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Brannon’s News

Volume 1, Issue 1 1/28/2010

Kindle In Massachusetts the library is getting ready to get rid of all of their books. That is the same in Hoover, Alabama. Our librarian said we would get rid of all our books. Some people say they would love it some people say they would hate it. Our librarian said it is the beginning of the future. Transforming the library can be hard to some people. Kids in my class say they would hate it some people say it would be ok. I think I would hate

it because it would take a lot of money to replace all the books with money. I hate you have to use your finger, to turn pages and find unknown words. The books are five or ten dollars. The pictures are black and white, not colorful. You have to charge a Kindle which uses electricity. I think it is wasteful. You can drop a book from 100,000 feet and it would not break. If you dropped a Kindle from 100,000 feet it would break.

If you did break it you would have thrown away a lot of money. It would be hard to share a book with someone if you had a Kindle and some one asked you if they could borrow your book, you would

I am happy that has not happened in our school yet. I would move to another school, or out of this state or country! If every state had it I would fall out. I like it the way it is.

have to tell them no. This has been Brannon. Cockrell from the Brannon company.

This is a picture of a Kindle.

Planet Or Not? Should Pluto be a planet or not? It is very small just like Mercury. Pluto is a gas planet. Would you like to take a trip to Pluto? It is three billion miles from the sun, so you better get going. I think Pluto should be a planet, because it is just like some of the other plan-

ets. I hate if they put Pluto with Eris and Ceres those two planets are ok to be dwarf planets but Pluto is not and will not be a dwarf planet. I am not happy they are sending New Horizons to go get pictures of Pluto. I think Pluto should be a

planet. It may not be the same size of our moon but, they say our moon should be a planet. I hope that if New Horizons does not bring info about Pluto that they will make it a planet.

Pluto has got smashed and it knocked Pluto’s orbit off and it broke Pluto in half.

Brannon’s News

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Olympic games In Vancouver 52 percent of people do not speak English. It is the third film projector after Los Angeles and New York City. It’s nick name is Holly wood north. They named the city after the founder Mr. George Vancouver. It’s population has grown from 25,000 people to 2.1 billion people. The Olympic games start every two years. The Olympic games start in Greece in the eight century. That means that the Olympic games have been here for a while. In 1894-1896 the games were established in Athens. There are now two kinds of Olympics, the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics. We are almost done with the winter Olympics. U.S.A IS FIRST IN THE METAL COUNT!!!! Germany is second and France is third. As you know Vancouver is in Canada.

Now lets talk about the Olympics some more. Skeleton is a fast sport in the Olympics. They are Laing on there belly. Skeleton has no steering or brakes. Skeleton started in 1882in Britain. There are a lot of U.S.A athletes. Now we will talk about bob sliding it is a two or four person sport. Alpine skiing is a skiing sport. Your goal is to ski down a steep slope as fast as possible. Some of the U.S.A athletes are Ted Light and some more men and women. Biathlon combines cross-country and marksmanship. There are ten events in the Vancouver winter Olympics. In 2006 Germany had 29 medals U.S.A had 25 and Austria had 23 medals. Joe Mongolia is one of the Biathlon for the U.S.A. I think U.S.A should be good in Biathlon this year. Bobsledding is a fast sledding sport. You have to complete a downhill descent as fast as possible. Your track is made of ice. It could be two or four people on a team. The next sport is cross-country skiing. Cross-country is almost like down hill skiing. Your main objective is to go down a hill. In cross-country athletes race down a pre-defined track. Todd is a U.S.A bobsledder. The next sport is curling. It is a team sport. You need to stop the other team from getting close to the center of the target. It is a there people sport. Lamar is a us curler. The next sport is free-style skiing. Get the best possible score to win. Together the moguls and aerials make free-style skiing. The moguls competitors are going down a hill full of bumps. You are also jumping down a hill. The next sport is luge You race down a ice track. It has twist and turns. Your goal is to go as fast as possible. One funny thing though Luge is made for one or two people. The next sport is short track speed skating. It is a very fun sport. you have to go as fast as possible. You are going around the track counter-clockwise. It has four stators. The next sport is Ice Hockey. Each sermon time six hockey players will trade. They are playing on a ice rink 60m to30m from 23 men. There goal is to get the puck in the hole.

It is the 5 rings in the Olympics.

The next sport is Nordic Combined. You need to cross the finish line first after completing two events.

Events like Ski jumping followed by cross-country skiing. There are five judges. Award marks. The next sport is Skeleton. You are sliding down a steep hill made of ice. They are going to be head first. You are on this tiny sled. You have no brakes. The next sport is Ski jumping. It is a competition taking place on specially prepared hills. Contestants ski down a steep hil l gaining speed. Then they launches themselves off the ramp. The next sport is Snowboarding. It has bumps like the moguls. Your aim is to slide down a predefined paste on a snow board. The next sport is speed skating. If you could obtain the fastest time. You are racing ageist the clock and competitions. Skaters race in pairs. They go around the track counter clockwise. Apolo Ohno is a USA short track speed skater. Apolo was born on May 22 1982. Apolo has ten metals. In the World Championship he has 46 metals. Apolo was born in Seattle, Washington. Chuck Berkeley is a 2010 USA Bobsledder. Chuck was born on August 21,1979. His home is Walnut, California. Chuck weights 228 pounds. He is six feet five inches. Ryan Miller is a USA Hokey player. He was born in East Lake, Michigan. He is six feet two inches. He weights 166 pounds. His home team is the Buffalo Sabers. Lindsey Vonn was born in Vail, Colorado. She is five feet ten inches. She was born in October18, 1984. She is a Alpine skier. She had a broken ankle.


My mom went to school when she was little. My mom went to college when she was little. My mom met dad in 1997. My mom had a pet fish. My mom had some brothers and sisters. My mom has not seen a plane crash in real life. My mom got dehydrated.


In Massachu- setts the library is get- ting ready to get rid of all of their books. That is the same in Hoover, Alabama. Our librarian said...

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