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Griffin’s News Newsletter Date 4-6-10

E Books How would you feel if your school got rid of every book in the library. Now you can fit 1,500 books in your backpack with an e reader. The e reader can hold up to 1,500 books on it. It uses no electricity so it is charges like an I Pod. All you have to do is download books for $10 or less. You can download as many

books as you want to up to 1,500. You can go to Amazon on the e reader and download books. This is the cool thing some people want and some don‟t. The e reader is small, weighs less than a pound and it is easy to store. It is only about 10in long. It‟s the thing schools have already started us-

ing them. So in my opinion we should get the e reader at our school. I think we should get them because it is a new technology.

You can buy a e reader on

8 or 9 planets Pluto is an icy dwarf planet that was discovered on February 18, 1930.It meets 2 out of three requirements to be a planet. The first requirement is it must orbit the Sun .The second requirement is it must be nearly round. The third requirement is it can‟t cross another planets orbit . Pluto seems to be similar to the objects in the Kuiper Belt. Scientists that study Pluto think it came from the Kuiper belt. An object in the Kuiper Belt nicked

named Xena is larger than Pluto. Earth's moon is larger the Pluto. Earth and all the other planets are larger than Pluto .Lets talk to Andrew to see what he thinks about Pluto being a planet or not. He thinks Pluto should be a planet because they„ve called it a planet

since the 1930‟s. He thinks they should keep Pluto a planet. The girl who named Pluto is British and she named it after a Roman god of the under world. I think Pluto should not be a planet because it is not similar to the other planets.

Pluto It is the smallest planet in the solar system.

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My Mom’s Childhood I‟m interviewing my mom on her childhood. When my mom was growing up her favorite TV show was the as The Brady Bunch .When she played outside she jumped on the trampoline. She had 2 friends that lived in her neighborhood . When she was born her brother was 8 months old. She went to school and church at Saint Aloysius. Her best friend was Teresa and

here favorite movie was grease. Her favorite song was “Another One Bites the Dust.”She eats toast for breakfast and her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite book was Little House on a Prairie and the color of her room was yellow.

Apolo Ohno When Apolo was 14 he became the youngest US short track champion ever when he sped to victory in 1996.In 2001 he picked up silver medals in the 1000m,1500m, and the 5000m,when competing at the world championships. In Salt Lake City he won his first gold

medal in the 1500m.He The was very excited. He has entire US 6 medals in his Olympic team is career. hoping he can get one He has won 3 more medal bronzes medals 2 silver so he can medals and 1 gold be the most medal. He needs 1 more decorated medal to be the most US winter decorated us Olympian. Olympic US Olympian. He is working real hard to succeed at this goal.

Biathlon Biathlon is a modern sport

that is made of rifle shooting and cross country skiing. They ski 12.5 miles and stop at 4 shooting ranges. They shoot at targets that are 495 feet away from them. Biathlon is like cross country skiing except in Biathlon you

shoot rifles. Biathlon is a cool sport in my opinion. It is a hard sport but a fun sport because you get to ski and shoot. It takes about 45 minutes to cross the finish line. Biathlon is a very trying sport it is also very hard.

An American biathlon skier

Apolo Ohno skating in the Olympics

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are rats. Simon, Mallory, and Jared are bothers and sisters. Simon and Jared are boys and Mallory is a girl. Mallory loves to fence and Mallory, Jared, and Simon mom works during the day.

Spiderwick is about 3 kids named Mallory, Simon, and Jared. Simon gets trapped by goblins and Mallory and Jared set out to find him. Mallory jumps into the water and MY OPINION ON THE Jared pulls her out. Then a troll pops out of the water and tries to eat them but they run BOOK away to the goblin camp. Spiderwick is a weird a They find the camp and the griffin creepy book but a good one to! It is distracts the goblins so Jared can get save fun adventurous and cool. It would Simon from the goblins. be a good book for you to read.

CHARACTERS The character’s are Simon, Mallory, Jared, Thimbletack, goblins, Mother, and Hogsqueal . Hogsqeual and Thimbletack

These are pictures of The Spiderwick Chronicles books.

Peanuts comics!


All you have to do is download books for $10 or less. You can download as many This is the cool thing some people want and some don‟t. The e...


All you have to do is download books for $10 or less. You can download as many This is the cool thing some people want and some don‟t. The e...