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In order to understand how children see and react within their environment, to me it was necessary to explore their non- corrupt, non- suggested realitypure, clean view of life. And the best place to start is with their drawings- as we all have been given a pen and a paper when young. Once the tools are at hand- we can self express and draw anything that we see around us.

Viral marketing campaign

animation interactive live action

1-3 minutes




Creating storyboard

In the process of developing characters I also experimented with trying to draw and write like a child. This to me was quiet difficult as I already have developed a certain way of understanding letters and lines- so in order to do this the best solution was to draw with left hand as it has less control over pen or pencil.

Making the characters work

Fill/ outline/ texture

Landscape and other elemenets

Barnardo's Big Toddle  
Barnardo's Big Toddle  

A sketch book for Barnardos Big Toddle video