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Working to end domestic violence and abuse for more than 30 years. Annual Report 2010/11

In the period April 2010 to March 2011


Service users supported by the Outreach & IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors) workers

2038 61

Crisis and help line calls

Children and young people accommodated in the Refuge

71 99

Women accommodated in the Refuge

Women attended Pattern Changing courses

“ I am more confident and strong, happy, I am back to being me; now I am stronger and can stand up to my rights; helped me feel better about myself and the future.” quote from a woman who has done Pattern Changing course 2

Core Values • We will be led by a commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice

• We will ensure confidentiality as a core element of good practice • We will be respectful and empathetic and advocate for the human rights of all those affected by domestic violence and abuse

• We will provide an inclusive and empowering service • We are committed to challenge and address all abusive behavior

Strategic Aims • To provide temporary and safe refuge accommodation with 24-hour

accessibility for women, children and young people escaping domestic violence and abuse.

• To provide practical and emotional support and information to all those affected by domestic violence and abuse.

• To empower those who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse to make their own choices about their lives.

• To meet the wider needs of children and young people affected

by domestic violence and abuse by supporting access to relevant services such as education, health and safeguarding.

• To act as advocates for all those who have been affected by domestic

violence and abuse to ensure their needs are met and their voices heard.

• To raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse issues through

participation in campaigns and through the provision of education and training to other agencies and organisations.

• To work in partnership with other agencies to reduce and prevent the incidence of domestic violence and abuse.


Statistics Referral Source for Outreach 2010-2011

Other Education Housing Police Other DV services Children Centre Children& Young Peoples Sevices Health Self (including Helpline)

Age of children and young people living in the Refuge 2010-2011 20 18 16 14


12 10 8


6 4 2 0

0-4 years

5-8 years

9-13 years


14-16 years

Over 16 years

Following the change of Government in May 2010 and the increasing national deficit, SAFE anticipated a reduction in funding ranging from 5% to a worse case scenario of 25% cuts. We were, therefore, devastated when Devon County Council announced its proposal to cut funding by 100%. A huge campaign, shared by the 3 Devon-wide services, was launched. Managers, delegates and supporters attended meetings, wrote and lobbied councillors and MPs. Daily press releases were taken up by the media and a series of Open Days kept the campaign in the public domain. Approximately 30% of funding was lost for the 2011-2012 financial year.

Some of the achievements of the last year • A long-standing Trustee stepped down while 2 new Trustees were appointed.

• A successful review of governance led to revision of the role and structure of the Board.

• A new group – Friends of SAFE - was launched with 4 ways for people to

get involved: as a Sub-Committee Friend, Consultant Friend, Event Friend and Subscribing Friend

• The Outreach team moved into much improved and adapted

accommodation with separate offices, a training room, better facilities and increased security.

• Successful bids were made to the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice for 2012 funding for Independent Domestic Violence Advisors.

• A working group developed a policy, handbook and

support system for volunteers in preparation for their imminent recruitment.

• Preliminary reports from a Best Value review into SAFE services by CAADA demonstrate that SAFE offers high quality support with the majority of service users reporting positive outcomes.


Personnel and Services • 1 full-time Manager • 1 full-time Finance/Administration Worker


• practical & emotional support and information to women and children and young people (CYP) • provision of 24-7 access to services • provision of Devon-wide out of hours refuge referral system • assessment of need • risk assessment • individual support plans for each woman and CYP • advocacy work for women and CYP • specialist support for CYP living at the refuge, both individually and in groups • support with parenting issues • liaison with schools, playgroups, nurseries • play and other activities for children to encourage self expression • referral to other agencies and services when appropriate, such as mental health services, drug & alcohol services, children’s services • support with re-housing and with re-settlement into the community • training for other agencies and organisations THE TEAM IN THE REFUGE • 1 full - time Assistant Manager • 1 part - time Housekeeper • 3 full - time Support Workers • 1 part - time Children and Young People’s Support Worker • 1 part - time Children and Young People’s Support Worker Assistant** • 2 part - time Play Support Workers** • 3 part - time Evening/Night Workers • A pool of Out of Hours Relief Workers


• practical and emotional support both face to face and over the phone to those in the Exeter, East and Mid Devon communities affected by domestic violence • information about refuges, housing, legal issues, benefits • risk assessment and safety planning • specialist support for young women • specialist support for children and young people • a 24 hour free – phone help-line • referral and support through the MARAC process • support through legal and court processes (IDVA) 6

• liaison and referrals between IDVA and Outreach • awareness-raising in schools and youth clubs • resettlement for women who have left the refuge • referral to other agencies and refuges • access to a dedicated Mental Health Worker • provision of Pattern Changing courses • specialist support, risk assessment and liaison for women whose partners are on community (Repair) and Probation Perpetrator Programmes • support for children and young people whose parents/carers are involved with the Repair programme • participation in the local Domestic Violence Forum and the promotion of a multi-agency approach in relation to domestic violence. This includes the Exeter Domestic Abuse Safety Unit (EDASU), the Repair Programme (Resolved to Ending Power and Abuse in Relationships), the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and the Devon Domestic Violence Partnership (ADVA) THE OUTREACH TEAM • 1 full-time Assistant Manager • 1 part-time Outreach Worker (Exeter)** • 1 full-time Outreach Worker (Mid Devon)** • 1 part-time Outreach Worker (East Devon)** • 1 full-time Outreach Worker (Exeter, East and Mid Devon)** • 1 part-time Outreach Worker (Exeter & East Devon)** • 1 full-time Young People’s Worker – Exeter** • 1 full-time Young People’s Worker - Mid & East Devon** • 1 full-time Children’s and Young People’s (CYP) Outreach Worker (linked to Repair and also supporting other CYP in the community) • 1 part-time Women’s Safety Worker (Repair) • 1 part-time Group Work Facilitator for Young People (ended August 2010)** • 1 part-time Linkworker attached to the Children’s Centre in Tiverton (began November 2010) • 1 part-time Pattern Changing Coordinator** • 2 full-time IDVAs (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors) co-located with the police at EDASU (Exeter Domestic Abuse Safety Unit):- to support high risk victims identified through the MARAC process – Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference • 1 full-time SDVC IDVA attached to the Specialist Domestic Violence Court • 1 part-time male victim IDVA to support male victims identified through MARAC and also those being referred to the outreach projects** • 1 part time Mental Health Worker** • 1 sessional counselor** Note: **denotes lost or reduced services from April 2011


Statement of Financial Activities (incorporating the income and expenditure account) For the year ended 31 March 2011 Unrestricted funds

Restricted funds

2011 Total

2010 Total

Incoming resources Incoming resources from generating funds: Voluntary income Investment income Incoming resources from charitable activities

4,077 2,992

889 -

4,966 2,992

1,247 3,337





Total incoming resources





25,977 11,800

727,249 -

753,226 11,800

749,395 10,871





(10,813) -

83,993 -

73,180 -

14,085 -

(10,813) (158) (10,971)

(83,993) 83,993

73,180 (158) 73,022

14,085 415 14,500









Resources expended Charitable activities Governance costs Total resources expended Net income before transfers Gross transfer between funds Net incoming before other recognised gains and losses Gains (losses) on investment assets Net movement in funds Reconciliation of funds Total funds brought forward Total funds carried forward

All incoming resources and resources expended derive from continuing activities. Reserves Policy A note about our total funds: Stop Abuse For Everyone operates a Reserves Policy whereby funds are set aside to meet any unforeseen financial challenges that might arise in the following year. The balance of funds at 31 March 2011 was £477,353 (2010: £404,331). Much of this (£309,807) is restricted income for specifically funded on-going programmes of activity. The remaining unrestricted funds of £167,546 include a business continuity contingency to underwrite day to day cash flow and general operating expenses. This unrestricted balance is seen as sufficient to enable the Board to take corrective action if faced with unforeseen financial pressures. Due to the potential difficulties facing charities in the current economic climate, the Board has additionally introduced a series of measures to diversify its income support and achieve stable long term funding. This strategy is designed to protect future SAFE budgets and is now part of a five year review of operations.


Stop Abuse For Everyone (A company limited by guarantee)

Balance sheet as at 31 March 2011 Fixed assets



74,602 714 75,316

48,444 872 49,316

998 439,316 440,314

708 466,583 467,291

Creditors: amounts falling due within one year Net current assets Net assets

(38,277) 402,037 477,353

(112,276) 355,015 404,331

Funds Restricted funds in surplus Total unrestricted funds

309,807 167,546

225,814 178,517

Total charity funds



Tangible assets Investments Current assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand

These summarised financial statements are not full accounts, but a summary of the information relating to both the Statement of Financial Activities and the Balance Sheet. The statutory accounts have been audited and were given an unqualified opinion with no concerns being raised. The full audited statutory accounts and trustees’ report are available on request from: J. Collier PO Box 121 Exeter EX4 2XN The full audited statutory accounts and trustees’ report were approved on 31st August 2011 and have been submitted to the Charity Commission. This report was approved by the trustees on 31st August 2011 and signed on its behalf by J. Collier Trustee. The summarised financial statements are consistent with the full annual statutory accounts. Thompson Jenner, 1 Colleton Crescent, Chartered Accountants, Exeter & Registered Auditors Devon EX2 4DG


“ Quotes

I was offered help with contacting a nursery, health visitor and educational psychologist. Support was very good. I needed and received care and support. I would not have been able to move on with my life without the kind of care that I received. This service has to remain in existence for women and children. (Refuge resident)

I felt the children’s workers were wonderful with my son. They did a great job and really helped him settle in and gain conďŹ dence to be more independent. (Refuge resident)

Pattern Changing has changed my life so much, because not only has it given me the strength to be strong and more assertive but it has given me my self respect back. It has made me see that I am worth more than being a victim and that I can make realistic goals in my life and achieve them. I am also happy to be out of the abusive relationship. (Outreach client)


Looking ahead Our objectives for the coming year.

• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

To prepare the organisation and ensure it has robust structures for any future tendering process To develop a 5 year Funding Strategy - to maintain levels of funding for all projects from diverse sources & to explore additional sources of funding for all core services. To establish a formal Devon Consortium agreement between the 3 specialist domestic violence organisations in Devon to bring about closer collaboration, shared aims, strategies and funding bids and to ensure consistency and good practice between them. To increase awareness of SAFE services through internal and external use of media coverage To write a Newsletter to keep our supporters and Friends in touch with changes and the effects of funding cuts To meet and inform local politicians and policy makers: to raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse and our work To appoint new Trustees To further develop and expand the Friends of SAFE. To continue work to implement more robust systems to counteract computer systems failure and loss of data To update workers contracts To establish volunteers and involve service users in these roles To develop closer links with SEEDS (Survivors Empowering Educating Domestic Abuse Services) To continue the development and review of all needed policies and identify and carry out any associated training To continue to explore possible funding sources to grow management capacity and establish more realistic levels of management workload To create a system of Virtual Handovers for the 3 Managers and Finance Worker as contingency for unexpected/protracted absences. To develop and improve internal communications by creating a shared resource bank


PO Box 121 Exeter EX4 2XN Business Line: 01392 667145 Email: Website: 24 hour free local helpline 0800 328 3070 A non-profit making charity limited by guarantee Registered charity number 291415 Company number 01837296 Design: Krage Design

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Devon and Cornwall Housing Association for their support and to our main funders Devon Supporting People and ADVA (Against Domestic Violence and Abuse Partnership). We are also grateful for the significant contributions made by Barnardo’s, the Tudor Trust and the Quakers. Various supporters throughout the year have given donations of money, which we use for the benefit of our service users. Donations of gifts, clothes, food and toiletries have also been most welcome and appreciated. We would be very grateful for future sponsorship of this report.

Your support would be very welcome Could you join us? Become a Friend of SAFE see our website for details

SAFE Annual Report 20101-2011  

Stop Abuse For Everyone is a registered charity and provides Refuge and Support Services through our Outreach team for people of all ages af...

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