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Commercial Drivers License Miami – | Key Power Driving & Traffic School, Inc (KPDTS)

Key Power Driving School dates back to 1981, founded in Miami, Florida by Dwayne A. House as a Vocational Technical Trade School. The School was in the business of offering comprehensive professional training programs for thousands of "Commercial Drivers". Mr. Walter Mir (president) acquired Key Power Driving School, Inc in 2009 and started operating under a new entity called Key Power Driving & Traffic School, Inc. Key Power Driving & Traffic School is in the business of offering CDL training, refresher course, and Third Party CDL Skills Testing as well as Traffic School Courses like S.T.A.R.T, B.D.I. 4 hours, I.D.I. 4 hours and A.D.I. 8 hours. Training Philosophy and Objectives: Our training philosophy is to encourage students to acquire the knowledge, develop the employability skills, and strive for employment in the transportation industry. KPDTS is dedicated in preparing individuals for the acquisition of their CDL license to help meet the fast growing needs for qualified Commercial Drivers across the nation. Our courses are unique, unlike most commercial driving schools; KPDTS commercial driving instruction is conducted on a one-to-one behind the wheel basis. By applying the one-to-one behind the wheel lesson concept during the training, we provide every student with extensive driving instruction time behind the wheel. This means you do not get to share your training time with other students and enables you to get more training time for your investment There is never more than one student in a vehicle. You will never find groups of students crowded into a vehicle for “observation time,” as with many schools. Observation time means that students sit in the vehicle and watch each other execute. Commercial Driving Schools often do this to cut their own costs and artificially inflate the total hours of “behind the wheel” training most of which it’s not student driving. KPDTS believes observation time offers minimal instructional value to the student. Our philosophy is you learn to drive by driving, not watching others. At KPDTS, the focus is on the student’s ability to perform. We have found that even though it’s more costly for the school to do one-to-one behind the wheel training the quality of training a student gets is worth the effort. We value our students, their safety and training. Therefore, KPDTS does not compromise this to save money by training several students in a vehicle. Your training is too important to us to compromise. It has been our objective to help each individual reach their goal of a more secure, productive future, by becoming the kind of a Commercial Driver every company in the industry would like to employ. Our believe is that no student should be discouraged from attending school because of scheduling or affordability issues. We address these issues by providing training courses that are tailored to be effective in both time and cost, also structured to teach you the skills you will need to successfully

seek local entry-level employment in the commercial driving industry. We do not offer long programs for "Over The Road" carriers (OTR). It is our believe that an individual is better of seeking local employment as a Commercial Driver first before he/she makes such a difficult decision of going OTR. Ones a driver has had some experience driving with a local company and is more comfortable behind the wheel he/she is in a better position to apply with the OTR Carriers with better successes of acceptance. The School is licensed and approved by: The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Division of Driver License as a "Third Party Tester to administer the Commercial Driver's license Skills Test to customers seeking the service. The Sate of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as a " Commercial Driving School" license number 3963. The School currently has 2 locations in Florida: Miami, Florida (CDL Third Party Testing and Traffic School) La Belle, Florida (CDL Third Party Testing and Traffic School)

Address: Central Shopping Plaza (Rear) 3790 NW 11 Street Miami, Fl 33126 Toll Free: 800-910-8378 (TEST) Phone: 305-649-5344 Fax: 305-649-4066

Commercial drivers license miami  
Commercial drivers license miami  

Commercial Drivers License Miami - Key Power Driving & Traffic School is in the business of offering CDL training, refresher course. Our cou...