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t’s hard to believe that (201) magazine is 5 years old. It seems like only yesterday that the first issues were being launched, as this upstart publication made its way into the homes of tens of thousands of readers. For a bit of fun, we’re publishing all the covers again, with anecdotes about how they were produced, as well updates on some of our cover subjects. We invite you to vote for your favorite, and see if your picks match ours. Record sportswriter Steve Popper travels to Florida for an interview with Hall of Fame basketball player and current assistant coach of the Orlando Magic, Patrick Ewing. Popper covered the hoops star, an Englewood Cliffs resident, during his career with the New York Knicks. With a smile and song, the Orpheus Club, a 100-year-old men’s chorus from Ridgewood, continues to please. Tuxedoclad tenors and baritones perform a variety of classical selections at their annual concert this month. We also take a trip to Santa’s – well, a Santa maker’s workshop. Kristen Bushman creates whimsical collectibles to please Jolly Ol’ St. Nick himself. We enlisted the help of Joseph Verleeza from The Little Flower Shop in Ridgewood, and Chris Raimondi and his team from Raimondi Horticultural Group in Ho-Ho-Kus, to help us create store windows for our holiday fashion feature. With more than 30 years of theatrical staging and holiday decorating between them, these seasoned professionals built a set for us that mirrored an actual department-store window. Be sure to check out the real-life mannequins that are part of the scene. The economy and the environment are two words on everyone’s lips this season. Englewood’s Peggy King Jorde found the perfect way to combine the two in her holiday entertaining – with an elegant yet completely sustainable banquet. The savvy homeowner finds cost-effective and green ways to put some pizazz in her dinner party. Finally, we thought about making this month’s “list” department a bit of fluff, but turned our attention to more serious pursuits. There are so many ways to make the holidays both memorable and meaningful – to our own families, as well as to others. We’ve created a Holiday To-Do List that should spread joy just a little bit further this season. Peace. ■






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( 2 0 1 ) M A G A Z I N E | D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 8 w w w . 2 0 1 . n e t AMELIA DUGGAN 012_EdLetter 11/11/08 2:03 PM Page 12 12