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Projects on the Outskirts Offer the best Luxury Homes in Pune The best luxury homes in Pune can now be found on the outskirts of the city. There are many reasons behind it but the biggest factor is that all luxury projects today have a healthy dose of natural beauty infused in them. Developers have realized that the beauty of nature far supersedes anything man made. Therefore, all super luxurious projects are all headed towards the green and hilly locations of the city. Soon, these projects will be the premiere properties in Pune.

Today, the city is well connected through a network of highways. Therefore, staying on the outskirts is no more considered to be an inconvenience. In fact, the outskirts of the city are the best locales as they are not congested and the nature’s beauty is present in abundance. One such amazing place is Pirangut. Located just a few kilometers from Chandni Chowk, Pirangut is peppered with verdant hills and clean water bodies. Many places here are worthy of being made into picnic locations. Imagine living in such a perfect environment. The dream of living in a magnificent place like Pirangut is being realized by K Raheja Corp. They are the premiere real estate developers with a penchant for developing amazing locations in and around Pune. They have launched Viva in Pirangut. This upscale project is a wonderful villa project offering the best luxurious homes that are cradled in the lap of nature. Magnificent aesthetics, wonderful lifestyle and a plethora of amenities are the standout of this project. K Raheja Corp has achieved the perfect blend of a lifestyle that has nature and elements of a modern life in Viva.

Viva welcomes you to the best luxury homes in Pune that will redefine the notion of luxury. Other properties in Pune will find it hard to match up to the brilliant new standards set by Viva. Living in a lush and brilliant environment like that in Pirangut is sure to have positive effects on the mind, body and soul. Visit:

Projects on the Outskirts Offer the best Luxury Homes in Pune