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May 2019

Volume 2 Issue 3

Robotics Club

Challenging today’s student to achieve excellence through strong academics, athletics, and the arts.

An A School of Excellence!

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Greetings Bobcat families! As I reflect back on the 2018 - 2019 school year, the first thing that comes to mind is “what an awesome year we’ve had!” It’s been challenging at times but also very rewarding to watch our students grow and achieve throughout the year. I am very proud of our academic programs, extra curricular activities, our art, music and band programs as well as STUGO, NJHS, STEM, and Athletics. Our students can be congratulated for representing our school in a positive way in so many areas. Our staff is second to none! They are caring, professional and always going above and beyond in their classrooms and their duties. Our PTSA is such a valuable asset to our school, providing the many extras as needed.

Battle of the Books

The winning team in the third round of the Battle of the Books is Da Readerz and it consists of Abby Bryand, Addison Eggebrecht & Reagan Mordka. They advance to the District Battle on Monday, April 29. The winner will represent the District the following week in Queen Creek. Da Readerz beat out The Immortals by two points, so it was very close! We’ll look to do the Battle again next year with new teams from 5th and 6th grades. Congratulations to our winners!

I would like to extend a warm thank you to the entire Sonoran Foothills community ~ you have made me feel so welcome as your new principal.

Principal Dennis Chartier

I hope you and your families have a fun, enjoyable, safe and relaxing summer. We look forward to another exciting school year in partnership with each of you in August.


Dennis Chartier


Best Wishes Nurse Pat

At the end of this school year, we will be saying goodbye to our wonderful school nurse, Patricia Leon, better known as Nurse Pat. She has had an interesting career but states that the best part of it all was working as a school nurse at Sonoran Foothills these last few years. Nurse Pat started out working as a psych nurse in 1986. In that role, she worked with all ages and among her duties was a lot of work with addiction. In 1997, she realized it was time to change specialties and moved to a position as a surgical nurse, working primarily with the neurology team. In November of 2007, she worked at several surgery centers around Phoenix, including Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Prior to becoming a nurse, she did a three-year tour in the army and was stationed at the National Security Agency, working as a Morse Code intercept operator. Her duties now include organizing daily meds, vision/hearing testing, making sure our students are vaccinated and providing necessary staff communications. She states that “Recess Rush Hour” undoubtedly means various falls and injuries that keep her very busy. Future plans include working from home followed by traveling with friends and family. Nurse Pat states, “The days sure go by quickly and I LOVE our kids!! That’s the sad part of moving on”. We wish her all the best in her retirement!

2 May 2019


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Message from KPG CONNECT KPG Connect is pleased to be working with Sonoran Foothills in bringing this publication to the students and parents. We thank Principal Dennis Chartier for sharing his vision for the publication, Deb Chartier for her tireless hours of creating, editing, and proofing the content for this publication, & Lisa Eggebrecht for photographing & capturing our events. And, special thanks to the many students, parents, and staff of the school this publication is for them.


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Greek & Roman Days

Sixth grade students at Sonoran Foothills took part in a cross-curricular Greek and Romans Day event. This is a living history cumulative project that the students worked on for weeks while learning about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in Social Studies. This project incorporated standards from all classes, including the special areas. All students participated by wearing togas on the day of the event. The day began with the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Students researched specific city-states and then performed the play; ‘Myths Busted’ viewed by all students. After the play, the younger grades (K-4) came into the classroom to enjoy the living history projects presented by the 6th graders. The students had different subjects and aspects of Rome; which represented different disciplines including the arts, sciences, philosophies, histories and economics. They concluded the event by competing in the Olympic Games including sports that were actually played at the original games.

creative process challenges me, and is also exhausting!” Mr. Jeremie Collins is our next featured teacher. Mr. Collins teaches Social Studies to and believes “hands-on projects are the best part of learning from a 6th graders perspective We are all different. So my weaknesses are their strengths”. Mr. Collins also coaches football and enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time. “When the light bulb “CLICKS” in my students is the best part of my day!”

Pictured: David, Sarah, Jessica, Jeremie

6th Grade Team

Our sixth great team at Sonoran Foothills is nothing short of OUTSTANDING! Mr. David Gooding is our science teacher. He received his BA from ASU, his MA from NAU and has 20 years of teaching experience. Mr. Gooding claims that, “Sixth graders discover they are more capable than they think they are in achieving what they can do. They realize at this age that its okay to be unique and their personalities start to show”. What is the best part of his day? “When a student makes a connection and has that ‘ah ha’ moment”, said Mr. Gooding. In his spare time he enjoys building homes. “The

Mrs. Jessica Kerich is our ELA teacher. She is a graduate of ASU and is going on 12 years as a teacher. When she is not sharing the love of reading with her students, she is busy with her family or crafting. “Sixth grade is a huge year for kids….they go from being a child to a middle school student. The best part of my day is when school begins and they are ready to learn ~ high fives and singing is a must!” With scheduled field trips, Greek and Roman days and awesome projects, who wouldn’t love 6th grade with Mrs. Kerich?! Mrs. Sarah Gummow is our math teacher, is a graduate of ASU and is in her 12th year of teaching. She tells us that sixth graders are at the age when they are developing their independence and are very charismatic. When she is not at school, Mrs. Gummow enjoys cooking and spending time with family. What is the best part of her day? “When students come up with out-of–the–box problem solving math strategies during class”!

Pictured: Max, Stasia, Zoey, & Dylan

8th Grade

Bobcats in the Spotlight Maximus Putras is the son of Nahla and Qisai Putrus and will be attending Brophy College Preparatory next fall. Max states that his parents always tell him he can “always do better no matter what”. If he could tell something to his nine year old self he said it would be “Study for every test, even if you think you know it”. He learned at our school to “never hesitate to join a club, that mindset has never failed me”. While he will miss his friends at SF and our annual carnivals, Max has set his future goals of “staying focused and working hard to maintain a high GPA” Stasia Hanson is our next student in the spotlight. She is the daughter of Christine and Joshua Hanson and she loves to dance and read. It is not uncommon for her to be reading 7-8 books at a time! Fahrenheight 451, Animal Farm, and Hot Zone are just a few currently on her nightstand. She has a strong desire to attend John Hopkins University to become an epidemiologist. Stasia will be heading to BGHS next year but will miss the “amazing teachers, staff, being in STUGO and the inside jokes in Mr. Laskin’s class”. We look forward to hearing about Stasia’s

future achievements in the medical field! Zoey Miller is the daughter of Shelley Miller and Richard Habatsek. Zoey has many great memories of SF but lists her favorite as the food drive she participated in for NJHS. She enjoys reading, dance and crafting. Zoey states she “has learned something different in each class, finds each one interesting and feels connected to every teacher”. Good luck to Zoey as she advances to BGHS next year. Dylan Hill is the son of Natalie and Tyler Hill. Dylan really enjoys Mrs. Cawley’s class because she makes every class “very fun and interesting”. He’ll miss the “feeling of community at SF where everyone is so nice and respectful”. Dylan has “really enjoyed being in NJHS and on the basketball team”. He enjoys playing chess and reading. Currently he’s reading “The Double Helix by James Watson”. Dylan’s future goals are to attend O’Connor HS. From there he would like to attend BYU and study medicine. “Hard work and dedication can take you anywhere”, said Dylan. With that attitude, we believe he will accomplish great things!

SPORTS REVIEW Seventy students participated in Cross Country this year. Our 4th, 5th and 6th girls took 2nd place at the district meet and our 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys won the district championship and were victorious as state champions two weeks later. 8th grader Tyler Salow earned the title of “district champion”.

Girls Basketball Division 2 Conference Champs

Our boys’ volleyball team had a great season! They learned the fundamentals of volleyball and improved their skills in serving, passing, setting, and hitting. The team fought hard to make it to the Division 2 playoffs. Our girls’ volleyball team had a successful season after taking second place in their division and were 6 – 2 overall. They advanced to the DI semifinals before losing two close sets to Hillcrest. Congratulations to their 3rd place finish this year! Expectations are high for next year. The boys’ basketball team improved all season long. Our boys looked like a completely different team by the end of the season, and it was fun to watch them improve game by game. Aiden Maselli participated in the three-point competition during the Championship games, and shot his way to 2nd place in the competition. Sonoran Foothills girls’ basketball had the best season in school history this year. With arguably the youngest team in the entire DVUSD, the team broke multiple school records and finished at 7-4. Most importantly, we brought home the very first girls team sport district title in DII. The girls came back from 6 points down in the final minute of that game to “take home the hardware” at Talking Stick Resort Arena in one of the most memorable games in recent years. Our baseball team got off to a strong start and finished strong as well. The Bobcat Baseball Team won their second Division II Baseball Championship in a row this year. Congratulations Bobcats on another great baseball year! Our softball team is continuing to grow as a team and program. Skill development is key as well as enjoying the process and the game. The second half of the season shows much promise moving towards the playoffs.

Boys Baseball Division 2 Conference Champs

Robotics Club: “The Robobcats”

First Lego League (FLL) is an exciting and fun global robotics program, devoted to helping young people discover and develop a passion for science, engineering, technology, and math. Each year, the students are given a challenge theme where they will choose and solve real world problems, and present their team’s research and innovative solution to a panel of judges. They will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using Lego Mindstorm technology. Throughout the season, the students will operate under a set of core values, celebrate discovering, implement teamwork, and show gracious professionalism. On Dec. 8, 2018, the Robobcats competed at the qualifying tournament at ASU in Tempe. They were awarded the Project Award for their innovative solution, and placed 2nd in the overall tournament out of 32 teams. The team then qualified to compete at the STATE competition. The Robotics Team was recently recognized at the Phoenix Suns game. They were selected as this season’s APS STEM Dream Team for their innovative solution. “I believe that by supporting STEM learning, and encouraging the young people to pursue STEM in our school and in their careers, we will empower a new generation of great innovators, problem solvers, critical thinkers and inventors” ~Mrs. Cawley “My teacher/coach; Mrs. Cawley, is so motivated and loving; and that made me look forward to Robotics after school.

Learning new skills like public speaking and creating with the people I love made me very comfortable to be part of something” ~Lan Ngo “It’s not just a competition, it’s a family that you become a part of with your team – it requires heart and can advance you into a deeper knowledge of things like aerospace engineering or hydrodynamics” ~Christopher Deangeris “We truly formed a bond like no other team or club. We learned speaking, building, leadership and trusting skills along the ride. Regardless of your opinions, ideas or beliefs, you were always included and accepted.” ~Grace Murphy “Robotics opened doors to what I want to do for a future career. I enjoyed the process of creating something new. These life skills were done with great people and educators and skills I will use in the future” ~Dylan Nenes

Arizona Chief Science Officers:

Four of our students were selected to be ambassadors for STEM and innovation. Officers are responsible for helping to plan and run STEM-related activities on our campus. These activities include being STEM Guest Speakers, STEM Night planning and other STEM Challenges for each grade level.

L to R: Wyatt Ortale (7th), Savannah Nielson (7th), Zoey Miller-Hubatsek (8th), and Connor Kalafus (6th)

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Sonoran Foothills - May 2019  

Volume 2 Issue 3

Sonoran Foothills - May 2019  

Volume 2 Issue 3