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Structural steel | Beam assembly and welding

Automatically programmed welding robot

Smart beam manipulators

Vision supported picking, highly accurate assembly

Infeed and outfeed for continuous flow

Beam Assembly Line Automatic assembly of attachments The Beam Assembly Line automatically picks, places and welds attachments to steel beams. In typical construction companies, this is one of the most labour intensive processes. The Beam Assembly Line gives highly consistent weld quality and accurate products, without any need for rework in the field.

Smart software With the intelligent RinasWeld production software, manual programming is not necessary. The software automatically generates all required production data based on a 3D CAD model of the end-product. It happens without human intervention; at the shop floor only the push of a start button is required.

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3D CAD import

Automatic assembly

Continuous production flow

Based on 3D CAD, RinasWeld automatically generates production tasks. Work preparation takes only a few minutes for hours of production.

Vision technology enables the robot to pick and place attachments in the right position. No human input is required, reducing operational cost.

All processes are automated in a way that no time is needed for (robot) programming. This gives a continuous flow and flexible production.

High quality welds

Integrated logistics

Easy operating

Predefined weld data is automatically applied by RinasWeld and can be logged for quality purposes. All welds are highly consistent.

The system features automatic infeed and outfeed buffers. Smart beam manipulators take care of positioning and turning for efficient production.

At the shop floor, only one supervisor is needed to operate the system. A touch screen with graphical user interface provides easy control.

Technical specifications* Video

Main specifications

Overall length Overall width Overall height Assembly technology Welding process

42,000 mm 9,800 mm 3,800 mm magnet with integrated vision MIG/MAG

Beam specifications

Length Width (max.) Weight (max.)

2,000 - 16,000 mm 600 mm 3,000 kg (incl. attachments)

Attachment specifications

Length Width Weight (max.)

100 - 1,000 mm 50 - 1,000 mm 90 kg

* Dimensions can be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Beam Assembly Line  
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