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Introduction Salix provide sustainable, ecologically sound answers to the challenges found in soil and riverbank erosion, inland dredging, water based civil engineering, wetlands and habitat creation projects across the UK. Utilising innovative bioengineering solutions, allied with our capabilities in more traditional civil engineering techniques, we aim to build with nature in delivering cost effective, environmentally sensitive solutions on either, a design supply and build or supply only basis with project values from ÂŁ1000 to over ÂŁ2m. At Salix we own and operate our own nurseries, growing the largest selection of native wetland plants in the country, and are the sole manufacturer of coir rolls and pre- established coir erosion control systems in the UK. We are able to provide just a few hundred wildflower plants right through to supplying over 20 kilometres of our coir

based erosion control and habitat creation systems for a single landmark project. Either operating as a main contractor or a specialist sub-contractor, we are able to field our own plant and experienced installation teams, supported by strong in-house technical support. Our ability to combine pioneering bioengineering techniques with a sensitive approach to dredging, sheet piling and earthworks in wet or soft ground conditions, often working from floating platforms, enables us to deliver sustainable, practical solutions that compliment the natural environment and add to biodiversity and improve water quality.

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Battlebridge Inter-tidal habitat revetment two years on’

Salix strive to achieve harmony between hard civil engineering techniques and our ecologically sound alternatives

From our foundation in 2004 at the National Wetlands Centre in Llanelli, Salix expanded into a specialist wetland plant nursery in the Gower, Swansea, during late 2005. Our business then grew again with the addition of a 20 acre wetland nursery in Norfolk during 2006. Salix are now the UK’s largest producer of native wetland plants and we are the UK’s sole manufacturer of coir rolls. Our Norfolk nursery is the largest producer of pre-established coir products in Europe.

Salix are founding members of the “European Soil & Water Engineering Group” (ESWEG) a Europe- wide network of erosion control and bioengineering experts. Working closely with companies from France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Scandinavia allows us to expand our knowledge base and expertise. Collectively the members of ESWEG have completed over 1000 bioengineering projects. ESWEG are responsible for new, innovative products within the industry and carry out extensive research and independent testing. Further afield, Salix also have a close relationship with bioengineering companies in the USA and enjoy exclusive UK rights to the North American Green (NAG) erosion control product range, now also manufactured in Europe.



“Atkins has worked with Salix on a number of projects, collaborating on design concept, trialling and implementation. We have found their experience valuable in delivering cost effective and environmentally functional solutions.”

From concept to completion, our experience, design capability and installation teams deliver sustainable bioengineering techniques that address the challenges found in scour protection, soil erosion, habitat creation and mitigation projects. We recognise that certain components of any project may require the use of concrete, steel or imported aggregates, however our designers always work to minimise the impact of these hard techniques, proving that a mix of hard and soft techniques can still be considered a bioengineered solution. Our past projects have demonstrated that there are cost savings in using bioengineering solutions in place

of hard revetments and that our environmentally sensitive revetments are often more durable. Employing a solutions driven specialist such as Salix at concept stage can bring tangible benefits to your project. Salix can demonstrate solutions designed in accordance with the Water Framework Directive particularly in regards to ecological concerns in existing degraded bodies of water and

At Merthyr Bedlinog we offered a solution to replace an existing concrete lined drainage channel using our V-Max C 350 product to provide a greatly enhanced channel from a biodiversity and sustainability viewpoint in accordance with SUDS principles.


the control of diffuse pollution such as sediment from soil erosion. Salix offer specialist advice at design stage to clients such as Contractors, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Ecologists. We provide design calculations and sections, performance data, specification sheets and indicative costs, and can often give value engineered alternatives to main contractors on site.

The River Ebbw one year after restoration works

Insurance Salix carry Professional Indemnity Insurance for ecological works with speciďŹ c cover for erosion control projects and their design.


Riverbank Erosion Wetlands

Our bioengineering revetment suceeded in creating effective inter-tidal sediment traps Bank erosion is a natural process and is an important source of sediment for natural river systems. Indeed, certain habitats and species would not exist were it not for actively eroding banks. Where accelerated erosion occurs, usually as a result of human activities, watercourses, rivers and channel systems are thrown out of equilibrium and damage is done which nature alone cannot repair.


This loss of natural balance can further threaten adjacent land with subsequent potential for damage to infrastructure and property. Salix are the UK’s leading riverbank erosion control specialist, having undertaken many kilometres of bioengineering and structural revetments throughout the country. Our bioengineering solutions provide good ecological habitat which meet the Water Framework Directive criteria whilst addressing engineering stability requirements.

We have extensive experience in hybrid solutions which combine structural and bioengineering elements. Salix have co-authored and contributed to government agencies guidance manuals for riverbank erosion including freshwater and inter tidal environments

Lakes,based PondsCivil andEngineering Shorelines Water

Salix can provide a comprehensive range of services for lake construction and restoration. We undertake earthworks and dredging, lining, water control structures and wetland planting.

From urban lakes to reservoirs and inter tidal shorelines, Salix can advise and construct suitable bioengineering solutions that stop erosion and provide diverse marginal and emergent habitat.

Most bioengineering techniques are suitable for the long-term protection of eroding or exposed lake and reservoir shorelines. A wide margin of wetland plants absorbs wave energy whilst supporting valuable wildlife habitats.


Wetlands 4. Wetlands

We specialise in integrated constructed wetland and habitat creation schemes, within the context of storm water and wastewater management. The basis of the SUDS approach is the use of water management technologies such as grass swales, constructed wetlands and inďŹ ltration basins within a treatment circuit to achieve the water ow and quality targets. We work with natural processes and materials to create robust, ecologically stable systems that do not require high levels of maintenance.


Habitat Creation Salix specialise in working within sensitive environments including SSSI’s and SAC sites. We employ a highly trained workforce that has experience of working in such environments often using specialist machinery.

Diverse marginal and bank side vegetation can be established using mature pre-established coir rolls and pallets. Locally harvested tree trunks have been used to create double flow deflectors, we have also incorporated large backwaters in line with, and downstream of the resulting enhanced reach, to complete the new environment.

In the creation or improvement of habitats, Salix employ a range of techniques to enhance degraded stream channels. Using gravel to create riffles and point bars in existing channels concentrates and revives water flow.

Our expertise in ecological contracting encompasses a range of mitigation measures creating new habitats for fish, newts, water voles and other protected species.

Our work at Soham was specifically designed to provide habitats for water voles

Our solutions are found across many sectors including Rail, Commercial Development, Flood Defence Schemes and major infrastructure projects.


Building with Nature

Whether in wet or dry areas Salix adopt a sensitive approach to the surrounding environment. We minimise the impact of heavy plant by using specialist oating equipment, long reach and low ground pressure machines. Our own experienced staff operate this plant, all of whom are alert to the special considerations presented by the environment we are working in.


We are able to combine both soft and hard engineering techniques to offer value engineered solutions in both wet and ecologically sensitive environments. By combining the right tools and people for the job we are able to conďŹ dently undertake a variety of civil engineering techniques including earthworks, de silting and dredging, sheet piling, landscaping, reinforced concrete, lining and drainage tasks in the most challenging and sensitive of environments.


Soil Erosion Control The rapidity of grass growth when using HydraCX is exceptional Network Rail

Soil should not simply be viewed as a “growing medium”, but a unique habitat, containing whole and fragmented ecosystems which are dynamic and evolve over time. Land disturbance and construction activities can expose this valuable resource, resulting in irreversible damage and difficulty in establishing vegetation. In the context of the Water Framework Directive, sediment release into water courses is unacceptable as fine sediment is devastating to aquatic ecosystems. Salix undertake erosion and sediment control works throughout the UK and can advise on the most suitable techniques and materials. We can also advise on suitable vegetation for each specific soil type. Hydra CX HydraCX is a hydraulically applied erosion control product that can be more efficient than using geotextiles. Hydra CX is 100% natural, consisting of reclaimed cotton and straw fibres, together with tackifiers and polymers that chemically bond the soil particles.


Salix offer a range of soil erosion control products, please see our Products Section for further details

HydraCX being sprayed onto regraded embankments to prevent erosion and establish vegetation rapidly without importing topsoil.


Our Products

Salix specialise in providing a large range of the highest quality products for use in aquatic and terrestrial bioengineering products nationwide. On these pages is a brief overview

of the range of products available from us on a Supply Only basis, for more detailed information and speciďŹ cations please refer to

Revetments & Habitat Creation

Rock Rolls

Dagenham Wetlands Rock Roll and Rock Roll Mattresses Rock Rolls and Rock Roll Mattresses are a robust and permanent revetment for use around reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks. They are cost-effective revetments that are suitable alternatives to rock rip rap and gabions in many scour applications.

Rock Roll Mattresses

Brushwood Fascines Brushwood Fascines are constructed from coppiced branches for use as a sustainable revetment.

Brushwood Fascines

Coir Rolls: pre- planted growing at our nursery

Live Willow Revetments Salix are highly experienced in constructing all types of living willow revetment works.


Coir Rolls are an organic, living revetment that provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment. Salix have developed a range of speciďŹ c species mixes for use in all types of water bodies.

Erosion Control

V-Max C350 Native Wetland Plants Salix are the UK’s largest grower of native wetland and wildflower plants

The VMax range of products offer long term erosion protection and vegetation establishment whilst permanently reinforcing vegetation. All our VMax turf reinforcement mats are built around a permanent, non degradable three dimensional matting structure and consist of either 100% synthetic components or a combination of synthetic and natural materials.

Floating islands Floating Islands provide valuable ecological habitat, fish refuge cover and water purification within open water environments.

V-Max P550

Coir Pallets Salix manufacture and pre-establish high quality Coir Pallets with mature marginal vegetation

V-Max Shear Stress Turf

These unique systems enable vegetation to be used in areas where forces exerted by water exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation. Typical applications include high flow channels, stream banks, shorelines, spillways and areas where rock rip rap, articulated concrete blocks and poured concrete were once the only suitable alternatives for erosion control.


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Salix River & Wetland Services Limited A4 brochure  

Salix provide sustainable, ecologically sound answers to the challenges found in c across the UK. Utilising innovative bioengineering solu...

Salix River & Wetland Services Limited A4 brochure  

Salix provide sustainable, ecologically sound answers to the challenges found in c across the UK. Utilising innovative bioengineering solu...