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The Next Chapter in my Life Recently I have moved in with my loving girlfriend and her adorable three year old daughter. Things have definitely been a bit of a change but non the less a change for the best. We have recently moved into the family residence units on campus and couldn’t be happier. So far everyone has loved the change from the small town to the city.

Things That Keep you up at Night I have only ever had the opportunity to live in three places in my lifetime. The first being Elkpoint, Ab this also happens to be the place that I have the least memoires unfortunately. From Elkpoint I moved to the place that moulded me into the young strapping lad that I am today; Hanna, Ab. I have done all of my schooling in Hanna and graduated in 2012. Hanna is a pretty small place and one of the only things that got me through the boredom was sports. My favourite and probably best sport being Canada’s favourite past time, hockey. Other sporting activities that made life a little less painful that I partook in include: golf, baseball, football, and whatever pickup game was around.

Neat Places I Have Travelled

High school graduation day!

Crazy Fact of the Month I can actually put my foot behind my head!! 285375

In my grade 12 year I went on the school Europe trip to Italy and Greece. It was such an amazing experience that made me second guess what “real” pizza was. One of my favourite foods being pizza I was truly disappointed in an Italian traditional pizza . Luckily the rest of the trip was far from disappointing, with the likes of the Coliseum (My personal favourite) , Vatican City, Florence, Capri and the list goes on. I strongly encourage anyone to visit the area . Mr. Povaschuk

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