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Contents Auto Ads....................................................4 - 8 Property Ads.........................................10 - 14 Furniture Ads........................................16 - 19 Grocery Ads.........................................21 - 24 Medical Ads.........................................26 - 27 Jewellry Ads.........................................29 - 30 Restaurant Ads...................................32 - 33 Holiday Theme Ads...........................35 - 37 Page 2

Auto Ads Page 4 - 8

Page 3

• Strong Colors promotes the Top Banner.

• Similar ads can be used in Mega Sales / Big Offer Advertisements.

• Angle of the Images and Balancing is good.

• Vehicle facing perspectives looks good.

• Used Car location is grouped separately & Map is presented well.

• Light Color Background promotes Heavy Font as well as Color of the Prices.

Page 4

• Gradient Background promotes Strong Colors.

• Gradient Background promotes Strong Colors.

• Image balancing is good.

• Image balancing is good.

• Logo and Footer information is well balanced.

• Logo and Footer information is well balanced. Page 5

• Vibrant background colors are presented well.

• Vibrant background colors are presented well.

• Tag elements below the cars are presented well.

• Tag elements are used well.

• Winter theme and pastel colors suits here. • Grouping is correctly done but placing of the images can be done better. Page 6

• Background element provides a good depth to the Ad.

• Bright background is presented well.

• Summer theme and presentation is good.

• Price & Model information is provided in a better way.

• Grouping of the information is good.

• Primary Car image could have been better.

• Font elegance is good.

• Use of soft pastel colors are good. • Top information grouping could be better.

Page 7

• Grouping and Balancing looks good.

• Background presents the 3D visual.

• Middle section is well-promoted.

• Primary Car and its Shadow are well presented.

• Footer style and element sharpness is all good.

• Product can be replaced with Cars / listing(s). Page 8

Property Ads Page 10 - 14

Page 9

• Grouping and Balancing looks good. • Sections well-promoted. • Header style looks good. Page 10

• Sales representative pic is well presented & placed.

• Sales representative pic is well presented & placed.

• Property grouping Information is correctly aligned.

• Text & Sales Rep grouping Information is correctly aligned. Page 11

• Header and its shape are well presented.

• Visual alignment of the property is good.

• Sales Rep grouping information is Okay.

• Sales Rep picture which is cut-out cannot be appreciated.

• Highlighted listings and text is fine.

• Header font could have been much better. Page 12

• Grouping of the property listings is good.

• Sales Rep information and grouping is all good.

• Titles of the Sales Rep and the groupings below is good.

• Property grouping is fine as well.

• Property sections and alignment is good.

Page 13

• Group Listings looks good.

• Grouping as well as alignment is good.

• Retirement Pastel colors choice is highly appreciable.

• Sales Rep picture and information is good.

• 3 Highlighted Property grouping and presentation is good.

• Luxury properties section and font selection here is appreciable.

Page 14

Furniture Ads Page 16 - 19

Page 15

• Spacing and elegant font choice is good.

• Variety of the gray shades are good.

• Pastel colors images well placed in the Layout.

• Elements and curves are good. • Star bust idea taken out is well planned with circle and spacing. • Over all grouping is good.

Page 16

• Primary picture shapes presents the 3D visual.

• Highlighting primary category image.

• Choice of the font and mild gray gradient effect is good.

• Gradient gray presents smooth visual. • Grouping and Image presentation is good. Page 17

• Alignment and grouping is good.

• Pastel colors are presented well with Walls.

• Primary picture and Title merges well with each other & Elegant fonts.

• Grouping and font selection is also good.

• Small image angles and presentation is good.

• Square boxes are well placed. Page 18

• Pastel gradient presents the smooth visual.

• Presentation is good.

• Information and Object grouping is good.

• Color choice is good.

• Footer could have been better.

• Price and Image alignment are well presented. Page 19

Grocery Ads Page 21 - 24

Page 20

• Primary communication is good.

• Primary communication is clear.

• Curved elements & presentation is good.

• Other products informations grouping is good too.

• Over lapping images and its presentation is fine.

Page 21

• Earth tone & Orange presents the tempting visual.

• Header communication merged with the primary category.

• Grouping on the text information is good.

• Grouping is presented well for each item.

• Sections of the each area are all covered well.

• Red Check box presents the Restaurant brand identity pattern. Page 22

• Grouping is good. • Separation of the each grouping is good. • Highlighted prices looks good. Page 23

• Primary communication is good

• Party theme presented well.

• Leaf pattern Element well presented.

• Grouping of the images good.

• Grouping of images and Information well presented.

• Price Tag and informations are good. Page 24

Medical Ads Page 26 - 27

Page 25

• Visual shape and image placing is good. • Location information and map could have been moved to down.

• Primary communication picture merging with the caption. • Informations executed well. Page 26

• Image presentation and perspective presented well.

• Primary caption & image is good.

• Font choice is elegant.

• High lighting Text is good.

• Colors choice merges well with Hospital surroundings. Page 27

Jewellery Ads Page 29 - 30

Page 28

• Dark background along with design elements promotes the jewels very well. • Choice of the fonts is simple and elegant.

Page 29

• Dark background with gradient promotes the jewels very well. • Choice of the fonts is simple and elegant. • Glittering effect enhances the category well.

Page 30

Restaurant Ads Page 32 - 33

Page 31

• Festival theme and food images are presented well. • Graphical images of the city stands out with background and balances the ad.

• Country Restaurant spices and related vegetables’ background targets the primary category. • Caption fonts and subject fonts are presented well. Page 32

• Italian food menu presented with photo gallery pattern.

• Elegant Design & Primary image is well presented.

• Font style could have been better.

• Simple & minimal font usage is well presented.

• Coupons spacing fonts could have been better. Page 33

Holiday Theme Ads Page 35 - 37

Page 34

• Holiday theme and caption use are well presented.

• Christmas theme is presented well.

• Toys’ visual alignment is also good.

• Macy’s promotion images are aligned well. • Simple and elegant font choice.

Page 35

• Easter Savings theme is presented well.

• Valentine’s theme is very well used in grocery ad.

• Grouping and alignment is good.

• Choice of Shapes and style is appreciated.

• Pastel colors plays a smooth effect.

• Minimal font usage is good. Page 36

• Holiday theme expressed with the elements nicely.

• Chocolate color makes excellent overall presentation.

• Grouping of each category is good.

• Grouping and separation is good.

Page 37

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External Work book (KCS)  

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