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For a woman in the UK the lifetime risk of developing breast  cancer is - 1 in 8

For being a victim of domestic violence

Annual Review 2012/13

can experience domestic violence and abuse.


What we do

Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) works with all affected by and experiencing all forms of domestic violence and abuse (dva) in Exeter, East and Mid Devon. Our work is part of a multi-agency strategy. It is effective. It is independent. SAFE provides a range of prevention and crisis support services to women, men, young people and children affected by and experiencing domestic violence and abuse (dva), including risk assessments, safety planning and advocacy. SAFE’s help/crisis line offering free, confidential support received nearly 2,000 calls this year.

agencies support those identified as living in high risk situations and who are referred to MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference.) The team can offer a range of legal/non-legal options and explain the criminal and justice systems and provide relevant support. This year this team received 587 referrals and demand continues to grow.

We have two experienced and dedicated teams to support those we work with. Both the Refuge and Outreach Teams have specialist workers who offer tailored support to those referred to our services: among them dedicated children’s workers and a male worker who works with boys and young men.

We also run a unique and valuable educational course: Pattern Changing aimed at supporting and empowering women’s capacity to change the course of their lives. Feedback from the women attending these courses has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming that women can learn how to make lasting differences for themselves and their children.

Our welcoming Refuge offers safe accommodation to women, children and young people and access is available 24/7. This year 69 women and 82 children and young people escaping domestic violence and abuse were offered crisis accommodation there.

SAFE collaborates and works with a wide range of voluntary and statutory agencies. Active partners in the Against Domestic Violence and Abuse Partnership (ADVA) we also work as a consortium with our fellow domestic violence service providers in South and North Devon to ensure Devon-wide consistent practice.

Our Outreach teams provide on-going support in the community to those experiencing dva either currently or in the past. This year the number of new women and men referred to our Outreach team reached 416 and a further new 203 children and young people were referred to our specialist workers.

If you are interested in our work, wish to volunteer with us, or make a donation please visit our website and make contact with us. Should you want to be kept in touch with what is going on - sign up to receive our 6-monthly Newsletter by contacting:

In addition we have a team of Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) working closely with the police within the Public Protection Unit, who together with other 3

2012-2013: The year in review A year of change, challenges and progress.

The demand for our services and pressure on the Help/Crisis Line, Refuge, Outreach and IDVA teams remains high. Management of waiting lists is ensured by processing and triage of referrals ensuring a risk assessment and safety plan to all accessing our services.

The charity’s long-standing manager and latterly CEO, stood down in November. Under her knowledgeable leadership the organisation expanded and gained the well-respected reputation as a provider of excellent services that it has in the community. Our new CEO brings the management skills and experience that have already proved invaluable as the charity moves into a yet more challenging economic environment for the voluntary sector and prepares for an anticipated tender process for the first time.

The Business Plan and funding strategy have been updated: setting objectives to drive activity and seek ways to maintain, diversify and expand funding. Material from an Away Day for the Board and another for staff has been included, ensuring collaboration and maximising innovation.

The Board of Trustees has been much enhanced by recent recruits, including our first male members, and now has a much lower average age. They are aware of the opportunities for charities that are agile and innovative. Our over-arching aim is to prepare the organisation and ensure it has robust structures for any future tendering process.

We have established a volunteer service. Our volunteers are bringing a lot of good life skills to their useful contribution to SAFE. This pilot is forming a strong foundation for future development. Despite uncertainty about the future, SAFE’s workers continue to deliver the high quality services that we at SAFE are so proud of. They and the Board, investing in our strengths, will ensure the organisation has the necessary skills, expertise and flexibility for the next stage of our development to continue to provide our range of valued and distinctive services.

After years of lobbying, this year the Government introduced a significant change widening the definition of domestic violence and abuse to include coercive control and to cover 16 and 17 year olds. This accords with our own definition and we welcome this although we anticipate an increase in the number of referrals of young women to the Refuge. 4

of the total recorded violent crime reported to Devon and Cornwall police is domestic abuse. It is a crime that continues to be hidden and unacknowledged by the public.


Stop Abuse For Everyone BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHIEF EXECUTIVE REFUGE MANAGER  Finance and Administration Worker 3 full time Support Workers 1 part time Housekeeper 1 part time Children &  Young People’s Support Worker 1 Part time Play Support Worker 3 part time Evening/Night Workers Pool of Relief Out of Hours Workers OUTREACH MANAGER 1 5  Part time Outreach  Workers 1 Full time Children & Young People’s Worker 2 part-time Young People’s Workers 1 Full time Boys and Young Men Worker 1 Part time Intake Worker  1 Part time Women’s Support Worker (Repair) Pattern Changing Volunteers OUTREACH MANAGER 2 2 Full time MARAC Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) 1 Full time Specialist Domestic Violence Court:  Independent Domestic Violence Advisor 1 Part time Women’s Safety Worker (Repair)


An average of 2 women a week are killed by a male partner or former partner every week in the UK.


Our services

We are making an impact and this has been achieved against a background of on-going and significant reductions in funding. We are reaching vulnerable adults, children and young people including those at risk of serious harm. Excellent safety and well-being outcomes are being achieved for victims of domestic violence and abuse and their families. “The support from SAFE helped my daughter to be a child again” Refuge service users

“Made me realise that I am not alone. I can now see the patterns of all my abusive relationships and understand how/why I got into them.” Pattern Changing course user

“My whole life has completely changed for the better. My children and I are now safe and able to live our lives. Before we were all trapped and very much controlled and at the risk of harm constantly. Now my children feel safe and their confidence is growing very much. They are now able to interact as they should be able to socially and are succeeding at school.”

“Knowing the effects on my kids has helped me to have boundaries and fight for boundaries for me and them while having contact with their dad.” “When I first started seeing SAFE I was an emotional wreck! They gave me guidance, support and made me realise what had happened was not my fault. They gave me the strength I needed to see my situation to the end and make sure justice was served.” IDVA service user

“My confidence in managing the situation and reducing the risk to me and the children has increased ten-fold. Of course at times it waivers but I always feel much stronger and more able to keep it in perspective after I have spoken to my SAFE worker.” Outreach service users

“As sad as it was coming to the refuge my experience and knowledge that I leave with will help me deal with difficult situations in future.” “My son had gone through so much when he came into the refuge. He was distant and did not want to play. Now he is a happy chappy. The service has helped him to believe in himself.”

“It kind of made me feel like I had someone else to talk to not just family” “I like it in the playroom I feel great and happy” Child service users


Our objectives for the coming year • To proactively promote relationships, attend events and raise awareness with local businesses and organisations to raise funds • To arrange a programme of awareness raising sessions in schools and colleges • To attract a celebrity patron

Governance • To implement, monitor, assess performance and review the Business Plan • To review the charities governing documents: Memorandum and Articles • To carry out a review of governance. • To explore the introduction of Watching Briefs • To create Trustee Biographies for staff

Service Development • To further explore ways of working with a whole family approach • To further develop and expand the Friends of SAFE • To develop Pattern Changing courses for young people • To hold an Away Day for all staff and volunteers

Financial • To review the Financial Procedures Guide and change the Financial Regulations • To appoint a new treasurer • To establish a process for attracting legacies Awareness-Raising • To increase awareness of SAFE services through media coverage and social net-working • To organise and hold an awarenessraising seminar. • To meet and inform local politicians to raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse and our work

Organisational Development • To create an Ethical Policy • To create a Social Media Policy • To complete the Environmental Policy and introduce its procedures across the organisation. • To scope gaining a further nationally recognised quality standard


Statement of Financial Activities (incorporating the income and expenditure account) For the year ended 31 March 2013 Incoming resources Incoming resources from generating funds: Voluntary income Investment income Incoming resources from charitable activities Total incoming resources

Unrestricted Restricted funds funds

Resources expended Charitable activities Governance costs Total resources expended Net income before transfers

2013 Total

2012 Total

7,321 2,507

- -

7,321 2,507

6,949 2,202

7,379 17,207

765,001 765,001

772,380 782,208

757,502 766,653

28,581 7,369 35,950 18,743

740,581 378 740,959 24,042

769,162 7,747 776,909 5,299

670,046 12,717 682,763 83,890

Transfers Gross transfer between funds Net incoming before other recognised gains and losses









Other recognised gains/losses Losses on investment assets Net movement in funds

(45) 18,788

- 24,042

(45) 5,254

(234) 83,656









Reconciliation of funds Total funds brought forward Total funds carried forward

Reserves Policy A note about our total funds: following best practice guidance Stop Abuse For Everyone continues to operate a Reserves Policy whereby funds are set aside to meet any unforeseen financial challenges that might arise in the following year. Funds at 31 March 2013 were £566,263 (2012: £561,009), of which £392,986 is reserved restricted income for on-going programmes.

Remaining unrestricted funds of £192,000 are retained to allow us to meet our obligations should the charity experienced a significant setback and would enable the Board to formulate corrective action if faced with unforeseen financial pressures. The Board has additionally introduced a series of measures to diversify its income support and achieve stable longterm funding. This strategy is designed to protect future SAFE activities and is now part of an annual year review of operations, within SAFE’s five-year Business Plan.


Stop Abuse For Everyone (A company limited by guarantee)

Balance sheet as at 31 March 2013 Fixed assets



Tangible assets Investments Current assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand

59,958 435 60,393

68,340 480 68,820

658 532,637 533,295

453 518,600 519,053

Creditors: amounts falling due within one year Net current assets Net assets

(27,425) 505,870 566,263

(26,864) 492,189 561,009

Funds Restricted funds in surplus Unrestricted income funds

392,986 173,277

368,944 192,065

Total charity funds



These summarised financial statements are not full accounts, but a summary of the information relating to both the Statement of Financial Activities and the Balance Sheet. The statutory accounts have been audited and were given an unqualified opinion with no concerns being raised. The full audited statutory accounts and trustees’ report are available on request from: J. Collier PO Box 121 Exeter EX4 2XN

The full audited statutory accounts and trustees’ report were approved by the Board on 25th July 2013 and signed on its behalf by J. Collier Trustee. They have been submitted to the Charity Commission. The summarised financial statements are consistent with the full annual statutory accounts. Thompson Jenner, 1 Colleton Crescent, Chartered Accountants, Exeter & Registered Auditors Devon EX2 4DG


24 hour free local helpline 0800 328 3070 Follow us on twitter: @SAFEservices PO Box 121 Exeter EX4 2XN Business Line: 01392 667145 Email: A non-profit making charity limited by guarantee Registered charity number 291415 Company number 01837296

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Devon and Cornwall Housing for their support and to our main funders - Community Based Support and ADVA (Against Domestic Violence and Abuse Partnership). We are also grateful for the significant contributions made by Comic Relief, Children in Need and Lloyds TSB. Various supporters throughout the year have given donations of money, which we use for the benefit of our service users and we are particularly grateful to Exeter Rotary Club. Donations of gifts, clothes, food and toiletries have also been most welcome and appreciated. We would be very grateful for future sponsorship of this report. Design: Krage Design

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The Safe Services Annual Review 2012-13  

Stop Abuse For Everyone is the only organisation in the Exeter and Devon area that specialises in the support and protection of women, men,...

The Safe Services Annual Review 2012-13  

Stop Abuse For Everyone is the only organisation in the Exeter and Devon area that specialises in the support and protection of women, men,...


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