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The Queens Head Inn & Restaurant Lunchtime Meals & Snacks

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Light Bites Fresh homemade soup £4.45 Served with homemade bread

Homemade classic chicken liver pate £6.45 Served with port wine jelly, homemade bread & warm toast

Fresh salmon & herb potato cakes £6.95

Served with cucumber & yoghurt dressing on mixed baby leaves

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese soufflé £6.95

Twice baked & served on a caramelised onion chutney with a creamy cheese sauce

Fresh seafood & herb pancake with Parmesan £7.95 An homemade fresh herb crepe with fresh seafood, served with a fresh wine & Parmesan sauce

Freshly cut sandwiches & filled baguettes Served in white or granary bread Brie cheese & cranberry sauce baguette £4.95 Roast beef with horseradish £3.50 (Baguette £4.95) Stuffed chine £3.50 (Baguette £4.95) Cheese with pickle or onion £3.50 (Baguette £4.95) Tuna mayonnaise £3.50 (Baguette £4.95) Prawn mayonnaise £4.95 (Baguette £6.45) Portion of homemade chipped potatoes £1.95

Lunchtime Specials A choice of freshly prepared dishes from the lunchtime specials board Available Tuesday to Saturday lunchtimes £5.95

Salads Chicken Caesar salad £8.95 With Caesar dressing & garlic croutons

Stuffed chine salad with mixed pickles £8.95 Served with crusty bread (Starter size £5.95)

Hot & cold fresh seafood platter £14.95 (Large) Served with lime & garlic mayonnaise dip (Starter size £7.95)

Traditional roast beef salad £8.95 Cold roast fore-rib of beef served with mixed pickles

Prawn, pineapple & smoked salmon salad £9.95 With a lime & garlic mayonnaise dressing (Starter size £6.95)

Smoked chicken, avocado & walnut salad £8.95 Served on a bed of baby leaves with smoked oil dressing

All served with a basket of fresh homemade bread

Fish Whole tail breaded scampi £8.95 Served with homemade chips, dressed salad & fresh lemon

Traditional battered fresh Grimsby haddock £8.95 Served with homemade chips with salad & mushy peas

Poached halibut steak with prawn velouté £14.95 Served with a white wine & prawn sauce, garnished with grapes

Tarts & Quiche All £8.95 Salmon & smoked haddock tartlet Goat’s cheese & sun-blushed tomato tartlets Lincolnshire Poacher cheese & leek Quiche All served with new potatoes, dressed salad or a selection of fresh vegetables

A little more substantial Baked beef lasagne with home-baked bread £8.95 Served with a dressed salad or a selection of fresh vegetables

Lincolnshire sausages with creamy mash £8.95

Served on creamy mashed potatoes with fresh vegetables

Homemade steak & kidney suet pudding £10.95

Served with a selection of vegetables, potatoes & homemade chipped potatoes

Homemade lamb moussaka £8.95 Served with Greek style salad & freshly baked crusty bread

Pan-fried steaks Gammon steak with freshly peeled pineapple £11.95 Lincolnshire 10 oz sirloin steak £13.95 Lincolnshire 10oz rump or rib-eye steak £12.95 Lincolnshire 8oz fillet steak £16.95 All our steaks are served with homemade onion rings, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and a selection of fresh vegetables & homemade chipped potatoes

Desserts & Coffee Various homemade puddings from the chalkboard £5.45 A selection of both hot and cold homemade puddings from the board

Dennett’s of Spilsby traditional Lincolnshire ice creams £4.95 A vast selection of flavours available, served with wafers

Local cheese board with celery, grapes & crackers £6.95

A selection of locally produced cheese to include Lincolnshire Poacher, Stilton, Lincoln Blue, Local Goats Cheese & Mature Red Leicester, in addition to others rotated from time to time.

Freshly brewed filter coffee with mint chocolate £1.70

Speciality Coffees Various liqueur coffees £4.65 Espresso coffee £1.80 Cappuccino coffee £2.05 Latte coffee £2.05 Floater coffee £2.15

Wines at Lunchtime Get £1 off any bottle of wine ordered between 12-noon & 2pm Browse our extensive wine list overleaf

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Our lunchtime menu is designed to be less formal & competitively priced, however our full extensive evening a la carte menu is also available

Queens Head Restaurant Wine List This is the section of our Wine List which is a joy to write. We look for quality and value in making our selection. We hope you enjoy these wines as much as we enjoyed finding them.

Our Selection of recommended white wines 1. Eagles Point Vat 21 Dry White (2) £10.95 £2.85 £3.75 A blend of Colombard and Chardonnay. This wine has a spicy melon like fruit bouquet, the palate is soft and fruity with a good length and a soft dry finish 2. Colombard - Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne (3) £10.95 £2.85 £3.75 Lovely wine from the Plaimont Co-operative famed for their delicious, aromatic white wines. This lively, refreshing Colombard is slightly floral and fruity with hints of peach, grapefruit and fresh almonds.The after note is light, fruity and off-dry.

Our Selection of recommended red wines 10. Eagles Point Vat 4A, Victoria, Australia (C) £10.95 £2.85 £3.75 A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, careful blending, coupled with limited skin contact during fermentation produces soft tannins for easy drinking. Medium in colour, ripe berry fruit nose and a very pleasant lingering finish. 4. Merlot - El Picador, Central Valley, Chile (B) £10.95 £2.85 £3.75 A charming example of a well made wine of great appeal. Pronounced nose with a palate full of soft fruit flavours and ripe jammy tones. Rosé Wine 29 Pure Rosé –VDQS, Plaimont, France £11.95 £3.00 £4.00 Lovely delicate fruit with a medium dry edge.

THE SHORT LIST WHITES 1. Eagles Point Vat 21 Estate Bottled, Riverland - Australia (2) 10.95 This wine is a blend of Colombard and Chardonnay and has a spicy melon like fruit bouquet, the palate is soft and fruity with a good length and a soft dry finish. 6. Black River Chardonnay - Hungary (1) 10.95 The Black River project aims to get the best out of this emerging wine nation. New Zealand winemakers help produce this collaboration, well balanced, buttery fruit with a touch of green apple acidity. A delightful wine that slips down all to easily. 7. Piesporter Michelsberg R.Muller - Germany (4) 10.95 Beautiful floral aromas and elegantly fruity on the palate with a hint of acidity to keep it well balanced. Probably still the most popular Mosel wine produced. 8. Pure Pinot Grigio – Trentino – Italy (2) 11.95 Herbaceous notes to a citrus nose with slight hints of asparagus, so typical of good Sauvignon. On the palate it’s clean and grassy with a bright, almost sherbet lemon finish. 9. Los Vilos Chardonnay - Chile (2) 11.95 From Concha y Toro, who have produced a benchmark for Chilean wines. A delicious mouthful of pure unadulterated fruit with light oak-ageing, hints of peach and grapefruit on the palate and a lovely lingering finish. Wine taste guide 1 = Dry 6 = Sweet and A = Light & Fruity E = Full Bodied

REDS 10. Eagles Point Vat 4A Cabernet Merlot - Australia (C) 10.95 A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, careful blending, coupled with limited skin contact during fermentation produces soft tannins for easy drinking. Medium in colour, ripe berry fruit nose and a very pleasant lingering finish. 11. Black River Merlot - Romania (B) 10.95 We have yet to find a better value Merlot than this one. Romanian grapes, New Zealand wine makers and German technology. The result a really juicy wine with great freshness and forward plummy fruit . 12. Los Vilos Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile (C) 11.95 Ripe red berry aromas, vibrantly fruity with spice and blackcurrants on the palate. Richly flavoured, excellent balance and cracking value. 13. Drakensberg Cinsaut Cabernet - South Africa (B) 11.95 Here we have a blend of Cinsaut, a native of the Rhone Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon. On the nose it has redberry fruits and a hint of oak. On the palate it is medium bodied with soft mellow tannins. 14. Rioja Vega Sin Crianza - Spain (C) 11.95 Rich and succulent fruits derived from careful maceration and an early bottling. CHAMPAGNE & SPARKLING WINE 15. House Champagne - Baron de Beaupre Brut - France (1) 25.00 After many tastings we plump for this as our House Champagne. An excellent value for money Champagne from the small family firm of Ellner based in Epernay in the heart of the region. A very well made wine, with a clean fresh bouquet, crisply dry on the palate and a fine balance to the finish. 16. Laurent Perrier Brut - France (1) 32.50 One of the most succesful and popular Champagnes. Mainly Pinot Noir with some Meunier and Chardonnay. Light and well balanced with an excellent pris de mousse. 16a. Dom Perignon - France (1) 115.00 Elegant in style with undertones of almond on the palate with a gloriously long finish. This wine is a testament to Moet’s supreme skill in selection and blending of some of the finest cuvees, all from the Premiere Cru 100% vineyards. 17. Pol Roger White Foil Brut - France (1) 32.50 Among the very few elite ‘Grande Marque’ houses remaining in independent family ownership. Under the guidance of Hubert de Billy, their wines are renowned not only for their exceptional quality, but also as the personal choice of Sir Winston Churchill. He even went so far as to name one of his racing fillies ‘Pol Roger’, probably a good excuse for celebration if it won. 18. ‘S’ Brut Sparkling - Australia (2) 16.00 This is a world beater of a wine which combines all the exuberant rich flavours so popular in Australian wine with a fresh clean structure and sophisticated sparkle. Recently voted No. 1 sparkling wine from Australia by TV’s Food & Drink programme. 18a Cremant de Bourgogne 2003 – Jean-Marc Brocard 18.75 This Cremant Blanc de Noirs is a blend of red grape varieties used for the Grands Vins of Burgundy. This wine is made from the traditionnal method, the one used for Champagne. It drinks well with smoked salmon and foie gras.

Wine taste guide 1 = Dry 6 = Sweet and A = Light & Fruity E = Full Bodied

LIGHT, FRUITY & MEDIUM WHITES 19. Avondale Estate Chenin Blanc 2005 – South Africa (2) 15.25 Made by the talented Bertus Albertyn on the Avondale Estate, crisp and frsh with a lovely balance of fresh fruit and racy acidity . 20. Waipara Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2004 (3) 18.75 From the Marlborough region in South Island, made famous by Cloudy Bay, this wine has many of the characteristics of its illustrious neighbour with a full gooseberry fruit character and a rich mineral finish 21. Pinot Blanc, Cave de Pfaffenheim 2004 - Alsace (1) 12.95 A very important grape variety here in Alsace, where it produces brilliant fresh flavoured wines. A clean and grapey palate is enhanced even more by a delicious finish. CRISP DRY UN-OAKED WHITES 22. Macon La Roche Vineuse Oliver Merlin 2004 - Burgundy (1) 18.50 Olivier Merlin has quickly gained a reputation as one of the finest winemakers outside the Cote d’Or. Delicate chalky, mineral notes with cool melon flavous and a crisp zesty finish that cleans the palate. 23. Sancerre “Le Perrier” 2004 - Domaine Thomas - Loire (1) 21.95 This small 12 hectare estate situated in the village of Verdigny, is now run by the 9th generation of the same family. This winery, however, is very much in the modern mould, having been rebuilt five years ago. The emphasis is on purity of fruit, with only natural yeasts used, to enhance the complexity of the wine. Clean fresh cut grass on the bouquet, overt and expansive palate with ripe gooseberries giving an added weight. 24. Un-wooded Chardonnay Hamilton Ewell 2005 - South Australia (2) 18.95 One of the oldest vineyards in Australia, un-oaked wines tend to be more elegant with a pure varietal fruit style. Aromas of vibrant tropical fruit, pineapple, some apricot with a long crisp clean finish 25. Chablis ‘Domaine des Manants’ Brocard 2004 - Burgundy (1) 20.95 This Domaine strongly believes in maintaining the purity of the fruit and expressing the true characteristics of the ‘terroir’, Brocard says “my wines get their character from the roots”. Bags of ripe citrus fruit, immense concentration with a minerally edge, well balanced crisp acidity, a superb example of its type. 26. Pouilly Fuissé Domaine Roger Luquet (2) 24.95 This is a fine example of an excellent Pouilly Fuissé. Rich and flattering to the nose, laden with aromas and good fruit, mellow and complex. FULL BODIED OAKED WHITES 27. Avondale Estate Chardonnay Reserve 2005 - South Africa (2) 18.95 Since taking over this estate in 1996 the Grieve family have turned it into one of the finest in the Cape. Great Chardonnay style with flavours of nuts and limes but still a typical butteriness clearly evident on the aftertaste, which lingers beautifully. 28. Angels Flight Chardonnay - California (3) 16.95 The Indelicato winery was founded in totally true to varietal character this Chardonnay has a clean floral apple and pear aroma, tropical fruit flavours on the palate and a hint of apples on the lingering finish. Named after the famous funicular railway in Los Angeles

Wine taste guide 1 = Dry 6 = Sweet and A = Light & Fruity E = Full Bodied

ROSE 29 Pure Pink – VDQS Plaimont (3) 11.95 A super Rosé from South West France. Refreshing wine with well balanced fruit, fairly dry on the palate with an abundance of summer fruit flavours. 30 El Picador Merlot Rosé - Chile (4) 14.95 A delicate, refreshing wine with enticing fruit, floral and spice notes that enliven the aromas and lightly sweet, balanced flavours. The pretty, pastel colour and array of strawberry, ripe apple and watermelon flavours come from gently pressed red Zinfandel grapes. MELLOW MEDIUM BODIED REDS 31 Fleurie Domaine de Gry-Sablon 2004 - Burgundy (B) 20.95 An old established family company only dealing in the top end of the market in terms of quality. Light violet aromas with subtle hints of ripe banana, firm juicy fruit on the palate, good balance with round tannins at the end. Still the most popular Cru Beaujolais and deservedly so. 32. Craneford Private Selection Merlot 2003 - Australia (B) 17.95 Wow! What a wine, packed with plummy succulence from the 100% Barossa fruit. It also has depth and concentration of red plums on the nose and a palate that melts seamlessly into a supple and lingering fine finish. 33. Cotes du Ventoux ‘La Vieille Ferme’ 2004 - Rhone (C) 15.95 La Vieille Ferme means The Old Farm, this modern winery is on the site of the old family homestead, owned by Jean-Pierre Perrin of the Chateau Beaucastel fame. Big violet-purple colour, on the nose it’s full almost fragrant but still with robust tannins. Well balanced on the finish and showing much better than its lowly classification, excellent value for money wine. 34. Portal del Alto Carmenere 2004 – Chile (C) £16.95 Deep violet red. Great aromatic intensity, with a dominance of black fruit such as blackberry, black cherry, and spiced notes characteristic of the variety and the barrel ageing. 35. Chianti Villa Cafaggio 2003, Tuscany - Italy (C) 19.75 A charming estate situated deep in the Tuscany region. Grapes are hand harvested with 100% destemming. The wine has a bouquet of violets and herbs, cherry flavours on the palate, rounded off by 12 months ageing in Slovenian oak casks, compex but refined. BIG FULL BODIED ROBUST REDS 36. Julia 2001/2004 - Avondale - South Africa (E) 18.95 Fermented in stainless steel tanks followed by 13 months ageing in 80% new French oak and 20% in 2nd fill American oak. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc is a fabulous wine that would knock many fine Clarets of their pedestals. 37. Shiraz Hugo Estate 2003 - Australia (E) 21.95 The Hugo vineyards were established in 1950 by Colin Hugo, and in 1970 his son came into the family business exerting new influence and ideas in vineyard management and winemaking techniques. Now totally run by John and Liz Hugo, the winery has 20 hectares planted and only produce wine from their own vineyards. Rich sweet berried fruit nose - velvety smooth with full spicy Shiraz fruit supported by soft vanilla from the American oak ageing. 38. Cabernet Merlot Malbec 2002 - Hawkes Bay Estate - New Zealand (D) 22.95 Winemaker Kate Radburnd raves about New Zealand reds and it’s easy to see why with wines like this one. 52% Cabernet Sauvignon and 31% Merlot gives a rich soft mouthfilling wine, while 17% Malbec gives structure and backbone. Sweet ripe berry flavours, generous soft tannins with warm spicy overtones show New Zealand reds have finally come of age, culminating in their being awarded both the Cabernet Merlot and Bordeaux trophies at last year’s International Wine Challenge 2000.

CONNOISSEUR’S COLLECTION WHITES We only have limited stocks of these, only a small cash margin is added to these wines, giving you the opportunity to try some outstanding wines at extremely competitive prices - enjoy ! 47 Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2004 Durup (1) 25.00 A classic – dry with great crisp acidity and powerful fruit character. Chablis of this quality really showcases the Chardonnay grape at its very best. 48 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon 2005 Marlborough New Zealand (2) 28.50 Regarded as one of the finest Sauvignons in the world. Pungent and vibrant with exceptional depth of flavour. On the palate nuances of peppers, asparagus and of course gooseberries. CONNOISSEUR’S COLLECTION We only have limited stocks of these, only a small cash margin is added to these wines, giving you the opportunity to try some outstanding wines at extremely competitive prices - enjoy ! 39. Chateau Maucaillou 1997 Moulis, Bordeaux (D) 32.00 A superb wine, intensely structured with rich chewy fruits, robust undertones and a fine balanced finish. 40. Chateau Clarke 1998, Listrac, Bordeaux, Baron Edmond de Rothschild (D) 26.00 No, John has not bought a Chateau although it remains his fervent wish! This is an excellent Listrac, 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. The cepage is under the guiding hand of Michel Rolland, one of the world’s most experienced and renowned wine makers. 41. Chateauneuf du Pape Telegramme 2002 - Rhone (D) 24.50 This is the second wine of the world famous Domaine de Vieux Telegraphe. The dominant grape is the Grenache and therefore the wines is drinking forward and full of rich, spicy fruit. 42. Chateau Musar Gaston Hochar 1998 - Lebanon (E) 25.00 The winery is at Ghazir, 16 miles north-east of Beirut and the vineyards are in the Bekaa Valley. Serge Hochar, the wine maker trained in Bordeaux and it shows in his wine. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with some Cinsault and Syrah. Hochar describes this vintage as “rich and dark in colour, a fragrant aroma of mulberries, blackberries and redcurrants. Complex layers unfold to yield soft ripe fruits like cherries and damsons. Finishing with a characteristic Musar sweet spiciness and lingering cedar notes”. 43. Pinot Noir Diamond Valley 2002 - Yarra Valley, Australia (D) 24.00 A boutique winery in the cool coastal climate of the Yarra Valley. This wine is pure Pinot on the nose with violets and tobacco immediately evident. The palate is broad with damson, cherry and a hint of spice and black plums. Elegant and in great demand in all the finest Pacific Rim restaurants. 44. Crozes Hermitage Cuvée “L” 2003 Domaine Laurent Colombier (C) 23.95 Organically made lush, exuberant rich style of Syrah from a classic Rhone Vintage. 45. Avondale Estate “Graham” 2001 (E) 30.00 Double Veritas Gold Winner– rich and concentrated Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz fruit with hints of dark chocolate. A truly memorable bottle. 46. Rioja Reserva Marques de Vargas 1999 (C) 27.50 A superb wine, intensely structured with rich chewy fruits, robust undertones and a fine balanced finish. Wine taste guide 1 = Dry 6 = Sweet and A = Light & Fruity E = Full Bodied

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