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Thursday 31st October, 2013

Volume 23, Issue 21

LOCAL SOFTWARE COMPANY STEPS INTO THE FUTURE iAgri Limited, a computer software company based in Leeston has marketed its desktop farming program, LandMark, both nationally and Internationally since 1994 and will continue to support that program until newer versions of “Windows” render it obsolete. In August this year, the company took a huge step forward by launching a rebuilt and rebranded program in the internet environment, referred to euphe-

mistically as “The Cloud”. iAgri Online is a first for farming in New Zealand, and if international enquiry is anything to go by, possibly the world. Being fully, as opposed to being partially, in the cloud now sees iAgri Online operating in exactly the same secure environment as the phenomenally successful Xero, Trademe, Facebook, Google, Gmail and Hotmail to name but a few. Online banking sites; and all their benefits with which

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Nov.2-Leeston Market Nov.2-Funday Motocross Nov.6-Southbridge RFC AGM Nov.6-Hillyers”Seafood Odyssey” Nov.9-Hororata Highland Games Nov.10-Open Day - Ellesmere Hospital Nov.12-Day Club Nov.16-Rakaia Huts - Garage Sale Nov.25-Ellesmere Golf Club AGM Nov.26-Ellesmere Small Bore Rifle Ass. AGM

36 Sir William Pickering Dr Burnside, Christchurch Contact Peter Quinn or Brian Palliser at our Christchurch Office on


Serving the Ellesmere district for over 50 years

more and more rural folk are becoming familiar, are also fully in the cloud. The success of these “super” companies is a recognition by users around the world of the benefits of b e in g fu lly o n lin e . When asked about the difference between being fully online and partially online, Mr. Lay, the Executive Chairman of iAgri limited, replied; “Many folk have problems understanding that difference but the

differences are very significant in terms of functionality and future development potential. Firstly, a fully online program stores not only the data but also the software in the cloud. In doing so, it taps into a world- Photo from left: Duncan Hume and wide network of John Lay. supercomputers able to user can access their properform functions and pro- gram and all of this processes well be- cessing power from any yond the capabil- online device, be it Apple or ity of any desk- PC, old or new, from anytop computer. where on the planet. In a With a fully disaster, be it earthquake, online program fire, flood or an accident, the user can that feature could prove forget about vital. In such an event, it’s d o w n l o a d i n g , just a matter of finding c o n f i g u r i n g , another online computer, installing, back- tablet or smartphone and ing up and bug carrying on where one left fixes. It’s all off. Simultaneous online done automatically for you. A Cont. on page 8.


Thursday 31st October, 2013




Sunday 3rd November 9:30am Leeston - Parish Eucharist All saints - all souls 7:30pm Brookside - Evening Worship Sunday 10th November Remembrance Sunday - (WW1 - 11.11.11) 9:30am Southbridge

Station Street. Leeston Extream Kidz & TFC (Teens for Christ) every Sunday at 10:00am Sunday, 3rd November 10.00am Family Worship

Wednesdays 10:00am Holy Communion - Leeston

with café open after service.

All community groups warmly invited Followed by morning tea

Future Ministry Consultation Priest in Charge - Revd. Jim McKenna, 356 3473 Bishop’s Warden: Kathryn Millar, phone 324 2511 Parish Telephone 324 3801

with café open after service. Sunday, 10th November 10.00am Family Worship

Senior Pastors, Wayne & Nicky Watson Church Office, phone 3243-697 CATHOLIC CHURCH

St John the Evangelist, Leeston & St Patrick’s, Lincoln Leeston Mass will be celebrated in the St John Ambulance Rooms, Cnr High & Gallipoli Street Sunday, 10:00am - Thursday, 5:30pm Lincoln Sunday Mass will be celebrated at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Lincoln at 8:30am Weekday Masses : 9:00am Parish Centre Parish Priest, Fr. Frank Kelly 3252-770 Parish Chairperson, Anna Carter 3243-206




EMERGENCY VEHICLES ARE LARGE, PLEASE KEEP DRIVEWAYS CLEAR OF TREES. 11th Oct. to 27th Oct. DUNSANDEL Oct.11 0856 Switch board fire Rakaia K28 Oct.14 1317 Power pole fire - Sharlands Rd Oct.16 1049 Vegetation fire - Main South Rd Oct.17 1519 Medical - Wrights Rd Oct.18 1133 MVA - Bankside Oct.20 2250 Hayshed fire - North Rakaia Rd LEESTON Oct.21 2057 Ass. Ambo - High St Leeston Oct.22 1822 Smoke in house - High St Leeston Oct.26 0858 Smoke from TV - Drain Rd Doyleston Oct.26 1659 Roof coming off shed - Leeston Lake Rd Oct.27 1550 Ass Southbridge Takeaways - High St SOUTHBRIDGE No report received.

Why were Messiah’s teachings Hebraic? Understanding the scriptures Hebraically. Meet Shabbat (Sat) 1:30 Irwell Hall

Friday Night Youth Every Friday, 7:30pm - 9:30pm Meeting at The Station, Station St, Leeston

Discussion, games with focus on themes and topics important or relevant to youth. Enquiries contact Rachel at Matt Hooper 0211964008

THE ELLESMERE ECHO Ellesmere’s only privately-owned and produced fortnightly paper. Kath Mentink, Editor Accounts, Advertising & Editorial Enquiries Phone 741-2206 Fax 741-2207 Cell 021 109 3470 e-mail: 435 Southbridge-Dunsandel Road R.D. 2, Leeston 7682

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Thursday 31st October, 2013



Thursday 31st October, 2013



High St, Southbridge, Tel. 3242-243


HILLYERS It’s been a long time coming but finally Leeston has a Restaurant aimed at intimate and family friendly dining. Hillyers has long been a part of the Selwyn community and with the help and support of our customers we are now offering evening dining at exceptional prices. With a specially selected wine list promoting Canterbury wines, a selection of craft beers and the culinary skills of Carol Van Groen we believe we have a winning combination and are eager to share what we have with the community.

Currently we are open Wednesday through to Saturday with service starting at 5:30pm and ending when you are full and happy. Unlike other restaurants once you have a table here at Hillyers you have it for the night or as long as is required. We want our customers to be able to sit, relax and enjoy the evening amongst friends with no time constraints. Come in and check out our Wednesday special blackboard deal and enjoy two selected meals and two selected drinks for $30.

Hillyers of Leeston and Carol Van Groen present “Hillyers week of the Seafood Odyssey”. Starting Wednesday 6th November with new special deals. It’s the week of cuisine from the deep blue, with options for all ye land lovers as well. Bookings are advised (03) 324 3159 On Wednesday only, come and enjoy two meals and two drinks for $40* *special conditions apply, non and low alcohol drinks available as part of the deal

Thursday 31st October, 2013



Devonshire teas, Raffles, Stalls, Chocolate wheel, Bike decorating competition for under 8s and entertainment by the Ellesmere Concert Band.

Come and support our local Hospital.

FIRE BRIGADE IN ACTION The United Fire Brigades Association held their Region three Road Crash Rescue Challenge at the Ellesmere Heritage Park in Leeston on October 12th. Teams from Geraldine, Kirwee, Rolleston, Rangiora, Lincoln, Blenheim, Leeston and a guest team from Silverdale took part. This Challenge requires each team to complete four separate events lasting approximately 30 minutes each throughout the day: Trauma, Entrapped, Immediate and Controlled. Wrecked cars are setup with mannequins crushed inside and live patients made up with fake injuries are added. These cars are then setup in various scenarios to copy what Fire Brigades come across on the roads. The teams then go to work treating and extricating the patients as they would using normal Fire Service equipment they carry on their appliances. Leeston were second in the Immediate and fourth overall. Challenges like this could not take place if it was not for the generosity of local organisations

and businesses with the donation of time, equipment and materials. The United Fire Brigades Association would like to thank Dunsandel, Leeston and Southbridge Volunteer Fire Brigades, Ellesmere Heritage Park Trust, Leeston ITM, Millars Machinery, Clausens Canvas and PVC, Johnstons Excavation and Drainage, Leeston Seeds, Cochranes of Canterbury, Ellesmere A & P Association, Leech Wood Products, Ellesmere Transport, St John Ellesmere, Independent Line Services and Nairn Electrical

Photos show our team in action and bottom right some of Leeston’s team members.


6 Thursday 16th October, 2013




With the arrival of spring and the warmer and often windier weather many people are now also being affected by hay fever. This is a common condition with rates of hay fever in New Zealand being amongst the highest worldwide. Hay fever can make people feel quite miserable, with symptoms of itchy eyes, runny nose, sniffles, sneezes and headaches and often very similar symptoms to the common cold. Symptoms of hay fever may not last long and can be more severe at certain times of the day, such as being more severe in the morning or in the evening when pollen counts are highest, as well as when the weather is hot and humid. Hay fever (also called allergic rhinitis) develops in some people because of an overactive immune system. This causes them to have allergic reactions to certain substances in the environment, generally called allergens or ‘triggers’. Pollens from flowers, grasses, trees and weeds are the most common allergens. “People who get hay fever at this time of year have what is known as seasonal allergic rhinitis”, advise the Self Care pharmacists, at Leeston Pharmacy, “but not everyone with hay fever reacts to pollen only at springtime. Many people suffer from hay fever symptoms all year round. They can be sensitive to animal dander (dead skin cells from their pets), mould, and the house dust mite – a microscopic animal that lives in the millions in our pillows, bedding, curtains and carpets”. In addition, cigarette smoke (yours or someone else’s), chemical fumes and dusts in certain workplaces, and sudden temperature changes can make hay fever symptoms worse by irritating an already-sensitive nose. Many hay fever sufferers also have other allergic conditions like asthma, eczema and food allergies - because of their over-active immune systems. The good news is that hay fever symptoms sometimes can be prevented and, usually, can be well-controlled.

“Effective treatments are available”, say Self Care pharmacists, “but trying to avoid the things that ‘trigger’ your hay fever symptoms is a good first step. Ask us about the Hay fever fact card which has plenty of self care tips for avoiding pollens and other allergens.” If avoiding ‘triggers’ is not possible, antihistamine medicines can be effective. These block the action of the chemical histamine which is released in your body when you come into contact with an allergen. There are many different antihistamines to choose from, which are available as pills to take, or as nasal sprays to use directly in the nose. Some antihistamines can make you sleepy and may affect your ability to drive. It is important to get advice from your friendly Self Care pharmacists at Leeston Pharmacy regarding the best antihistamine for you. Antihistamines help with runny noses, itchy throats and ears, and sneezing symptoms. For blocked noses, other medicines can be used, such as decongestant nasal sprays - but the use of these is limited, usually only up to 3 days at a time because of the chance of congestion reoccurring. There are also corticosteroid nasal sprays which are helpful for people with moderate-to-severe hay fever, and for those who get hay fever symptoms all year round. Corticosteroid nasal sprays take a few days to work to full effect and should be used regularly everyday, even when symptoms are not present. They can be used for prevention but to be effective for this, they have to be started before you are in contact with the allergen. Hay fever treatments are successful at relieving the irritating symptoms and are available from your Self Care pharmacy, so talk with your Self Care pharmacy team at Leeston Pharmacy, and get your copy of the Hay fever fact card.

Prepared by Pharmacy Self Care, Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Inc, PO Box 11640, Wellington.


Thursday 31st October, 2013

5 Gallipoli Street, Leeston (former medical centre) Phone 3244-150


8 Thursday 31st October, 2013


FUNDAY FOR A GREAT CAUSE The Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club with sponsor ship from Operator Solutions, Canterbury Waterproofing and Avon city Suzuki are proud to be able to contribute to Phil Paul from Accessman Citys fundraising efforts for Ronald McDonald house by running a motocross funday for riders of any ability and age. We are a family orientated club who run events available for anyone to enter from vets through to minis and not just motocross, cross country and enduros as well.

This will be held at Mt Pleasant farm in Southbridge located just before the Rakaia huts so a big thanks to the Everests for donating their top of the line and very well known motox track. Please feel free to come along to enjoy the action and have a sausage and drink as Southbridge primary will be running the food stand as a fundraiser. All donations will be put to Phil Paul who is fighting in fight for Christchurch to fundraise for the Ronald McDonald house.

Cont. from page 1. NEW INOVATION FOR LOCAL FIRM business discussions from separate locations with accountants, advisors, farm staff or family members, whilst viewing and finetuning the same data on individual screens is a built in feature of the online environment. The real test to determine which is what is to note whether the program can function without having to download anything to make it work. A second test would be to try to run the program on a Tablet. Failing these tests means the program is not fully online and therefore has signifi-

cant limitations. iAgri Online, comprises comprehensive and enhanced financial and recording features plus a library of information specific to farming, including georeferenced mapping and Smartphone applications (Apps). Progressive farmers are quick to adopt technology that improves the bottom line. Used well, iAgri Online can do just that. It has a genuine potential to change one's whole approach to the farming business. It’s a sure indication the future has arrived. says Mr. Lay.

Thursday 31st October, 2013















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Solution for the last issue.

After the very successful day at the Rakaia Huts last year, once again over 15 homes will be holding garage sales at the Rakaia Huts on Christchurch Show weekend, Saturday 16th November. Balloons will be placed at the gateways of those participating on the day at 10am and the sales finish at 4pm or whenever items run out. There will also be a sausage sizzle fundraiser to take away the hunger pangs. Jet boat rides will be available - subject to river conditions. Face painting and stone painting for the children. Parking is available at the end of the roadway in

the Boat Club parking area and there are public toilets available in the adjacent Camping Ground. As this weekend is usually a good time for the fishing then there is bound to be plenty of campers out and about. The sea is within reach with only a short stroll around the top of the lagoon and a great place to take your dog for a run on the beach. So if you're looking for a bargain - household bedding, furniture, fishing gear, tools, electrical goods, jewellery, books etc. a chat and a laugh, then why not take a drive to the Rakaia Huts ?only 5 mins from Southbridge.

10 Thursday 31st October, 2013



$15 off vaccinations for your cat or dog for November and December. $10 off an annual check up. Phone 324 3575

FAMILY RECIPE CORNER I don’t know about you, but my lemon tree is drooping heavily with lemons this year and it is desperately in need of relief. Lemon Honey is an old fashioned favourite that is

often forgotten but it is simple to make and very versatile. Perfect on pikelets, fresh bread or toast, it is also a lovely filling in a sponge or butter cream cake and goes

well with crackers and antipasto. It also makes a lovely hostess gift. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked.

LEMON HONEY 50g butter 3/4 cup sugar 1 cup lemon juice (about 4-5 lemons) 2 eggs, beaten 1 tsp lemon zest, finely grated Melt the butter in the microwave, or a small heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. Add sugar and lemon juice, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and add beaten eggs and lemon zest and stir through until completely mixed. Place back on heat and cook, stirring constantly until mixture thickens (around 15 minutes). Pour into hot, clean, dry jars (Moccona coffee jars are great, but remember to remove the plastic lid inner when you sterilize the jars). Cover with preserve covers or the lid of the jar. Makes 2-3 small jars full and keeps about a month in the fridge.

Many diseases in animals have become much less common because many people now vaccinate their farm animals and pets. By showing the immune system the virus or bacteria in a safe form, the body can then form protection to defend itself when a true challenge comes along. In dogs, we see parvovirus occasionally but distemper and hepatitis are thankfully now rare. We still see kennel cough regularly. Vaccination of puppies is very important followed up with a vaccination 1 year later. Some components need to be given annually while others last 3 years and your veterinarian can advise what is required for protection. In cats, we see the diseases snuffles and feline AIDS. The disease commonly called cat flu is thankfully now rare but is sometimes seen in stray or wild kittens. Vaccination of kittens is vitally important and should

be followed up with a booster 1 year later. After this vaccination for snuffles is required every 3 years and vaccination for feline AIDS is required annually. If your pet has to go to boarding kennels unexpectedly, vaccination will be required for them to be accepted. When your pet is vaccinated we check their teeth, skin, ears, nails, joints and weight and general condition. It is a good chance to help ensure that your pet stays healthy and we may detect a problem before it becomes serious. We can also advise on worming, flea treatment, diet and behavior training. Vetent Leeston is offering $15 off our normal vaccination price for cats and dogs for the months of November and December as an incentive to make sure your pet is protected and allow us to give them a good check over and warrant of fitness!


Thursday 31st October, 2013


12 Thursday 31st October, 2013


CHILDREN IN TUNE A great time was had by all at the recent three day "Children in Tune" holiday programme held at St David's church in Leeston. It was an absolute delight to meet the families in the community and to see the children try out instruments brought by visiting artists. They heard a 200 year old violin played expertly. They responded well to Monty, the composer of children's theatre, even daring to ask how old he was! Bookings are now being taken for a holiday programme starting the last week in January 2014. Ph 021-144 6623 or email c h i l d r e n Wendy Christie organized the programme, and moved to Leeston recently For the young child new to music, Wendy plans to begin small classes using musically trained bells, a large wall chart stave to teach reading, rhythm, singing using simple rounds, as well as the usual one on one piano lessons. Theory is also offered for those unwilling to commit to the cost of a private lesson. Group classes are $50 a term. Private sessions are $23 per half hour, and all are held at St David's Church, Leeston, next door to the Ellesmere Butchery. Some background information to what "Children in Tune" is all about, follows. The work began in 2000. Children learn to be "in tune" with themselves and their environment. Primarily the

lessons are music based. Wendy trained as a pianist in her teens. Winning the Alexander Kincaid Piano Concerto in 1981 opened the door to private lessons with Professor Georgina Zellan-Smith who had recently retired from the London Royal School of Music with an ongoing international career as a pianist and examiner. Much of Wendy's preparation for her diploma in piano teaching and work with children came directly from the professor's own texts and weekly sessions. It soon became clear that Wendy's love for music had a finite edge in the world of the performing artist. So she took a much needed break by travelling to Cambridge in England which provided the opportunity for her to think. The quality of music in the streets was world class; experiences gained while travelling began to consolidate the direction her music would take her. She writes, "I'd brushed shoulders with British lawyers. I knew the glamour of wine, nibbles and boardrooms. But I don't remember being brought to tears by any of it (except in frustration). However, children have moved me to tears." She returned some years later to complete a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) at Auckland College of Education only to find herself like a fish out of water in the state schooling system. She experienced total rejection. "It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life. I had no idea what to do with

myself. But in a strange way I found a depth I had not encountered before." Bit by bit, and using the training she had gained, Wendy picked herself up out of the ashes of defeat and set in motion the wheels for private tuition: "Children in Tune". The intention was to use music to bring positive change into a child's experience. Not all children will experience great musical success in the world of music; but all can learn the positive experiences of commitment, perseverance, and confidence. "Often it is in the misguided actions and words of others that a natural potential is suppressed. It is up to the person to resist these negative influences and be successful anyway. Success is not dependent on the opinions or achievements of others. Healthy competition so often needs the right words to snuff out the misperceptions". She diarized an account of private tuition with a young boy: "He told me how hurt he was by the words and actions of some teachers in his past and I knew it was hindering him in his work. There were tears in his eyes. I told him he was born to know victory, not defeat. I told him he needed to find his answers from within, not from people around him. Failure turned to success as he began to pass previously failed exams." Practical experience in a classroom setting came later when she took on a job as manager of an OSCAR programme. "Many of the children were disruptive and some had troubled backgrounds. I tried to seek help through the Education Ministry. However, because we were 'after school care' we were out of their jurisdiction. I was told I would need to cope on my own. I knew that feeling well and thanked them very much! It was difficult, but superb training." The aim is for music to be experienced in all its wonderful ways.

The President and Committee of the Ellesmere A&P Association would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the community and businesses for all their generosity, enthusiasm and support of the 2013 Ellesmere A&P Show. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers involved in the event for their unwavering commitment, which helped make the day the huge success it was. The weather also plays a big part in determining the success of the Show, so we thank whoever is responsible for that too!

LAWN AND GARDEN SOLUTIONZ - Lawn Mowing - Lawn Fertilising - Gardening - Bark/Straw Mulching -Section Tidying - Pruning Phone James - 324 2780 Satisfaction Guaranteed

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LINCOLN FARMERS’ AND CRAFT MARKET Lincoln Farmers' and Craft Market's recent Let's Get Brewing event certainly appealed to the lovers of Craft Brews and hopefully inspired some to start concocting their very own brew ready for Lincoln's popular Home Brew Competition to be held next year. Preparations are well under way for the Lincoln Market's next themed community event to be held on Sat 2nd November between 10 -1 on the green off Gerald St. Lincoln. The event which organisers are calling "FRESH FROM THE FIELDS" is aimed at highlighting the benefits of using locally grown fresh produce and hopefully inspiring market goers young and old to imaginatively use local produce and veggies in their cooking. There will be cooking demos, a chance to meet local raconteur Joe Bennett plus a Cooking Competition especially for the children. Budding Young Master Chefs need to cook a vegetarian dish/slice and bring it along to the market by 11 am on the day for judging. If cooking is not your thing there will be plenty of opportunity to browse lots of local produce stalls, perhaps find a unique handcrafted gift or sample a selection of delicious baking including gluten free or simply enjoy a drink or snack whilst listening to some great live music.



Puketiti Station tells the story of an East Cape sheep station and the 180 -year-old legacy of the famous Williams dynasty. In 1997, 27-year-old Dan Russell set out for the East Cape and the funeral of his bachelor godfather Des Williams. He’d been to Des’s hillcountry station, Puketiti, a couple of times before. He knew a bit about it, how it was once the headquarters of the enormous 40,000-acre Waipiro block, first purchased by missionary William Williams’ son James in 1883. Surely another of the sprawling Williams dynasty would inherit it from Des? But Des had had other thoughts. When the will was read, it was Dan, who had a career as an airline pilot mapped out before him, who was left Puketiti. The gift would change his and his soonto-be wife Anna’s lives forever. First embraced by William Williams on his historic visit to the East Cape in 1833, the hillcountry of Puketiti Station sits high above Te Puia Springs and the breakers of Waipiro Bay, 100 kilometres north of Gisborne.

As the first place in New Zealand to see the new dawn, some locals know it as the land of the sunrise, others still call it the wild, wild east. For Dan and Anna, their category 1 historic homestead, covenanted garden and arboretum, 3000 hectares of hill-country, 20,000 stock units and devoted staff, the challenge remains a tall one, but there’s no lack of will and determination. Capturing the fascinating history of the station from its earliest days right through to the present, Puketiti Station gives us a glimpse into early colonial and Maori society on the East Cape, as well as providing a fascinating insight into the how society, farming, and the region alongside it, have developed over the years. It is also a gripping, modern story of the challenges and upheavals faced when moving from city to country as Dan and Anna have.

“ We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. “ - Plato

14 Thursday 31st October, 2013


OLIVE WEBB - FINAL COMMENTS I have been asked to comment on the Selwyn District Council 2013 election results. Firstly, thank you to all those people who supported me, who had my hoardings on their fences, who galloped over the countryside to retrieve from where gales had deposited them, and who voted for me. The election trail was interesting. I utterly enjoyed meeting so many people from throughout the District and hearing their views, opinions, frustrations and concerns. I especially enjoyed hearing people talk of their pride in Selwyn and their dreams for themselves and their communities. I intend to not lose these contacts or stop these conversations. The new Council has been re-elected on the face of it unchanged. But there are some important elements that are likely to be the elephant in the room for the next three years: Kelvin Coe’s vote was halved and his margin slashed. More than 2500 people who voted for him last time, did not do so again. Now five or half of the sitting Councilor's are failed mayoral candidates. Kelvin now has to appoint his Deputy and committee chairs. The ability of the

Council to agree on agenda, priorities, workplans and the intrinsic issues of democracy, transparency, fiscal management and service to the people of Selwyn will be for the electorate to watch. In the meantime, there are specific questions that have been asked that still stand: Why do rates increase when we have cash reserves? Why do we borrow money for Council that the ratepayers have to service when we have the cash reserves? What is the Council knitting? How can the business of Council be communicated easily and transparently to the people of Selwyn? How can people know their money is being spent on things that matter to them? What of roads, sewage and water? How securely can people who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable feel that they have a Council that will make it easier for them to live in Selwyn? How secure can the small townships feel in their futures? How is new money going to be attracted into Selwyn, or is our burgeoning growth just an internal matter? And so it will go on. I wish the new/old Council well. I will continue to be proud of Selwyn’s history and excited for its future.

WARNING FROM PLUNKET Plunket is reminding parents and caregivers not to leave children alone in cars after the latest incident in Porirua. Plunket Clinical Advisor Allison Jamieson said the risks of leaving a baby or young child alone in a car were significant. "It’s never safe to leave a child alone in a vehicle, even for a short time. Babies, particularly newborns, can dehydrate quickly and become very distressed." Ms Jamieson said the circumstances behind the latest incident were not clear, but that caring for a baby could be overwhelming, especially for those without ready family support. "All parents know how stressful looking after a baby can be at times, and it’s important for parents and caregivers to know that there are numerous support groups out there for parents. They don’t have to go it alone. “If they are in a place where there is a Plunket Family Centre, there's an opportunity to get some extra support or Plunket nurses are available 24 hours, 7 days on PlunketLine - 0800 933 922”.

JURY SERVICE One of the oldest institutions in our legal system is the right of a person who has been accused of a serious offence to be tried by a jury of his/her peers. Indeed it is one of the oldest remaining legal customs from ancient times. Every year hundreds of individuals receive summonses to serve on a jury. The names are selected at random from electoral rolls. There are, of course, certain categories of individuals who may not serve on a jury including MPs, Judges, barristers and solicitors, JPs who hear District Court cases and employees of Department of Corrections, Police, Justice and Legal Services Agency. People with certain criminal convictions may not serve on a jury. If you should receive a summons to be a juror you must attend, unless you are able to get an exemption from jury service from the Court Registrar. Ignoring a jury summons may result in a fine of $300.00. For those who take up the challenge of serving on a jury, it will provide an interesting insight into the justice system in action. Once the jurors have been selected the trial usually commences with the Judge addressing the jury to outline the roles and responsibilities they are undertaking. Emphasis will be placed on keeping an open mind throughout the course of the trial and not reaching any conclusions as to the guilt or innocence of the offend-

er until all evidence has been presented and the final addresses by prosecution and defence and the Judge’s summing-up have been completed. It is the jury’s role to decide whether, on the evidence adduced and facts established, the defendant is guilty of the offence beyond reasonable doubt. If there is a reasonable doubt a defendant must be acquitted. One of the Judge’s tasks is to provide an explanation of the legal issues and assist the jurors with understanding the law relating to the offence. Some offences are defined in such wording it is difficult for most of us to interpret and helpful assistance is given. When the jury retires to consider its verdict, it is ushered into a separate room to deliberate. The Ministry of Justice provides sustenance and the jurors remain in the jury room until a verdict is reached. In former times once a jury had retired, the members were required to be kept together until a verdict has been reached, but that rule has been relaxed and jurors may go home overnight, or for the weekend. On reaching a verdict the jury is then ushered back to the jury box and the foreman will, when asked by the Registrar, announce the result. Serving on a jury is a civic duty and everyone who receives a summons should try to serve if at all possible.


Osteopathy uses gentle hands-on techniques to treat many conditions, focusing on the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms . It is a philosophy, a science and an art. We often find we can provide relief from problems you thought you had to live with, from crying babies to aching backs.

Ring Alison & Stephen on:

325 4163

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Thursday 31st October, 2013

Behind the scenes on the 20th October, the Committee was in full swing at the Leeston Market as we celebrated 6 years. Janice and Margaret were there at the beginning in 2007 and have been stalwarts ever since, sometimes in atrocious weather conditions, all year round. We’ve come a long way since those early days on the sidewalk. Nowadays, with the support of the Local Business Association the Market has a new look with gazebos and a permanent home in the grounds of St David’s Church under the century arbor. Photographed are three of our Committee and stall holders: Janice Spears, Chairwoman, Margaret Dillon, committee member and Shirley Fisher, our Secretary. From November 2nd we will be taking entries into a Lucky Market Draw for a fabulous Christmas Hamper full to the brim with wonderful Market goodies. There are only 100 tickets available at just $2 as a fundraiser for future Market promotions. The hamper will be available to view at the Market each date until the 21st Dec when the Lucky Market Draw will be made. If the hamper is going to be a surprise Christmas gift you may want to be around for the draw to take it home otherwise we’ll give you a call.

Our Summer vege stall holders are coming back so call in and see what is on offer. Another newbie at the Leeston Market is going to be Wendy Christie from Children in Tune. Wendy’s aim is to give children exposure to, and experience with, quality music in all its forms. Come and try out a tune with other children and make an ensemble on Saturday 2nd November with Wendy. ATTENTION CHILDREN 12 & UNDER: Save the date: 18th January 2014, as this is the date that you can set up your own stall at the Leeston Market. You will need parental supervision but come along to our very first Leeston Childrens Market. You may have toys or books you no longer need, you may be a budding artist or craftsperson but this is your chance to give it a go, and the best part, it will free. We have limited space so please register your interest soon. Please contact the Leeston

Market Committee Secretary – Shirley Fisher, on email – for a stall application form and further information, or myself – 03 3242 595 – Market dates until the end of the year will be Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 16th and also Saturday the 30th. In December you will find us on the 7th, 14 and 21st which be our last Leeston Market for the year and also the day we find out who wins the Lucky Draw for the Christmas hamper of Market goodies. You will need to be in to win so remember to come by and grab a ticket at any Market between now and then. Remember there will only be 100 tickets available so you don’t want to miss out. Join us at the Leeston Market on Saturday 2nd November– 9 am till noon. We look forward to seeing you there ~ whatever the weather ~ Brenda Franz

Photo shows the committee of Margaret Dillon, Janice Spears and Shirley Fisher.





No Job too Big, no Job too Small, no Job too Tough. Call us today for a FREE quote, suggestions and assistance on any job. From Land Clearing, Stump/Hedge Removal, Drainage, to a Stock Underpass and more!

Office: 03 324 3744 Greg: 0276 752 658 Harts Road, Lakeside RD3, Leeston


REUNION BRINGS BACK HAPPY MEMORIES Over 180 descendants of Moorhead and Cowan to the first McLachlan settlers the family. to arrive in Canterbury from John, Alexander and ArchiScotland gathered together bald married into the Robb, recently to celebrate 150 Rothery and Clephane famiyears in New Zealand. lies. The three sons had Two of John (who died in worked with their father as Scotland) and Margaret plasterers in Scotland. On (Gibb) McLachlan’s sons arrival in Canterbury they were the first to arrive. continued this trade, workThey were John, who later ing on many of Christwent on to be a Member of church’s earliest buildings. the House of Representa- In time all bought land in the tives, and Alexander who Doyleston area and farmed. built and lived in StrathlachThe weekend of celebralan Homestead at Doyleston. tion included a day of mixing The date for the celebra- and mingling, looking over tions, October 12 & 13, coin- family photos and memoracided with the exact 150th bilia and having new family anniversary of Alexander’s photos taken at Showgate at arrival in Lyttleton and was R i c c a r t o n P a r k . just two days short of the The Sunday included a 180th anniversary of the church service led by family marriage of John and Margaret. members, lunch and visits to Later arrivals included the Ellesmere Public Cemeoldest son Archibald, mother tery where many of the Margaret, another son Wil- family’s forebears are liam and daughters Eliza- buried, and to beth, Janet, Ellen, Agnes and Strathlachlan Homestead. Margaret. As the girls married they introduced the names Lambie, Hepburn,

Photo shows the three great-grand daughters of Margaret (Gibb) McLachlan who emigrated cutting the reunion cake. They are from left: Natalie McArthur, Jean Lambie and Lorna Brannigan.



Monday Clinic available by appt. BEVERLEY BARNETT 027 442 9038 or 03) 324 3223

BOWEN IS GOOD FOR EVERY BODY Very gentle, pain free, highly effective therapy Suitable for babies to elderly More info:


16 Thursday 31st October, 2013

MAKING CHRISTMAS WORK FOR YOU! Most people look forward to Christmas and New Year, and the sun and holidays that come with it. There is one thing, however, that can make it even better. And that’s the knowledge that you’ve cleverly organised your festive season so you don’t end up in debt once you’ve paid the bills. For most of us, the most concentrated burst of spending we do all year happens to be in December and January. It’s a frantic time and an easy solution is often the credit card. However getting rid of high-interest debt is anything but easy and can take months to pay off. The secret to avoiding debt is a little preparation. I think a Christmas spending plan made well before the festive season starts to offer up temptations is a good idea – so now’s the time to think about it. Generally Christmas spending will fall into four categories: groceries, gifts, entertainment and holidays. Make a list of your expenses under each category and check against the spare cash you have after your normal household bills are paid. You’ll be able to see if you need to make any adjustments to your Christmas spending plan to match the money you have, or whether you have to make some changes to your overall budget to allow a bit more saving for the Christmas spend. Regardless of how much you have to spend, there’s no doubt that family and friends will appreciate a gift you have put thought into, rather than spent a lot on. Christmas is a great time to treat the ones we love with thoughtful gifts, and choosing them should be fun too. Spend time making that list of gifts and make sure you stick to it when you’re in the shops.

ELLESMERE CYCLING CLUB The Leeston Cycling Club races have started again for the summer. They're 16km handicap raced on Thursday nights from the Leeston Rugby Club. In the first two races of the season, the 4 riding the earlier "development" race clocked virtually identical times, some good close riding in very good conditions. The Senior race attracts a number of riders from CHCH, a number who ride out, race and then ride home. Fastest time of the season so far went to Daniel Barry off the Scratch mark in race 3, despite a solid NW headwind up the home straight. He is just back from riding in Europe over our winter, and including a start in the recent Tour of Britain that included the likes of Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and former World Champion Mark Cavendish. Results :3/10/13 Development - 1st Nigel Thomas 29:15, 2nd Sandy Harper 29:17, 3rd Mike Morley-Bunker 29:19, 4th Hamish McClure 29:19 Seniors (first 10 with net times) - 1st Andrew Thomas 24:31, 2nd Mark Sanders st, 3rd Andy Broomhall st, 4th Rob Cretney 26:01, 5th Robert McIntyre 24:31, 6th Matt Caldwell 24:31, 7th Kevin Stephens 26:01, 8th Jim Thomson st, 9th Kaye Webb Browsing and comparing goods online can also help to remove the temptation. If you can make this Christmas one that fits within your budget, I’m confident you’ll be enjoying the New Year in such good spirits you’ll want to repeat the experience next year.

ELLESMERE PONY CLUB Introducing: Rochelle

st, 10th Ross Wilson 24:31, Mason. And her horse “Fire”. 23rd Greg Man“Fire” is a 158cm dark son 22:25 fastest time. bay gelding. Achievements: Rocelle 10/10/13 and “Fire” have competed Development - 1st Hamish and been placed at McClure 29:15, 2nd Nigel Dressage, showing and Thomas 29:16, 3rd Mike jumping. But really enjoy Morley-Bunker 29:17, 4th riding at the beach. Favourite colour: Green. Sandy Harper 29:18 Seniors (first 10 with net Favourite food: Pizza and times) - 1st Andrew Thom- ice cream. as 23:23, 2nd Greg Manson 21:53, 3rd Jaron Stephens st, 4th Jason Revell 22:33, 5th Richard Adams 21:53, 6th Nick Jones22:33, 7th Steve Caldwell 21:53, 8th Gary Fulham 23:23, 9th Andy Broomhall st, 10th David McCormick 22:33, 26th Ben Wortelboer 21:49 fastest time. 17/10/13 Development - 1st Reuben Kinney (U17) 34:26, 2nd Tom Harvey (U17) 34:33, 3rd Geoff Allen 29:44, 4th Mike Morley-Bunker 29:45, 5th Nigel Thomas 29:46, 6th Sandy Harper 29:47 Seniors (first 10 with net times) - 1st & fastest time Daniel Barry 21:30, 2nd Jake Marryatt 22:00, 3rd Ben Wortelboer 21:30, 4th Brent Marryatt 22:30, 5th Andrew Villazon 21:30, 6th Jeffrey Tuck 22:00, 7th Nick Jones st, 8th Brodie Catterick 21:30, 9th Sam Bamford 23:00, 10th Gary Fulham 23:00

Favourite TV: Enjoys “The Block” and any music. Hobbies: Loves all animals, reading and computer. Sports: Looking after horses. Future Plans: Would like to advance to show jumping and eventing at higher levels. In the mean time is working a young horse. Maybe train to be a vet later.

Photo shows Rochelle and “Fire” in action.

ELLESMERE PONY CLUB SHOW This will be held Saturday 9th November. A great time for Pony Clubbers to join together and showing what they have learnt to achieve with their pony/horse. Riding can be very therapeutic for both rider and mount. It takes discipline on both sides, and a great understanding, to impress the judges. Cleanliness, condition, fitness: this takes time and patience in the weeks beforehand to produce that “something special”. Competition is great for all and a chance to meet others with the same interests. Pony Club riders belong

to “the fair play charter” of NZ Sports. Classes on the flat are held in the morning - this includes all, from Beginners’ ponies to large Hacks, including P.C. Ponies, Hacks, Coloured, Cobs and Standard breds. In the afternoon, Hunter type jumping is held in 3 rings. The Pony Club Show is held at The Ellesmere A & P grounds in Leeston and is open to all riders. Mrs Amy Piper is show secretary and is taking entries to all classes. Admission on the day is free.

Thursday 31st October, 2013 17


ELLESMERE GOLF RESULTS 12 October 2013 Stableford

Senior Men: 1. Kevin Gwatkin. 42 pts ocb, 2. Barry Harkerss, 42 ocb, 3. Callum Doak, 42, 4. Gavin Milne, 41 pts, 5. Darryl Joyce, 40, 6. Noel Lowery, 39 ocb. Junior Men: 1. Santos Cervantes, 43 pts ocb, 2. Mike Steed, 43, 3. Howard Lemon, 40 ocb, 4. Brian Osborne, 40, 5. Ian Niles, 39, 6. Stu Chamberlain, 38 ocb. Women: 1. Sue Whelan, 37 pts, 2. Diane

Boon, 36. Two’s: #2. Jeanette Allan, #14. Richard Boyce. Nearest the Pin: #2. Santos Cervantes, #11. (Hammer Hardware Ltd) Jamie Chapman. 19 October 2013 Stableford

Senior Men: 1. Dick Taiaroa, 40 pts, 2. Nigel Chamberlain, 39 ocb, 3. Kevin Gwatkin, 39, 4. Ray Anderson, 38 ocb. Intermediate Men: 1. Tony Simkin, 43 pts, 2. Bob Neil, 42, 3. Brian Osborne, 39, 4. Rob Murray, 38 ocb. Women: 1. Joanne Harkerss, 33 pts, 2. Diane Boon, 29. Nearest the Pin: #2. Max Ferris, #14. Dick Taiaroa. 23 October 2013 Watering Tournament

Race cleaning Land clearing Hedge & Stump removal Site works Driveways & lanes Laser work Irrigation works Landscaping Drainage work Wheeled Digger Owner/ Operator Phone Scott on 027 272 3447 Email

Senior Men: 1. J Nicol, 43 pts ocb, 2. O Roberts, 43, 3. Dan O’Keefe, 41 ocb, 4. Win Jones, 41, 5. Ken Hearn, 40, 6. L Galbraith, 39, 7. Kevin Gwatkin, 38, 8. Denis Fitzgerald, 37 ocb, 9. R Pheloung, 37 ocb. Junior Men: 1. Bill Whelan, 46 pts, 2. B Alison, 42, 3. Kevin Connell, 40 ocb, 4. Bob Neil, 40, 5. Don Edwards, 39 ocb, 6. Brian Winchester, 39, 7. G Sweetman, 38 ocb, 8. Geo Dimmock, 38, 9. Allan Johnston, 37 ocb. Women: 1. Jane Pangborn, 36 pts, 2. Phillipa Foulds, 35. Nearest the Pin: #2. R Pheloud, #9. Mark Rykers, #11. Gav Wilkinshaw, #14. Owen Roberts. Two’s: #2. Jane Pangborn, John Brettell, #11. Gav Wilkinshaw.

ELLESMERE COLLEGE SPORTS AND CULTURAL AWARDS DINNER AND CEREMONY. THURSDAY 24TH OCTOBER 2013 Last evening Ellesmere College held its annual Sports and Cultural Awards Dinner and Ceremony. The format was changed from a day assembly to an evening dinner and awards ceremony which meant the event was extremely well attended especially by parents from the school community. The evening was about the students who excelled at their chosen sports during the year. A big focus of this

evening was parents, coaches and volunteers who had given up their own time to make sport happen at Ellesmere College. Two very special guests were present to deliver speeches at the awards. We were very fortunate to have ex All Black, now Crusaders Assistant Coach Aaron Mauger and Surf Life Saving Elite Coach and ex Ellesmere College Head Prefect Jonelle Quane.

Some of the strong messages they presented were: aim higher with your goals and do the things that you can control to get there; show good character and work ethic as this is just as important as a good skill set and look to give something back to sport or your other pursuits (as they have done) as it can be extremely rewarding to do so.

The major prize winners were: Greg Dunshea Stephanie Mower Teaghan Mower

Rugby Bowls Bowls

Jonathan Burgess Felicity Newburry Arabella Nimmo

Drama Drama Dance

SPORTING BLUES Canterbury Country U18 Runner Up NZ Sec School Pairs Runner Up NZ Sec School Pairs CULTURAL BLUES

SPECIAL AWARDS Faass Family Trophy for Positive Contribution to the Arts- Arabella Nimmo Clausens Senior Fair Play Trophy- Ashleigh Johnson. Blanchet Trophy for a single best performance / achievement- Alex Fraser Stephanie Allen Memorial Trophy- Hope Henry and Luke Palmer. Atkins ‘All Round’ Trophy- Luke Palmer.

Photos top left to right: Felicity Newburry, Jono Burgess, Greg Dunshea. And botton photos left to right: Stephanie Mower and Teaghan Mower.

18 Thursday 31st October, 2013


ELLESMERE BOWLS CHATTERTON CUP RESULTS (Round One) (Home) Leeston 2 Vs Tai Tapu 2 (Singles) M Heslop 13 v A Russell 18. (Fours) M Quayle 19 v A Richards 7. (Pairs) M Quayle 8 v A Russell 15. (Triples) C Hall 16 v A Richards 13. Games won 2 v 2 Points 4 v 4. (Home) Dunsandel Vs Leeston 2 (Singles) Karolyn Boon 21 v M Heslop 9. (Fours) Fay Taylor 14 v M Quayle 10. (Pairs) Karolyn Boon 19 v M Heslop 17. (Triples) Fay Taylor 9 v M Quayle 4. Games won 3 v 1 Points 6 v 2. Round 2 - 5.10.2013 (Home) Diamond Harbour Vs Leeston 1 (Singles) Peter Hedges 22 v Paul Alsop 8. (Fours) Pam Clarke 16 v T Brown 6. (Pairs) Peter Hedges 14 v T Brown 17. (Triples) Pam Clarke 26 v Paul Alsop 4. Games won 3 v 1 Points 6 v 2. (Home) Southbridge Vs Dunsandel (Singles) B Searle 14 v K Boon 17. (Fours) C Stevenson 18 v G Taylor 5. (Pairs) B Searle 5 v F Taylor 17. (Triples) C Stevenson 15 v G Taylor 7. Games won 2 v 2 Points 4 v 4.

(Home) Lincoln 1 Vs Southbridge (Singles) P Udy 31 v K Allan 6. (Pairs) L Withell 22 v B McCartin 33. (Fours) C Sumner 11 v B Jones 23. Games won 1 v 2 Points 2 v 4. Round 3 - 12.10.2013 (Home) Leeston 1 Vs Lincoln 3 (Singles) T Mower 4 v Daniel Harris 21. (Fours) Valmai Hantz 12 v Mary King 11. (Pairs) Valmai Hantz 14 v Daniel Harris 13. (Triples) Paul Alsop 8 v Mary King 13. Games won 2 v 2 Points 4 v 4 (Home)Tai Tapu 2 Vs Southbridge (Singles) A Russell 21 v C Cooper 8. (Fours) J Glassey 7 v C Stevenson 9. (Pairs) A Russell 10 v C Cooper 13. (Triples) J Glassey 10 v C Stevenson 10. Games won 1 v 2 Games drawn 1 v 1 Points 3 v 5. ROOSTER RESULTS. Round 3 - 12.10.2013 (Home) Southbridge Vs Dunsandel (Singles) O Grant 30 v S Boon 31. (Pairs) B McCartin 19 v P Barron 20. (Fours) W Jones 17 v B Chapman 16. Games won 2 v 2 Points 2 v 4. (Home) Leeston 1 Vs Lincoln 3 (Singles) K Greenwood 31 v G Thielle11. (Pairs) P Fraser 22 v B Blazey 28

PALMER’S TRANSPORT LIMITED Serving the farming industry since 1962

FOR ALL TRANSPORT Over 50 years of trusted family service


Ph: 03) 324 2556 Fax: 03) 324 2474 Wilson Street, Southbridge 7602

(Fours) T Kennett 23 v P Weeks 21. Games won 2 v 1 Points 4 v 2. ROOSTER ROUND 3 12.10.2013 Southbridge 2 v Dunsandel 4; Leeston 4 v Lincoln3, 2; Lincoln2, 2 v Lincoln1, 4. Tai Tapu - bye. CHATTERTON CUP ROUND 3 - 12.10.2013 Dunsandel 6 v Leeston2, 2; Tai Tapu2, 3 v Southbridge 5; Leeston1, 4 v Lincoln3, 4. Lincoln4, 0 v Diamond Harbour 8; Tai Tapu1, 7 v Lincoln2, 1; Lincoln1, 5 v Akaroa 3. ELLESMERE CUP ROUND 2 - 3.10.13 - POSTPONED CHATTERTON CUP ROUND 4 - 19.10.2013 (Home) Southbridge Vs Tai Tapu1 (Singles) A Walker 13 v J Murdock 17. (Fours) B Searle 17 v H Murdock 3. (Pairs) A Walker 14 v J Murdock 18. (Triples) B Searle 12 v H Murdock 12. Games won 1 v 2 Games Drawn 1 v 1 Points 3 v 5. (Home) Lincoln3 Vs Dusandel (Singles) D Harris 21 v W Taylor 9. (Fours) P Wildermoth 15 v C Tyson 9. (Pairs) D Harris 13 v W Futtie 10. (Triples) P Wildermoth 9 v S Hamilton 11. Games won 3 v 1 Points 6 v 2. ELLESMERE CUP ROUND 3 - 19.10.2013 Lincoln4, 8 v Lincoln3, 25; Akaroa v Leeston2, 4; Lincoln2, 23 v Lincoln1, 19. CHATTERTON CUP ROUND 4 19.10.2013 Lincoln3, 6 v Dunsandel 2; Southbridge 3 v Tai Tapu1, 5; Diamond Harbour 4 v Lincoln1, 4; Akaroa 6 v Lincoln4, 2; Lincoln2, 2 v Tai Tapu2, 6.

CONGRATULATIONS & WELL DONE Back in June this year I went to Invercargill for the final stage of the National Club Singles Championship and won the National Title, by doing so I won the right to represent NZ at the Asia Pacific Singles and Mixed Pairs. The person who won the men's singles also won the opportunity to go and as well as playing in the singles we teamed up for the Mixed Pairs. The competition was held in Malaysia about an hour out of Kualar Lumpar. It was an undercover carpet bowling green thankfully as the outdoor greens in Malyasia are very slow (10seconds). The tournament was very well run and comprised section play of three games in both disciplines followed by quarter finals and onwards for those good enough. Chris Le Lievre was the man from Auckland who joined me and my partner Colin Lowery came along as our Manager. We were very lucky to have Colin there as there are always things to be dealt with during a competition, and with a tight time limit for each game it was essential to have someone watching progress and the clock. The temperatures were in the early 30s. Thank goodness we were under cover. Water was the order of the

day and I have never drank so much in my life as I did there. The competition started on the 1st of October and by the 5th we were out of the mixed pairs and I was in the semi final of the singles against a player from Malaysia. The other semi final was between Australia and Malaysia, with Malaysia winning through on one side and me on the other. The final was very tense and I am very happy that I got into my groove and just kept the pressure on. While I was holding a comfortable lead the Malaysian player came back at me but I had enough of a cushion to see the time limit out for the gold medal. The medal ceremony was amazing and we were very happy that my uniform, the flag and anthem finally arrived by courier the day before the semi final. The competition was very generously sponsored by Sime Darby, who also sponsor the Malaysian National Squad. Their squad comprises 10 men and 10 women who even though they are professional playing bowls, have to go to work. The standard of bowls is very high and the Malaysians are well ranked on the world stage. There were 13 countries represented from around the Asia Pacific region.

Photos show: Above: Serena with Chris Le Lievre and on opposite page Serena displaying her awards.

Thursday 31st October, 2013



SOUTHBRIDGE RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB EST 1876 Coaches and Managers 2014 Applications are called for the above positions for the following grade Division 2 Please submit your expressions of interest by Monday the 21st of October 2013 Please notify the SRFC club manager as soon as possible to ensure that you are not over looked during the selection process Applications are to be sent to Chris McMillan: or to PO Box as below. Applications for JAB grades are also called for at this time for all grades. Applications are to be sent to Louise Christey: or to the PO Box below The successful applicants will become part of a successful club with a friendly and vibrant culture, and a strong membership base. Southbridge Rugby Football Club P.O. Box 7, Southbridge 7602 Any enquires please contact Chris McMillan: 0274399773 or email as above

ELLESMERE SMALLBORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION A.G.M Tuesday 26th November 2013 Southbridge range. 7.30pm


ELLESMERE VINTAGE CLUB “Pig in a Barrow” Raffle 1st Prize - Ticket No. 634 - B Carroll 2nd Prize - Ticket No. 594 - Sharon O’Malley 3rd Prize - Ticket No. 125 - Colleen Griffin LEESTON SWIMMING CLUB POOL OPENS 1ST NOVEMBER KEYS $60 AVAILABLE FROM LITTLE BOUTIQUE OR 027 228 7641 Ellesmere Golf Club A.G. M Monday 25th November 2013 Ellesmere Golf Club Rooms 7:30pm All Welcome

Thank you most sincerely to the Volunteers and all the people who donated to the “Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer” Appeal 2013. A total of $945.40c was raised for the Leeston area, a wonderful response. Thank you again. Jenny Ward, Area Co-ordinator.

SOUTHBRIDGE RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB A.G.M. Wednesday 6th November 2013 Southbridge Rugby Clubrooms at 8pm Apologies please send email to: Chris.southbridgerugby

LEESTON/SOUTHBRIDGE CRICKET CLUB PLAYERS NEEDED FOR THIS SEASON SENIORS - Contact: Michael Sheat 027 314 2841 JUNIORS - 4 Grades available Years 1 to years 8 - Contact: Louise Christey 027 217 3202

Lower Ellesmere Water Race Shutdown Selwyn District Council will be shutting down the Lower Rakaia Intake for maintenance. The intake will be closed off from 5th – 10th November. The intake will be turned on again on the afternoon of the 10th November or earlier on completion of work. All races below Northbank Rd and Knyvetts Rd will be affected. An affected area map is available at Any questions relating to this shutdown should be directed to Selwyn District Council on 03 347 2800 (24 hour answer service).


Thursday 31st October, 2013




ALTERATIONS, clothing repairs, trousers, hems etc. Little Boutique, Leeston. Ph. Christine 027 228 7641. DISC brakes - we can machine your discs on or off the car. Also 4WDs. Jacks Service Service C e n t r e (2011) Ltd, ph. 3243-903. ELLESMERE College navy skirts made-to-measure, at Little Boutique, ph. Christine 027 228 7641. ELLESMERE College uniforms available at Little Boutique, ph. Christine 027 228 7641. HYDRAULINK - We fix while you wait - Great range of stock in store. Cochranes 324 3791 PEA STRAW - Fund raising for Southbridge Small Bore Rifle Club $5 per bale. Ph Geoff 324 2002, Bevan 324 2210, Nigel 324 2750. PREMIER outdoor paving now stocked at Leeston Hammer Hardware. QUEEN SIZE bed, includes electric blankets. Exc cond. Ph 324 3291 SEED POTATOES early varieties at Hammer Hardware Ph. 324-4559.



Terracotta pots & craft @ Leeston Market, Sat 2nd Nov. For original gifts. Ph. 3242-595.

$40 per day

Phone 3242-642



Weddings, Civil Union Ceremonies, Namings, Renewal of Vows & Funerals. Jenni Gibson Ph: 324 8332 Mobile: 021 723 089


Waterblaster, Steam cleaner, carpet-cleaner.


Not enough hours in the day? Cleaning getting away from you? Call Renai Ph 324 2295 Reasonable rates for a great job. WANTED

A copy of “Insight of the Lake and Sound of the Sea” by Murray Patterson. Ph Jenny 03) 693 8178 FOR RENT


Cashed up buyers looking for a 3-4 bdrm house with land (5+acres) in the Leeston, Southbridge area, anything considered. If you think you have what we might be looking for please contact us on (03) 324 2543 or (027) 360 5689

Oregon and Macrocapa Log-burner Mix Old Man Pine Blue Gum Phone 329 7066 or 027 224 3301

Can deliver 9 cu.m at one time

Baylis Bros (Lsn) Ltd, ph. 3243-629.

Lockable shed for rent in Dunsandel. Back of private SKORTS made to measure at section. Approx. 12 X 6 mtr. Little Boutique, High St, $50 per week. Leeston. Ph. Christine 027 Ph 325 4380 228 7641. TYRES - For all your complete tyre needs, see us at Baylis Bros. Firestone (Lsn). WONDERFILLED Cakes dreamed up just for you. Kathryn Sutherland 0274 516 550, ph. 3243-497.




Labourer - Seed Processor

We are seeking a keen, enthusiastic and hard working labourer for our seed processing plant located in Southbridge. Main duties will include: Lifting of 25kg sacks. Day to day operating of ryegrass and clover machines. Dealing with farmers on a day to day basis. Uploading and weighing inward vehicles. We offer good work conditions, fair remuneration, and training will be provided. Forklift experience would be preferred but not essential. Email CV to GARDENER WANTED FOR HOME IN THE KILLINCHY AREA. 2 - 4 HOURS A WEEK. PH 021 109 3470 OR 324 4100 EVENINGS

Ellesmere College Assistant Caretaker We are looking for a versatile and active person to assist the Property Manager with caretaking and maintenance tasks. The ideal applicant will be practically minded with a high degree of initiative. Part time position of 20 hours per week, additional hours could be available as a Technology Technician to a suitably qualified applicant. For a Job Description and application details contact Principals Assistant (email Inquiries to the Principal, phone 03 3243 369 Applications close Friday 8 November, 2013 HEALTH & WELLBEING


CARRS Ph. Rodney a/hs


Weekends a Specialty

Thursday 31st October, 2013






Canterbury Waterproofing Ltd For all your needs for:

WANT TO RIDE but haven’t a horse? Try riding with us. Ph. 324-3667 evenings.

Residential and Commercial Painting Concrete Crack Repair Systems Waterproofing and Roof Membranes Floor Coatings Plaster Cladding Systems



To discuss any of your requirements please contact us:

Phone Leonie

Stew or Nick, 324 2406 101 High Street, P.O. Box 1, Southbridge





Southbridge Joinery & Design Ltd

Matt Mitchell  Domestic  Commercial  New Builds  Refurbishments  Heat Pump Installations (03) 3291 677 - 021 0267 8732 68 Watsons Road, RD 2, Leeston

.Residential & Commercial Joinery. .Kitchen design & build. .Timber double glazed windows/doors. .Stairs. .Bathroom/wardrobe solutions.

68 Watsons Road R.D. 2, Leeston

Master Joiner - EQC accredited Ph. Sandro Dyer Ph. 03 3242 517 / 027 3654 727





All Steel & Aluminium Fabrication

HEDGE TRIMMING & GARDEN MAINTENANCE Hedge Trimming Small trees & Shrubs Topped, Shaped or Removed Trenching & Digging Buckets Garden Maintenance STU REID OWNER OPERATOR 

General Engineering / Welding Repairs


Fully Mobile 24 Hrs. 7 Days Free Quotes …. Call NOW! Troy Prendergast (03) 3244-153; 027 357 8741

PH (03) 325-4664 OR 021-500-519 EQUESTRIAN





The Ellesmere Echo Ph. 741 2206 Fax. 7412207 Email.


Need help? Phone Nick Coe



Call us for... Plumbing Drainlaying Digger Hire Drain Camera Backflow Install & Testing Effluent Design Phone Wally

Tractor parts & service on-site or in workshop.

3243-262 or 027 437 4078

Local Knowledge - Local Experience

22 Thursday 31st October, 2013


HAIRCRAFT HAIR DESIGN 90 High Street Leeston






BUILDER BEN FEARNLEY 027 308 7211 A/H 324-3339


High Street Hair 73 High St Leeston Phone 3243-177 Qualified L’Oreal Couleur Professional Salon Open Tuesday to Saturday Late Nights Tues & Thurs




PH 324 3204 COLLISION REPAIRS Panelbeating/Spraypainting For all makes and models For all Private & Commercial Work Bake Oven Spraypainting — Approved Insurance Collision Repairers Chassis Straightening — Windscreen Replacements Free No-Obligation Quotes ~ Loan Car Available Station St, Leeston Phone/fax


Need spouting or downpipes replaced? CALL -

3243-622 RUBBISH REMOVAL ELLESMERE BINS To your door wkly, frtly, mthly or casuals. Also trailer hire & empty Phone Mark Luxton 3242-720 Or 0275 30 24 72


Johnsons Glass And Glazing Double Glazing. Mirrors, Showers, Splashbacks Window Repairs Free Measure and Quotes

For professional service, peace of mind and a great deal!

Drain Road Leeston

Contact Streamline Spouting

Hamish Johnson, Qualified Glazier 021-2340984, 324-3484

Phone 0800 50 1993 for a free quote.

Systems for all your spouting and rainwater collection needs, we do continuous colour steel spouting with snow straps and downpipes. We also undertake gutter-cleaning and repairs to other types of gutters.

Call us for free quotes on 021 875 462

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PROTEKT SERVICES Spiderproofing/Fly Control


All Work Guaranteed : Pest Management Assn of NZ Member

PHONE 337-9553 ~ MOBILE 0274 361-169


JLB Painters Ltd


Interior / Exterior / Roofs Commercial / Residential

Hydraulic Hose Repair

Contact your professional, experienced, Registered pest control technician We Can Also Deal With Any Other Pest Problem


For free, no-obligation quotes or advice call John on 022 092 2619 or 03 325 5022

A. & S. MOTORS Ltd

IMPACT Painting & Decorating




Ellesmere Appliance Service Ltd For all appliance repairs - contact Jim Roxburgh Phone/fax 3243-608 or 027 62 44 602


Fully-qualified tradesmen specialising in Commercial and Residential Properties Interior and Exterior Roofs Free quotes


Michael McAulay


(03) 3243-258; 027 244 8052


On Board Ltd

Exterior ~ Interior ~ Wallpapering ~ Decorating

Bill Speirs, Southbridge 3242-567 PAINTER / PLASTERER

PAUL HENDERSON Painter / Plasterer Free Quotes Ph. 3254-335; 021-070-0664

Plasterboard Stopping Interior Plastering New Housing & Alterations Additions & Repairs Skim Coating of Old Stippled Ceilings to Flat Residential & Commercial Friendly & Reliable Service

Bruce Barnett 027 577 8007


162 Drain Road, R.D. 3 Leeston 7683


ELLESMERE WINDOW CLEANING CONTACT Grant Clausen 027 221 5060 After hours (03) 324 3227




ACE HIGH PLUMBING • Residential & Rural Drainage • Excavation & Driveways • Effluent Disposal System Design Mob. 027 432 5106, AH 3242-543 PLUMBER

PLUMBING SPECIALIST Chris Dickson Plumbing Ltd New Housing Alterations & Maintenance Ph./Fax 347-9656 or 027-432-4591

Registered Master Plumber

Home of the Royal Flush Phone

021 454 864 R.D. 2, Leeston

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