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Global Manufacturer of Military Vehicles Challenge In the summer of 2009, Arbill’s customer – a global manufacturer of military vehicles – began to notice an inordinate number of hand injuries in its maintenance and janitorial operations. Workers were utilizing either bare hands or various gloves for a wide range of applications. When the customer decided to take a closer look, they enlisted Arbill’s expertise to identify the hazards and current state, and to provide recommendations.

Solution As a part of our customer’s total safety program, personnel injuries are tracked specifically by incident. This data showed that 39% of all injuries in the maintenance division were hand injuries. Our Arbill Account Manager recommended our In-Depth Site Assessment to drill down into the various areas of the division to identify the applications and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) currently in the customer’s facilities to determine the steps needed to drive down injuries. A comprehensive onsite survey was administered by seasoned Arbill Assessment Specialists who gathered critical information about the work environment both by observing and by speaking directly with workers from each function of the maintenance division – from light-duty to welding and chemical application work. Our specialists learned that most hand injuries were caused by lack of hand protection, rather than incorrect hand protection. Other key findings included that the reason workers didn’t wear gloves, particularly for the “low-risk” work, was due to lack of dexterity and comfort; and that there was a genuine willingness to try new products. After the physical work area assessments Arbill created a “Six-Tier Classification” guide to hand protection based on their findings and observations. This ranged from light-duty work such as trash removal to chemical applications, to specialty work such as grinding and razor blade use. Interestingly, some light-duty workers preferred the feel of higher cut protective gloves listed under the higher tier. Observations like this were factored into the guide, which served to 1) increase compliance in less hazardous types of activities, 2) offer improved safety options for more dangerous situations, and 3) introduce specific gloves for “specialty” tasks that included compliant options for each need.


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“Arbill’s Assessment Specialists applied their investigative skills and indepth safety knowledge to observe and interview our maintenance employees onthe-job. Their unbiased examination yielded results we were unable to achieve on our own. Arbill’s comprehensive written assessment left no stone unturned and our implementation of its recommendations has been an undeniable success!” Director of Purchasing, Global Military Vehicle Manufacturer

Results After implementing Arbill’s proposed recommendations, the injury rate decreased 15% in just four months, and continues to fall. Our customer has also begun to enjoy cost savings due to both PPE consolidation and the injury decrease, which translates to less worker downtime. Arbill’s recommended hand protection also prioritized comfort and dexterity along with safety and featured a couple options for each application, which increased user satisfaction.

Next Steps Our military vehicle manufacturer customer is so pleased that Arbill is now in the process of conducting another In-Depth Site Assessment to examine hand protection for the whole operation. To see how Arbill can enhance the way your company purchases safety products and services, contact us toll free at 800-523-3567 or visit us online at

About Arbill Safety Arbill is a premier North American manufacturer and distributor of industrial safety products, safety-related services, and safety training programs. Arbill partners with customers to build a culture of safety across their organizations. We not only provide personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, footwear, and protective clothing to keep an organization’s workers safe, but we also track safety performance to provide ongoing protection to our clients. Arbill is ISO 9001 certified and is also certified by the Women’s Business Development Center as a national Women’s Business Enterprise. For more information visit

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© 2010 Arbill. All rights reserved. Arbill and the Arbill logo are trademarks of Arbill.

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