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Inside this issue: 2011 Canterbury 2 Earthquake Citation Tom Edwards 3 Community Clean-up Beware of Extreme 4 Cold Darfield Physio 4 Terrace Down 5 Exhibition Smoke Free Rock 6 Quest Sisters’ Stay at 7 Darfield Hospital Darfield Police Report 8 Darfield Preschool 9 Update Letters to the Editors 10 Hororata School Disco 11 CPW Staffing 11 NZ Cross Country 12 Primary Cross Country 12 Kirwee Rugby 13 Fundraising Shandan, Sister City 13 Visits Annabel’s Sports 15 Diary 16 Public Notices 16 Classifieds 16-19 Trades 19-20 Email Column 20 CIRCULATION: Over 5000 Area SH I West, between the rivers. The information and opinions published are not necessarily those of the Malvern News proprietors. Malvern News is distributed to 5000 homes and businesses in the Malvern area.

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There were approximately twenty five people in attendance on Monday, June 17th, to celebrate and acknowledge the eighty years of service by the Darfield branch of the Red Cross. Above, Maureen Reid and Jeanette Gunn of the Darfield Red Cross, cut the cake at the celebratory gathering held in the Darfield Baptist Church, Greendale Road. Amongst those in attendance were members from both Tawera and Charing Cross Red Cross branches, as well as members from the local Meals on Wheels service, which is facilitated by the Darfield Red Cross. The very first Darfield Red Cross meeting was held on May 1st, 1933, with the first president being Mrs. C. E. Reid, Reid the first secretary Mrs. H. Edbrooke and the first treasurer Mrs. W. Trilt. Trilt “Nothing much has changed in all our eighty years,” commented Maureen Reid. “We’re all still fundraising and knitting up a storm, just like they did during the war years.”

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Sat 22nd June due to building alterations. We wish to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Friday 21st June 2013

The Springfield Volunteer Fire Briga de me mbe rs wh o assisted in the 2011 Canterbury earthquake were recognised at a presentation held last Sunday, June 16th, in the township. The presentation was the 2011 Canterbury Earthquake Citation, and is specifically for members of the New Zealand Fire Service who were deployed to the Christchurch area, following the earthquake of February 22nd, 2011. Members were presented with a black ribbon (consisting of four red stripes and a silver frame). The four stripes represent the four uniformed emergency services, (NZ Fire Service, NZ Police, NZ Defence Force and Ambulance Service) and of course, the red and

black represents Canterbury. The citation was presented by NZ Fire Service’s, David Berry Area Manager for North Mid-Canterbury, and John Heslop, Heslop the Volunteer Support Officer. Twelve members of the Springfield Volunteer Fire Brigade were eligible to be awarded with the citation, with seven present to receive it on the day. The award event attracted a good turnout of family and friends to witness the presentations. The Springfield Volunteer Fire Brigade would like extend their thanks to the members’ families, their employers and the wider community, for their support.

The Chief Fire Officer of Springfield Fire Brigade, Grant Williams

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Springfield Fire Brigade members present at the presentation last weekend. L to R: FF Ross Van Tongeren (now at Ashburton VFB), QFF Josh Spence (now at Sheffield VFB), SFF Nicola Williams, (now at New Brighton VFB), FF Robert Milliken, FF Nicola Snoyink, SO Katherine Titmus, DCFO Ann Shepherd, Ops Heather Walker

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Friday 21st June 2013

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As part of his homework activity young Tom Edwards, Edwards aged eight years old, of Kirwee, undertook a sizeable community clean-up. Tom identified the area around the Aylesbury Corner Plains Table, a Malvern Lions Project, as being worthy of attention and the amount of rubbish uncaring and unthinking persons had deposited there was fairly unbelievable. Tom, is a Kirwee School pupil and his homework challenge was to demonstrate one of the Kirwee School values, ‘Successful Citizen’, by beautifying an area in the Community. “Tom chose the Aylesbury viewing platform of the Alps as we live nearby,” said his Mother, Jo Edwards, Edwards “and he wanted visitors to the site to enjoy the great view and not see dumped rubbish.” Tom’s hard work and community minded assistance was brought to the attention of the News by the Mal vern Lions Club President, Alister Murray and understandably the Club was extremely appreciative of Tom’s actions. Tom however, didn’t seek self promotion, it was his neighbour Hamish Reid, Reid who broke the story. “We are going to recognise his efforts,” Alister said, “and we thought that he should also be recognised by the public. It might also serve to send a very necessary message about people taking more care of our environment,” Alister added. Hamish meanwhile, commented that around the immediate area, residents are forever having to pick up other people’s garbage. Something that definitely shouldn’t have to be tolerated. Alister finished that it was great to see young people taking some pride in their environment, it’s just a pity that in this particular case, they had to.


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Eight year old, Kirwee School pupil Tom Edwards with the extraordinary pile of rubbish he cleaned up from around the Aylesbury, Plains table viewing site.

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Friday 21st June 2013

Providing free pregnancy tests, pregnancy care, labour, birth and post-natal service at hospital or home.

Phone Holly 03 318 8215 027 483 2937

Noelene Graham Phone: 318 1006 or 027 622 8210 Therapy for a wide range of treatable aliments: • Emotional - anger, • guilt, low self-esteem, shyness, grief • Physical (where there is no organic cause) - skin problems, IBS, muscle tension, fatigue, • headaches, migraines, back problems etc

Mental - stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, post-natal depression, panic attacks, performance & creativity blocks etc Behavioural - gambling, drinking, smoking, overeating, bedwetting etc

Selwyn’s favourite children’s services Looking for quality, flexible childcare? Home based is a flexible & affordable option

Home based care is proven best for babies 0-3. Each educator cares for up to four children in their home. Our educators are supported by our local qualified Early Childhood E ducation Teachers. Call now for a no obli gati on vi si t to an educator near you!

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Selwyn Toddlers

As winter approaches, St John has some timely reminder first aid tips if you, or someone with you, gets hypothermia. People don’t have to be outside - the most common cause of hypothermia in New Zealand is an elderly person falling in their home and lying on a cold floor for some time before being found. Hypothermia results from excessive cooling of the body. Generally it occurs in cold conditions where clothing is inadequate. It is more rapid if a person is wet and/or exposed to cold wind. How you can help: • Prevent hypothermia by dressing warmly and keeping dry. Don’t go into bush or mountains unprepared. • Elderly people should consider getting a medical alarm in case they can’t get to a telephone. • If hypothermia has occurred, provide: shelter in a warm place out of the wind and/or rain, dry them if they are wet, provide warm dry clothing and give them warm drinks provided they are awake. • If you are in the bush - use body contact to warm them – e.g. huddle around them in a sleeping bag. • If the hypothermia is mild - getting dry, getting shelter, getting into a warm place and drinking warm drinks is likely to be all that is required. Hypothermia is mild if the person is awake, talking and able to walk with assistance. • If the hypothermia is severe medical assistance is required. Hypothermia is severe if the person is very sleepy and difficult to wake, unable to walk with assistance, or is unconscious. • Check if they are unconscious by shaking their shoulder and shouting at them - if they do not wake up they are unconscious. If they are unconscious check their breathing. • If they are breathing place them on their side and keep them on their side. Tilt their head gently back and lift their chin to ensure their airway (throat) is open. • If they are not breathing place them on their back and start CPR. • Call 111 and ask for an ambulance if the person has severe hypothermia, or if they are also injured.

Low back pain is the most common injury that we, as Physiotherapists, deal with. It is even more prominent in this region because of the predom inance of m anually orientated work, such as the farm ing industry, forestry, roading, and the like. A lot of back pain and injuries are preventable - most are caused by heavy lifting and using bad technique. Not bending at the


• • •

knees is a problem, as is not prep aring yo urself fo r a successful lift. The key to minimising low back pain is to be aware of your posture, especially when you are required to lift or carry. The abdominal muscles are very important, as it is their job to hold the body strong and in a good position so that we can do what we need to do. The lower abdominal muscles are what are called ‘postural’ muscles - that means it is their job to hold the body in a good position all day. The problem is, they get slack if not used properly. These two exercises can help improve abdominal strength, and therefore, help the lower back. • When driving the car, squeeze

your tummy tight, every time you come to ’Stop’ or ’Give Way’ signs (or the lights in town). Hold tight until the light goes green or you start to drive again. • Lay flat on your back on the floor, head supported and knee’s bent up (feet on floor). Squeeze your tummy tight and push your lower back into the floor, and hold for ten seconds while you breathe normally. Do this ten times, once per day. If you want your back assessed or treated, then physiotherapy is right for you. Give us a call at the Darfield Physiotherapy on 03 318 8744, and we will organise a time for you to see the physiotherapist.

The Darfield Physiotherapy Team

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Come in and see your musculoskeletal and rehabilitation specialists for all your injury and post operative requirements. Low back, neck, sciatic pain Work related injuries Post surgery treatment and rehabilitation All sports injuries and soft tissue strains Joint sprains and strains, such as tennis elbow, shoulder and knee problems. • ACC Accredited - You don’t need a referral! • • • • •

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Friday 21st June 2013

“Expressions” Terrace Downs Resort presents a solo exhibition in July, entitle "Expressions" that features the very talented artist,

Rebekah Codlin “In New Zealand we are fortunate to have an abundance of talented kiwis,” said Terrace Downs Director of Art, Rachael Inch. Inch This statement is very evident in the work of the artist Rachael has the pleasure of presenting as the guest at her next exhibition. Rebekah Codlin is a nineteen year old, selftaught, artist f rom th e Marlborough Sounds. Correspondence schooling gave Rebekah the flexibility to practice her art, dance and guitar amongst her studies and at the age of seventeen she decided to pursue art as a full time career, after receiving encouragement from displaying her works locally. In November 2012, Brancott

Estate Winery invited Rebekah to be their Artist in Residence, where she now paints regularly. Currently her main subject ch oi ce i s p eop l e. Th e phenomenal images she creates show immense understanding of the characters she portrays. Rebekah’s images are so intricate and captivating that when gazing into the eyes of the subject as you gaze into the eyes of the subject, a sense of familiarity is felt, a sense of deep seated emotion. It’s hard to believe the artist is nineteen! The forthcoming exhibition at Terr ace Downs, en ti tl ed ‘Expressions’, is a collection of paintings and drawings inspired by Rebekah’s exploration of the d i ve r s e em o ti o n s an d

expressions of people. The titles of her works are purposefully simple to allow the viewer the freedom to draw their own meaning. “I am compelled to paint people, as I believe no other subject is more complex, emotive and thought provoking than the human being,” Rebekah said. “I strive to capture the life within the people I paint.” Bookings to the exhibition opening are essential and are already filling fast. The exhibition opening will feature a unique night where guests can dine with Rebekah, enjoy great company, a delicious buffet prepared by Terrace Downs chefs and beautiful music from the soulful Kris Trousselot on the piano. Opening night, Friday July 5th, is priced at $45 per person, which includes the buffet and complimentary beverage on arrival - see advertisement in this issue for further details. Following the opening night, attendance to the exhibition is free and Terrace Downs welcomes visitors to the Resort.

The exhibition will run from July 5th until August 1st, during Resort opening hours.

The exhibition of artist Rebekah Codlin’s works will open at Terrace Downs on July 5th.

The exhibition is free to attend & will run from 5th July - 1st August during Resort opening hours.

Rebekah is a 19 year old, self-taught artist from the Marlborough Sounds. Currently her main subject choice is people. The phenome nal images she creates show immense understanding of the character she is portraying, then you discover she is just 19!

Opening Night: Friday 5th July, 7:00pm There is a full delicious buffet provided for $45 per pers on and a complimentary beverage on arrival. Bookings Essential - All Welcome

Please contact the Arts Director, Rachael Inch or 021 122 9317 Follow us on Facebook at

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One of the thought provoking works by artist Rebekah Codlin - her exhibition will open at Terrace Downs on July 5th.

Phone 347 4595 or 027 4843 040

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Friday 21st June 2013

DARFIELD They came, they tuned up and they played their hearts out. The top twenty bands and four Chooketeria solo/duos from Canterbury Single & Double Now In-Store were selected at heats over Don’t feed the weekend to go on to the mice & birds! Smoke Free Rock Quest Line 7 - Aqua Flex Range 100% Wind & Waterproof (SFRQ) regional finals on June 29th and 30th. Darfield High School’s band, BUY ANY $ ‘The Unknown’ performed last 2 FOR .90 Saturday, June 15th, and PGG Wrightson - Ross St, Darfield. Ph 03 318 7850 secured their place in the top ten bands for the regional competition.

Chooks Only

NRM Pig Tucker Nuts or Pellets or Peck ‘n’ Lay Poultry Pellets - 25kg


44 South Terrace, Darfield 7510 Ph 318 8896

Check out our new giftware! New Kovacs Recliner Chair has arrived. • Rods • Tracks

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Also performing in the regional competition, is local Whitecliffs resident, Ashy Batchelor, Batchelor and her Christchurch-based band ‘16 Seconds’. Ashy is the lead singer for the band, and also writes the songs they perform. Around seven hundred entries are expected to go through the regional heats and finals in twenty three towns from Invercargill to Whangarei between now and July 13th. The Canterbury regional finals will be held at the same University of Canterbury venue as the heats and both Darfield High School’s band ’The Unknown’ and Ashy’s band ’16 Seconds’ will play on the Saturday. SFRQ Founder and Director Glenn Common commented that the standard of the bands playing off over the weekend reflected the increasing sophistication that organisers have noted in recent years. “Over the twenty five years we have been running Smokefree Rock Quest there has been a massive sociological shift for

young people,” he said. “The access contenders have to music, both the amount and range, is amazing. For us, this has resulted in an eclectic range of genres at any one time, rather than one trend dominating for a short period.” Following the regional finals, the bands and solo/duos to represent Canterbury at the national f inals will be announced (along with a range of other awards from women’s musicianship, to best song). These top placed musicians will then submit videos that go into the judging pool for selection to play off in the national final at Auckland, on September 28th.

Tickets for the Canterbury finals are $20 at the door or prepre-sales from Ticket Direct.

WINTER - Quiet - “YEAH RIGHT!” Kimberley - 198ha

West Coast Rd, West Melton

Wards Rd, Aylesbury

Coleman Pl, Darfield

Railway Tce, Glentunnel

Halkett Rd, West Melton


Churchlea Pl, Darfield

Wrights Rd, Sheffield

If you want results that end in ‘SOLD’, we would love to hear from you! Phone Chris or Kerin at CRT Real Estate

Chris Abbott 0274 352 872

Phone 03 317 9070

Kerin Pitkethle y 0276 987 453

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Friday 21st June 2013

“Call me now to find out what your home is worth on today's market” Phone 027 662 2751 or 03 318 8204 Florence King (left) and Ruth Naughton (right) sisters - spending some time with each other at Darfield Hospital this week. Li censed under the REAA 2008

Darfield Hospital doesn’t often have members of the same family in residence and it’s even more uncommon for the facility to have siblings stay. With a combined age of 184 years Florence King and Ruth Naughton are the exception. While Florence is a permanent resident at Darfield Hospital, Ruth was just visiting for a week’s respite care. Both wom en w ere ap p r ec i at i ve o f t he opportunity to spend valuable time together, with Ruth commenting that she doesn’t think she’s ever been able to see Florence every day, for such a prolonged period. Florence commented, “it just makes me smile having her here!” Florence, born in Cust on July 16th, was the eldest of four

(two boys, two girls). Her family moved to Fernside and Florence completed her schooling at Rangiora High School. Following a move to Mt Torlesse and after celebrating her twenty first birthday, Florence was married. A seven year stint in Christchurch followed, before moving to the couple’s Malvern Hills farm, Floradale. Florence and her husband farmed this property for twenty three years before purchasing Floradowns, Springfield, in 1964. Over the years Florence actively enjoyed her membership of the Women’s Division of Federated Farmers (now known as Rural Women) and lived in the Springfield area, until moving into Darfield Hospital just over a year ago. Florence’s sister, Ruth was

born on April 21st and other than a three year spell living in Timaru following her marriage, has spent the rest of her adult life in the local community. Ruth and her family farmed at Greendale and she lived there until moving into Darfield. She was Pr esid ent o f Co unt r y Wom en ’ s I ns ti t ute , Canterbury area plus a committee member for many, many years, having first joined up in 1952. In her role as President Ruth travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand but admits to having no desire to travel overseas. The pair are enjoying their time together in Darfield’s well appointed hospital and both were dressed to impress, for their ‘News’ photo shoot, this week.


Susan Davis

Property Inspections

Offering initial & routine inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you! Ideal for Farm Accommodation Call Rebecca of Rural Tenancy Inspections on 027 313 2270 or email


Prompt, friendly, innovative and cost efficient solutions for your surveying, mapping, land development & land use planning requirements Free initial consultation and budget analysis Contact: Christchurch 03 339 0401, Fax 03 339 0408 Email: PO Box 8177, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440

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Friday 21st June 2013


for a full range of plant 1.5 tonne Ammann Twin Drum Vibrating Roller now available for hire! Horndon Street, Darfield Hrs: Mon - Sat 7:30am - 5:30pm


Biggest Range Cheapest Price

2-6 South Tce, Darfield

Ph 03 318 8201 Fax 03 318 8449

At this time of the year there is always an upswing in the number of incidents reported co ncer ning p o aching . Poaching is seen by some as simply a continuation of their right to hunt on any land they see fit. We need to be clear, poaching is illegal. I wonder how many of these poachers would feel, if an a r m e d p e r so n w a s wandering about the back yard of their property, which in effect, is all a poacher is doing. Usually when confronted, a poacher will claim that they have a DOC permit and they are simply geographically challenged, or that a dog has run away and they are trying to find it. These excuses do not hold

any sway with Police, or the land owners. It is up to the hunter to know where they are at all times and to abide by the conditions of any permits they may have. Section 38(1) of the Wild Animal Act 1977 states that there is a presumption that a person is on land to hunt if they are found on that land in possession of poison, snare, net, trap, or any vessel, vehicle or aircraft so adapted or equipped as to be capable of being used for hunting or killing any wild animal, or any dog or weapon that could be used for hunting or killing any wild animal. Section 8(2) of the Act says it is illegal to hunt or kill, or have in your possession any wild animal, or discharge a firearm onto, or across any land without the express permission of the owner or occupier of that land. Apart from the issues of trespassing on another persons land, there are very real safety issues relating to poaching. Most property owners are only too happy to let hunters on their property (less keen on hunters with dogs), as long as permission is sought. Often staff from the farm are working in specific areas, and the land owner will make sure all parties are aware where the other is, to ensure there are no issues. The worst case scenario is that someone will be shot if people are in areas where they should not be, and an inexperienced hunter breaks the rules by shooting at noise or motion rather than after identifying their target. There have been many occasions where a day's hunting has turned into a lifetime of regret. Additional consequences of

being caught poaching may al so in cl ud e : b ei ng trespassed from large areas of the countryside, being charged with offences which may include breaches of the Wild Animal Act, Arms Act, Trespass Act and Land Transport Act. For some occupations a criminal conviction can be career limiting, or may hinder future overseas travel. Every person caught poaching will also be looked at by Police as to whether they are a fit and proper person to continue to hold a firearms licence. Remember that to have a firearms licence is a privilege, not a right, and anyone not playing by the rules will be looked at closely. If your licence is revoked, it will have very serious and permanent ramifications on your future ability to pursue your passion. The rules are simple.....ask permission, or don't go. The third position at Darfield has finally been advertised and interviews are almost complete. We hope to have news as to who the new bobby in town will be, in the near future. As we no longer have relief staff working her e, ther e may be occasions where you are not able to immediately access a Darfield staff member. There will be new instructions on the station phone shortly, just follow the voice prompts, and remember, in any case w her e t h er e is a n emergency, dial 111. At the time of going to print, snow was promised, so keep safe on the roads, keep warm, and look out for your neighbours or anyone in the community who may need assistance.

The team at Darfield Police

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Friday 21st June 2013

L to R: Tessa Bamford, Charli Maley and Nim Poole finding out if they are as tall as any penguins. When children, families and educators get together to mingle and have fun it is always a highly memorable occasion. Darfield Preschool & Nursery’s recent trip to the International Antarctic Centre was just that – a fantastic day. Excursions into the wider community are considered valuable learning experiences by the Centre, so it was an easy decision to organise a family outing to the Antarctic Centre to build on the children’s interests in ice and how weather changes affect the environment. The lead up to the big day was richly supported with a range of fun activities including exploring homemade icebergs, building igloos from icecubes and marshmallows and learning about Antarctic animals. A 3D

display borrowed from Science A l i ve i n i ti ated l o ts o f conversation with models and pictures depicting varying aspects of life on the ice. On the day, excitement mounted as the transport arrived. Yay, a bus trip and a very jolly bus driver - the perfect start. Teachers, parents and students all enjoyed morning tea on arrival and then joined the edu cati on team for an informative session, full of interesting facts. The children (and the adults) got to experiment with waddling (like a penguin), whilst nursing an egg. Needless to say, everyone f o u n d th i s i n c r ed i b l y entertaining! Then big and cuddly, Pom Pom the Penguin arrived, and he was an absolute favourite. To ensure that

everyone enjoyed a real Antarctic experience it was time to head to the snow room to encounter storms and blizzards, and of course have fun on the ice slide. A relaxed wander through the remainder of the Centre's interactive displays enabled each child and their family’s interests to be individually fostered. Watching the penguins were, of course, a highlight for most. Darfield Preschool and Nursery would like to thank everyone who contributed to the day and helped make it such a success. Also, congratulations must go to all the children, families and staff at the Preschool for being recipients, for the second time, a Gold Healthy Heart Award. This recognises the commitment the Centre shows towards keeping themselves healthy. Th e Pr es cho ol w i ll b e celebrating this during Healthy Heart Week, with a range of fun energetic activities.

Selwyn District Councillor

“Is the Selwyn District Council doing its job?”

Above: Max Taylor, up close and personal with a seal.

Phone: 03 317 9001 Mob: 027 200 2578 E:

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Friday 21st June 2013

The information and opinions published are not necessarily those of the Malvern News proprietors. (Unless by prior arrangement, letters to the Editor should be no more than 200 words [approximately] in length.)

To the Editors: General Cartage Bulk Grain & Fertiliser Hay & Baleage Wool & Machinery Aggregates & Shingle Supplies

021 248 8227 or A/H 03 318 8227

Contracting Limited Rural & Residential Fencing Specialists ► no job too big or too small ► all work undertaken Canterbury wide ► quality job guaranteed

Ph Jeremy & Lauretta McCorkindale 027 333 7383 A/H 03 318 0680

A dog killed by a vehicle is a tragic event no matter where it occurs. But try this: Incident 1: On Clinton’s road I am travelling at the legal speed when a woman steps out on to the road and waves me almost to a halt. Her small children are riding ponies on the verge and clearly she has so little confidence in their ability to handle the animals and is so frightened, she is slowing down traffic. Incident 2: Again Clinton’s road, I am travelling at the legal speed but have to stop as a small dog is in the middle of the road. Two women nearby appear either not to notice, or don't care. While stopped on the road I toot the horn, the dog begins to move and the women finally respond, not by putting a leash on the dog but by giving me a 'verbal spray', as I drive off. Incident 3: An elderly dog (again Clinton’s road) roaming free chases vehicles travelling at up to 100 kmh. Just recently an accident occurred in the district where someone swerved to avoid a dog on the road and lost control of their vehicle. Who are these self-righteous

Mobile: 027 279 1341

Killing Fees • Cattle Beast • Deer (venison) • Pigs • Sheep from

Processing $100 • Cattle - $1.20 per kg (vac pac) (other beef packaging/ $50 pricing options available) $55 $20 • Venison - $1.50 per kg • Pigs - $1.00 per kg ALL PRICES - $15.00 per roll of bacon EXCLUDE GST - $15.00 per leg of ham or - $20.00 pressed & sliced & ALL PRICES • Sheep - from $20 each INCLUDE • Sausages - $3.60 per kg PACKAGING • Saveloys - $4.00 per kg • Patties - $3.20 per kg Registered Home • Salami - $8.50 per kg Kill Operator

people who not only ignore by-laws, but place an animals 'rights' above and beyond those of residents, and in doing so put both people and the animals they purport to care for at risk. Perhaps we microchip the wrong species.

Neville Farquhar To the Editors: As winter has now arrived one of the jobs that gets done is hedge trimming and tidying up around the place. Congratulations to all the responsible landowners who make sure roads by their properties are safe especially in winter - by trimming their hedges so that roads are NOT shaded between 10am - 2pm (SDC by-law) keeping frost on the roads to a minimum. The lowering of the hedge going down Bealey Road looks great! Grateful fellow road user,

Kathryn To the Editors: Are parents aware that the children of our local Primary schools are not receiving

fresh, quality milk from Fonterra? Far from it, if the truth be known. It is highly processed Ultra pasteurised reduced Fat milk. Reduced vitality, too, I would add. This milk, if one could call it that, has been significantly modified, to the acute detriment of the quality of t he m ilk. Tr ad it io nal pasteurised milk is heated to 162°F. This Ultra milk is heated to 280°F (boiling point at 212°F). This intense heat treatment damages precious vitamins, minerals, and enzym es; as a consequence, the chances of the uptake/absorption of calcium in the human body, are drastically reduced. Most of the benefits of long life (6-9 months) milk for Schools, would appear, clearly to me, to accrue to big business (Anchor/ Fonterra), to the promotion of their image, and for the convenience of the transport and delivery, of this so-called milk. I call it white water. Surely, surely, and surely: the most important aspect of all, is the health of the growing children in the Malvern district.

Michael Clark Darfield

Phone: 03 318 1500

With Winter approaching it is a timely reminder to farmers of the benefits of using the Cross Slot drill to maximise returns. Reduces labour and fuel costs and reduces irrigation and evaporation. Cross Slot is the only drill to place fertiliser alongside the seed.

Malvern News Deadline 1pm Tuesday

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Friday 21st June 2013 ‘Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs’ Feed Mighty Mix & yo ur dog will enjoy an increase in energy & vitality, shiny coat, bright eyes, strong teeth & bones with a stronger immune system.

Great for all dogs.

Hororata School Principal, Marty Gameson, dressed to impress, with students at last Friday’s school disco.

A group of former Solid Energy NZ staff initially seconded for design work on the Central Plains Water (CPW) scheme, have joined CPW as permanent employees. The expertise of the group was engaged late last year to project manage the $144m first stage of the irrigation scheme, taking the project through the design and land procurement stages to the start of construction. “We’re really happy to have these competent, skilled people o n b o ar d w i th g o o d management skills working on one of the largest infrastructure projects of a lifetime,” said Doug Catherwood, CPW Chair. Some of these Solid Energy staff had been working on the CPW design since last October, and with recent redundancies and the dis-establishment of various positions at Solid Energy, they have now signed contracts directly with CPW, he said. “This means we now have the capacity and expertise in-house

from highly competent technical staff. Their input over the last six months in the project’s development has been critical to the success so far. It allowed us to hit the ground running and their mining skills, as well a s c o n s t ru c t i o n a nd earthmoving backgrounds and expertise has proven invaluable to the swift advancement of the project,” he said. CPW now has a staff of fourteen and continues to outsource work, as necessary, to specialist consultants. “We’re continuing to receive environmental input and some technical services from Solid Energy on an, as needed basis,” Doug finished.

Young enterprise is alive and strong in Hororata, and this is evident in the efforts of students, Sam Chaffey, Chaffey Harry Smith and Jake Searle. Searle These three boys did a great job of arranging and running a school disco last Friday night. They came up with the idea earlier in the term, as a way of raising funds for their upcoming school camp in Wellington. It was up to them to organise and book the venue, advertise the event, and attract the services of a DJ, plus deal with the parents too. Through their efforts, and t he effort s o f t heir supporters, $270 was raised to go towards the school camp. A challenge has now been issued to all other Year 4-6 students to see how much they can raise, but Sam, Harry and Jake have set the bar pretty high for future fundraising events.

● Mighty Mix Concentrate 25kg ● Mighty Mix Biscuits 20kg

1 bag - $85ea 2 or more bags - $80ea

Call TC 318 2366 or 021 0293 4819

Quality Fencing South Island Wide • • • • • • •

• High or Down country All farm fencing • Specialist bulldozer and side Dairy conversions mounted postdriver Post & rail fencing • Explosive licence Yard building Residential fencing Security fencing Subdivisions

Geoff Rogers 021 640 748 or 03 317 8028


• Kubota tractor with mower/hoe • 1.5T Excavator

Hours: Collection 8:00am - 9:00am Drop Off 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Hire Bookings Essential West Melton Phone Stu 03 347 8516 Mon - Fri or 027 223 4730

352 9089

470 Papanui Road (cnr Papanui Rd and Wyndham St) Email

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• • • • • • •

Friday 21st June 2013

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

The New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Cross Country was held last Saturday, June 15th at the Halswell Quarry, Christchurch. The three kilometre event was fiercely contested by pupils from throughout the country and amongst this elite group of junior athletes were two Darfield High School pupils. In the ‘Year Nine Girls’ category, Georgia Shinn raced, achieving a creditable 28th out of 91 contestants. In the ‘Year Nine Boys’ section, Nathaniel Dysart also achieved a wonderful result coming in 106th out of 177 runners. “There were well over 1,000 secondary school students competing from all around New Zealand,” said Karen Armstrong, Armstrong Darfield High School Sports’ Co-ordinator. “In Nathaniel's race there were over forty boys from Auckland Grammar and Westlake Boys High School alone. I am very proud of both Georgia and Nathaniel's efforts,” Karen concluded.

9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 4:30pm 9am - 4:30pm Closed Closed

Wayne Boyes Mob:0274710674

Left: Nathaniel Dysart runs in the Year Nine Boys class.

A/H 03 318 8303 Fax: 318 8560 Email:

All general excavation work undertaken • • • • • • • • •

Site Clearing River Protection Stump Removal Water Race Cleaning Truck & Trailer Hire Screen Soil Available Heavy Haulage Transporting Over Dimension Piloting 5 tonne - 20 tonne Excavators

● ● ● ●

• • • •

Shingle Chipseal Asphalt Or to any stage that is required Phone for a free, no obligation quote

● ●

At the time of going to print the News hadn’t had results from the Canterbury Primary Schools’ Cross Country event which was held at the Halswell Quarry, Christchurch on, Wednesday, June 19th. The wet weather earlier in the week would have hampered training - but all the best to those from Malvern Primary Schools that took part. Above: Sheffield Primary School were represented at the event by L to R: Sam Banks, Teresa Barnhill and Rhys Hawkins. Hawkins

Pivots - Book in for Winter Pivot Service (all types and brands) Phone Irrigation Logistics 03 318 8371 • •

Sales/Design Manager Construction & Service

John Quirk 027 574 3723 Paul Addie 027 427 2710

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Friday 21st June 2013

Some sobering facts

raise awareness of this serious but silent killer and educate Kiwis on how to take the first step in detection. “75% of bowel cancer can be cured if caught and treated early, but we must encourage everyone to vigilantly keep an eye out for symptoms and in lieu of a national screening programme we must all monitor ourselves,” advises Rachel Holdaway, Holdaway Chairperson of Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa. “New Zealand women have the highest rate of bowel cancer in the world, while Kiwi men have the third highest - this is a serious problem that needs serious attention. We must keep an eye out for early signs of possible bowel cancer.” Research has shown that an alarming half of all New Zealanders are not aware of the symptoms of bowel cancer. Key symptoms to look for which should prompt you to see your doctor:

More New Zealanders die • Bleeding from the bottom or annually from bowel cancer than seeing blood and mucous in the breast cancer and prostate toilet after a bowel motion • Change of bowel habits over a cancer combined, yet there is period of 6 weeks without n o n ati o n al s cr een i n g returning to normal, including programme in place to help wanting to go to the toilet more identify those New Zealanders often, looser bowel motions or with very early signs of the feeling that you can’t completely disease, a key requirement to empty your bowel good treatment outcomes. Beat • Persistent or periodic severe Bowel Cancer Aotearoa aims to abdominal pain

A lump or mass in your abdomen • Tiredness and loss of weight for no reason • Anaemia •

The current government is the first to take any steps towards recognising the impact of bowel cancer by implementing a screening pilot in the Waitemata District Health Board area. While the pilot has been successful in the early detection of the disease, the Hon. Tony Ryall has stated that until this pilot is completed and the results analysed no plans for a national screening programme will be made. Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa believe this approach will cost 3,000 lives in the meantime, many of which would have been saved by a screening programme. “We call on the Minister of Health to continue the good work of the pilot programme by committing to a national screening programme and beginning an incremental roll out to other regions of New Zealand now. We simply cannot wait until 2016 to find out if this is an option. Every week we wait, we miss the opportunity to identify bowel cancer in its early stages, get treatment in time and save li ves,” Rachel concluded.

On Monday, June 17th, Annabel’s Educare and 4 Year Old Kindergarten were privileged to receive a visit from the Chinese Shandan Education delegation. Pictured above are the students from Annabel’s four Year Old Kindergarten performing a small concert for their guests. The Chinese visitors were also presented with gifts made for them by the children from Annabel’s Educare.

RailResidential •Stock Stock yards •Free Free no obligation quotes Subdivisions •Deer/sheep Deer/sheep fencing •Subdivisions •All All work guaranteed •Dairy Dairy conversions •Over •Post Post driving Over 20 years experience •Lifestyle Lifestyle blocks in this district •Post Post &

Ph/Fax: 03 318 8838 Mobile: 027 221 9874 Email:


Following the illness of Kirwee Rugby Club’s beloved member B r u ce S m i th , an d h i s subsequent death, the Club have chosen to support the Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa Fo u n d a ti o n , d u r i n g a fundraising evening on June 29th. The event will follow a big day of home games and take the form of an auction. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Beat Bowel Cancer foundation. The foundation contains, amongst others, All Blacks, the F r a n k s B r o th e r s , a s ambassadors, and they have donated some signed apparel for the auction. With men’s health week just passed, the Kirwee Rugby Club invite people along on the 29th where the Foundation will be on site all day to answer queries.

•Cow Track Lime Supply & Lay •Farm Tracks & Driveways •All Shingle Supplies •On Site Crushing of Shingle •Supply & Installation of Irrigation Pipe •Truck & Trailer Hire •Grader & Digger Work •Hedge & Stump Removal •Reversable Ploughing Cultivation •Direct Drilling •Roller Drilling •Pivot Rut Filling

RD 2 Leeston 027 534 9161

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Friday 21st June 2013

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Friday 21st June 2013

RESULTS - Saturday 15th June 2013 DIVISION 1 - SEMI FINALS: Rakaia 3 v Lincoln 10 Southbridge 49 v Saracens 3 DIVISION 1 - PLAY OFFS: Ashley 12 v Celtic 0 Oxford 17 v Waihora 46 DIVISION 1 - TROPHY: Glenmark 17 v Darfield 10 Methven WIN v Burnham DEFAULT DIVISION 1 - PLATE: Hampstead 20 v Dunsandel/Irwell 14 Southern 18 v Kaiapoi 11 DIVISION 1 - PLAQUE: Prebbleton 12 v West Melton 34 Ohoka bye DIVISION 2: Springston 66 v Selwyn 3 West Melton 18 v Lincoln 21 Burnham 18 v Darfield 23 Dunsandel/Irwell 12 v Waihora 5 Kirwee bye

DIVISION 3: Lincoln 36 v Kirwee 0 COLTS: Kirwee 24 v Prebbleton 23 Southern 36 v West Melton 13 WOMENS: Dunsandel/Irwell 3 v Sydenham 52 U18 - FINAL: Hurunui 24 v MDI 11 U18 - 3RD AND 4TH PLAY OFF: Prebbleton WIN v Darfield DEFAULT U16: Ohoka 10 v West Melton 12 Malvern Combined 55 v Oxford 0 U14.5: Malvern Combined 51 v Rolleston 15 Waihora 41 v Duns/Southb/Leest 23 West Melton 29 v Prebbleton 30

DRAW - Saturday 20th April 2013 Home team named first. This is the correct draw from the supplier at the time of going to print. DIVISION 1 - FINAL: DIVISION 3: Southbridge v Lincoln Sthbdge 2.45pm Sthbridge v Kirwee Sthbdge 1.00pm DIVISION 1 - 3RD & 4TH PLAY OFF: COLTS: Rakaia v Saracens Sthbdge 1.00pm Springston v Kirwee Spngstn 2.30pm DIVISION 1 - PLAY OFFS: Rolleston v West Melton Rollstn 2.30pm Ashley v Waihora Lob Lwr 2.45pm WOMENS: Celtic v Oxford Celtic 1 2.45pm University v Duns/Irwell Ilam 2.45pm DIVISION 1 - TROPHY: W Melt v New Brighton WM 1.00pm Darfield v Burnham Darfield 2.45pm U18: Glenmark v Methven Chev 1 2.45pm Meth/Rakaia v Darfield Methven 2.30pm DIVISION 1 - PLATE: Waihora/Spngstn v MDI Tai Tapu 1.00pm Kaiapoi v Hampstead Kai Oval 2.45pm U16 - SEMI FINALS: DIVISION 1 - PLAQUE: West Melton v Ohoka WM 1.00pm West Melton v Ohoka W Melt 2.45pm U16 - PLAY OFFS: Prebbleton bye Tinwald v Malvern Com Tinwald 12.00pm DIVISION 2: ELLESMERE U14.5: Darfield v Kirwee Darfield 1.00pm West Melton v Lincoln WM 12.45pm Waihora v Burnham Tai Tapu 2.45pm Prebb v Dun/Sthb/Lee Prebb 12.30pm Selwyn v Rolleston Selwyn 2.45pm Banks Pen v Malvern LR 11.30am Prebbleton v Duns/Irw Prebb 1.00pm

For a full copy of the results & draw visit:

Results 15th June 2013 Match of the Day D McKay G Hessey D Rutter T Harris

+3 H Shipley +2 +1 S Hygate +1 +1 P Youngman -1 -1

Women’s Longest Drive: M Dewar Men’s Longest Drive: S Hygate Twos: R Williams, A Van den Hondel Closest to Pin #3 - Darfield Food Centre: D Macdonald # 9 - Donated Bottle of Wine: A Van den Hondel # 13 - Terrace Winebar: P Youngman # 17 - Chalmers Construction: G Maynard Longest Putt: #18 Spons by Beaurepaires Darfield: C Watson Many thanks to our sponsors.

S RESULT 15 June Mens Div 3 FC Twenty 11 - Malvern: 3 - 2 Mens Pres. B Malvern - CTFC: 1 - 3 18th Grade Malvern - Christ College 1st XI: 0 - 4 13th Grade Western Firebirds - Malvern: 3 - 2 Jacob Buck (2) 11th Grade CTFC - Malvern: 3 - 0 10th Grade CTFC - Malvern: 2 - 1 9th Grade Malvern A - Selwyn UFC Phoenix : 3 - 2 Gray Heath, Isaac Topham, Hunter Jones Selwyn UFC Gannets - Malvern B: 5 - 5 Liam, Emma Selwyn UFC Eagles - Malvern C: 7 - 1

Darfield Vice President, Maria Townsend after presenting Darfield Primary B players (The Force and The Smashers) with their brand new tops. Back (L to R): Natalia Little, Stephanie Mckenzie, Scarlett Banks, Caitlin Gibbs. Middle (L to R): Nikisha Willamson, Monique St Clair-Newman, Georgie Sarginson, Molly Storer, Tatiana Little, Zahara Sutton. Front (L to R): Caitlin Knowles, Caitlin Paul, Aiden Strowger, Niamh Guy, Emily Bitmead, Sophie Kingi, Claire Langlands. Front: Maria Townsend Saturday, June 22nd will see the last games of round one played in the Malvern Netball competition. In the ‘Senior A’ grade things couldn’t be much closer at the top, with just one point separating Kirwee Senior, Springfield/Sheffield Senior and Kirwee Klassix. After four weeks of competition only three teams remain unbeaten, Darfield MiBs (Senior B), Darfield Dragons (Primary A) and Darfield Force (Primary B). Darfield: Darfield’s youngest players were rewarded for turning out in the cold and wet last Saturday, when they were presented with brand new tops. Darfield’s Future Fern and Primary B players have traditionally worn their red Darfield Primary polo shirts. However, the Darfield Netball Club has had success with a grant application for new tops and bibs. Following an applicat ion, Air Rescue Services have granted the Darfield Club just under $3,000. This follows a

generous grant from them last season, which resulted in new balls being purchased for all the teams. Darfield Netball Club President, Sally Marchant, Marchant said, “the club would like to say a huge thank you to Air Rescue Services, and also to Maria Townsend for the hard work she continually puts

in to get these grants for us. Keep a look out for Darfield’s Future Fern and Primary B players this weekend. They’ll be the ones in the smart new tops!” Maria has also been successful in securing grant money to purchase thirty hoodies for the Malvern Representative teams.

RESULTS 15th JUNE DRAW 22nd JUNE SENIOR A Darfield Fusion 25 v Kirwee Klassix 33 Darfield Cometz 13 v Kirwee Senior 38 S/S Snr 40 v Kirwee Black 19 SENIOR B Darfield MiB’s 26 v Kirwee Kaha 15 Darfield Misfits 10 v S/S Bulls 22 S/M Social 29 v S/S Social 24 Darfield FauxPas 24 v S/M Social 27 SENIOR C Darf Fiascos 18 v Darfield Tic Tacs 17 Darfield Breakers 20 v S/M Shakers 23 S/S Stormers 14 v Kirwee Social 16 Kirwee Social 35 v Darfield Breakers 2 PRIMARY A S/M Steelers 18 v Darfield Sting 5 Kirwee Diamonds 11 v S/M Sherbetz 17 Darfield Dragons 7 v Kirwee Rubies 4 PRIMARY B Super S/M - bye S/S Swans 11 v Kirwee Sapphires 1 Darfield Smashers 6 v Darfield Force 15 FUTURE FERNS S/S Sparklers 0 v S/M Squiggles 1 Darfield Flames 5 v Darfield Rebels 3 Kirwee Gems 7 v F/F Combined 5

9am: Crt 1: S/S Snr Darfield Cometz Crt 2: Darfield Flames v F/F Combined Crt 3: S/S Sparklers v Kirwee Gems Crt 4: S/M Squiggles v Darfield Rebels 10:10am: Crt 1: Kirwee Black v Darfield Fusion Crt 2: S/S Social v Darfield FauxPas Crt 3: Darfield Sting v S/M Sherbetz Crt 4: Kirwee Diamonds v Darf Dragons 11:20am: Crt 1: Kirwee Klassix v Kirwee Senior Crt 2: Kirwee Kaha v Darfield Misfits Crt 3: Darfield MiB’s v S/M Social Crt 4: S/M Steelers v v Kirwee Rubies 12:30pm: Crt 1: Darfield Tic Tacs v Kirwee Social Crt 2: S/S Stormers v Darfield Breakers Crt 3: Darfield Smashers v Super S/M Crt 4: Kirwee Sapphires v Darfield Force 1:40pm: Crt 1: S/S Social v Kirwee Kaha Crt 2: Darfield MiB’s v S/S Bulls Crt 3: Darfield Fiascos v S/M Shakers S\S Black Swans - bye

ATTENTION ALL SPORTS’ GROUPS If your group would like results, adverts & reports published in the Malvern News throughout your playing season, please contact us for details:

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Friday 21st June 2013






Darfield Rugby Club Saturday 22nd June, 7:30pm Sheffield Hall - $10.00 entry (3 items appraised) Then browse the many options available to sample or purchase from our variety of vendors Enquires to Michelle 318 3063

Saturday 22 June, 7:30pm - late DJ Singh Star - Bar Open - Supper Provided PUBLIC NOTICES

Friday 28th June Registrations start 7:00pm Competition starts 7:30pm Darfield Hotel Teams of 4, $40 per team (Restricted to 30 teams)

Loads of Fun! Great Prizes!

Kirwee Rugby Home Games Saturday 22nd June 2013 KIRWEE


Kirwee Red U7

Come & suppor t your lo cal teams

v Selwyn Green



Keep Saturday 29th June free • Kirwee Rugby Club Day • Fundraiser Auction of one-off jerseys (more info next week)

Advert sponsored by Joe Brankin of Matson & Allan Real Estate

Visit our website: This weeks 100 Club winner: Malcolm Patterson

AIR CONDITIONING STOLEN! Can the person who AIR conditioning repairs, removed the large cage re-gassing and installation on animal trap from the Glenroy trucks, tractors, combines, Hall grounds last week, please forestry and earthmoving return it. You stole this from a equipment. Fully equipped service vehicle including hosechild! making. Over 40 years COMMUNITY meeting regarding experience. Contact Ken at removal of the bridge. Monday North Canterbury Auto Air. Please phone 0274 341 260 24th June, 4pm at the Darfield Library. Thanks to those who or workshop, 03 313 6785. have rung or visited us ACCOUNTANTS regarding the bridge. LAY ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants. Rolleston Office phone 03 347 4501, Leeston Office phone 03 324 3030. “Real people, real knowledge”.

Malvern News Deadlines:

Advertising 1pm Tuesday Editorial 5pm Monday

DATES TO REMEMBER 21st June 22nd June 22nd June 22nd June 22nd June 22nd June 24th June 25th June 25th June 26th June 28th June 28th June 29th June 30th June 30th June 2nd July 5th July 6th July 12th July 25th July 26-28th July 26-3rd Aug 3rd Aug

7:00pm 10:00am 10:30am 7:30pm 7:30pm 4:00pm 1:00pm 7:00pm 12:00pm 7:00pm 11:15am 2:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 10:30am 12:30pm 5:00pm

Auction of Talents Darfield High School Hall Darfield Bakery Closed for Alterations Main Road, Darfield Darfield Plunket Toy Library Session Jackson St, Darfield Kirwee Plunket Toy Library Session Kirwee Community Hall Sheffield Hall Fundraiser - Antiques, Food & Gifts Sheffield Hall Darfield Rugby Club “Double Denim” Party Darfield Rugby Clubrooms Bridge Removal Community Meeting Darfield Library Malvern News Advertising Deadline Darfield Hotel Tasting Club - Whisky Main Rd, Darfield The Oaks of Darfield - Live Jazz Night Cnr Wst Cst & Clintons Rd Rural Building Solutions Dairy Shed Open Day LK Farms, Clintons Rd Darfield Div 2 Rugby Team Quiz Night Darfield Hotel Kirwee Rugby Club Fundraiser / Club Day Kirwee Rugby Club Terrace Downs Mid Winter Xmas Brunch Terrace Downs Resort RB Building Ltd - Open Day Pemberton Drive, Darfield Hororata Community Trust Public Meeting Hororata Hall Art Exhibition Open Night - “Expressions” Terrace Downs Resort Kirwee Plunket Toy Library Session Kirwee Community Hall CRT Clearing Sale West Coast Road Rolleston News Advertising Deadline Malvern Game Hunters Competition Kirwee Players Shows “Viva Mexico!” Kirwee Community Hall Yelloshack Café - Cocktails & Tapas Night Springfield


FREE RANGE POOCHES Breeding & Boarding Going to the Coast? Can’t take your Dog?


100 YEARS! Jean Margaret Jarman

18 years Vet’s Nurse Exp Phone: 027 227 4355 or 318 4172 - Springfield Find us on Facebook

Happy Birthday (June 21st) Love from all the Family


LIFESTYLE, LIFESTYLE farm tracks, yards and dairy lanes our speciality. PROFESSIONAL Touch Cleaning. Screened rotten-rock, it’s local For a great clean, domestic or and lasts better. Springfield co mm er ci al . 13 year s Quarry phone 318 4132. experience. Please phone EQUESTRIAN Penny 027 315 2008 or a/h 03 303 5023. CLEANING

CELEBRANT W E D D I N GS , Ci vi l Un i on Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals & Unveilings. Jenni Gibson phone/fax: 324 8332 Mob: 021 723 089 Website:


Children's riding lessons: $20 half hour, $35 hour. Qualified & experienced instructor. Learn to groom, tack up & ride one of our well schooled ponies After 10 lessons the 11th is free!

Phone Kate 03 347 6678 or 021 113 6370 E:

FARRIER CHURCH of the Open Door, Chris Harris. All hacks FARRIER Te Pirita. Where people learn to have faith in God through and ponies catered for. Please the teaching of our Lord Jesus phone 03 318 1811 or 021 364 398. Christ. Open 24/7.

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Friday 21st June 2013 FOR SALE


$40 PH 027 439 9116 FENCING SUMMERFIELD Fencing - in your area now. Lifestyle. Farm. Sheep. Cattle. Horse. All types of animals. Fences. Yards. sheds. Arenas. Shelters. Runs. 27 yeas contract fencing. John is available to help with design and planning. Phone Carol and John Summerfield 03 312 4747. FREE WELL rotted horse manure. Can load for you. Opposite Aylesbury Kennels. Phone 318 1811 or 021 364 398. FIREWOOD & COAL FIREWOOD - get ready for winter early. Macro, Larch, Douglas Fur, sawmill offcuts. Ready to be loaded onto your trailer $50 scoop (approx 1.5 cube) Greendale. Phone Stuart Sawmill 03 317 8171 anytime.



P RO PE R TY In s p ecti o n s ! Offering initial & routine inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you. Call Rebecca of Rural Tenancy Inspections Ltd on 027 313 2270 or email

19 year old Beauty Therapy MOTORCYCLES student, on second year training. Seeking clients for MOTORBIKE – Suzuki 50, plus massage, nails, facials and acc es s o r i es , ex cel l en t waxing. Cheap pricings, condition. Phone for details experienced treatments. Male 318 7298 or female. Phon e L iz Sutherland 03 318 8038 for more info and bookings. FIREWOOD & COAL

AC & EA WAKELIN FIREWOOD SUPPLIERS Phone 03 318 1484 or 021 260 4520




HORORATA Firewood, old man pine, good supply. Buy now, qu ick de live ry. P hone 318 0705 or 027 781 1492 Sunday 23rd June, 9am and leave message. RK Firewood is back. Are you Household goods, fridge, ready for winter? Available tables, 2x single beds, 1x double bed. Also, chinchilla now - Old Man Pine, Bluegum with extra large cage. & Oregon. All top quality, dry, Everything must go! clean wood. Eftpos available. Please phone Rini Contracting IHEALTH & BEAUTY 027 451 7300.



SELWYN Mowing - Lawns, FOUND on Selwyn River Bed. GAS cutting & welding set c/w hedges, shrub pruning etc. 1x pair of Specsavers small trolley accessories & Locally owned and operated. Prescription glasses. Black/ spare recon cutting torch, fire extinguisher. Phone Please phone Mike at 03 317 red frames. Please phone 318 8958 or 027 254 4008. 8191 or 027 497 8111. 318 8461. INK cartridges available at the Malvern News Office. We have REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE a few at 1/2 price! While stocks last. Phone 3187 450. UNTREATED sawdust. Ideal for calf sheds, chooks, horse stables and pig pens. $15 per Providing you with quality advice for Mortgages cubic metre. Greendale. Refinancing & Re-fixing Loans, Mortgage Protection, Please phone Stuart Sawmill Life/Trauma, Income Protection & Health Insurance 03 317 8171 anytime. Contact: 03 3477 205 / 0275 391 006 WOOD shavings - untreated, HOUSE TO LET Disclosure Document Available on Request clean shavings suitable for horse stables, calving sheds, DARFIELD township. 3 bedrms, chicken houses and rabbit 2 bathroom, modern warm h u tch es. A vai l ab l e i n house, double garage, new 70L bags, 1m 3 b al es kitchen includes stove, fridge, (compressed) and bulk dishwasher. Available now to delivery. Phone 03 347 7352 non smokers. Small section. for more details. Strictly no animals. $390 per • Darfield: 4 hectare superior bareland block, McLaughlins Road. All services to gate. week. Phone 021 958 207. GARDENING DARFIELD short term house • Darfield: 707 Mclaughlins Road “Simply Stunning Setting” 3 acres Superior lifestyle, 2 paddocks, HORORATA Wholesale Nursery - available to rent. 3-4 3 bay [1bay lock up shed], 3 Bedroom lovely home. Quality landscape plants at bedroom. Not furnished. Open Home 1 to 1:30pm Sunday For Sale $635.000 wholesale prices. Specialists Preferably no pets. $450 per • Darfield: [new listing] 33 Piako Drive, set on 5,845m2 i n f a r m a n d d a i r y week. Phone 027 740 6210. section lovely Homestead, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms conversion plantings. Natives, FULLY furnished, self contained 2 living areas, office, triple car garage. Open Home o r n am en tal s, h ed g ing , single mans cottage. Small 2 to 2:30pm Sunday For Sale: Offers over $600.000 deciduous trees. Hardy locally studio style unit on farm If you are considering selling in the Spring please g ro wn s to ck. Fr i end l y property near Oxford. $175 give me a call for a chat on your options knowledgeable advice. Phone per week including power. Min Cookson Dave or Wendy for hours we Phone 021 260 9262. are open. Ph 03 318 0081. GLENTUNNEL - cottage, one 027 249 5417 bedroom, available now. 03 347 9944 GARAGE SALE Furnished. No grounds maintenance, no pets, no smokers. Phone 318 2426. SITS VACANT SITS VACANT 2523 Homebush Road INSPECTIONS (Next to white church)

 Mature Pine:

3 mtrs $170 6 mtrs $330 9 mtrs $490 12 mtrs $655 15 mtrs $810  Hardwoods available  Certified truck for measurement  WINZ quotes welcomed

HAPPER’S HONDA LMVD Specialist Farm Bike Sales & Service Ph 03 325 4086


PIC is a leading pig breeding business in New Zealand supplying the local market with superior breeding stock and semen supplies. We have a position immediately available at our largest farm located near Dunsandel. If you have in depth pig husbandry experience, are seeking a full time role and keen to advance to a more senior level including leading/training and supervising staff, we want to hear from you. You will have your own transport, be flexible, enjoy working both independently or as part of a team and keen to take on any challenges as they present. A competitive salary package plus a bonus scheme is offered to the right person. Please apply in writing, (include a copy of your CV plus the names and contact details for two referees), to: The Production Manager, PIC New Zealand Ltd, P.O. Box 90, Dunsandel, Canterbury no later than Wednesday, 3 July 2013 or by email to: If you any questions about this position please telephone Jason Mattson on 03 318 0688 or 0275 387 855.

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Friday 21st June 2013



BAKER/BAKERS ASSISTANT REQUIRED 30-35 hours a week, one weekend day included We are looking an enthusiastic, energetic and creative person with a love and flair of food to join our busy scratch bakery, specialising in pies and homestyled baked goods. Experience in the industry would be an advantage, but training will be given. Applicants must have the following attributes: • Able to work early mornings • Reliability and good physical fitness • Able to work sole charge and in a team • Own Transport

Please apply to The Manager Applications will close on 26th of June



After school care required for 7 and 9 year old boys. Three days per week from 3.30pm - 7pm. Cleaning, meal preparation and various household duties will be required. A full driver’s licence and own vehicle will be required for ferrying boys to & from sports practices.

Please call to discuss rates & references 021 227 3216

Immediate start, 1-2 days per week. Pay rate negotiable. Basic knowledge of Days&Hoursnegotiable, Xero & Ace Payroll maysuitparentwithschoolagechildren. an advantage

ContactSteveorAnnon Phone033181814or02102530242 

Contact Zoe 022 035 4415

John Ballagh Contracting Ltd We operate a slink calf and lamb collection in the Windwhistle, Te Pirita and Darfield areas. We have two part time positions available commencing from mid July - October. Minimum 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. The applicants must have a class two licence. The work will involve heavy lifting.

All inquiries to: Sam Ballagh - John Ballagh -

Willowmere Organic Farms

Experienced book keeper/accounts person required.



Are a progressive fully certified organic farm producing a wide variety of produce including potatoes, carrots, cereal crops, as well as incorporating both sheep and beef production. A full time position has become available on our organic farm situated in Hororata. The farm produces a variety of produce with the emphasis on fresh vegetables, as well as livestock breeding and fattening. • The successful applicant will have experience in all aspects of farming, attention to detail and achieve results to a high standard. • The ability to drive and maintain modern tractors and machinery is required, along with a full drivers licence. • Full training will be given as to the principles of organic farming. • May consider job sharing for the right people.

See Trademe Ad. Contact Kelvin Hicks A/H on 03 318 0857 E: Would you like to become a team member of Molloy Agriculture Limited? - one of the fastest growing agricultural companies in Mid Canterbury. We now have two positions available - this could be the career change you have been looking for!





We Offer: • Sole operator of a 2010 Isuzu F Series Truck with a 24 metre sprayer including the latest GPS equipment • Full training will be provided at our expense for you to gain qualifications in this internationally recognised skill • Great Team Environment Benefical to have: • Agricultural background • Class 2 Drivers Licence • Positive personal attributes including honesty and reliability

This person would be responsible for delivering Liquid Fertiliser around Mid Canterbury and providing support for the sprayer fleet. The individual we seek must possess: • A sound agricultural background • Ability to work independently as well as be a great team member • Attention to detail • Preferred Class 5 Licence, however a Class 4 Licence would be acceptable

APPLICATIONS CLOSE 13th July 2013 for both positions Contact David Molloy: P: 03 302 8098 or E:

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Friday 21st June 2013 SITS VACANT



DARFIELD Sewing Services ROOF & house maintenance. All f o r al l yo u r s ew i n g aspects covered including r equi r em en ts. Qu ali fi ed spouting, mortar, tiles, reseamstress. Please phone roofing, roof painting, moss, • Part time in private, 318 7244. mould & silicone sealing. warm, friendly pool. General repairs. Please phone VEHICLES WANTED • Monday, 3pm - 7pm 03 347 6702. and some relief work. NISSAN Primera wanted. 2.7L, 5 • ASTA preferred but not s p e ed o r s i mi l a r . WANTED TO RENT essential, training 1991 - 1999. Repairs okay. will be given. FARM cottage or similar Phone 318 7260. w a n t ed f o r r e l i a b l e Ph Joan 03 347 9119 WANTED hardworking country couple or 03 349 5001 CARS - Any unwanted cars, with one child. Please phone WINDOW CLEANING trucks or vans. Any condition. Ben 318 8878 evenings. Will pay & collect. Phone John TRADES *Experienced 318 0871. *Reliable POSSUM Fur. Top prices paid. H AN D YMAN - Mik e th e *Trustworthy Hand plucked only, paid in full H and ym an s er vi n g all on deli very. Tel ephone handyman, lawnmowing and general work, Selwyn area. Professional Window Jonathan on 03 359 5100. Cleaner Phone 0800 287 828 or 03 now servicing the 347 7437. SELWYN Signs, Free quotes Selwyn area. We would love to clean & advice. Contact Fred your windows Maynard 03 329 7371 or Discounts for regular cleans 027 260 7628. Phone Wilf Lock Cash paid for any (03) 318 1960 or TILER / Waterproofer. Phone 03 cars, vans, 4WD’s 027 499 3535 318 1973 or 0274 211 637. trucks, tractors. Email: Free Pick Up WINDOW REPAIRS UPHOLSTE RER - Recover Any Condition lounge suites, dining chairs, FOR all glass requirements Anywhere squabs etc. Free quotes. phone Phil 317 9046 or Phone 027 476 2404 Based in Weedons. Phone 03 021 046 6046. or 03 347 9354 980 4979.





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Mirrors Catdoors Double Glazing Insurance Repairs

PropertyForceLtd PropertyForceLtd     

Ph: 021 341 311 or 03 420 1020 Your complete local tradesmen

Licenced Builder

03 318 4128 or 027 325 9854

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Phil Marsh Ph 318 4131 Mob 027 357 3696


Need some help with: • • •

Ph Andrew Sanderson

Fire Installations Gas Fitting & Conversions Plumbing Maintenance Heat Pumps Electrical Servicing

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Aerials/Dishes TV/DVR Set-up Wall Mounting Freeview/Decoders Cabling Phone Jacks

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Multi-room Systems Hook-ups Pre-wire (All Types) All Installations of TV, Freeview, Home Theatre, Hi Fi

Ph Simon 027 430 1211 / 03 317 8091 Get me to do your ‘dishes’


Phone • 25 years experience David Barnhill • Local qualified builder 027 618 2345 • All types of work or undertaken including additions, a/h 317 9144 alterations, new houses, sheds etc



SuperComputer Sales and Service of new and used machines. Networking, Virus protection, Backup Re-loading and Restoring of Windows. Plain old fashioned Help & Assistance! All our life passes in this way: we seek rest by struggling against certain obstacles, and once they are overcome, rest proves intolerable because of the boredom it produces - BLAISE PASCAL, Pensees

Mark Jones 03 318-1956 027 210 4242

0800 427 427

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Friday 21st June 2013

Daily On Site Sales & Servicing Authorised Service Agent for Most Brands • Ovens • Washing Machines • Cooktops • Washing Machine Hire • Dryers • Dishwashers from $8 p.w.

Selwyn Electrical Ltd Your Local Registered Electrician


O xf o r d Ap plia nc e s L t d MU R R A Y D A WSO N Reg. Service Technician 027 226 3898

318 1676 or 021 184 2448

MALVERN COMPUTERS • New Computers • Virus Removal • Laptops • Upgrades • Problem Solving • Software

Closed Saturdays

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John Lawrence Ph: 03 3183 699 Mob: 027 688 9103 •

Smith & Sons are professional renovation builders who provide quality renovations from concept to completion – on time and to budget. With Smith & Sons, renovating will be an enjoyable experience, you’ll be confident of getting great value & you’ll be proud of your finished project. Gerry Thomson and the team including our own tiling guru (formerly trading as Flaxmill Builders) from Smith & Sons have been a local, family owned building business in the area since 1982 – so call them today for your next project.

Ph: 03 312 4667 or Mob: 021 972 813

Acer V5V5-571PG •



8gig RAM 750gig HDD 15.6” Touch Screen 2gig Nvidia Graphics 3 65 Windows 8 $1 l G S T c 5hrs battery I n Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

493 Bealey Rd, Aylesbury

Mark Davis

Mark Walker ♦ Ph 03 318 1529 ♦ Manufacturers of:  Doors  Windows  Stairs  Wall Units  Kitchens  Vanities also Repair Work

3 North Tce, Darfield 7510 P 318 8663 F 318 8904 M 027 229 4965 E

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david wilkinson registered electrician phone 03 318 1231 fax email

03 318 1235

po box 26 kirwee

we’ll be there when you need us. guaranteed. on time guaranteed or your first hour is free! conditions apply.

Whitby Pumps

House & Roof PrePre-Paint Wash Hydro Drain Cleaning

Specialists in pump and water solutions

Cleans most surfaces: Fences, paths, brick, block, wood, concrete & machinery


Contact Mike Richards 03 318 8380 or 021 179 0584

0274 953 712

 Maintenance &

servicing  Bathroom & kitchen

renovations  Mains pressure hot water

upgrades  Blocked drains  Fully stocked vehicles  Fast, friendly professional service

Laser Plumbing Christchurch West 0800 11 22 40 We are able to accurately share travelling costs between jobs with GPS tracking

So try us first!

Dorothy and Edna, two ‘senior’ widows, are talking. Dorothy: “That nice George Johnson asked me out for a date. I know you went out with him last week, and I wanted to talk with you about him before I give him my answer.” Edna: “Well, I'll tell you. He shows up at my apartment punctually at 7pm, dressed like such a gentleman in a fine suit, and he brings me such beautiful flowers! Then he takes me downstairs; and what's there: a limousine, uniformed chauffeur and all. Then he takes me out for dinner; a marvellous dinner, lobster, champagne, dessert, and after-dinner drinks. Then we go see a show. Let me tell you Dorothy, I enjoyed it so much I could have just died from pleasure! So then we are coming back to my apartment and he turns into an ANIMAL. Completely crazy, he tears off my expensive new dress and has his way with me!” Dorothy: “Goodness gracious!... so you are telling me I shouldn't go?” Edna: “No, no, no... course not... I'm just saying, wear an old dress!”

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Malvern news june 21st