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Delivering on your promises

JJ Africa Timeline

1996 - J&J Africa established in Harare, Zimbabwe - 4 trucks

J&J Africa is the leading transporter specializing in international and national transportation between Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Eastern DRC. With more than 15 years of experience in cross-border transport, we provide a superior service for handling of bulk, containerised, project and out of gauge cargo, with flat-bed and drop-side trailers.

2001 - J&J Africa opens branch in Beira, Mozambique

2008 - J&J Africa opens branch in Lusaka, Zambia

Our large owned/managed fleet of trucks combined with our subcontracted vehicles provide unparalleled capacity for your cargo. For all your cargo transport requirements, contact J&J Africa and ensure your success.

The J & J Group will be a leading transport and logistics provider. Through experience, development and innovation we strive to deliver a superior service, and in partnership with our customers continue to expand our scope and reach to ensure sustained profitable growth.

J & J Africa specializes in the transport of containerised and dry bulk cargo via Beira, Mozambique to/from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Eastern DRC and South Africa. J & J Africa delivers on YOUR promises. We are committed to profitable growth for all our customers. We pride ourselves on the following:

2009 - J&J Africa extends fleet further to over 300 trucks

High ethical standards. Our integrity and reliability in the market. Open communication and a proactive approach to our business. 24/7 support to our customers. Building strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

J & J Africa was founded in 1995 by Mr. Jens Jensen, and has more than 15 years experience in cross-border transport within Africa. Through hard work, dedication and determination, the company has established itself as a reliable and efficient provider of transport and logistics services. Our team is committed to ensure constant improvement, and development of services thus ensuring our customers always have a competitive advantage in the market. The J & J Group’s Mission Statement truly embodies our philosophy and approach to business.

2012 - J&J Africa opens BLT offering warehousing and terminal services. J&J Africa expands fleet to over 500 trucks

Modern cargo handling equipment ensuring that our customer is given the best handling experience. A fully fledged workshop resulting in consistent maintenance of our fleet ensuring our fleet are in the best condition. Secure premises allowing for the safe parking of our fleet and cargo. Well organised systems and controls. Our J&J Africa team are in constant communication and provide excellent customer support across border. Due to our infrastructure we can assure on time delivery for your cargo.

J & J Africa is responsible for the below routes. This includes quotations and tender participation. t .P[BNCJRVFUP&BTUFSO;BNCJB $IJQBUB ,BUFUFFUD

t &BTUFSO;BNCJB $IJQBUB ,BUFUFFUD UP.P[BNCJRVF t .P[BNCJRVFUP.BMBXJ t .BMBXJUP.P[BNCJRVF From our strategic locations we provide services to and from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Eastern DRC We can also provide transport services within the borders of Mozambique and Zimbabwe on a case by case basis. Beira, Mozambique The J&J Africa Beira office was opened in 2001 and we moved to our new premises in 2010. Our new yard boasts large diesel storage tanks, onsite workshop, an operations centre and safe parking for our fleet and cargo. Our team works hand in hand with clearing agents and our customers to ensure bookings are reacted to fast and efficiently. Our dedicated staff has several years’ experience in their respective fields, ensuring that we always deliver the service now synonymous with the J&J name. Lusaka, Zambia Our rapid growth on the Zambian route is surpassed only by the growth in the Zambian economy. In order to better serve our Zambian based customers, the time has come to establish a physical presence in Zambia. Harare, Zimbabwe The J&J Africa office was opened in Harare in 1996. We are located at Msasa, a large, accessible location.

With our onsite workshop and diesel supply, we can ensure fast turnaround of trucks in Harare, as well as minimal delays for trucks en-route to various destinations loading from and transiting through Harare. Our central location in relation to Zambia, Mozambique, Eastern DRC, Malawi and South Africa allows for optimal coordination of operations.


In order to provide maximum flexibility we operate a fleet of flat-bed and drop-side trailers. This enables loading of containerised cargo as well as break-bulk goods. Container Transport All our trailers are fitted with twist-locks to carry single 20’ and 40’ containers, as well as 2x20’ containers. The strong construction of our trailers allow for loading of either 2x20’ or 1x40 up to a gross weight of 30MT, and 1x20 in centre mount position with a maximum weight of 26MT. The DPOUBJOFS T DBOFJUIFSCFESPQQFEPòBUUIFEFTUJnation, if arrangements have been made with the MJOFT PSXFDBOSFUVSOUIFFNQUZDPOUBJOFS T UP the shipping line designated location. As added security on high value containerised cargo, a container lock is fitted to the container. Break-Bulk The strong custom design and construction of our trailers allows for loading of up to 30MT of breakbulk cargo. We have gained valuable experience in loading bagged cargo, drums, cartons, steel/copper coils,

Beira Logistics Terminal (BLT)

timber and several other commodities. 0VSøFFUBMTPJODMVEFTESPQTJEFUSBJMFST USBJMFST XJUIDPMMBQTJCMFTJEFT UIBUQSPWJEFFYUSBTUBCJMJUZ to cargoes that may in bulk exhibit liquid properties. All cargo is secured and covered with tarpaulins to protect the cargo from the elements.

5IFMBUFTUBEEJUJPOUPUIF++HSPVQJT#FJSB-PHJTUJDT5FSNJOBM #-5 #-5PòFSTDMJFOUTTUBUFPGUIFBSUGBDJMJties for handling bulk as well as containers. The BLT facility is certified by DPS-March, a stamp of approval on our efforts to provide a secure facility for your cargo. Our 15,000m2 of warehouse space as well as our open stacking area allows us to accommodate over 500TEU which ultimately enables us to handle contracts of any scale. We offer bonded warehousing, bagging and weighing, container stripping and stuffing and container depot services. For more information visit





JJ Transportes Lda

34 Martin Drive

Rua De Nhaconjo No 262



Harare, Zimbabwe

Beira, Mozambique

Contact Numbers:

Contact Numbers:









Zambia Address: J&J Transport Zambia Limited Plot 50, 15 Linda Road Bonaventure Lusaka, Zambia Contact Numbers: Tel:   Fax:   E-Mail: MBUJUVEFMPOHJUVEF

J & J Africa will continue to strive to be the superior service provider of transport in the regions we operate in. We are committed to you as a customer, ensuring service delivery at competitive prices. For further information and contact details please visit our website:

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