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ISSUE 607 Friday 19th July 2013

Despite chilly temperatures, almost one hundred people entered into the spirit of fundraising for the Malvern Anglican Parish at an Auction of Talents, held in the Darfield High School Hall last Friday evening. In return for the extensive hard work put in by organisers, the huge amount of $10,000 was raised for the Parish - an outstanding result

Chris Abbott of CRT Real Estate was the auctioneer extraordinaire, managing to get top dollar for the Parish, with more than a laugh or two thrown in.

CIRCULATION: Over 5000 Area SH I West, between the rivers. The information and opinions published are not necessarily those of the Malvern News proprietors. Malvern News is distributed to 5000 homes and businesses in the Malvern area.

Malvern Anglican Vicar, Rev Susan Baldwin.

by anyone’s reckoning. Much credit and appreciative thanks was given to auctioneer, Chris Abbott of CRT Real Estate, who cajoled those attending to bid, by whatever means he could muster. All in good humour and many a laugh accompanied the sale and purchase of some outstanding items. Art works, photography, Richie McCaw signed rugby ball, helicopter flight, food, wine and offers of expertise, plus much, much more were all on offer, and Chris managed to move it all for the betterment of the Parish’s coffers. S u pper was s er ved, refreshments were available and a successful and enjoyable night was had by all.


Sale commences today, Friday, 19th July


There is good condition near new clothing for all the family & household accessories.

South Terrace, Darfield (Between Annabel’s & Beaurepaires) Hours: Mon - Thurs Friday

9:00am - 5pm 9:00am - 5:30pm

½ price on all items except orange tickets No goods accepted at present, thank you.

Next edition will be distributed Friday 26th July 2013 Deadline - 1:00pm Tuesday 23rd July 2013

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If it’s newsworthy and you know about it - we’d like to know too !

es: Deadl l1ipnm Mon

Editoria g 1pm Tues in Advertis

Angela Wright of Sheffield displays the signed rugby ball in preparation for bidding

Saturday 20th July Saturday 27th July 10am - 1:00pm Next to CRT

72 South Terrace, Darfield • Phone 03 318 8734


Calling all schoolschool-aged entrepreneurs

Ladies, Men's, Children’s & Babies Wear

Harvest or make a product in the School Holidays, come along to the Farmers Market and have a go at selling your product. Table + Gazebo: $5 (can be shared) Bring your own table/gazebo for free.

Open: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm • Sat 9:30am - 12:30pm

Enquiries to:

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Friday 19th July 2013


Fresh Flowers Fresh Flowers Fresh Flowers



Order your corsage by Tuesday 30th July to


South Tce, Darfield

a $20 cell phone “top up” (including men’s buttonhole orders) Phone or call into the shop

Full of goodies for


• • •

3 Yr 318 7948 4 Yr 318 8843 Educare 318 7943

Phone 03 3187101 - 51 South Tce, Darfield

winebar & cafe We have an ever growing variety of adults’ costumes & accessories and can help you choose an outfit for your fancy dress or themed party! We have both speciality costumes and pick n mix costumes to choose from.

KARAOKE Come & sing the night away!

Saturday 20th July 9:00pm till late Happy Hour 9:30 - 10:30pm $5 house wines & $5 pints Main Road, Darfield. Ph: 03 318 7303 Fax: 03 318 7304 E:

SHOP HOURS: Monday 1pm - 6pm Thursday 11am - 6pm Friday 11am - 2:30pm & other times by appointment If we haven't got it, we will try & get it!

44 Oak Tree Lane, Rolleston

Phone 347 4595 or 027 4843 040

THE SUNDAY BRUNCH With Jeff Bradley & the Delta Swing

Check out our new menu! A delicious gourmet buffet 1st Seating: 11:00am - 12:30pm $39 pp 2nd Seating: 1:15pm - 3:00pm $45 pp *Bookings essential

SPICES - Taste of Asia A journey through the culinary delights from South to East Asia by our Asian Chef, Ranga Every Friday At Tilley’s Bar & Brasserie from 6:30pm - 9:00pm $35 pp Every 6th person dines free!! *Bookings essential PH: 03 318 6943 Ext 1 EMAIL: WEB:

Follow us on Facebook at nsResort

New flashing light and bell automatic alarms have been installed at the Creyke Road level crossing near Darfield. KiwiRail’s General Manager Infrastructure and Engineering, R i c k va n B a r n e ve l d , commented, “installation of flashing light and bell alarms or the addition of half-arm barriers at any railway crossing is based on an assessment system that takes into account many factors including location, road and rail traffic numbers, the number of railway tracks to be crossed and whether views of approaching trains are obstructed.” “Using this information we have compiled an extended national priority list of eighty public road level crossings that justify the installation of new flashing light and bell alarms, or the addition of half-arm barriers (for high traffic level crossings where flashing lights and bells are already installed).” “Collisions occurred at the Creyke Road level crossing in 2011 and 2012, both of which resulted in minor injuries,” Rick said. “The 2012 collision moved the crossing up to number five on our National Road Level Crossing Upgrading Priority List.” “This is the first level crossing protection upgrade completed for the new financial year. We

are currently planning to install around eight new or upgraded alarm systems each year.” “KiwiRail is also the primary sponsor of the Chris Cairns Foundation which provides public awareness and education campaigns about level crossing safety. We believe such campaigns have contributed to a downward trend in level crossing accident statistics,” he added. “Collision rates are falling despite the fact that there are more trains, more people and more road vehicles.” However, he advises caution when app ro aching l evel crossings, even when flashing light and bell alarms are present. “There were two public road level crossing collisions in the three months to June 2013. This was only a third of the previous ten year average for the quarter and the lowest number of collisions recorded in this quarter for some decades.” “Every accident is one too many and we will continue with our efforts to educate people to make sure that they understand the dangers associated with level crossings and the rail network. Obeying the road rules is the best way to avoid the vast majority of these collisions,” Rick concluded.

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Friday 19th July 2013

Members of the Christchurch Hunt set off from Lucy and Kerry Maley’s property on the Charing cross hunt, last Sunday. No surprises there, but who was surprised, very surprised, was the Huntsman, Dave Ferriman (aka Ferret). Not only was he presented with a spectacular publication, akin to ’This is Your Life’, marking his forty years in the role, but also given a trip to Ireland, the emerald isle, to indulge his love of the Hunt on the other side of the world. This b eg an a f o r tn i g h t o f celebrations, before the season closed on July 16th, to recognise Dave’s outstanding contribution to the Christchurch Hunt. During this time members held a hound show at Jeremy and Deb Silva's today, Friday 19th, and toni gh t th e Christchurch Hunt are staging a celebratory Ball. “It’s been a few years since we’ve held such an event,” said Dave Sligh of the Christchurch Hunt, “and this Ball at Riccarton Racecourse was an early sellout because it wrapped up the celebrations for Dave. We’re welcoming a number of guests from Hunts throughout New Zealand who will join us to celebrate Dave’s forty years.” The book presented to Dave in recognition of his forty year tenure was compiled by Dave Sligh who sought contributions from far and wide, he was ably assisted by Steph Kimber. Kimber It is a beautifully illustrated, glossy paged affair that is available for sale ($50) from Dave Sligh, phone 03 318 0081 or email

COCKTAILS & TAPAS The cover of the beautifully compiled book presented to Dave Ferriman in recognition of his forty years as Huntsman with the Christchurch Hunt. you give us a hand to cut down a tree, not a big job, piece of cake.” The day arrived and so did l with my trusty chainsaw. Plans were made. l was to cut a 'scarf in the tree at the site agreed. Dave with rope attached to tree and tractor was to pull the tree over into the paddock. The cut was made. Dave eased the tractor forward to take the strain. The tractor had seen better days and was a little sharp in the clutch. ‘Ping’ and the rope broke. Time stood still. I ran. Dave gasped. Would it fall into the paddock or would it head for the stables? It teetered; it fell towards the stables! Prayers were said, prayers were answered! A little insignificant poplar tree growing against the stables caused the gum to glance away causing only minor damage to the corner of the roof. The stables were saved! “That was a piece of cake."

A verse by Dave Sligh and Wendy Hampton concludes the The book contains not only reminiscence of forty great fabulous photos of Dave’s past years. and present exploits but also Forty Years numerous messages of support Some have come the hounds to from those associated with him hear throughout the years. Some will come to face their fear The p ages co ver man y But all should have a care for I have come to run, I am the Hare humorous excerpts such as: Firewood from: John Broadway - Some will love the thrill of Many years ago a gum tree horses hooves upon the ground grew, tall and proud, on the Some will come just to hear that fence-line between the stables sound and a paddock at the kennels. Some might share a flask and Dave thought gums looked stand around good in Australia, but this one But I have come to hunt, I am would look good on his fire. the hound

The call was made, “John could

Some will choose the wire, many like the gorse Some will take their time and use the gate of course Some will stay too long and face divorce But I have come to run, I am the horse

with DJ TKO Saturday 3rd August Tickets $20 each includes trio of cocktail shots and a selection of quality Tapas. Tickets selling fast!!! Main West Road, Springfield To book a ticket, table, or for more information phone the Yello Shack Café 03 318 4880

Some work hard their horse to yield Some do not, their fate is sealed For some their flask becomes their shield But we all have come to chase, we are the field All will listen while the master has his say All will watch the Ferret and his hounds begin their day All will hope to have the chase, perhaps a kill For he is the huntsman of forty years, he always comes to thrill.

• Mid Winter Xmas Dinner! (3 courses) $65 pp including Mulled Wine on arrival • Sunday Roast Lunch (3 courses) $45 pp • Jazz Night - Wednesday 31st July Ph 318 7686 or visit Cnr West Coast Road and Clintons Road Licensed Restaurant, B & B, Wedding/Conference Venue

‘A NIGHT AT THE OSCARS’ Saturday 14th September 2013 - 8pm Darfield Recreation Centre $400 for group of 10 or $45 per person Live Band - New Entrants Complimentary Bubbles Continuous Supper Full Bar Available (Happy Hour 8-9pm) Prizes for most creatively dressed Spot Prizes Tickets available from the Malvern News office (Cash or cheque only)

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Friday 19th July 2013

by Christine McArthur (20 years experience with grief guidance)

A book to guide you through your journey of grief to hope & healing • • • •

Staying in the drivers seat: what to expect & how to handle it The wide range of “normal” grief Purchase your Hope & comfort you can turn to day by day book today for Help for people who want help: only $29.95 what to say & do & what not to

Available from Darfield Post Shop, selected Paper Plus Stores in Christchurch or by phoning 03 424 2779

Christine McArthur has lived at Whitecliffs all her adult life and brought her family up in the community. During this time she has had over twenty years experience as a chaplain and a grief counsellor. Christine has a background in nursing and as well as providing grief guidance during employment with a reputable funeral directors, she has also just published a book on the topic. Entitled ‘Getting Through Grief’ the book is a comprehensive and practical guide for undertaking personal care and getting through grief, to face a positive future. Grief is a topic that many people feel uncomfortable with, but when people are in the throes of it there is simply no getting away. That’s where some expert advice can be a real godsend. Over the years Christine’s down to earth approach has helped thousands of people on their journey through grief to hope and healing. She originally wrote a booklet of notes filled with practical tips, comfort and useful guidelines, that she could leave with grieving people so they always had something handy to refer to. Many of these people found the notes so helpful, they passed them on to others. Due to this popular demand

Christine expanded them into a book, so that her expertise was available to everyone. ‘Getting Through Grief’ is especially designed to deliver concise, easy to find information to people who may be having difficulty concentrating. They can dip into any chapter needed, without having to read the whole book. It can be used as a handy reference that is convenient to take anywhere as people proceed through the grief process. The book outlines what to expect and how to handle it, as well as providing answers and practical solutions. This, along with daily hope and comfort, is all in simple everyday terms and language. Christine commented that because grief isn’t talked about much, a lot of grieving people wonder whether what they are going through, is ‘normal’. For example they might worry that they are crying too much, for too long, or not crying enough. “Every individual is unique, there’s a wide range of normal and it can be very heartening to know that,” said Christine. “Sometimes we really feel for someone who is grieving and wish we could take some of their hurt away, or at least show we care. Often we don’t know where to start or what to say or

Christine McArthur of Whitecliffs - author of ‘Getting Through Grief’. do, which is why I thought it was important to include some strategies for those who want to be supportive.” Christine also provides grief guidance by telephone. Further details about the ‘Getting Through Grief’ book are available from: the book can be purchased from the website both as an Ebook or in hardcopy; these are also available from selected Pap er Pl u s s to r es i n Christchurch and the Darfield Post Shop.

See the advertisement in this issue for further information.

Mark these dates in your diary now as this is sure to be a production you Won’t Want To Miss Tickets on sale now - available from Darfield Pharmacy or by phoning Heather on 03 318 8751


7:30 - 11:00

1:00- 7:30


8:30 - 12:00

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7:30 - 12:00

2:00 - 5:00


9:00 - 12:00

2:00 - 7:30


7:30 - 12:00

2:00 - 5:30


9:00 - 12:00

Phone Holly 03 318 8215 027 483 2937

Providing free pregnancy tests, pregnancy care, labour, birth and post-natal service at hospital or home.

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Friday 19th July 2013

DARFIELD PORSE is a New Zealand born in-home childcare programme created by Jenny Yule (B.Ed, Dip. Teaching Primary, Dip Teaching ECE) from her handson experience tutoring nannies and teaching in the early childhood, primary and tertiary education sectors. Today PORSE works with thousands of people throughout New Zealand offering in-home childcare services, community play and learning programmes, on the job training and STAR/ Gateway unit standards for secondary school students. Darfield’s Teisha Lee has four years experience with children aged 0 - 13 years, and she’s bringing PORSE to Darfield. Many will know Teisha from her recent role in Darfield’s after school programme. She is committed to building strong, s e cu r e an d n u r tu r i n g relationships with precious, little ones. “I believe strongly that children learn through their experiences. I aim to use every opportunity to promote and encourage their learning as they develop in their

While many stayed indoors, close to the fire and watched the snow globe effect through the windows last weekend, a hardy few enjoyed a Mainline Steam excursion into the Alps. With snow cloaking the foothills west of Springfield as well as beech trees and shrubbery sprinkled with glistening, icy crystals, the thrill of a steam engine trip took on an add ition al, m agi cal quality.

At PGG Wrightson, we’ll help you with the right range of products, competitive prices and expert advice. Talk to the team at PGG Wrightson about your calf rearing requirements today.

t ou r Ask ab ou


ns Co n d itio Ap p ly

PGG Wrightson - Ross St, Darfield. Ph 03 318 7850

L to R: Xanthe Rogers, Teisha Lee and Kate Quigley. own time, while building on their looking forward to working individual strengths. Children alongside those in the area. learn best in a stimulating programme through a variety of play experiences that are PORSE - Home Ed with vacancies appropriate to each child's own available now in level of enjoyment and ability,” Darfield. Experienced commented Teisha. and offering a She also values the importance stimulating programme. of working alongside families Phone Teisha while respecting and valuing 027 465 1661 their beliefs, and is very much

Looking for some WOW factor? We are selling as fast as we are listing AND we have qualified buyers ready to purchase! For a free sales appraisal call Chris or Kerin: 03 317 9070

Plumes of steam and smoke announce the arrival of the Mainline Steam engine pulling carriages full of enthusiasts 44 South Terrace, Darfield 7510 Ph 318 8896

Check out our new giftware! New Kovacs Recliner Chair has arrived. • Rods • Tracks

Buy Luxaflex Countrywood Shutters before 31st August & Get FREE INSTALLATION!

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FREE Dental Checks • • •

10% off dental work if required A Hills Prescription Diet t/dTM take home pack Vouchers for $10 & $20 off food

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Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri: Tues, Thurs: Sat:

8am - 5pm 8am - 6pm 9am - 12:30pm

48 South Terrace, Darfield 7510 Ph 03 318 8611 • Upholstery • Giftware

• Mirrors • Lamps

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Friday 19th July 2013

• Darfield: 4 hectare superior bareland block, McLaughlins Road. All services to gate.

• Darfield: 707 McLaughlins Road “Simply Stunning Setting” 3 acres superior lifestyle, 2 paddocks, 3 bay [1bay lock up shed], 3 bedroom lovely home. Open Home 1 to 1:30pm Sunday. For Sale $635.000 • Darfield: [new listing] “As is where is” 9 Telegraph Rd, block 4 bedroom, open plan living dwelling, 707m2 section with large double carport. Open Day 2 to 2:30pm Sunday. To be Auctioned on site 11am, Sat 27th July 2013. • Homebush: “Kilcreggan” Final Notice.180 Deans Rd 6.19 ha lifestyle that will tick all boxes. Stunning homestead 4 bedroom, two bathrooms, office, 2 bed sleepout, sheds. Fabulous rural mountain views. Open Home 12noon to 12:30pm Sunday. Deadline sale closing 25th July 2013 [unless sold prior]. • Darfield [new listing] 16 Maxwell Street. “Maxwell Manor” a permanent material 3 bedroom home recently had a big make over. Very secure, close into the shops. Offers over $375.000. Open Home 1 to 1.30pm Sunday.

If you are considering selling in the Spring please give me a call for a chat about your options

Min Cookson 027 249 5417 03 347 9944

“Call me now to find out what your home is worth on today's market”

Local PGG Wrightson Real Estate Agent, Min Cookson wasn’t letting last weekend’s wintery weather hinder her, she was busy holding open days and erecting ‘house for sale’ signs. “Things are steady and I am busy, with all properties selling w el l , ” M i n co mm en ted , “however I still have more clients, than listings to satisfy them,” she added with a laugh. Min is definitely qualified to follow the PGG Wrightson mantra ‘Helping Grow the Country’ having a lifetime of rural experience. She was born and bred in the Hororata area where she farmed for many years, before moving to West Melton, where she also farms. Min’s results speak for themselves and past, present and future clients attending her annual Christmas soiree all attest to her real estate prowess. While selling real estate keeps Min extremely busy, it doesn’t prevent her from keeping her magnificent gardens up to show home standard, as well as raising pups from her much-loved

labrador which go into the Police training pool. Min’s sixteen year real estate career has seen her experience numerous highs and throughout it all her proven attributes of being hard working, honest and extremely loyal are always to the fore. Selling property in the area you live in and the area you were brought up in, while assisting

the people who are your neighbours, doesn’t allow an agent to be anything but professional. Min ticks all the boxes in this regard and together with PGG Wrightson Real Estate has a reputation second to none.

Building consent figures for the past year indicate that Selwyn District has experienced another year of exceptional growth. Selwyn has been the fastest growing district in New Zealand over the past five years, and last year also experienced the strongest economic growth in New Zealand. In the year up to June 2013, Selwyn District Council issued a record number of new dwelling consents;1,084 in total, a 76% increase on the 616 consents issued the previous year. “Building and resource consent

staff have had an incredibly busy year,” said Mayor Kelvin Coe. Coe “Over twelve thousand building inspections were carried out during the year.” Consenting staff have been under pressure but the Council is coping, with only a few of the more complicated consents taking more than twenty days. Resource consent applications also increased by 32% - up from 426 to 562. A fast track consent process was introduced last year for simple consents which allows applicants to receive consents more quickly

and at a reduced cost. An increasing number of consents are being processed through th i s p ro cess as m o r e applications are now eligible to be fast tracked. The building boom in Selwyn is b ei n g m atch ed b y an employment boom. The number of jobs in the district increased by 9.5% last year, nearly ten times the national average of 1%. Selwyn is also home to Izone, New Zealand’s largest business park. The Mayor commented that Selwyn is a very exciting place to be. “Construction activity in our district is busier than ever and many new businesses are setting up here.” The Council is focused on investing in infrastructure and services for the growing population. Last month saw the opening of the new Rolleston Aquatic Centre and a new library will open in Lincoln early next year.

Phone 027 662 2751 or 03 318 8204

Li censed under the REAA 2008


Locally based PGG Wrightson Real Estate agent, Min Cookson at home in West Melton with Zac, one of her trusty labrador dogs.

For anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate, contact Min - her details are contained in the advertisement alongside.

Susan Davis

Property Inspections

Offering initial & routine inspections on tenanted houses, taking the hassle out for you! Ideal for Farm Accommodation Call Rebecca of Rural Tenancy Inspections on 027 313 2270 or email

Boutique Furniture Solid Timber Specialist Your design or ours 021 904 805

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Friday 19th July 2013

FARMS WANTED Genuine buyers are seeking: Brad Mackenzie, Mackenzie will be a familiar face to many, especially those connected with the Darfield Rugby Club. Brad, who grew up in Rangiora, completed his secondary schooling at Christchurch’s St. Bedes College. Initially he began working on a farm in Darfield, which is when his involvement with the Rugby Club began; and until this season he has continued playing for the Club. In 2005 Brad began working in the rural industry sector, when he took up a trainee livestock representative’s position, with PGG. In 2009, Brad transferred to Hazlett Rural Limited (HRL) as one of their livestock reps. He was also in vol ved wi th administration and all while studying a diploma in business, part time at CPIT. Brad completed this qualification in 2011. Eighteen months ago, Brad ventured into the insurance division. He initially spent a year with HRL’s Sean Lysaght, who offered support and training and in other words, generally just showed him the ropes. With earthquake restrictions on insurance now eased a little Brad has been spending time on the road, visiting clients and letting them know just how HRL can meet their needs. As a broker, Brad can provide an ex tr em el y co m p e ti ti ve , comprehensi ve, insurance service for his rural clients. The level of service offered by HRL, along with a system of efficient cl aims m anag em ent and coupled with Brad’s focus on client satisfaction, all build stron g an d tru stin g

relationships. “We don’t just cater for rural entities,” Brad stressed, “HRL I n s u r an ce a l s o c o ve r commercial and domestic insurance too.” Insurance brokerage isn’t all there is to Brad Mackenzie though. When he’s not working, he participates in a number of sports. As well as rugby he undertakes multisport events, waterskiing, and hitting the snow slopes, when time allows. “I also enjoy travel,” Brad commented, “I spent about twelve months travelling around Europe and America. I managed

to spend some of that time as a crew member onboard a catamaran, adventuring through the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian and Red Seas too,” he added. Donning his Broker’s hat again Brad made some timely closing comments on the industry and the part he has to play in it. “I believe that with the changing requirements of dwelling insurance, it is more important now than ever, to have a broker who is up to speed with those changes and can provide sound advice to ensure your insurance cover is adequate.”

• 20 - 40 hectares bareland • 100 - 150 hectares suitable for dairy support • 300 - 400 hectares suitable for dairy support For a full market update please call

Ruth Hodges Absolute discretion assured


Prompt, friendly, innovative and cost efficient solutions for your surveying, mapping, land development & land use planning requirements Free initial consultation and budget analysis Contact: Christchurch 03 339 0401, Fax 03 339 0408 Email: PO Box 8177, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440

Brad Mackenzie, one of HRL’s insurance blokes.


for a full range of plant ARE YOU SICK OF POTHOLES? 45kg, 72kg & 330kg Reversible Plate Compactor,1.5 tonne Roller, Tip Truck, Tractor with FEL & Grader Blade available for hire.

Horndon Street, Darfield Hrs: Mon - Sat 7:30am - 5:30pm

Give us a ring and our mobile truck will come to you and get you back in the paddock in no time! 352 9089

470 Papanui Road (cnr Papanui Rd and Wyndham St) Email

2-6 South Tce, Darfield

Ph 03 318 8201 Fax 03 318 8449

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Friday 19th July 2013

‘Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs’ Feed Mighty Mix & yo ur dog will enjoy an increase in energy & vitality, shiny coat, bright eyes, strong teeth & bones with a stronger immune system.

There has been a lot happening during term two at Springfield School. Some of their students had a go at being reporters and collected some feedback from their classmates.

Great for all dogs. ● Mighty Mix Concentrate 25kg ● Mighty Mix Biscuits 20kg

1 bag - $85ea 2 or more bags - $80ea

Call TC 318 2366 or 021 0293 4819

General Cartage Bulk Grain & Fertiliser Hay & Baleage Wool & Machinery Aggregates & Shingle Supplies

Mrs. Langlands’ ukulele students performing for their classmates. L to R: Penny, Vincent, Monique, Holly, Sophie, Will and Kohen

021 248 8227 or A/H 03 318 8227

Contracting Limited Rural & Residential Fencing Specialists ► no job too big or too small ► all work undertaken Canterbury wide

Springfield School students enjoying some time on their new playground, ‘The Gauntlet’.

► quality job guaranteed

Ph Jeremy & Lauretta McCorkindale 027 333 7383 A/H 03 318 0680

Mrs. Fraser-Milne leading a class in Maori language and culture.

Richie’s Contracting • Pastoral

Soil Aerating • General Sub-Soiling & Ripping • Also Cultivation • 135hp Tractor for hire with Driver • Reversible Ploughing

Phone 027 699 1330 or 03 318 1829


- Qualityjob job --Competitive rate - Quality Competitive rate - Workaround around your your schedule - Work schedule PhoneShaun Shaun on on 021 Phone 021204 2041274 1274

•Cow Track Lime Supply & Lay •Farm Tracks & Driveways •All Shingle Supplies •On Site Crushing of Shingle •Supply & Installation of Irrigation Pipe •Truck & Trailer Hire •Grader & Digger Work •Hedge & Stump Removal •Reversable Ploughing Cultivation •Direct Drilling •Roller Drilling •Pivot Rut Filling

RD 2 Leeston 027 534 9161

Sophie Davis reports: “Mrs. Mrs. Langlands has been teaching us ukulele for the last three years. Children love it for the fantastic and interesting chords we learn. It also helps us move onto other instruments that we might like to learn. Last year we took part in a ukulele festival. We are going to give it a go again this year but there are more instruments involved this time.” Will Davidson added: “This year with the help of several grants we got a new playground that even has a name; “The Gauntlet”! This playground helps everyone in the school with their fitness and co-ordination. Even though the junior kids are not quite tall enough to reach parts of it they always manage to find a way of getting around it. It teaches you balance and how to use your upper body strength which is useful in activities like gymnastics. One of our grants came from the Charitable Foundation which three very important people, Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and Ali Williams donate money to. The Trust’s goals are to help make a huge difference in our community’s lives. Our grant from the Trust paid for the safety area around the playground and we thank all our sponsors very much.” Holly Stokes and Emily White shared: “Every Thursday we have a whole school Te Reo hui with Mrs. FraserFraser-Milne. This gives us the opportunity to learn about Maori culture and language. We have learned a prayer to start the hui, songs, games and activities that teach us the language and protocols. We love learning the movements and actions to songs. We are really lucky that Mrs. Fraser-Milne comes to share all her knowledge about Te Reo with us.”

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Friday 19th July 2013

Nikita Summerfield and Charlotte Carter On a cold and damp Saturday morning, Nikita Summerfield and Charlotte Carter of Darfield High School, along with their supportive families, arrived at the Farmers Market with arms full of fudge and trays of sweet treats, to brighten up the morning. As they set up stall the sun came out and remained so, for the rest of the morning! The girls are fundraising for their trip to China in September as part of a delegation from Darfield High School (Charlotte and Nikita, along with James Morris, Morris Principal and one parent) to Shandan Bailie School founded by Rewi Alley, who was born and spent his early years in Springfield. Both girls are very excited about this

opportunity to experience a different country and culture. They say it will be a privilege to represent Darfield High School and the Selwyn District to honour this local link, as well as the memory of Rewi Alley, who is highly regarded in Gansu, China. The Farmers Market morning was a bit of a trial for the pair to gauge customers’ interest in their product - there were numerous positive comments both on the range and selection available. Nikita added, "we had a successful morning and can't wait to come back next week.” Nikita and Charlotte will be at the Darfield Farmers’ Market for the next two Saturdays, joining

the Young Enterprise Kids’ Market, which provides an opportunity for any school aged entrepreneur to come along and try their hand at selling produce, craft or other creative goods. The community can really make a difference to these young people by heading along to the weekl y Farmers’ Market, Saturday morning - 10am-1pm, Which has now had a slight change of location. Still situated next to CRT on Darfield’s main street, South Terrace, but now on the Eastern side of it, opposite Paddy’s Farm Shop.

Quality Fencing South Island Wide • • • • • • •

• High or Down country All farm fencing • Specialist bulldozer and side Dairy conversions mounted postdriver Post & rail fencing • Explosive licence Yard building Residential fencing Security fencing Subdivisions

Geoff Rogers 021 640 748 or 03 317 8028


• Cow Shed

Planting DAN BURROWS T: 0800 4 BURROWS & Landscapes M: 027 872 8317 • Shelter Belts E: • Underpass Planting • Natives • Forestry Blocks

• Kubota tractor with mower/hoe • 1.5T Excavator

Hours: Collection 8:00am - 9:00am Drop Off 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Hire Bookings Essential West Melton Phone Stu 03 347 8516 Mon - Fri or 027 223 4730

Mobile: 027 279 1341

Phone: 03 318 1500

With Winter approaching it is a timely reminder to farmers of the benefits of using the Cross Slot drill to maximise returns. Reduces labour and fuel costs and reduces irrigation and evaporation. Cross Slot is the only drill to place fertiliser alongside the seed.

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Friday 19th July 2013

Friday 19th July 2013

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Friday 19th July 2013

RailResidential •Stock Stock yards •Free Free no obligation quotes Subdivisions •Deer/sheep Deer/sheep fencing •Subdivisions •All All work guaranteed •Dairy Dairy conversions •Over •Post Post driving Over 20 years experience •Lifestyle Lifestyle blocks in this district •Post Post &

Ph/Fax: 03 318 8838 Mobile: 027 221 9874 Email:

● ● ● ●

Killing Fees • Cattle Beast • Deer (venison) • Pigs • Sheep from

● ●

Processing $100 • Cattle - $1.20 per kg (vac pac) (other beef packaging/ $50 pricing options available) $55 $20 • Venison - $1.50 per kg • Pigs - $1.00 per kg ALL PRICES - $15.00 per roll of bacon EXCLUDE GST - $15.00 per leg of ham or - $20.00 pressed & sliced & ALL PRICES • Sheep - from $20 each INCLUDE • Sausages - $3.60 per kg PACKAGING • Saveloys - $4.00 per kg • Patties - $3.20 per kg Registered Home • Salami - $8.50 per kg Kill Operator

Winter doesn't have to be dark, dull and boring anymore. Not when you’ve got Mud, Sweat & Tears to look forward to. The event is not only about having fun, but also challenging participants mental and physical strength. Motukarara Race Course was a hive of activity on Sunday, July 7th, with a number of local entrants braving the cold and wet to participate. Above: Team ‘Muddy Mooloos’, consisting of Kris Hurikawa (36mins, 12 secs), Liam McNae (54mins, 17 secs), Nicole Comery (50mins, 12secs) and Chloe Neil (50mins, 17secs) came in 24th place in the 5km Mixed Team category with a combined total time of 3hrs, 10mins, 58secs. Another local entry was ‘Team Thomas’, who came in at a well

Local team, the ‘Muddy Mooloos’. L to R: Riley McNae, Kris Huriwaka, Liam McNae, Nicole Comery, Chloe Neil and Saige McNae (front). deserved fourth place in the same category. Their team consisted of Claudia Thomas (32mins, 32secs), Albie Thomas (34mins, 52secs), Warren Thomas (38mins, 13secs), and

On Friday, July 12th, a group of Year 13 students at Darfield High School decided to play a prank on their head boy and head girl. Tom de Rooy (head boy) had started a Year 13 prank competition, after he and a friend ‘pranked’ a fellow student, (Rosie Rosie Forbes) Forbes by wrapping her car up in cling film and covering it with boxes, while she was absent on a recent school biology trip. Revenge was on the cards - and a group of students decided to return the prank favour, not only to Tom but also to include his girlfriend, head girl, Gordana Rodden . Two huge king and queen crowns were made to go on the top of their cars, along with streamers, balloons, dice and a windmill stuck to the rear vision mirror. “Just a little harmless fun at the end of a long term,” laughingly finished one of the pranksters!

Tuku Thomas (41mins, 55secs), with a combined total of 2hrs, 27mins, 32secs. Congratulations to all those who participated from the area.

DHS head boy, Tom de Rooy and his ‘decorated’ vehicle

DHS head girl, Gordana Rodden and her ‘crowned’ car.

Pivots - Book in for Summer Pivot Service (all types & brands) Irrigation Logistics 03 318 8371 • Sales/Design Manager John Quirk 027 574 3723 • Construction & Service Paul Addie 027 427 2710

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Friday 19th July 2013

The launch of the Darfield High School (DHS) st ude nt ’s i ni tia ti ve , Tots2Tweenies was held on Tuesday, July 9th at the School hall. It was an evening organised with the key focus on providing members of the public with more information. Not only about what the group’s programme has to offer, but also introducing the students involved in its formation. Almost all of the babysitters that will be wo rk i ng fo r Tots2Tweenies were available to meet and greet parents, in an informal atmosphere with drinks and nibbles provided. As a contribution to startup costs, Tots2Tweenies were lucky enough to receive a $770 grant from the Malvern Community Board (MCB). Jenny Ga lla g h e r Ma l v e rn Co m m u n it y Boa rd Chairperson, attended the evening to say a few words to those that attended. Tots2Tweenies provides twenty six Plunket traine d babysitters for children aged six months to thirteen years, in the Malvern area. Their aim is to offer employment for students that they enjoy, while meeting the shortage of babysitters in the district. Most importantly however, they aim to provide trained babysitters that parents and caregivers can rely on. Team members who initiated the programme i nc l ude Ge n e v ie v e Jebson, Emily Tasker, Caitlin Brooks, and Kate Jenkins. “Our babysitters were carefully selected and trained in basic first aid, food p re pa ra t i o n , everyday care and the general awareness of hazards when looking a f te r children,”

commented Genevieve. “To ensure that safety is always kept a top priority, all of our babysitters have been allocated an emergency booklet. This is to record the child's needs, any allergies and

all emergency contact numbers. Also recorded is the contact number for the senior babysitter who is on call that day or night, and who can be called on to talk through any minor difficulties.”

The cost of the Tots2Tweenies service is just $10 an hour - $9 of which goes to the babysitter, and $1 is returned to the business to pay back training costs. Sitters are available after school, at the weekends and during the school holidays.

“On behalf of the Tots2Tweenies team I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce Thomson, Judith Tatom, James Morris, the Malvern Community Board and our family and

friends, for their help and support throughout our journey so far. They have been so kind and helpful to us, and without them we wouldn't be where we are today.” commented Genevieve.

There are several ways in which potential clients are able to contact Tots2Tweenies to organise a sitter:

Call or text: 022 482 8732 E: Or find them on Facebook (where a competition is currently being run to go into the draw to win chocolate bars).

Emily Tasker, Kate Jenkins, Jenny Gallagher (Chairperson of the Malvern Community Board), Caitlin Brooks and Genevieve Jebson at the Tots2Tweenies launch evening last week.

Some of the twenty six Plunket trained babysitters available throughout the Selwyn District. Back Row: Emily Tasker, Grace Lemon, Olivia McEwan, Selina Dixion, Samora Crosby, Fern Stuart, Jasmine Nash, Gemma Waters, Aroha Tawiri, Tessa Pearce, Tara Paxton. Front Row: Genevieve Jebson, Maddie Tasker, Chloe Fraser, Megan Kelk, Kate Jenkins, Caitlin Brooks, Amber Pont, Hannah Cullen. Absent: Waimaria Ross-Marsh, Emily deRooy, Emma Grigg, Megan Cunningham and Ngahana Ball.

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Friday 19th July 2013

The information and opinions published are not necessarily those of the Malvern News proprietors. (Unless by prior arrangement, letters to the Editor should be no more than 200 words) [approximately] in length.)

Over 7,600 people have visited the new Selwyn Aquatic Centre during the first two weeks of its operation. Selwyn Aquatic Centre manager, Kathy Moore said that the comments from people who have visited the Centre so far, have been incredibly positive. “Our staff are getting lots of comments about how fantastic the new Centre is, and how great it is to have this facility in Selwyn,” she said. “It’s a wonderful facility,” commented Selwyn resident Libby Chambers who visited the new Centre with her young son Will. Will “We love coming here and we found the staff to be ex t r em el y h el p f u l an d enthusiastic.” Kathy Vernimmen, Vernimmen of Rolleston, has also visited the pool three times since it opened and has been using the hydrotherapy pool. “It’s great to have the pool here to use,” she added. “I used to visit a pool in Christchurch, as swimming is a good form of exercise for me and helps with my arthritis. Now I can use a local heated pool instead.” Despite the Centre being

To the Editors: I read with interest that I have been attending Community meetings with a personal agenda. Over the last twelve years, as Community Board chairman and District Councillor, I have regularly attended community meetings, working with these groups on local issues. I welcome interaction and I am available for individuals or groups to discuss matters pertaining to Malvern and the Selwyn District. I intend to stand as a Candidate for the Malvern ward in the forthcoming local Government election. I will not be standing for the Mayoralty. If elected I will continue to work for the people of Malvern and to advocate for their interests at the Council table.

John Morten

Will Chambers was one of thousands of visitors to the new Aquatic Centre in its opening weeks. extremely busy, Kathy said staff have been able to provide a high level of customer service. Aquafitness classes at the Centre began last week and the timetable for these is available at Swim school lessons will begin the week of July 29th and infant and preschool lessons will start two

weeks into term three (midAugust). Families will be contacted in the next two weeks to confirm lesson times. For further information, contact: Kathy Moore Selwyn Aquatic Centre On 03 347 2929 or

To the Editors: With so many contenders running for the mayoralty, I think it would be prudent for Mayor Coe to step down gracefully. And would I choose the deputy Mayor? The only thing I have in common with Sarah Walters is that we have Green connections. That is where the similarity ends. Browsing at the CCN article (July 10th) it states she intends to "focus on council services, representation, financial and environmental issues". Great but the environment does not seem to have as much priority. I voted for her in 2007 and around 2009 she voted for the motion to loan CPW money for resource consents. As far as I was concerned that was a slap in the face to the Green movement and the ratepayers. In CCN Mr. Kirmeen said "she enjoyed a rapid rise up the ranks when she was voted in as deputy mayor". She talks about "the moment you stop innovating you go backwards". So for her 'progress' was backing the pool, looking after the status quo and her back yard. The rhetoric seems to lack substance while she is trying to court the middle ground. Dr. Olive Webb however is going in there to kick a few butts. And why not, lets call a shovel a shovel!

Brian Francis

• • • • • •


Mon • Tues • Wed • Thurs • Fri • Sat • Sun

onday Editorial 1pm M Tuesday m p 1 g n si ti er v Ad

9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 4:30pm 9am - 4:30pm Closed Closed

The Janz

To the Editors: I would like to know the best way to respond to the comment about dairy farmers in last weeks letter to the editor. I was in charge of the cows walking down the road and went back to fix the letter boxes the following day. I am happy to be contacted by last week’s letter writer on 021 650 497.

Name supplied We have been receiving, or fielding enquiries about the possibility of writing, a large amount of correspondence on the topic of the forthcoming local body elections. These are still some months off (September) with the final date for candidates to lodge their nominations, not until August 23rd. Everyone has their views and their personal preferences but unfortunately space just won’t allow publication of all of them. For now correspondence on the matter has been stalled until after nominations have closed and candidates have been confirmed. We look forward to some lively debate after that date!


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Friday 19th July 2013

DRAW - Saturday 20th July 2013 Each Wednesday afternoon during term two, a six-aside hockey tournament was played in, by primary school teams from the Malvern area. Six teams competed this year - two each from Glentunnel, Sheffield and Greendale. Each week has seen a rapid development of skills from a group of young, enthusiastic players and the games were fast, furious and fun! Most of the players in these teams were completely new to hockey and it was great to see such a fantastic tournament being played, wi th outstanding parental support. Last Wednesday, July 10th, was the final session for the term and Can ter bu r y Ho ck ey Association coach Sunjay Ganda (Participation and Development Manager) came out to hold a training session with all forty eight players. It was a fantastic experience for these up and coming hockey stars!

Sunjay had planned some games for the players that taught them a few more fundamental skills. These will be of great use to them over the years to come, as well as at the forthcoming Primary Schools’ Winter Tournament. Sunjay is also keen to start a new programme called ‘Small Sticks in Schools’, that will be run through Primary Schools to support all hockey players at this level. “The term long tournament has been very well supported by both parents and students, and all the participants have enjoyed it,” said Malvern Hockey spokesperson, Juliana Trolove. Trolove “It has been great to get hockey going at this level, in the Malvern area. The players seem to love it and there is definitely a hunger for the sport which hopefully will see the hockey event run again next year.” concluded Juliana.

Coaching for the six-aside teams from Glentunnel, Greendale and Sheffield Primary Schools by Sunjay Ganda, Participation and Development Manager for the Canterbury Hockey Association.

Students putting their newly learnt skills to practise.

S RESULT 13 July

Mens Pres. B: Nomads United - Malv: 1-1 18th Grade: Malvern - SBHS: 2-1 11th Grade: CTFC - Malvern: 2-1 9th Grade Malvern A - Selwyn UFC Falcons:1 - 6 Hayden de Burger Malvern B - Selwyn UFC Phoenix : 3 - 2 Liam Morris (2), Samuel Hadfield Selwyn UFC Magpies - Malvern C: 8 - 1 Liam Kell

Home team named first. This is the correct draw from the supplier at the time of going to print. DIVISION 1: THE PRESS CUP - No Games Burnham v Waihora Burn 2.45pm U18: Duns/Irwell v Prebb Duns 2.45pm Methven/Rakaia v MDI Methven 1pm Sthbridge v Lincoln Sthbdge 2.45pm Prebbleton v Darfield Prebb 1pm West Melton v Darfield WM 2.45pm U16 - SECTION 1: DIVISION 2 TROPHY - SECTION 1 Waihora v West Melton T Tapu 1pm West Melton v Kirwee WM 1.00pm U16 - SECTION 2: DIVISION 2 TROPHY - SECTION 2 Malvern Com v Tinwald Kirwee 1pm Burnham v Lincoln Burn 1.00pm U14.5: Hornby v Darfield Denton 1.00pm Banks Pen v. Malvern L River 1pm DIVISION 2 - BOWL: Prebb v Dun/Sthb/Lee Prebb 1pm Duns/Irwell v Prebb Duns 1.00pm West Melton v Lincoln WM 1pm Rolleston v Selwyn Roll 2.45pm U13 - SECTION 1: DIVISION 3: Prebb v WM Gold Prebb 11.30 Kirwee bye WM Blue v Roll Gold WM 11.30 COLTS: COLTS U13 - SECTION 2: Springston v WM Spngstn 1.00pm Dun/Sthb/Lee v Malv Duns 12pm Waihora v Kirwee TTapu 1.00pm WOMENS: NO NON COMPETIVE GRADES DUE TO Duns/Irwell v Linwood Duns 2pm THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS HSOB v West Melton B Deans 12pm


Ellesmere U48kg Primary Schools Team Harry Bampton Cody Dellaca Nathan Silcock Josh Charlton Ted Coleman Nicholas O’Neill Nathan Marsh Noah Baugh Lochlan Harris Blair Ryall Caleb McStay Jack Thompson Hamish Turnball Tom Harvey Jack Knewstubb Isabella Carter Ben Fowler Will Gualter Tim Hudson Tom Rance Ged Roessnick Max Spinks

Darfield Dunsandel Irwell Lincoln Prebbleton Prebbleton Prebbleton Prebbleton Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Springston Springston Springston Waihora Waihora Waihora Waihora West Melton West Melton West Melton West Melton

Ellesmere U65kg Primary Schools Team Ben Lopas Matthew White Angus Latham Cyrran Carrick Sean Lemon Tyler Thompson Tane Knowler Alex Catto Aaron Bolton Keanan Pluck Alex Shaw Mitchell Baird Robert Sporke Ben Scarlett James Thomas Luke Inwood Cameron Jordan Quinn Sole George Harding Lucy Jenkins Angus Gilbert Sam Darry

Banks Peninsula Banks Peninsula Banks Peninsula Leeston Leeston Lincoln Prebbleton Prebbleton Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston West Melton Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston West Melton West Melton West Melton West Melton

ERSU Un12 Team Finn Brittenden David Neal Will Greenslade Henry Ludemann Sam Barns Logan Currie Daniel Michael Jared Wilson Josh Brown Henri Rollinson Jordan Lill Nicholas Third Oliver Wilkinson Jackson Cunneen Josh Demouth Asha Knox Jack Taylor Jack Davidson Callum Vallance Jack Caunter Josh Neilson

Banks Peninsula Banks Peninsula Darfield Darfield Dunsandel Irwell Dunsandel Irwell Dunsandel Irwell Dunsandel Irwell Lincoln Lincoln Prebbleton Prebbleton Prebbleton Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Rolleston Waihora Waihora West Melton West Melton

Ellesmere U14 & U15 To be named late July

ERSU Un16 Team Josh Brittenden Joe Adams Jarrod Adams Lyndon Glove Ben Smylie Aaron Watson Connor Imeson Justin Inwood Luke Palmer Callum Auld Sam Cottam George Dunshea Shaun Harrington Cameron Powell Jacob Edy Mike Twidle Mitchell Radford Jake Seeley Calum Goddard Brad Hale Jordan Kennedy Cameron Plato Antonio Shalfoon

Banks Peninsula Darfield Dunsandel Irwell Prebbleton Roll/Lin HS Selwyn Southbridge Southbridge Southbridge Springston Springston Springston Springston Springston Waihora Waihora Waihora Waihora West Melton West Melton West Melton West Melton West Melton

For a full copy of the results & draw visit:

Results 13th July 2013 Best Gross N Roberton 73 Best Net D Smith 60 Match of the day - Sime Cup (Nett) D Smith 60 J Morten 66 K Penny 66 N Penney 69 N Robertson 69 G Baker 69 J Frew 70 J Reardon 70 S Stewart 71 S Inch 71 M Cowen 71 S Inch 71 Closest to Pin #2 in 2: N Robertson # 6: N Robertson - Hole in 1! # 11: D Brettkelly # 14: G Baker # 17: S Steward

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To Neil Robertson for his first hole in one ever !!

Results 16th July 2013 Ambrose Pairs. All Women: Isy McLaughlin and Meg Morten 63 Mix ed: Bev Taylor and John Halkett 49 - 5 Nearest to the Pin: Pauline Pearce & Errol Woodward Men: Noel Penney 36 Graeme Marsh 35 Gus Cowan 33 We then had a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate Jean McDowell turning 90!

LADIES GOLF Results 16th July Men’s Invitation Day Irish Stableford C Banks, C Davidson, M Overton, G Gough, M Gall 88 T Michael, D Thompson, J Cameron, B Dillon 83 J Pearson, C Stott, C Hewitt, A Begg 77 Henderson Swilken Trophy H Shipley - 25 Putts 9 Hole Competiion: Foursomes A Sutherland, M Allison 60-20-40 S Thomson, E Green 62-18-44 Nearest to Pin # 9 - Darfield Food Centre: A Begg #17 - E Buxton Longest Putt - David Thompson

Many thanks to our sponsors.

Results 13th July SENIOR A Kirwee Klassix 41 v Darfield MiB’s 12 Kirwee Black 17 v Kirwee Senior 24 S/S Senior 42 v Darfield Fusion 11 SENIOR B S/S Bulls 25 v Darf FauxPas 36 S/S Social 23 v Kirwee Social 11 S/M Social 26 v Kirwee Kaha 24 Kirwee Social 7 v Darf Cometz 30 SENIOR C Darf Tic Tacs defaulted to S/M Shakers S/S Stormers 20 v Darfield Fiascos 9 PRIMARY A S/M Steelers 20 v S/M Sherbetz 3 Darfield Dragons 27 v Darfield Sting 7 PRIMARY B Darf Smashers 16 v Kir Sapphires 6 S/S Black Swans 10 v Super S/M 6 Bye Darfield Force FUTURE FERNS Darfield Rebels 7 v Combined Team 3 S/M Squiggles 0 v Kirwee Gems 10 S/S Sparklers 0 v Darfield Flames 1

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Friday 19th July 2013






ATTENTION ALL FARMERS Hororata / Windwhistle CASUALTY CALF & LAMB COLLECTION Nichols (NZ) Ltd operates a casualty stock collection in your area. Once collected from you these natural By-products are then processed to a variety of different stages and finishes to meet consumer demand. Farmer payments are made in December to you or a charitable organisation of your choice. John and Sam Ballagh are your local contractors and have been providing a fast, reliable, 6 day a week service for many years. If you would like to arrange a pickup please contact Sam.

Sam Ballagh John Ballagh Contracting Ltd 027 279 1344

Plunket and Playcentre

We need your help! Please would you look at giving part or all of this year’s slink cheque to us. We need this help to continue to build for the future of our children. Ring John or Sam Ballagh for a change of farmer form.

John Ballagh Contracting Ltd John 027 432 1988 or Sam 027 279 1344. Bus service to Rugby at AMI Stadium

When all others fail Selwyn has a proven

ANSWER FROM LAST WEEK’S QUIZ There are 20 nines to paint: 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99. Don't forget to count both nines in 99


Travel direct to AMI Stadium this Saturday, 20 July •

Departs Darfield 5:40pm, returning from AMI Stadium at 9.15pm. Usual Darfield service pick-ups apply. Fare: $10 per person return (adult/child)

• • We apologise to passengers that no service operated last Friday, 12 July. Phone: 03 379 4260

Authorised by Bill Woods 5509 West Coast Road Springfield Phone (318 4825)

‘A NIGHT AT THE OSCARS’ Saturday 14th September 2013 - 8pm Darfield Recreation Centre $400 for group of 10 or $45 per person Live Band - New Entrants Complimentary Bubbles. Continuous Supper Full Bar Available (Happy Hour 8-9pm) Prizes for most creatively dressed - Spot Prizes Tickets available from the Malvern News office (Cash or cheque only)

DATES TO REMEMBER 19th July 19th July 20th July 20th July 20th July 20th July 21st July 23rd July 23rd July 25th July 27th July 28th July 26-3rd Aug 1st Aug 3rd Aug 14th Sept

8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 10:00am 5:40pm 9:00pm 12:00pm 1:00pm 7:00pm 5:00pm 10:00am 11:00am 6:30pm 8:00pm

ATS In-store Days 2013 Ashburton Pot Pourri Winter Sale Commences South Terrace, Darfield Darfield Plunket Toy Library Session Jackson Street, Darfield Young Enterprise Kids Market Next to CRT, Darfield Red Bus Service to Rugby at AMI Stadium Bus Stop, Main Street, Darf Karaoke - Terrace Winebar & Cafe Main Street, Darfield Sheffield Book Exchange Sheffield Hall Malvern News Advertising Deadline Vegetarian Cooking Demonstrations Darfield Library Rolleston News Advertising Deadline Young Enterprise Kids Market Next to CRT, Darfield Malvern Game Hunters Competition Weigh In Coalgate Tavern Kirwee Players Shows “Viva Mexico!” Kirwee Community Hall Exhibition Opening Night - 4 Seasons in 1 Place Terrace Downs Yelloshack Café - Cocktails & Tapas Night Springfield Darfield Rugby Club Ball “A Night at the Oscars” Darfield Rec Centre

Darfield High School A Year 7 to 13 School

Enrolments for 2014 There are likely to be places available for out of zone students across all year levels. Applications for students living out of zone must be received at the School Office by 4.00pm on Monday 29 July 2013. In-zone applications should be received by Friday 13 September 2013. Enrolment Packs are available from the School. There will be an Open Evening for all interested families on Thursday 5 September at 6:30pm. If you would like to arrange a visit on another date, please contact the school. James Morris - Principal PO Box 5, Darfield, 7541 Tel: 318 8411 Fax: 318 8543 email:

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Friday 19th July 2013 PUBLIC NOTICES




PORSE - Home Ed

LAY ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants. Rolleston Office phone 03 347 4501, Leeston Office phone 03 324 3030. “Real people, real knowledge”.

Michelle Williamson

PROFESSIONAL Touch Cleaning. For a great clean, domestic or co mm er ci al . 13 year s experience. Please phone Penny 027 315 2008 or a/h 03 303 5023.

with vacancies available now in Darfield. Experienced and offering a stimulating programme.

Phone Teisha 027 465 1661

The Sheffield Book Exchange Be at the Sheffield Hall on Sunday 21st July 12-3pm for the community book exchange! Bring a book and exchange it for another! We would love to see as many locals there as possible to support this wonderful community initiative! We also welcome any donations of books. Any questions please phone Michelle 318 3000.

AIR CONDITIONING AIR conditioning repairs, re-gassing and installation on trucks, tractors, combines, forestry and earthmoving equipment. Fully equipped service vehicle including hosemaking. Over 40 years experience. Contact Ken at North Canterbury Auto Air. Please phone 0274 341 260 or workshop, 03 313 6785. CARPET CLEANING CA RPET/WINDOW cleaning. Quick drying. For a thorough job at a competitive rate. Call or text Robert anytime on 027 299 9599. PUBLIC NOTICES

Wanted! The Malvern Lions are collecting used winter and summer sports equipment, in good order, to assist a Youth Group in urgent need of assistance. Any items may be left at CRT Real Estate, South Terrace, Darfield, by August 9th. “ We appreciate your help”

Selwyn’s favourite children’s services Looking for quality, flexible childcare? Home based is a flexible & affordable option

Home based care is proven best for babies 0-3. Each educator cares for up to four children in their home. Our educators are supported by our local qualified Early Childhood E ducation Teachers. Call now for a no obli gati on vi si t to an educator near you!

Phone 347 9089 .nz

CE 20 hrs E & WIN Z approved

Selwyn Toddlers


OXFORD BOARDING KENNELS The Williamson and Walton families have been overwhelmed by the messages of love and support from the Darfield community over the loss of Michelle. We are truly humbled by the way the community has rallied around us in our time of illness, loss and grief. There are no words that can express thanks enough to represent the enormity of our gratitude. Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that there is no way we could ever know exactly who and where all this amazing support has come from. Some have been so helpful, and remained silent.

And Doggy

Day Care

New Under ement Manag 312 Kiri Kiri Rd, Oxford

Ph Anne, Vern or Gareth 03 312 3355

FOR SALE FISHER and Paykel Fridge/ Freezer. Good working cond. 1700mm high, 650mm wide. $300. Phone 027 555 8217. STAMPINSTAMPIN-UP Sets, cardstock, papers, ink and other bits. All in good condition. $120.00 the lot. Phone (03) 318 7414 UNTREATED sawdust. Ideal for calf sheds, chooks, horse stables and pig pens. $15 per cubic metre. Greendale. Please phone Stuart Sawmill 03 317 8171 anytime. WOOD shavings - untreated, clean shavings suitable for horse stables, calving sheds, chicken houses and rabbit h u tch es. A vai l ab l e i n 70L bags, 1m 3 b al es (compressed) and bulk delivery. Phone 03 347 7352 for more details.

Open 7 days 9am-11pm, 4pm-6pm


DRIVEWAYS LIFESTYLE, LIFESTYLE farm tracks, yards and dairy lanes our speciality. Screened rotten-rock, it’s local and lasts better. Springfield Quarry phone 318 4132. EQUESTRIAN


$40 PH 027 439 9116 FIREWOOD & COAL

We would like to offer thanks to all those that came to our side to offer assistance with food, furniture and places for our many guests to sleep.

D RY sp l i t b l u eg u m / o ld man pine. 50/50 mix. $525 delivered. Ph 022 647 6783. Children's riding lessons: HORORATA Firewood, old man $20 half hour, $35 hour. pine, good supply. Buy now, Qualified & experienced quick delivery. Phone 318 We would also like to offer instructor. Learn to groom, thanks to Daryl & Nicky tack up & ride one of our well 0705 or 027 781 1492 and from Darfield Bakery, schooled ponies After 10 leave message. lessons the 11th is free! Kelvin & Delwyn Taege RK Firewood is back. Are you Phone Kate 03 347 6678 from Darfield Foodcentre ready for winter? Available now and Paddy & Tania McKay or 021 113 6370 - Old Man Pine, Bluegum & E: from Malvern Butchery for Oregon. All top quality, dry, their generous donations of foodstuffs to help us clean wood. Eftpos available. FENCING feed our travelled guests. Please phone Rini Contracting Thank you Darfield, SUMMERFIELD Fencing - in your 027 451 7300. you have done yourselves area now. Lifestyle. Farm. very proud. Sheep. Cattle. Horse. All types of animals. Fences. Yards. sheds. Arenas. Shelters. Runs. CELEBRANT 27 yeas contract fencing. W E D D I N GS , Ci vi l Un i on John is available to help with Ceremonies, Renewal of design and planning. Phone Vows, Naming Ceremonies, Carol and John Summerfield Funerals & Unveilings. 03 312 4747. Jenni Gibson phone/fax: 324 8332 Mob: 021 723 089 FIREWOOD & COAL FIREWOOD & COAL


FOR SALE Phone 318 1530 Website:

CHURCH NOTICES CHURCH of the Open Door, Te Pirita. Where people learn to have faith in God through the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Open 24/7.

AC & EA WAKELIN FIREWOOD SUPPLIERS Phone 03 318 1484 or 021 260 4520

 Mature Pine:

3 mtrs $175 6 mtrs $340 9 mtrs $510 12 mtrs $675 15 mtrs $840  Hardwoods available  Certified truck for measurement  WINZ quotes welcomed


Friday 19th July 2013 LAWNMOWING


6 Oakden Drive, Darfield. SELWYN Mowing - Lawns, ROOF & house maintenance. All Saturday 20th July - NOT hedges, shrub pruning etc. aspects covered including before 8am please. Assorted Locally owned and operated. spouting, mortar, tiles, rehousehold and other items. Please phone Mike at 03 317 roofing, roof painting, moss, 545 Finlays Road, West Melton. 8191 or 027 497 8111. mould & silicone sealing. Saturday 20th July, 10am. Oak General repairs. Please phone dutch ess, oak b edsid e PLANT NURSERIES 03 347 6702. cabinet, 2 x sofas, household HORORATA Nurseries Quality bits & bobs. All must go!!! landscape plants at wholesale SEWING SERVICES prices. Specialists in farm and DARFIELD Sewing Services GIVEAWAY dairy conversion plantings. f o r al l yo u r s ew i n g FREE to a good home two female Kune Kune pigs 3½ Natives, ornamentals, hedging, r equi r em en ts. Qu ali fi ed years old, perfect breeding deciduous trees. Hardy locally seamstress. Please phone age. Would prefer a home g r own s to ck. Fr i en d l y 318 7244. were they will not be eaten. k n ow l ed g eab l e ad vi ce. Please phone 021 077 2253 Phone Dave or Wendy for hours Dead line we are open. Ph 03 318 0081 or 324 7382. o r vi s i t o ur w eb si te. 1pm Tuesday HEALTH & BEAUTY REAL ESTATE



Fencer & Post Driver Operator •

Person required for all types of fencing & post driving - this is a full time position.

• • •

Person must be reliable, enthusiastic and keen. Like working outdoors and being part of a team.

Full training to right person.

Full driver’s licence essential, truck licence an advantage.

Phone - David Stevenson Contracting 03 318 8838


Wine Sales Rep Providing you with quality advice for Mortgages Refinancing & Re-fixing Loans, Mortgage Protection, Life/Trauma, Income Protection & Health Insurance Contact: 03 3477 205 / 0275 391 006 Disclosure Document Available on Request

SITS VACANT HOUSE TO LET DARFIELD - 2 bedrm house on outskirts of township. Plenty of sheds and room for horse/ pony plus stable. Available now. Phone 318 7650. MODERN 3 bedroom home in Darfield township, large section, redecorated, warm, double glazed, $450pw. Call Rebecka on 021 464 886. THREE bedroom, log fire, nice and warm, insulated. Central Darfield. $380 p.w. Phone 03 318 7912. MOTORCYCLES


DAIRY FARM WORKER REQUIRED Full time and/or part time for 10-12 weeks. Farm only 5 minutes west of Darfield. For more information call 027 264 7939

Junior Dairy Assistant

We are a small family owned boutique wine producer based at West Melton We sell mainly to restaurants and bars but also to wine stores and liquor resellers (not Supermarkets) in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. We are looking for an experienced Sales rep to look after our existing Christchurch customers, as well as grow the Canterbury business. Experience in the liquor trade would be a real advantage but more importantly a knowledge and passion for wine. We envisage this to be a part time role so hours could be flexible for the right person. A package will be offered to include results-based incentives. If you think that this might be of interest please send a CV to

We require a young, motivated person to assist with day to day running of an 800 cow operation. You need to have a quiet manner, strong work ethic, reliability and have a great sense of humour to work in a team of four. Experience not essential but the willingness to learn paramount.

Please forward your applications to

HAPPER’S HONDA LMVD Specialist Farm Bike Sales & Service Ph 03 325 4086

Advertising Dead line 1pm Tuesday

EUREST are looking for two reliable Catering Assistants to cover a Maternity leave and weekend position at our café in Darfield. This role is responsible for basic food preparation, cash/eftpos handling and providing professional friendly service to customers. The right person for this role will be able to demonstrate a good work ethic and the ability to provide efficient, friendly service. If you think you may be the person we are looking for then email: or phone (027) 7039 721.

Send your CV to 365 3112

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Friday 19th July 2013 SITS VACANT


SCHOOL leaver and holiday work available. 6am - 4pm. Must love dogs. Please phone 318 2806.

ARABLE FARM POSITION We have a full time position on our irrigated cropping farm running sheep and also dairy support, 7km from Darfield. The successful applicant must have arable experience & possess mechanical skills. Contact Graeme or Gill Marshall on 027 221 1395 or 318 8333 evenings.

SITS WANTED A L L f a rm a nd ho m e maintenance jobs. Fencing, painting, chain sawing and clearing, lawns. Please phone 318 2715 a/h. Reasonable rates. STRONG and hardworking school leaver available for full ti m e w o r k . A n y th i n g considered in Burnham, Hornb y, Roll es ton and surrounding areas. Please phone Alex on 347 6737 or 022 371 7557. WANTED CARS - Any unwanted cars, trucks or vans. Any condition. Will pay & collect. Phone John 318 0871. FRESIAN bull calves wanted. Over 4 days old. Contact Jed 027 437 6302. TRADES

Cash paid for any cars, vans, 4WD’s trucks, tractors. Free Pick Up Any Condition Anywhere Phone 027 476 2404 or 03 347 9354




1992 Mitsubishi Galant (1998 NZ) 2 Litre auto, 1 NZ owner, 221,000km. New WOF. Rego till Jan 2014. $1850 ono. Phone 03 318 1313. TOYOTA Estima 7 seater, 1992, 2.4 petrol, auto o/d, 190K, great family wagon or suit tradesmen (remove seats) $2850. Ph 027 472 6595. WINDOW REPAIRS FOR all glass requirements phone Phil 317 9046 or 021 046 6046.

WANTED TO RENT 3 - 4 bedroom farmhouse with a little bit of land wanted for family of 5. Ph 03 318 1788. HOUSE/COTTAGE wanted to rent end Aug early Sept, or thereabouts – 4wks notice required on current place in Timaru. Pref er longterm. Professional woman, non-smoker, complete with dogs and kennels. Great landscape gardener, I will look after your property really well. Paula 022 658 9048. WINDOW CLEANING *Experienced *Reliable *Trustworthy

Professional Window Cleaner now servicing the Selwyn area. We would love to clean your windows Discounts for regular cleans Phone Wilf Lock (03) 318 1960 or 027 499 3535


Licenced Builder ● ● ● ●

Mirrors Catdoors Double Glazing Insurance Repairs Phone Andrew Sanderson

03 318 4128 or 027 325 9854

Find us on facebook

TRADES H AN D YMAN - Mik e th e H and ym an s er vi n g all handyman, lawnmowing and general work, Selwyn area. Ph 0800 287 828/03 347 7437. SELWYN Signs, Free quotes & advice. Contact Fred Maynard 03 329 7371 or 027 260 7628. TILER / Waterproofer. Phone 03 318 1973 or 0274 211 637. Email: UPHOLSTE RER - Recover lounge suites, dining chairs, squabs etc. Free quotes. Based in Weedons. Ph 03 980 4979.

Phil Marsh Ph 318 4131 Mob 027 357 3696

Need some help with: • • • • • •

Aerials/Dishes TV/DVR Set-up Wall Mounting Freeview/Decoders Cabling Phone Jacks

• • • •

Multi-room Systems Hook-ups Pre-wire (All Types) All Installations of TV, Freeview, Home Theatre, Hi Fi

Ph Simon 027 430 1211 / 03 317 8091 Get me to do your ‘dishes’

Phone • 25 years experience David Barnhill • Local qualified builder 027 618 2345 • All types of work or undertaken including additions, a/h 317 9144 alterations, new houses, sheds etc



SuperComputer Sales and Service of new and used machines. Networking, Virus protection, Backup Re-loading and Restoring of Windows. Plain old fashioned Help & Assistance! “Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your Mark Jones 03 318-1956 time, you won't do anything with it." 027 210 4242 - M. Scott Peck, 0800 427 427 American psychiatrist and author

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Friday 19th July 2013

Daily On Site Sales & Servicing Authorised Service Agent for Most Brands • Ovens • Washing Machines • Cooktops • Washing Machine Hire • Dryers • Dishwashers from $8 p.w.

Selwyn Electrical Ltd Your Local Registered Electrician


O xf o r d Ap plia nc e s L t d MU R R A Y D A WSO N Reg. Service Technician 027 226 3898

318 1676 or 021 184 2448

MALVERN COMPUTERS • New Computers • Virus Removal • Laptops • Upgrades • Problem Solving • Software

Closed Saturdays

John Lawrence Ph: 03 3183 699 Mob: 027 688 9103

• • • •

Smith & Sons are professional renovation builders who provide quality renovations from concept to completion – on time and to budget. With Smith & Sons, renovating will be an enjoyable experience, you’ll be confident of getting great value & you’ll be proud of your finished project. Gerry Thomson and the team including our own tiling guru (formerly trading as Flaxmill Builders) from Smith & Sons have been a local, family owned building business in the area since 1982 – so call them today for your next project.

Ph: 03 312 4667 or Mob: 021 972 813

Acer V5V5-571PG •



8gig RAM 750gig HDD 15.6” Touch Screen 2gig Nvidia Graphics 3 65 Windows 8 $1 l G S T c 5hrs battery I n Call Danie 021 875 462 03 980 2865 / 03 344 5744

493 Bealey Rd, Aylesbury

Mark Davis

Mark Walker ♦ Ph 03 318 1529 ♦ Manufacturers of:  Doors  Windows  Stairs  Wall Units  Kitchens  Vanities also Repair Work

3 North Tce, Darfield 7510 P 318 8663 F 318 8904 M 027 229 4965 E

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david wilkinson registered electrician phone 03 318 1231 fax email

03 318 1235

po box 26 kirwee

we’ll be there when you need us. guaranteed. on time guaranteed or your first hour is free! conditions apply.

Whitby Pumps

Cleans most surfaces: Fences, paths, brick, block, wood, concrete & machinery


Contact Mike Richards 03 318 8380 or 021 179 0584

Laser Plumbing Christchurch West 0800 11 22 40 We are able to accurately share travelling costs between jobs with GPS tracking

So try us first!

Hydro Drain Cleaning

Specialists in pump and water solutions

0274 953 712

Maintenance & servicing  Bathroom & kitchen renovations  Mains pressure hot water upgrades

House & Roof PrePre-Paint Wash

It’s the school holidays and it’s a beautiful day. I really want you to go outside and play!

Malvern news 19th july 2013