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gobble small plates

large plates

Son in Law Eggs - £4

Krapow Moo - £6 / £10

Deep fried, soft boiled eggs served with a tamarind dip

Spicy chilli and basil pork mince stir fry w/ rice and fried egg


Larb Gai Nuang - £5

Latiang - £12

Herby minced turkey salad served in a lettuce parcel

Stir fried pork and prawn mince served in an egg net

Miang Bites - £5

Moo Ping - £6 / £10

Sticky tamarind prawns served on betel leaves

Sweet and sticky pork chunks

Yam Samun Phrai - £4

Khao Soi - £8

Vibrant white turmeric and Thai herb salad

Curried noodle dish from Chiang Mai. Chicken and Tofu option available


Sai Oua - £5


Smoked Chiang Mai sausage made exclusively for us

Brown Jasmine Rice - £1.5 V

Single serving


Thai Prawn Crackers - £2 Thai shrimp chips

Beef Panang Curry - £7 Sweet and nutty red curry


Pork Jungle Curry - £7

Spicy curry from Northern Thailand

Khanom Krok - £4

Chicken Yellow Curry - £7

Toasted coconut milk dessert V

Mild coconut based curry Thai pumpkin option available

Sticky Rice - £4

Sweet coconut rice served with V mango and jackfruit

Vegetarian option available Vegan option available


Optional 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill


guzzle Wine WHITE Devils Creek Sauvignon 2016 NZ - £25 This bursts with passionfruit, gooseberry and peach

Acacia Road Chenin Blanc 2017 SA - £20 Bright flavours of tropical fruit and apple. Refreshing finish

Cave Hunawihr Riesling 2016 FR - £30 Classic Alsace Riesling, showing ripe pear and peach fruit. Fresh, citrussy finish

RED Parcel Series Shiraz AU - £25 Soft and rich with a hint of black pepper on the finish

Errazuriz Pinot Noir 2016 CH - £25 Well balanced oak aged with a nose of cherries and a touch of mint

Triade Negroamaro Primitivo 2015 IT - £23 Spicy dark red fruit on the palate with hints of liquorice and coffee on the finish


Soft Drinks

KAPOW! - £4

Karma cans - £2.5

Pale Ale, Hackney Brewery. 4.5%

Cola, Lemony Lemon & Gingerella

Push Eject - £4.5

Bottled Water - £3

IPA, Hackney Brewery. 6.5%

Still or Sparkling

Singha - £4 Lager, Thailand. 5%

Krapowe5 menu  
Krapowe5 menu