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Skylar’s Post Of Fame!!!!!!!

E-Readers E-Readers have to be plugged in like computers and they weigh less than a pound. On most E-Readers you can store 1-1,500 books. On EReaders if you don’t know the word you just click on the word and it tells you the definition. EReaders are made buy different stores Barnes and No-

ble ( the nook ) and Amazon (the kindle ,E - Readers) ,Cato Log (E– Readers) Weird ( Samsung ) ( the gadget) An E-Reader is 1,500 books in one little E—Reader. Logan Harris told me ― I would be sad if books are gone but would still enjoy E- Readers.‖

Do you like pictures in books better OR E-Readers? ―I like E- Readers better for pictures,‖ Logan said. Jailyn told me ― I would like colored pictures and I want a touch screen,‖ Do you want to get rid of all the books in the school? ―No, I think we should keep all of the books because other people can barrow that persons book.‖Jailyn told me with hard books so they can find the definition of a word instead of asking the

Pluto? A planet? Pluto was kicked out of the planet family on August 24, 2006. Pluto is 3billion miles from earth . A piano sized space craft will get an up close look of Pluto and get

there in2015. The space craft will get an up close look of Pluto, other objects in the Kuiper Belt ( kigh –per ), says WR news. The astronomers voted there will now

be eight planets instead of nine. They made new rules to decide if Pluto should be in the planet family or not. A planet must

another planets orbit. Pluto crosses Nepnunes path. From Pluto’s discovery1930 , ―astronomers suspected Pluto was an odd ball when it compared with other plannearly round, orbit the ets. Just because Pluto is smaller doesn’t mean Pluto Sun, and it can’t cross should be treated diffrently.

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Figure Skating Rachel flatt is a figure skater who has been skating for several years and is in the Olympics. Rachel agreed to skate in front of a special camera called the phantom cam in an attempt to understand

how she spins while skating. They took the footage to Dr. Deborah King who is a professor of sport science at Ithica college. They discovered that when Rachel brings her arms in she spins faster and when

she spreads them out she slows down. So when she preparers for a jump she should bring her arms in to spin faster. Then she lets them out when she's ready to land.

Mrs. Pirkle Mrs. Pirkle is a school teacher in the first grade. She has been teaching for 17years. She would notwant to be principal. Mrs. Pirkles class likes math so does Mrs.

Did you know the USA won 37 medals !

Pirkle. Mrs. Pirkle wouldn't want another job in the school. She loves reading to her class and to herself. Mrs. Pirkle doesn’t want to get bumped up to a higher grade

or a lower grade but most importantly Mrs. Pirkle does n’t want any other job than teaching.

Here are pictures of some people who won medals.



ble ( the nook ) and Amazon (the kindle ,E - Read- ers) ,Cato Log (E– Readers) Weird ( Samsung ) ( the gadget) An E-Reader is 1,500 books in...