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The Inside Scoop By Lindsey Rafalsky

Kindles Replaces Books Last week I read an article about this cool new technology called a Kindle. I read it in Time For Kids, you can upload a book in 60 seconds. I found out that a Kindle is like an electric book that can hold up to 1,500 books. I also found out that if you don’t know a word you just click on it and there is the definition I wanted to know more so I did some research and asked around.

The kindle can hold up to 1,500 books.

with it as long as people are reading . I also asked my school counselor Mrs. Fenton she said I like the idea but I don't want to waste school money on it there could be bigger and

better things coming out, but it would be cool if we had a few I asked my school in each class. librarian how she would As for me I feel if the library got kin- like kindles I mean dles she said I am fine can you fit 1,500

books in your backpack I could have my favorite series right at my finger tips . But do I want the library to get rid of books would you? Some people are liking the Kindle some are not but is it worth losing your books to a Kindle. The Kindle has cool stuff on it but is it going to take the books along with the library.

What is Pluto Anyway? What is Pluto anyway I thought it was a planet until I read an article about Pluto being a dwarf planet it said it didn’t fit the three rules. The first rule is it has to orbit the sun, Pluto does that. The second rule is it has to be nearly round which

Pluto is but the third one Pluto doesn’t do which is a planet can not cross an other planet orbit ,but Pluto does! I think Pluto is a planet! I mean the astronomers (scientists) just make up a rule just so Pluto cannot be a

planet, I think Pluto will always be a planet! But the scientists have made their decision and we can’t change it they are already changing the text books but I think Pluto will always be a planet!

The Inside Scoop

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Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn was destined for skiing from the second she was born on October 18,1984 she was on ski’s by two . She is a world champion but this year the Olympics doesn’t seem to good for her .just before the opening ceremonies she announced that she badly bruised her right shin. She said she was still going to try to compete she would wait and see how it felt. A bruised shin couldn’t keep her away . Lindsey did it on the downhill! She won gold. She wrapped herself in the Ameri-

can flag and celebrated. In the metal ceremony she stood by her teammate that won silver. In her next event the super combined she was in the lead but in the Salomon she fell taking her out of the top 3 the good thing is that it was not because her shin it is because part of her ski caught on one of the poles that is a sigh of relief Even though she had some difficulties she still won gold Lindsey Vonn is a strong competitor and she will be for years to come lets hope to se her in the Olympics in 2014


The New Guinea Pig Babies Mrs.

Keenan has had guinea pigs as her class pet for about eighteen years including when I was in her class ! Just a couple of months ago she got a new guinea pig now it has had new babies ! On Saturday,

February 20 Mrs. Keenan’s new guinea pig had babies in Mrs. Keenan’s bedroom on Monday Mrs. Keenan brought the guinea pigs to school while the kids crowed around the babies Mrs. Keenan decided that she was

going to keep the girl. Both guinea pigs are brown with one white stripe down its back and another white stripe down its face . Mrs. Keenan has not decided yet what to name her but she does have lots of suggestions!

Shaun White


Shaun White was born on September 3,1986 in San Diego, California when Shaun was little snowboarding was not his only sport he also took a interest in skateboarding!

in the men’s half pipe he also won a gold metal in the same event four years ago. Well he does have plenty of practice on his own private half pipe!

Shaun White has been in the Olympics two times this year he took away a gold metal

Shaun also broke a record this year but he broke his own record of 46.8 points

this year ,he got 48.4 points . Hopefully he will break his new record in the 2014Winter Olympics.


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As for me I like kindles I mean can you fit 1,500 with it as long as people are reading . I also asked my school counselor Mrs. Fenton she s...