 and under). Appropriate for all ages. Please pre-register.

Sunday, Feb. 12; 2:30-3:30 pm, Studio 2

KAC Exhibition Tour— Form: Essence and Simplicity in Product Design Sunday, March 10; 2-3:30 pm; Galleries and Studio 2

Celebrate local artist Bret Bortner’s retrospective career with a docent led gallery tour followed by a hands on clay project in the ceramics classroom. $4 per person (free for children 3 and under). Appropriate for all ages! Please pre-register.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES We love birthdays and would be pleased to help you celebrate! Parties for children, teens and adults are available, complete with a party room and art making projects in one of the studios. Choose from the following themes or create your own: Lake Michigan Beach Party, Calder Circus Party, Very Hungry Caterpillar Creation, Mixed Media Studio Art Party or Clay Creations. Prices range from $145 to $200. (Prices for customized parties may vary.) KAC members receive a discount and membership makes a great gift! Contact Sara Shambarger for more details and space availability at 269-983-0271 or Please contact at least two weeks in advance.

The Krasl Art Center Members’ Show: In 3D


Exhibit your artwork in the Krasl Art Center 2012 Members’ Show. Not a member? Join today and apply! 707 Lake Boulevard St. Joseph, MI 49085 / 269.983.0271

Artwork Drop Off Dates: January 18-22, 2012 Exhibition Dates: January 27-February 26, 2012

THE CHALLENGE: Krasl Art Center (KAC) members are invited to submit their own unique artworks that are three-dimensional - through materials, composition, or subject matter - for display in the 2012 KAC members’ show. All mediums and levels of expertise are welcome. WHY THE 3D CHALLENGE? For nearly 20 years, the KAC has collected contemporary sculpture. For the entire year of 2012, the KAC is dedicating all of its exhibitions to sculpture with the goal of celebrating and reconnecting the KAC galleries to its permanent collection. HOW TO APPLY:

1. If you are not already a member of the KAC, join. Yes, sign up right now. What are you waiting for? Membership applications are available online and at the KAC’s front desk. 2. Fill out the entry form below. Make sure you can read your writing. Make sure we can read your writing. 3. Bring the form & artwork(s) to the KAC January 18 & 22 during the following hours: W,F,Sat & Sun: 10:00 am-4:00 pm; Th 10:00 am-9:00 pm. We will not actually be open to the public at that time, but we will be open for you. Yes, you.


Up to 2 artworks.... 1. ...made within the last year. Size limit: artworks must fit through the KAC’s front door. 2. ...that will be interpreted as 3D or 3D-related. If the curator is not convinced of its 3D-ness and cannot convince the rest of the KAC staff of its 3D-ness, the artwork will not make it into the exhibition. 3. ...that are well labeled. EVERY ARTWORK MUST HAVE THE ARTIST’S NAME AND TITLE ATTACHED TO IT. Forget this, and we may forget the artwork belongs to you. 4. ...that are ready to be displayed in the galleries. If an artwork needs a hanging wire, include it. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: 1. JURY: The KAC curator will review all artworks. If an artwork is unacceptable, i.e. it is kind of flat, you will hear about it. If it is great and is accepted into the show, you will hear about it. 2. PARTY: Friday, January 27th from 5:30-7:30 pm there will be a big party in the KAC galleries to celebrate this awesome exhibition. You are invited. It is FREE and your friends can come too. Pick up a postcard invite when you apply, send friends to the KAC facebook page, social media of choice, or just call them.

APPLICATION: Fill it out, tear it off, and turn it in. Get to it.

Due: January 18-22, W,F,Sat, Sun: 10:00 am-4:00 pm; Th: 10:00 am-9:00 pm...............................................


You don’t want to listen to that. No way.



• Prices are listed as $KAC Member/$NonMember. Memberships are available for youth, families, individuals and seniors. Become a member today and you’ll also enjoy free Children’s Art Workshops, discounts on select Gift Shop merchandise, receive the quarterly newsletter and more. • We appreciate registrations arriving at least a full week prior to the start of class. Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment (generally 4-6 students) will be cancelled and tuition fully refunded. Students will receive a call one week prior to the start date if there is any question regarding whether a class will run.

Full or partial scholarships are readily available for students with financial need. Please call or email Rebecca Hunt at to request a scholarship application for the 2011-2012 year. Scholarships can not be applied toward materials not included in the class fee.


New to painting or need a scholarship? Or how about an inside scoop on classes and faculty teaching styles? Contact us at to answer your inquires or give us a call!


NEW—you can now call the KAC and register by phone with select credit cards (MC, VISA, Discover). Or, complete the registration form below and send or bring it complete with signature and payment to KAC through mail, fax or drop off. Krasl Art Center ATTN: Class Registration 707 Lake Blvd St. Joseph MI 49085 Fax: 269-983-0275 Phone: 269-983-0271 Email:

• Late registrations may be accepted depending on the class; however we do not prorate class costs! • Material fees are included for all youth and teen classes. Material fees for adults are included unless specially noted. • Teens 15+ interested in registering for adult classes may contact Rebecca Hunt at rhunt@ • A full refund will be given for dropping a class at least one week prior to the start date. In the case of serious medical illness, a partial or full refund will be given. • KAC is closed for all major holidays. In the case of inclement weather we close when St. Joseph Public Schools close. We will offer make-up classes for snow days and other KAC cancellations.


KAC is proud to partner with Water Street Glassworks offering special workshops, classes and camps throughout the year. Become a member of the KAC and receive a $15 discount on most Water Street Glassworks classes. Call 269-925-5555 for a list of available classes.

Class Registration

Winter and Spring Term 2012

____________________________________________ Student Name

__________________________________________ Address



__ _____

Office Use



_______ Deposit

___________ Receipt #

________ Member

Email (for class notifications)

____________________ Age & DOB (18 & under)

_______________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name (18 & under)




City State Zip Code _________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone Cell Phone Work Phone

To register additional family members (such as siblings) please include name and age/DOB (for 18 &under) per line. Please use a separate registration form for non-family members.















Class Code (e.g. A01)

Class Name (e.g. Monday Morning Clay)

Class Fee

Consent Form Parent/Guardian or Adult Students

I hereby give consent for KAC staff or faculty to provide basic treatment for minor occurrences. I authorize the transfer of me or my child to any health care provider if the KAC staff suspects medical attention is necessary. I further grant permission to KAC to take photographs of me or my child for use in promotional materials including printed media and web applications. I authorize this use indefinitely without compensation to me.

X_____________________________________________________ KAC Membership

Good one year from date issued. Enjoy class and gift shop discounts, mailings and more!



Payment Renewal—welcome back! Cash

Check #___________


Class Fee Total

Youth-$25 Single-$35 Senior-$28

Family-$50 Senior Family-$40

CC (Visa, MC, Discover) _____________________________________________ Exp.__________

CC ONLY______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name as it appears on card Signature

$______________ + Membership Fee





$______________ TOTAL DUE

Support provided by:

Find us on


Make great art, Rebecca Hunt, Education Programs Coordinator

Finally, please join me in welcoming new faculty members to our 3-D arts team, Laura Boyce in sculpture and ceramics and Darcy Baskin in fiber arts; also welcome Robin Reva in 2-D youth programs and community outreach.

In addition to new classes in our sculpture and fiber arts department, look for an exciting series of sculptural exhibitions throughout 2012. KAC will celebrate its 9th Sculpture Invitational Biennial in honor of our permanent collection of contemporary sculpture—most of which is outdoors in our beautiful communities, enjoyable to all free of charge, 365 days a year, and any hour of the day. I encourage you to visit the galleries and enjoy newly installed education materials, or pick up a SculpTour brochure to enjoy several pieces from our collection that are housed out of doors. Information about these artworks is available 24/7 through KAC’s Touch Tone Art program, with dialing instructions located on each sculpture pad.

Letter from eduCation

Classes begin Feb. 6, 2012. Please note, the KAC will be closed Jan. 9-25. Please fax, mail, or call in your registration at this time.

2012 Winter & Spring Class Schedule February 6 – June 2, 2012

artlab continues in 2012!

Laura Explores the artlab

Check out the new scultpure classes for 2012!

2012 Winter & Spring Class Schedule  
2012 Winter & Spring Class Schedule  

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