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The Client Contacts ScottNET and requests a quote





The client recieves the item ordered.


Once the order number is received ScottNET updates the quote on vtiger with the order number. ScottNET then Place the order with the supplier. A reference/order number MUST be given to the supplier in the following format – vtiger quote number/Clients order number or Quote number/ Person’s name e.g 1687/80E365 or 1687/Mr Jones.

Billing Structure Halfway & Scottfin = Other Clients =

ScottNET email’s the Quote to the Client



Chantelle Sends an invoice to the client for payment * Note – if it is a new client payment is required before the hardware is ordered and billing details of the new client are required: 1. Name 2. Postal Address 3. Telephone and Fax number 4. Vat Number 5. Email address to send account to


ScottNET Receive the quote from the supplier and adds markup depending on who the customer is. * Refer to Billing structure below

ScottNET Contact the supplier and request a quote



10% on everything 30% on hardware 20% on software R500 on computers or laptops where the cost price is below R5000 10% on computers or laptops where the cost price is above R500 Call out charge – R400 ex vat for the first hour R350 ex vat there after.


The Client accepts the Quote – The client must accept the quote in writing, preferably by email. When applicable an order number must be supplied before the goods can be ordered. *Note - An order number MUST be supplied if the client is Halfway

ordering process  

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