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E-reader VS Books At Hoover city schools they are trying to decide if they should keep the books or get E-readers. I think they should get rid of the books because E-readers are better or that’s what I think. The reason why I don't like books is because E-readers can hold 1,500 books on them and you can read

I don't like the books because on the E-reader you can find words you don't know and in books you cant.

This is a E-reader its cool because you can get on the internet and you can look up books on

An E–reader only weighs 3 pounds and would you rather have a backpack full of books or a E-reader that weighs 3 pounds in your backpack.

books on the E-reader and you can go to the internet.

Pluto Pluto is 3 billion miles away from Earth.

Pluto is the 9th planet in the Solar System. It would take 10 years for a spaceship to reach Pluto. Pluto is 3 billion miles away from Earth. 11 year old Venetia Burney from Britian gave Pluto its name. I think Pluto should be

a planet because Pluto orbits the Sun and Pluto is a round plane but Pluto does cross Neptune’s orbit.. I asked Michael Slayton at South Shades Crest Elementary what he thought about Pluto being a planet or not? He said I think Pluto should be a planet because there used to be 9 plan-

ets before..I also asked Ethan Shaw at South Shades Crest Elementary he said I think Pluto should not be a planet because Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons are bigger than Pluto. Would you want Pluto to be a planet?

2010 OLYMPICS This winter Olympics in Ice Hockey there

Hockey will be played In Canada at Thunderbird arena.

will be twelve teams competing. The word hockey comes from the French word hocquet . Each game will be 3 twenty minute quarters. The slap shot is one of the greatest shots in hockey. The US will play Norway ,Switzerland ,and Canada. The top 4 teams will have a buy that means you don't have to play. Ice

This year USA got a silver medal in Ice

This year Shaun white won 1 gold medals in snowboarding.


My favorite player is Wayne Gretzky. This year he lit the torch at the opening ceremonie. My favorite part about Ice Hockey is watching them go back and fourth trying to get the puck in the goal. U.S.A has not lost a game yet in ice hockey neither has the girls.

Shaun White Shaun white was born in San Diego California. He had major surgeries to correct a heart effect. Shaun grew up in a family of five. His parents would always take him snowboarding. At seven Shaun entered his first amateur snowboarding contest he ended up right out of the top ten. He won


his first medal when he was 16 years old. In 2003 he won a gold medal in the Winter X Games in two different sports these sports are skateboarding and snowboarding. Shaun has won back to back gold medals. Shaun has won 1 gold medal this year. Shaun

knows a trick that nobody can do its called the Mctwist 360. His nickname is flying tomato because he has red hair.






Interview of My Mom Elementary School My mom was born on April 1,1963 in Gadsden Al. She went to Brewton Elementary. Her favorite game to play was red rover, red rover an she read bible stories before she went to school. Her favorite thing to do when she had nothing to do was go to the city swimming pool. Middle School In middle school my

moms favorite thing was to ride her bike around the town. She played in the band. Her favorite show to watch was The Brady Bunch. The only sports in middle school was basketball and tennis.

was the arcade.

High School In high school my mom would hang out with friends at the farm. She would go to football games with friends to. Her favorite place to go on Fridays

Clubpenguin Comic

This was my mom’s favorite place to go on Fridays.



The reason why I don't like books is because E-readers can hold 1,500 books on them and you can read An E–reader only weighs 3 pounds and wo...

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