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“I was in prison and you visited me"

s o r i a K ide s n I Matthew 25:36

Some of the “Inside” Stats • Over 70% of sentences are drug/addiction related crimes • Over 80% of aggregate sentences are less than 5 years • 8-10% of sentences are for traffic offences other than those causing injury • 70-80% of the women in prison have been sexually or otherwise abused multiple times – and most as children • Over 60% of inmates have a reading age of Year 7 or less

and …. over half of them are technically illiterate

It costs between $55-75,000 pa to keep an inmate in custodial care PLUS the ‘other’ up front costs of – • court and police time and costs • the victim and the consequences to that person/ family • the stress on the community about issues of safety, etc

Approximately 43% of inmates will re-offend with a new crime within 2 years (60% if you include breaches of parole) and that reoffence (recidivism) rate will continue unless something intervenes in their lives Source: NSW, Victoria and SA Department of Corrective Service websites

The ‘Outside’ Situation – Those Left Behind • Often the ‘forgotten’ victims of crime • Often feeling guilty because ‘they should have known or seen it coming’ • Often isolated, alone and feeling ashamed • Often left financially insecure or worse

Juvenile Crime – Its Not Natural • Most

are following examples of family or friends

• Often

trying to ‘win the approval’ of those they look up to

• Most


are on a cycle with no way out – until its too

The most troubling 3 facts to me in all these cases? 1.

They can’t see an alternative

Most do not know they have a choice - a way out of the rut, off the cycle. Even those that know that there may be choice don’t know how to make it happen AND the system is not designed to reach out to them


They don’t have relationship with Jesus or His family

Surprisingly a fair few have had some religious experience – but most of it wasn’t good SO most of those in this situation: - don’t have a faith basis from which to move - don’t have supporting, non-judgemental community around them - have a view of ‘religion’ that isn’t positive


Most of the community doesn’t realise the extent of the problem, or want to be involved • There are currently 25,000+ people in prison • In 84 prisons - with at least 6 more being built in the next 2 years alone • Almost all those in control have an attitude of ‘out of sight out of mind’ – not rehabilitation • For every person in prison there is on average

9 Million people in Prison around the world Over 25,000

in Australia

100,000+ family & friends directly affected

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Thinking bad thoughts about someone but not putting it into action

Is Kairos Effective? Yes, Kairos makes a difference! Women who have attended a Kairos weekend not only move forward in their lives, but also often come back on team to help others. They become more settled, more positive, more ‘future directed’ and more outward looking. They relate more positively to their children, families and within their local communities. A recent study completed by Kairos Prison Ministry into the recidivism rate of NSW Department of Corrective Services (DCS) inmates', who have completed the Kairos Inside Short Course, show a favourable result compared with the overall recidivism rate for DCS.

So every success story …. • Means one life changed, one person not in the rut, one seed planted and bearing fruit • Of someone inside stopping the cycle, saving tax payers money and the community strain. • With each life changed, there is a ripple effect to the family, the friends and associates and the community – all one person made a positive about HELP UShaving TURN THE RIPPLES INTOchoice WAVES