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JUST FOR KIDS. The Parkview Children’s Emergency Care Center. When your child is sick or injured, trust the region’s only Children’s Emergency Care Center. This kid-friendly environment is designed to help children feel calm and comfortable in an emergency. And, it’s led by the area’s only physician board certified in both pediatrics and emergency medicine. When your child needs special care, Parkview has a place just for them.


Not for profit, all for you. © 2013, 20 Park ar view Heaalth th PERPER A-006



DISABILITY LAW SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY 81$%/(72:25."‡'(1,('%(1(),76"‡:(&$1+(/3 • With Applications / Hearings / Appeals • Submit Supporting Medical Evidence • Utilize Helpful Rules / Regulations

Let Our Team Help You! We Offer Reasonable Rates & Payment Plans. 6DWXUGD\ (YHQLQJ$SSRLQWPHQWV 2IILFHVLQ)W:D\QH:DUVDZ 'HFDWXU


We Are Paid Only When You Collect.

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Easy and fun DIY Halloween costumes

On the Cover CLAY SPENCER is the son of East Noble graduates Corey and Leslie (Longfellow) Spencer of Fishers.


15 Brain Game: Arrange objects spatially to get you thinking


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Use rotisserie chicken and salsa to create a fast, delicious corn chowder


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Johnson of Tobacco-Free Northeast Indiana may be reached at 350-9166 or tobacco freenei@ centurylink.net.

Spencer, a former Kendallville resident, is married and the mother of two. The family resides in Fishers. Her blog: dreambiglittleone. com.

Cole-Easterday is a trainer for Early Childhood Alliance, as well as a nonprofit administration student through North Park University. She and her husband Jeff live in New Haven and have three (mostly) grown sons: Dylan, Jordan and Tynan. Learn more about Early Childhood Alliance: ecalliance. org

Nixon is director of DeKalb Health Foundation. Contact her at anixon@ dekalbhealth. com or 9202048.

Kim CRAIG Craig of Fort Wayne often updates her Facebook page (Kim Craig Wellness) with tips, articles and recipes that are allergy friendly. Also visit kimcraigwellness.com.

Erin DOUCETTE Doucette is the presentation editor for KPC Media Group, leading design and layout for several of its publications. She, her husband, Stephen, daughters Ella, 6, and Eva, 3 live in Huntertown. She can be e-mailed at edoucette@ kpcmedia.com. 8


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Ward studies agricultural and environmental communications and education at the University of Illinois and is a former journalist. She lives in northeast Indiana with her husband Terry and their children, Dawson, 5, and Violet, 1. Contact her at quinn ward@gmail.com

Rosemond is America’s most widely-read parenting authority. He is a best-selling author, columnist, speaker and family psychologist. More information at rosemond.com

Kelly Lynch is KPC Media Group’s digital media director. Contact him at klynch@ kpcmedia.com.

Johnson is a 2003 East Noble High School graduate. She studied physics at Dickinson College and the University of Maryland and now lives in Boston with her husband, Michael, and their son, Felix, 2. Contact her at kristina.t.johnson@ gmail.com.

Dave and Melissa Didier, Dupont Birthplace parents

“It was such a magical experience for our family.” At Dupont Hospital, we’re committed to enhancing every part of your journey into parenthood. “We took a one-on-one tour,” Melissa explains. “It was wonderful.” From our popular childbirth classes and online resources, to delivery, postpartum and breastfeeding support, you can relax knowing you’ll be cared for every step of the way. only 24/7 on-site OB Stat physician ready to Providing added peace of mind, respond to emergent needs — every minute, every day. It’s easy to see why more and more parents are taking their first steps at Dupont’s Birthplace. Learn more about the Didiers’ story at

LutheranHealth.net/Dupont .

Individual results may vary. Please consult your physician. Lutheran Health Network includes hospitals that are directly or indirectly owned by partnerships







imperils unborn babies


Compelling data shows a direct relationship between smoking and preterm delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Greg Johnson

’’ 10


Smokers likely to have delayed conception or be infertile BY GREG JOHNSON The number of Hoosier mothers who have reported smoking during pregnancy is much higher than the national average of 10 percent. In 2010, the rate was 17.1 percent. More alarming, 89 of 92 counties have rates higher than the national average. In fact, 69 of Indiana’s 92 counties have rates higher than Indiana’s own average! You can help by encouraging all pregnant women to say “no” to smoking and smokers. A woman who lives in a home with a smoker puts her baby at risk, so for the benefit of the baby, it’s best for her family not to smoke around her. Pregnancy is a big motivator for many women to quit smoking. Almost 50 percent of women quit smoking right before or during pregnancy. In Indiana, 38 percent of women who did not complete high school smoke. Rates decline as education levels increase. Women of all ethnicities, ages 25-34, are the highest proportion of smokers. A pack of cigarettes costs over $5. A habit of two

packs per day could pay for a pack of diapers — every day. One month of a daily pack habit easily competes with buying a car seat, bottles and other necessities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates every $5 a mom-to-be spends on a pack eventually costs her another $7.18 in doctor visits, treatments, conditions and medicines. Direct medical costs of a complicated birth are much higher for smokers because complications are much more severe for babies of smokers and intensive care more frequently required. Smokers are more likely to have delayed conception or be infertile. The CDC says the sooner a woman quits, the greater her chance of a healthy delivery and development. The very first “quit” day, her baby is already getting more oxygen than the day before. Compelling data shows a direct relationship between smoking and preterm delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Mothers who don’t smoke but who are around


smokers increase the chance for a low birth weight baby by 20 percent. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen the fetus receives because it increases the amount of carbon monoxide, cyanide and aromatic hydrocarbons it receives. The nicotine and other substances in tobacco cause reduced placental blood flow, which further reduces oxygen flow to the fetus, as well as important nutrients. Both smoking and exposure to smoke during pregnancy directly impact babies once born. These babies and children have an increased risk of abnormal blood pressure, cleft pallets and lips, childhood leukemia, infantile colic, childhood wheezing, respiratory disorders, asthma, childhood obesity and eye problems. Children of moms who smoked even half a pack a day during pregnancy have an increased risk of brain damage and decreased childhood intellectual function. Exposure to other smokers during pregnancy increases the chance the baby will develop frequent ear infections, pneumonia, mental retardation, slower growth, hyperactivity and learning disabilities. They frequently have lower scores on cognitive development tests at age 2 compared to kids from smoke-free homes during pregnancy. To learn more about Indiana State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission efforts in your area, please visit in.gov/isdh/tpc.

Take time to write a will BY ANNA NIXON With three very active children, a husband who runs a family business, a career of my own and countless volunteer opportunities, there seems little time for what appears to be the minor details in life. Preparing a will honestly never crossed my mind until my husband and I planned a vacation without the kids. An overwhelming thought crossed my mind: What we would do if something happened to us while we were traveling? In all reality, the likelihood of a tragedy occurring on vacation is probably minimal compared to something happening to us in our day to day lives. However, it was this vacation that finally prompted us to prepare a will. In the midst of making arrangements for the kids while we were traveling, finishing work projects before we departed and packing for our vacation, we managed to make an appointment with an attorney and take the time to prepare our will. The meeting itself

was not that time consuming; Be Will however the Prepared details of the will consumed WHAT: A my thoughts for Legacy Event quite a while. PRESENTER: Neal There were so Blythe many things to consider: Who WHEN: 7–8:30 would we appoint p.m.; Tuesday, as the executor, Oct. 22 what assets do we WHERE: DeKalb have, how would Health, Meeting we distribute Rooms A, B, & C, those assets, what Auburn amount would we give to charitable organizations, and most importantly who would we choose as the guardians for our children? At the time we created our will, there were not the unlimited resources that are available today. Not only can you now search the web See WILL page 15

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515 W. Union St. Waterloo, IN 46793

1920 W 200 N Angola, IN 46703

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Midget —

Let’s talk about this


I understand that it is my job to raise my daughter to rise above comments and stares and rudeness she will run into during her lifetime. Leslie Spencer

’’ 12


BY LESLIE SPENCER This is me standing out on a limb… for her. For you and me and everyone else too. And I know that it is easier to hide under the covers and pretend this is a non-issue … but who is that helping, really? I am ready to teach. I am ready to lead. I am ready to change the world, with your help of course. Midget. This word. If this word fell on my ears before last year, I wouldn’t have thought much of it. I didn’t know. I didn’t know this word was added to the list of derogatory words in 2009. I didn’t know this word was offensive and hurtful. Fast forward a year later … it’s been almost a year since we received the news our baby girl would be born with dwarfism. LILAH SPENCER Now I know … this word is in my mind and now I want it in yours. Midget. She’s eight months old … my lovely Lilah. I understand I can’t force everyone in the world to stop using this word. I understand that my reach may only go so far. I understand that it is my job to raise my daughter to rise above comments and stares and rudeness she will run into during her lifetime. This is not a job I take lightly. But, as a mama, it is my job to educate others and “spread the word to end the word.”


Midget. Why? Why is this word considered inappropriate? Does this just fall into the category of short-statured individuals being too sensitive? I don’t think so … here is the history behind this word: yes, at one time, this word was not considered negative. Over a couple of hundred years ago, those with dwarfism were put on public display for amusement. (That sentence is a difficult one to write … hard to imagine that occurred. It did.) Ever since, the term “midget” has had a


negative connotation. And if you think about that word in our current society… there is nothing flattering, kind or positive about being called a “midget.” There are a million other words to chose from; I promise, no one will miss it. Midget. But, maybe you were like me and you didn’t know this word should not be used. Not to describe a person of short-stature, not to describe something short in comparison and not definitely not to purposefully insult another. It’s OK if you didn’t know. That is my purpose in writing this. To teach. Store this word in your brain in the “not OK” category and delete it from your vocabulary. And then take a stand … when you hear others using this word, do something. When it is used in the butt of a joke, in social media or to poke fun… stand up for my Lilah. Stand up for the future generation and stand up for what’s right. Midget. Is this word in your head yet? Are you tired of me repeating it? Good. I want it to be the last time you hear it. Thank you for understanding why this would be important to me, to my family, to my daughter, to the general public. If you were in my shoes, maybe it would be you doing the same thing… making it a little easier to teach my children that the world is full of good people. Because I truly believe that it is.

A fast, fresh take on chicken corn chowder


During summer, dinner could be as casual and carefree as a backyard picnic or barbecue. But the start of the school year means a return to at least a slightly more formal sit-down dinner most weeknights. If this shifting of gears is catching you by surprise, consider reaching for some “cheating ingredients” to help you get dinner on the table without a hitch. This delicious chowder recipe makes liberal use of two of my favorite cheating ingredients: store-bought rotisserie chicken and salsa. Fresh corn is not a cheating ingredient. On the contrary, it’s one of late summer’s great stars, built into this recipe not only because it’s absurdly good — try eating freshly picked corn raw right off the cob! — but also because the starch in the corn helps to thicken the broth. Indeed, after you’ve cut all of the kernels off of the cob, you should scrape the cob itself with the dull side of a knife. The milky

liquid that results is another soup thickener (as are the potatoes in the recipe). Finally, at the end of the cooking process, I pureed some of the vegetables — the onions, as well as corn and the potatoes — to make the soup creamy without adding any cream. I recommend garnishing this soup with See CHOWDER page 17

E MERICK , D IGGINS & Z ABONA Attorneys At Law

Get the Representation You Deserve Daniel F. Diggins • Linda A. Zabona-Wooster • Criminal Defense • Family Law • Wills • Estates • Personal Injury • General Law 218 S. Main, Kendallville








Restaurants can be hard for toddlers

Simple solution: Hire a sitter instead of taking child out to eat at this stage of development BY JOHN ROSEMOND


: Help! We find it almost impossible to finish a restaurant meal when our 18-month-old twins are along, which is always. We give them toys to keep them busy, and they do well for about 30 minutes after which chaos breaks loose. They begin screaming and throwing things and make it very difficult for us to finish our meal, much less enjoy conversation with other adults who may be with us. It’s very embarrassing and I generally end up leaving the restaurant with them. How can I be more proactive about this problem? A: Let me pose a thought problem to you: You have an adult friend who is generally very personable but has a habit of becoming disruptive in crowded public spaces. He invariably begins a loud argument that rapidly deteriorates into screaming and throwing whatever objects are handy. Would you invite him to join you for dinner in a restaurant? No, you would not. You would not want to be associated with this individual’s public outbursts, and you would not want to subject other patrons to them either. That is nothing



more than commonsense, and the very same commonsense applies to this situation with your 18-month-old twins. It’s one thing to invite other adults to

your home for dinner. In that event, feed your twins before your guests arrive, then do your best to keep them occupied while you entertain. Better yet, have your guests arrive after you’ve fed, bathed, and put your twins to bed. If only for the parents’ sake, this age child should be in bed by 7 p.m. anyway, and the commonsense of that policy is doubled with twins. It is axiomatic that the later one lets young children stay up, the more wound up they get, and the more difficult it is to get them into their beds and off to sleep. If you’re going out to a restaurant with other adults, do yourselves, your friends, and other patrons a huge courtesy and hire a sitter. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that no one appreciates paying for a meal that is disrupted by unruly children of any age. Your friends may smile through the chaos and reassure you that everything is OK and they understand, but they’re just trying to put on a game face and be as polite as possible.

Brain Game

New Brain Game: Space Race

WILL From Page 11

for information to assist in planning your will, there are even websites where you can prepare a will on your own. While this may seem convenient, considering that a will is a binding, legal document, it is advisable to consult an attorney to prepare your will. The Internet is a tool best utilized for planning and not necessarily creating your will. Another valuable resource are the seminars offered by many organizations and attorneys to discuss the importance of having a will and the steps necessary in creating one. Most of these presentations are free of charge and open to the public. While these events often attract those in the later years of life, they offer relevant information for people of any age. In all actuality, these presentations may prove most beneficial for couples with younger children who are making crucial decisions for the future of their families. There truly is a lot to consider when preparing a will. However, the most important decision is that you actually take the time to create one. I have many fond memories of that first vacation away from our kids, but I will remember this trip most for motivating us to prepare our will.


(see photo on page 5.)

ADVANCED PLAY • Decrease time.


• Use a round or irregularly-shaped base (cut these out of cardboard).

BASE: Paper grocery bag or similar item, such as a towel, cookie sheet or poster board

• Use a small box for the base so that the packing is three-dimensional. • Limit the objects ZoZbeZ[e^ZlÛee^kl (e.g., only items from one kitchen cupboard or toy box).

FILLERS: Household objects in various sizes (smaller than your base) TIMER DIRECTIONS • IeZ\^hg^[Zl^hgma^Ühhk_hk^Z\a player. • Set the timer for 2 minutes. Adjust the time (or eliminate it) to match the skill of the players. • At the sound of “Go!” start the timer and use household objects to cover the base as completely as possible without overlapping. (See photo) • The items will become increasingly fhk^]b_Û\nemmhieZ\^Zlrhnk[Zl^ Ûeelni • Ma^i^klhgpahl^[Zl^blfhlmÛee^]Zm the end of the time wins!

BABIES/TODDLERS Scan the code • Practice “nesting” to take the survey b'^'%Ûg]bg`lfZee^k — win Pizza Hut bm^flmaZmpbeeÛm pizza for a year inside of larger items. Challenge your ebmme^hg^mhÛg]ma^ [b``^lmh[c^\mmaZmÛmlbgZ[n\d^mhk\ni (without being too big). For toddlers, ask ma^fmh`n^llpab\ah[c^\mlpbeeÛm!nlbg` their spatial reasoning skills) before testing it. ON THE ROAD • Use a piece of paper as the base and Ûeebmnlbg`h[c^\ml_khfZ]bZi^k[Z`% book bag or purse!

COME AND ENJOY THE 41ST ANNIVERSARY OF THE FASHION FARM PUMPKIN FANTASYLAND Car c i s s a Cl ise-In Cru t. 6 Something for kids - and adults - of all ages! An Indiana Family Tradition For 41 Years! Oc OPEN EVERY DAY • 8 A.M.  7 P.M. • OCT. 1  31

2013 Theme: “Zooland Babies”

PUMPKINS & FALL DECORATIONS • Pumpkin Ice Cream • Pumpkin Bread • Pumpkin Donuts • Pumpkin Pies and more

Restaurant Open ‘til 8 PM daily has homemade soups & great salad bar

Safe Kids Day

Saturday, October ! 12

FREE Special Even ts For The Whole Fa mily! Ligonier Police, Fir e Departments & A Local K-9 Unit will be here.

Fashion Farm Pumpkin Fantasyland Lincolnway West • 2 Miles West of Downtown Ligonier • 260-894-4498 • www.fashionfarminc.com SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013





Great summer, but ready for school BY ERIN DOUCETTE For weeks now I’ve complained that school is starting too soon. Aug. 14 — that’s still summer time! My kids deserve three months of sunny days and no schedules. They have it right in Michigan, where it is the law that school starts after Sept. 5. But suddenly, I think I’m ready. And it’s partly because I’m exhausted. Our summer has been chock full of late nights, camping, swimming, running, fair rides, bug bites, road trips and visiting with family and friends. I mean, those things are what makes a summer a summer, if you ask me. So we did it totally right. And I have no regrets. However, we can barely get up before 8:30 a.m. anymore. The kids can barely stand each other and I have gained about five pounds. It’s time to get back to our school schedule. The things of fall are beginning to sound dreamy too. Fresh school supplies, new school clothes … and when the fall leaves change — that’s my favorite time of the whole year. I’m even looking 16


forward to those morning walks to the school bus. So, I’m not feeling too bad anymore that summer is coming to an end. Besides, we did plenty from our summer bucket list: Went to the library, a few times Swam in a pool, many times Went to the zoo, three times Went to the Allen County Fair Went to the park in Avilla a couple of times Went camping for a week in Michigan ERIN DOUCETTE Toured Sechler’s Pickle FROM LEFT, Larry Schermerhorn, Eva Doucette, 3, Finn Cupp, factory in St. Joe 6, London Cupp, 8 and Ella Doucette, 6, enjoy a ride at the Toured the Spangler dum family farm in Noble County over the summer. The kids, all dum factory in Bryan, Ohio \hnlbgl%eho^mhÛlapbmama^bk`kZg]iZ' Climbed up sand dunes in St. Joe, Mich. Had numerous family get togethers Made shaving cream paint for the tub (huge mess, but they loved it) Attended farm camp (Ella) We didn’t get a chance to make it to the Children’s Museum in Indy like Ella wanted. And we really would love to go camping at Jellystone sometime, too. But there’s always ERIN DOUCETTE next summer or …. 46 school and sister Ella enjoy a day of swimming. EVA DOUCETTE days until fall break! The girls spent a lot of time in pools over the summer.


• 1 tablespoon vegetable oil


the middle shelf of the oven until they are golden and crisp, about 6 to 8 minutes. Set aside to cool.

• *\niÛg^er\ahii^]r^eehphgbhg

homemade tortilla strips. They’re delicious, a snap to cook up, and both fresher and lower in fat than store-bought tortilla chips. Then again, if you’ve run out of time, use the store-bought baked chips. The real beauty of this soup is that it’s a hearty and complete meal in a single bowl and it leaves you with very few dishes to clean up. SOUTHWESTERN CORN AND CHICKEN CHOWDER WITH TORTILLA CRISPS • LmZkmmhÛgbla3*ahnk!,)fbgnm^l active) • Servings: 4 • Three 6-inch corn tortillas • 2 teaspoons ground cumin, divided • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder • Kosher salt

• 1/2 pound red bliss or Yukon gold potatoes, cut into 1-inch cubes

In a large saucepan over medium, heat the vegetable oil. Add the onion and cook, stirring, until golden, about 5 minutes. Add the remaining 1 1/2 teaspoons cumin and cook, stirring, for another minute.

• 2 cups fresh corn kernels (or thawed frozen) • 4 cups chicken broth • 3 cups chopped or shredded rotisserie chicken

Add the potatoes, corn and chicken broth, bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes, or until the potato is tender. Transfer 1 1/2 cups of the mixture (mostly solids) to a blender and carefully blend until smooth. Return the mixture to the saucepan, add the chicken and salsa and cook until just heated through. Add salt and lime juice, to taste, and water, if necessary, to achieve the desired consistency.

• 1 cup purchased salsa • 1 to 2 tablespoons lime juice • Chopped fresh cilantro or basil, to garnish (optional) Heat the oven to 400 F. Arrange the corn tortillas on a baking sheet, then mist them with cooking spray. In a small bowl, combine 1/2 teaspoon of the cumin, the chili powder and a pinch of salt. Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the tortillas. Using a pizza cutter, cut the tortillas into thin strips. Bake them on

Divide between 4 serving bowls and garnish each portion with some of the tortilla strips and cilantro, if desired.

Join Us On October 5 & 6, 2013 Fun & Food for the Whole Family

at the

• Crafters • Antiques • Music • Contests • Raise-A-Ruckus Show featuring Miss Indiana • Primitive Area

CHILDREN’S CRAFTS • Beads • Clay • Tin Punch • Basket Weaving & More



• Face Painting • Candle Dipping • Pony Rides • Straw Maze • Rope Bridge & Maypole Ride

ENTERTAINMENT • Hastey Pudding Puppets • Johnny Appleseed & More


So much family fun you can’t do it in 1 day! Saturday 9-6 Sunday 9-5 US 6 W & St. Rd. 3 N to Kendallville facebook.com/applefest www.KendallvilleAppleFestival.com SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013





Preteens can help research family excursions Make a memory: Family adventures help build community ties BY DAWN COLE-EASTERDAY Some of your child’s best memories won’t be the structured activities like the music and sports lessons that keep us so busy, but rather the out-of-the-routine activities done as a family. Spending time as a family is a wise investment: Preteens who spend leisure time doing activities with their parents are developing important life skills, character and stronger emotional bonds with parents. The memories you’re creating will be ones you all will share. “A grand adventure is about to begin.” A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh You don’t have to plan expensive vacations or trips to theme parks to get the benefits of family time. It could be as simple as packing a picnic lunch for a visit to a local park or a spur of the moment bicycle ride around the neighborhood. However, with just a little pre-planning, it could be a genuine Family Adventure. Preteens are at a great age to help research and plan adventure-type family activities. They are typically active, energetic and curious about a variety of things. And as they are developing longer attention spans they are able to maintain interest in a topic over a longer period. So whether if they are budding scientists, explorers, architects, writers or just adventurers in general, there are ample opportunities for out of the ordinary family undertakings. 18


One of the best ways to explore our community in autumn is on bicycles. We have an abundance of trails throughout northeast Indiana that families can choose from for the perfect ride — from a quick mile to an adventurous 25 mile ride. Experience the diversity in our area and get great physical activity. Fort Wayne Trails includes Rivergreenway. Just choose a starting point and design your route from the network of interconnected bicycling and walking trails along the three rivers. Farther north, winding through Amish country, over bridges and through woods in LaGrange and Elkhart counties, is the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. Every county in our area has bike trails, so if you already have bicycles and helmets you’re ready to plan and go!

Ideas for famly outings Family adventure opportunities in the greater Fort Wayne area abound. BICYCLE • Fort Wayne Trails (Rivergreenway, Towpath Trail, Aboite Trails) fortwayneparks.org • DeKalb County Trail indianatrails. com • Pumkinvine Nature Trail (Elkhart/ LaGrange County) pumpkinvine.org • Lake City Greenway (Kosciusko County) indianatrails.com • Decatur Rivergreenway adams-county.com


Numerous studies show that the best way to raise children who care about nature is to give them lots of time for nature play when theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re young. Being out in nature and noticing details about other living things make family Ideas for famly hikes another great antidote to outings stress. Environmental centers like Fox Island and Merry Lea as HIKING/WILDLIFE well as nature preserves and state â&#x20AC;˘ ACRES Nature parks provide hiking trails with Preserves acreslandtrust. the added beneďŹ t of biology and org ecology education for the whole â&#x20AC;˘ Fox Island or Metea family. Park allencountyparks. History buff or not, elemenorg tary-aged children are fascinated with how things were in the past. â&#x20AC;˘ Merry Lea History excursions are a great Environmental Learning family activity to help connect Center merrylea. history book learning to our own goshen.edu community. Self-guided walking <aZbgHEZd^lLmZm^ tours, like the Fort Wayne Heritage Park in.gov/dnr Trail and the Auburn Historical â&#x20AC;˘ Crooked Lake Nature Walking Tour, explore local history. Preserve in.gov/dnr/ One of Fort Wayneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s treasures naturepreserve is the historic Embassy Theatre. Tours can be arranged throughout the year by calling the Embassy HISTORICAL EXCURSIONS box ofďŹ ce. Each fall the Embassy offers â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tunnel Toursâ&#x20AC;? which â&#x20AC;˘ Historic Embassy include a not-too-spooky tour of Theater Tours fwembasthe lower levels along with stories sytheatre.org about the Embassy history (and â&#x20AC;˘ Fort Wayne Heritage the resident ghost!) shared along Trail archfw.org the way. â&#x20AC;˘ Auburn Historical Whatever types of family Walking Tour activities you choose, your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dekalbcvb.org involvement in the planning will make it even more worthwhile. Whether building on interests your OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY child already has or introducing new interests extraordinary L^\ae^klIb\de^lMhnk opportunities in our community sechlerspickles.com are waiting. Meaningful family â&#x20AC;˘ DeBrand Chocolate memories will follow. Tours debrand.com Early Childhood Alliance and the Embassy Theatre are co-sponsoring a free family movie day to celebrate ECAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 60th anniversary. Join them on Sunday, Oct. 13, at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, 125 W. Jefferson Blvd. Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activities will begin at 1 p.m.; the movie â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nanny McPheeâ&#x20AC;? will be shown at 2 p.m. For more information, contact ECA at 800-423-1498.

Now, access your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health records online â&#x20AC;&#x201C; anytime, anywhere. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy with MyChart, now available to all Parkview Physicians Group patients. This secure online portal gives you 24/7 access to your health information, as well as proxy access to your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health records. MyChart lets you request appointments, connect to recent test results, request prescription reďŹ lls and more! All from your computer or smartphone. Contact your PPG ofďŹ ce today to learn how you can sign up for MyChart and request proxy access.

Need a physician? Call 877-PPG-TODAY.

Not for profit, all for you.

mychart.parkview.com Š 2013, Parkview Health PRMC-A-111




Halloween SHOW US YOUR HALLOWEEN SPIRIT: =hgm _hk`^mmhlaZk^ iahmhlh_ rhnk\hlmnf^ \k^Zmbhglhg hnk?Z\^[hhd iZ`^'P^ phne]eho^mh l^^rhnkebmme^ mkb\d&hk&mk^Zm^kl'

STARY IR FA structions below In

VIOLET, 1, AND DAWSON, 5, lahpma^ahf^fZ]^\hlmnf^l ma^bkfhma^kJnbggfZ]^'

Costume magic:

Conjure up fun =k^llnirhnk_ZfberlAZeehp^^gpbma^Zlr=BR\hlmnf^l IAHMHL;RD>EERERG<A&FHK>IAHMHL:M?P?:FBER'<HF


KNIGHUTME COe inSstruTctions on page 22 Se

Mhbgoheo^rhnk\abe]bgma^\k^Zmbhgh_ a^k\hlmnf^%e^mrhnkebmme^_Zbkr]k^Zf nia^khpgihp^kl'FZr[^ma^lmZk _Zbkr[kbg`lma^gb`ammbf^%hkeb`amlma^ lmZkl%hk`kZgmlpbla^lhglmZkl^m\' Mabl\hlmnf^lmZkmlpbma[eZ\de^``bg`l Zg]Z[eZ\dlabkm':]]ZmnmnZg] lhf^`ehpbgma^]ZkdlmZklZg]rhnk ebmme^hg^pbee[^ma^lmZkh_ma^lahp' WHAT YOU’LL NEED: :[eZ\dliZkdermnmn!l^^mnmnmnmhkbZe IZ`^+,"%mphiZ\dZ`^lh_`ehp&bg&ma^&



]ZkdlmZkl%a^Z][Zg]%\kZ_m]hp^eZg] kb[[hg_hk^f[^eeblabg`%ahm`en^`ng' MAKE IT: *' <Zk^_neernl^ma^ahm`en^mh`en^ lmZklkZg]hferhgma^mnmn' +' Ahm`en^lmZklmhma^a^Z][Zg]' ,' ?hk_ZbkrpZg]3ahm`en^lmZkmh \kZ_m]hp^eZg]^f[^eeblaZl ]^lbk^]'Lhf^b]^Zl3pkZima^ ]hp^epbmakb[[hgZg]`en^bg ieZ\^hkiZbgmpbma`ebmm^kfh] ih]`^'


ING MORN Y page 23 FAIR instructions on

ON DRAGU E COSTInstructM ions below MablblZlni^klbfie^pZrmhfZd^Z _^kh\bhnl]kZ`hghk^o^gZ\nm^]bghlZnk pbmacnlmZieZbgahh]b^lp^Zmlabkm%pab\a fZd^lmabl\hlmnf^i^k_^\m_hk\hhe H\mh[^kgb`aml' • HOODIE WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Zahh]b^%_^em_hklibd^l%hg^la^^mh_pabm^ Z]a^lbo^_^emZg]hg^la^^mh_k^]!hk paZm^o^k\hehkrhnphne]ebd^"Z]a^lbo^ _^em%iZi^kmhfZd^Zlibd^m^fieZm^' MAKE IT: *' =^\b]^ahp[b`rhnpZgmma^libd^lmh [^'<nmZ]bZfhg]laZi^hnmh_rhnk iZmm^kgiZi^k'Mkrma^libd^hgrhnk \abe]'B_rhnZk^aZiirpbmama^lbs^h_ ma^libd^\nmhnm^ghn`a]bZfhg]lmh `h_khfma^mhih_rhnk\abe]la^Z] Zg]]hpgabl[Z\d'Bnl^]lbqlibd^l' +' LmZkmbg`Zmma^mhi\^gm^kh_ma^ahh]b^% ibgma^]bZfhg]lbgieZ\^]hpgma^ [Z\d\^gm^kh_ma^ahh]b^' ,' L^p]hpgma^\^gm^kh_^Z\a]bZfhg]' -' L^pma^]bZfhg]aZeo^lmh`^ma^kmh _hkfZlibd^'


/' Nlbg`rhnkk^]Z]a^lbo^_^em%\nmmph inibelaZi^l'B\nmZg^ehg`Zm^] ]bZfhg][nmk^ZeerZgrlaZi^phne] phkd' 0' I^^eh__ma^iZi^k[Z\dbg`Zg]ZmmZ\a ma^inibelmhma^^r^\bk\e^l'Ma^gi^^e ma^iZi^k[Z\dbg`h__^r^laZi^lZg] ZmmZ\amhahh]b^'Rhn\ZgZelhZ]] m^^maZg]\eZplmhma^ahh]b^mhfZd^ rhnk]kZ`hgfhk^_^kh\bhnl' • TAIL WHAT YOU’LL NEED: _^emhkÜ^^\^fZm^kbZe%_^em_hklibd^l% lmn_Ûg`hkg^pliZi^k' MAKE IT: *' Nl^ZmZi^f^Zlnk^mh]^m^kfbg^ahp ehg`rhnpZgmma^mZbemh_Zeehgrhnk \abe]' +' ?he]rhnkfZm^kbZebgaZe_%kb`amlb]^l mh`^ma^k'?k^^aZg]]kZpZehg` mkbZg`e^laZi^_hkma^mZbeZg]\nmhnm' Bl\hhi^]ma^[hmmhfh_frmkbZg`e^ lhmaZmma^mZbephne]\hf^niZ[bmZm ma^^g]'

,' MZd^mZbe%kb`amlb]^llmbeemh`^ma^kZg] ibgma^mhil^ZfbgieZ\^'G^qm%l^p .' <nmmph\bk\e^lhnmh_ma^pabm^Z]a^lbo^ mhil^Zf' _^em'Ma^rpbee[^ma^]kZ`hgl^r^l' SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013

-' Mnkgkb`amlb]^hnm':kkZg`^libd^ ]bZfhg]l!pbmalZf^libd^iZmm^kg _khfma^ahh]b^"Zehg`ma^mhil^Zf Zmk^`neZkbgm^koZel'Ebg^ma^\^gm^kh_ ma^]bZfhg]lnipbmama^l^ZfZg] ibgbgieZ\^' .' L^p]bZfhg]lZehg`ma^mhil^Zf' /' Ghp[kbg`ma^aZeo^lh_ma^]bZfhg] mh`^ma^kmh_hkfma^libd^'<hgmbgn^ ]hpgma^mZbe' 0' MnkgmZbe[Z\dbglb]^hnmZg]ibg mh`^ma^kmhl^p[hmmhfl^Zf';^ \Zk^_neghmmh\Zm\ama^mbilh_ma^ libd^lbgma^[hmmhfl^Zf'Bkhee^] fbg^niZg]ibgg^]ma^fmhd^^ima^ libd^lhnmh_ma^pZr' 1' L^pZehg`ma^[hmmhfZg]Übikb`amlb]^ hnm' 2' Lmn__]kZ`hgmZbe'Bnl^]Z\hf[bgZ& mbhgh__^eml\kZilZg]g^pliZi^k% [^\Znl^maZmblpaZmBaZ]hgaZg]' Ma^g^pliZi^kd^imbm_khf[^bg` mhha^Zor'B_rhnk\abe]pbeepZgmmh p^Zkma^mZbeZ_m^kAZeehp^^gBphne] k^\hff^g]nlbg`Z\hmmhglmn_Ûg`' *)' L^pma^mZbehgmhma^[hmmhfng]^klb]^ h_ma^ahh]b^'




Y Your dashing lilittle knight will be b the hero of the th town. This costume starts with basic black pants and shirt. Add a belted tunic, cape and sword and your little guy is ready to hit the town. If the weather is chilly this Halloween, eZr^kZlp^Zmlabkmng]^kma^dgb`amlmngb\' Bonus: the hood looks like armor.

• TUTU See the tutu tutorial on Page 23.


TUNIC PaZmrhneeg^^]3Z[hnmZrZk]h_pabm^ _^em%dgbmhkÜ^^\^fZm^kbZe%mZgdmhimhnl^ as a pattern, paper for your pattern, one la^^mh_Z]a^lbo^_^em%Ü^^\^mhfZd^ma^ belt. MAKE IT: 1. Fold tank top in half lengthwise and lay on paper. Trace around tank top, adding 1/2” seam allowance everywhere except the armhole and neck hole. Add length to the bottom so that tunic reaches just above your \abe]ldg^^'B_ma^mngb\pbee[^ho^k a sweatshirt you may want to add a little extra room. 2. Cut out pattern. 3. Place pattern on fold of material and cut out. This will be the back piece of the tunic. Repeat for the front piece but cut the neckline a little lower. 4. Lay your cut pieces together, right sides facing in. Sew shoulder seams with a 1/2” seam.


CAPE PaZmrhneeg^^]3?e^^\^%_^emhkdgbm material, one gold glitter foam craft sheet, adhesive Velcro, hot glue gun. MAKE IT: 1. F^Zlnk^\abe]llahne]^kpb]ma_hk width of cape. 2. Measure desired length of cape. 3. Cut a large rectangle for cape starting pbmaZebmme^eZk`^kmaZg\abe]l lahne]^klZg]ÜZkbg`Zm[hmmhflhma^ \Zi^pbeeÜhpgb\^er' 4. Cut small button-like circle out of craft foam sheet. Glue one circle to each top corner of cape. 5. Attach adhesive Velcro to back of cape “buttons” and in corresponding spot on the tunic.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: One sheet of pink felt, one sheet of matching pink stiff felt, cardboard, pink stretchy headband, hot glue gun and kb[[hgl%_^Zma^kl%Ühp^klZg]kb[[hgmh embellish. MAKE IT: 1. =^\b]^paZmlbs^\bk\e^rhnpZgm for the brim of hat and cut it out of cardboard. 2. With the pink felt cut a circle slightly larger than your cardboard, enough to wrap under and glue. Next, lay cardboard circle on top of felt circle and glue the extra on the underside of the cardboard circle. 3. Cut another circle out of the pink felt that is slightly smaller than the cardboard circle and glue it onto the bottom of your hat brim, this will cover the uneven wrapping of the top piece of felt.

4. Take your stiff felt and roll into a cone ma^lbs^rhnpZgmmhÛmhgmhih_rhnk hat brim. Trim off the excess felt. I CROWN cut my felt into a half circle and then PaZmrhneeg^^]3IZi^k_hk\khpgiZmm^kg' rolled it into a cone. Leftover gold glitter foam craft sheet from 5. Hot glue cone onto hat brim. cape, 1/4” elastic, hot glue gun. 6. =^\hkZm^Zlrhnpbla' MAKE IT:

5. Pin sides together. On each side measure about 7” up from the bottom and mark. Sew side seams down to 7” mark, then leave open.

1. Fold paper in half and sketch crown design, or print one from internet.

7. @en^Ûgbla^]aZmhgmhlmk^m\ar headband.

2. Trace template on back of craft foam and cut out.

6. Turn tunic right side out.

3. F^Zlnk^hg\abe]la^Z]Zg]\nm^eZlmb\ [Zg]mhÛm'@en^^eZlmb\[Zg]mh^]`^ of crown on each side.

• WAND 1. PaZmrhneeg^^]3Hg^la^^mh_`he] glitter craft foam, pencil or craft dowel, ribbon, and hot glue gun.

7. Next, decide what design to put on the front of the tunic. I used a cross pbmaÜZk^]^g]l'=kZprhnk]^lb`g on paper and then trace on to sheet of adhesive felt. Cut out and then center on front of tunic. Peel off paper [Z\dbg`Zg]ik^llÛkferhgmhmngb\' 8. For belt: Cut a strip of material about 3” wide and long enough to wrap Zkhng]\abe]lpZblmZg]mb^'B_nlbg` Ü^^\^%_^emhkdgbmghg^^]mha^f' 22


Y Your little one will lo look sugary sweet as lit little pink witch. This co costume starts with a onsie or shirt and leggings, leg warmers or tights. Add a sweet pink tutu, a tiny witch aZmZg]ZlmZkpZg]Zg]rhneeaZo^hg^ adorable baby witch.


2. Make it: 3. Wrap the ribbon around your pencil or craft dowel and hot glue into place. 4. Cut two stars out of the craft foam. 5. Hot glue the pencil to the middle of the star on the plain backing side. 6. Next, line the second star up, glitter lb]^hnm%pbmama^ÛklmlmZkmh\ho^k pencil and glue into place.


T morning The fairy wakes fa th the sun and welcomes each w new day. The morning fairy would compliment the star fairy costume nicely and may make a good pair for sisters, cousins or friends. A onsie and leggings or leg warmers are the base for this costume. Add a yellow “sunrise” tutu, fairy wings, a wand and headband and your fairy is ready to light up your day.


MAKE IT: This was the easiest costume to make and would be a great last minute costume to whip up. I made a yellow tutu (see the tutu tutorial below) and paired it with a store bought pair of fairy wings and a wand. And then, I found a sweet yellow sequined headband to round out the look. W WHAT YOU’LL NEED: N 3/4” elastic, 2 3 to 3 spools of tulle, sewing needle and thread to match ^eZlmb\'Ghm^3b_rhn\ZgmÛg]Zlihheh_ tulle in the color you need, you can buy yards of tulle off the bolt and then cut strips. Spools take some of the work out of it for you.


MAKE IT: 1. F^Zlnk^rhnk\abe]lpZblmpa^k^rhn want the tutu to sit. Use that exact measurement to cut elastic. 2. Sew ends of elastic together to form the waistband of the tutu. 3. G^qm%Û`nk^hnmahpehg`rhnpZgmma^ tutu and double it. You will be folding the tulle in half to create a double layer. 4. Cut strips of tulle in desired length. 5. Grab two strips of tulle and fold in half. Place the middle “loop” under the elastic. Next feed the ends of the tulle strips over the elastic band and through the “loop” of tulle. Gently pull to tighten. 6. Repeat until the band is completely covered and skirt is to your desired fullness.

Halloween Safety

For kids, few holidays are more anticipated than Halloween. The chance to dress up in costume and patrol the neighborhood with friends while collecting treats is the highlight of many a child’s autumn. For parents, anticipation is replaced by anxiety. While kids are out trick-or-treating, parents may be home or at work hoping their kids are safe and sound. Because Halloween is so popular among kids, it’s hard for parents to forbid trickor-treating. But parents should instruct kids on the following tips to ensure this Halloween is as safe as it is fun. • Strangers’ homes are off limits. Make sure kids know they should never enter the home of a stranger, no matter how friendly or welcoming that stranger may seem. • Kids should not be permitted to go out alone. When trick-or-treating, kids should always be accompanied not only by their friends, but there must be at least one adult chaperone present at all times. Parents should get together several weeks before Halloween to determine who will chaperone, where kids will be trick-or-treating and during what hours. • Stay close to home. Kids should stay in their own neighborhood and only visit homes of neighbors they know. Advise kids to steer clear of homes whose doors are hidden from street view. Chaperones should accompany kids to the front door if visibility from the street is poor. • Choose safe costumes. Kids should

wear costumes made of light colored material. If a child insists on a favorite costume that uses largely dark material, attach reflective tape to the costume so your favorite reveler is easily visible to motorists during twilight and nighttime hours when it’s not always easy for drivers to see. • No toy guns. Toy guns are just asking for trouble, as many of today’s replicas are easily confused with the real thing. Play it safe and choose costumes that aren’t accessorized with toy guns. • Bring a flashlight along. Night falls quickly in late October, so kids and chaperones alike should carry a flashlight to improve their ability to see and make them more visible to passing motorists. • Trick-or-treaters should stick to the sidewalks and always cross the street at corners. Don’t walk in the street, and never walk between parked cars when crossing the street, as it’s especially difficult for motorists to anticipate pedestrians walking or running from behind parked cars into the street. • Be wary of masks. Many masks restrict a child’s vision, so look for one that provides sufficient visibility. If a child’s favorite mask is low on visibility, make children agree to remove their mask when crossing the street. Parents understandably worry when kids go trick-or-treating. But a few simple safety lessons shared with children can ensure a happy Halloween.

Have a Safe and

Happy Halloween Angola 665-9494 LaGrange 463-7144 Auburn 925-2453 Kendallville 347-4400 Inpatient Services 927-0726 24 Hours Emergency Service 1-800-790-0118

1-800-714-6353 www.ligtel.com

www.necmh.org SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013





Dream it, do it Jobs out there for employees with technical, vocational skills


BY KATE COFFMAN It may be hard to believe, but there are many available jobs in Indiana that pay $45,000 or more to entry level employees — and the number of these jobs is growing. But employers are concerned because they cannot find enough quality employees to fill the jobs — commonly called the skills gap. What makes a qualified employee? Employers say they need a high school graduate with the Indiana Technical Honors Diploma and a certificate in advanced manufacturing or logistics from Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University. These certificates can take as little as six months to a year to complete, quickly putting students on the path to a meaningful and well-paying career. Vocational and technical education has traditionally had a stigma attached to it — it was for kids who weren’t “college material.” Now, career and technical education programs involve state-of-the-art technology, requiring students to possess strong math and computer skills as well as the ability to work as part of a team, adapt to change, and problem-solve. These skills also are necessary for students to make a successful transition from high school to college. Employers in logistics and advanced manufacturing need their employees to possess these skills as well. Conexus Indiana is an organization designed to help promote the state’s opportunities in logistics and applied manufacturing. Conexus has an incredibly informative website for youth called dreamitdoitindiana. com. Students can register with the site to get useful information on high-demand fields, scholarship opportunities, and examples of a “day in the life” of certain jobs. Companies such as FedEx, Allison Transmission, Subaru


and others are subjects of fun, youth-oriented videos designed to help showcase Indiana’s growing employment needs. The Lumina Foundation, the nation’s largest education foundation, is headquartered in Indianapolis and has found that many students who pursue a technical honors diploma and a one-year certificate continue their education — often on their employer’s dime — and end up earning associate and bachelor’s degrees. These additional degrees, while not required for employment in advanced manufacturing or logistics, help move individuals into management and leadership roles within their companies. Students can learn more about Indiana’s Technical Honors Diploma by talking to their school counselor or visiting the Indiana Department of Education website at doe.in.gov. Taking dual credit, Advanced Placement or early college coursework while in high school also can speed up the time it takes to complete the certificate programs. For more information on planning for education after high school, visit triptocollege.org, a free website brought to you by the Indiana Youth Institute.

Humor Helps

Pa^g=ZfhgpZl-%?kZgl anl[Zg];bee%=Zfhgl great-grandpa, picked him up from preschool and they stopped ZmLZg]rlLh]ZLahi_hkb\^ cream. While Bill was getting ma^b\^\k^Zf%=ZfhgpZl fooling around with the buttons on the jukebox, but nothing was happening. Finally he went up to Bill and said, “Hey, Pops, I need a password!” — FRAN GEHRING OF KENDALLVILLE

=Zfhg%abl_kb^g]Zg]abl_kb^g]l dad were out walking their dog. Ma^rp^gm[r?kZgZg];beel house and stopped to say hello. Ma^_kb^g]l]Z]\hfiebf^gm^] Bill on how nice their lawn looked Zg]Zld^]abfpaZmablÛklmgZf^ pZl'A^mhe]abf;bee'=Zfhg immediately added, “But his REAL name is Pops!”

Rita was taking Teal, 5, home after a visit. Rita had the windows down and their hair was blowing all over. KbmZlZb]% @kZg]fZl`hbg` to roll the windows up so I ]hgm[ehprhnhnmh_ma^ back seat.” Very seriously Teal said, “Grandma, you \Zgm[ehpf^hnmh_ma^ back seat. I have my seat belt on.” — RITA MAURER OF KENDALLVILLE

Consider A CAREER IN HOME HEALTH CARE These three individuals, Sandy, Valerie and Amelia, are full time home health aides for Home Nursing Services. They have chosen their positions as a full-time career. The goal of home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury so that the individual can regain independence and remain as self sufficient as possible in a home setting. As a result, many clients of all ages can lead healthier, happier and more independent lives. Contact us to learn more about joining Home Nursing Services.





Humor Helps

End^%+%blZg^qi^kmhgf^ll^l'A^blZepZrl[kbg`bg`LnsZgg^ to look at his newest “block mess,” “toy mess” or “spilled milk f^ll' A^p^gmpbmaabl_Zfbermhl^^ma^Ûk^phkdl':_m^ka^ `hmiZlmma^ehn][hhfl%a^^gchr^]ma^\hehkl':mma^ÛgZe^a^ enthusiastically told his mother, “Mess in the sky!” — SUZANNE ZUEHSOW (GRANDMOTHER OF LUKE) OF LAOTTO

Zelma was baby-sitmbg`=ZdhmZ%+'La^ was showing Zelma something on her ebmme^Ûg`^k' EhhdZm frib``r&mh^Ûg`^k% S^efZ% =ZdhmZlZb]' — ZELMA FELTNER OF KENDALLVILLE

The Helmkamps were celebrating a large family event and Lily, age -Zmma^mbf^%pZlmkrbg`mhÛ`nk^ out how they were all related. Finally, she said proudly, “I know pahfr]Z]]rbl%a^lrhnk law-in-son!” — MARY KAY HELMKAMP (GRANDMOTHER) OF KENDALLVILLE

Retta was watering a^kÜhp^kl%pZedbg` backwards with the hose, when suddenly she fell [Z\dpZk]lho^kMk^orgl bike. Hurting all over, she yelled to Zeta, 8, and Punkie, 2, to help her up, and this is the rescue response she got: “Hold on, Mom, we are in the middle of catching ZmhZ]4p^ee\hf^ho^k after we get three!” — RETTA JO LEWIS OF FREMONT

Assisting children and their families with mental illness, substance abuse and family issues.

220 S. Main St., Kendallville • 260-347-2453 • nec.org 26


Brain games

Move things with your mind! BY KRISTY JOHNSON We recently moved across the country, and in an effort to save some cash, we opted to pile all of our belongings into large wooden crates, generically known as “pods.” However, after stuffing our life into cardboard boxes, squeezing all of these boxes into each pod rapidly turned into a giant game of Tetris. And just like in Tetris, the first few pieces were easy to place, but the subsequent ones required a bit of ingenuity (And patience. Lots of patience.) As the pods filled up, it became much more efficient to mentally position the boxes in the pod before moving them (making me wish I really could move them with my mind!) This ability to arrange objects in your head without actually touching them is

known as “spatial reasoning.” It’s the skill that lets you mentally rearrange the furniture in your living room with your eyes closed. It’s the same process you employ to fit all your leftovers in the smallest possible container without overflowing. You use it to approximate the amount of space you will need to finish your homework, write a card, or center a title on a banner. And you shift it into high gear when you parallel park, use a map and compass, or build a Lego battle cruiser. Spatial reasoning is everywhere, and individuals who excel at it often find futures as engineers, architects, designers, sculptors and inventors. In fact, spatial reasoning is one of three core skillsets linked to success in both academics and the workplace. The other two – quantitative and verbal reasoning – are well-represented in today’s

school curriculum owing to their presence in standardized tests like the SAT, but classes that enhance one’s spatial organization abilities, such as robotics and machine shop, are often neglected. Luckily, you can boost your spatial reasoning skills with plenty of everyday pursuits or extra-curricular activities, and you don’t even have to move across the country to do so! Try painting a picture (compose the space wisely!), arranging the dishwasher to its maximum capacity, or building your grandkids a doll house. Or, if you only have two minutes, check out the latest Brain Gain Game: Space Race! Using a simple paper grocery bag and some household objects, you can race to fill your space as effectively as possible. It will give your spatial skills a workout, even if you do still have to load the dishwasher by hand.

NORDMANN LAW OFFICES Free Initial Consultation


(260) 925-5200 (260) 420-5511 600 South Main, Auburn

110 W. Berry St., Fort Wayne

E-mail: nordmannlawoffices@frontier.com SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013




Back-to-school-braids Braids are known for their practicality but they also can [^_ng'A^k^=Zgb^ee^:msh_Gn&NLZehgZg]LiZ%+)1 S. Main St., Kendallville, shows how both long and short hair can look great in braids! Watch the video and _heehp=Zgb^ee^l^Zlrbglmkn\mbhgl_hkZg^pehhd

Scan the code to view a video on making braids on your smartphone. Photos and vidoe by Chad Kline.



Humor Helps

SHARE YOUR STORIES Readers, if you have a true funny kid story, please call me at 260-347-0738 or e-mail me at graceh@fwfamily.com.



Enjoy the Beauty of Pigeon River While Spending Quality Time with the Family


Canoe & Kayak Rentals • 6 River Trip Options Family Fun • Riverside Camping @k^m\a^g\hngmbg`% Bf0%1%2% *)%**%*+%*,%*-%*.%*/%*0% *1%B`kZ]nZm^%*2%+)%+*%B\Zg drink beer, 22, 23, 24, 25, I get fZkkb^]%+/%+0%+1%+2%,)%B have a baby, then whatever!”

Paddling 7 days/week through Oct. 20 th


Mongo, Indiana • 1/8 Mile West of SR 3 on 300 N 260-367-2493 • www.tradingpostcanoe.com

Karate For Kids


• Courtesy • Respect • Concentration • Self-Discipline • Fitness These skills will help kids get better grades and improve social interaction.

Call an ATA location near you TODAY! tryata.com


Build self-esteem & self-defense


www.ATAExcellence.com 111 W. Rush St., Kendallville

Call: 260-624-2282

or visit our class at 202 E. Harcourt, Suite H, Angola, IN





Despite sensitivities, allergies, your family can eat well BY GRACE HOUSHOLDER Numbers from the National Health Interview Survey, 1997â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2011, conďŹ rm what many people have been suspecting: The prevalence of food and skin allergies in children under age 18 is increasing. Among children aged 0â&#x20AC;&#x201C;17 years, the prevalence of food allergies increased from 3.4 percent in 1997 to 5.1 percent in 2011. The prevalence of skin allergies increased from 7.4 percent to 12.5 percent. Respiratory allergy remained the most common type of allergy among children â&#x20AC;&#x201D;17 percent â&#x20AC;&#x201D; with no signiďŹ cant change since 1997. The survey said that food and respiratory allergy prevalence increased with

income level. Children with family income equal to or greater than 200 percent of the poverty level had the highest prevalence rates. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Food allergies and food sensitivities differ. Food allergies can cause anaphylaxis and can be fatal. Food sensitivities can make a person sick, but are not fatal. LIVING WITH ALLERGIES:

Kim Craig, a teacher in Fort Wayne, and her family are experts at living with allergies. Family membersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; sensitivities and allergies are: Kim, 33 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; sensitivity to gluten and dairy; Jamie, 34 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; sensitivity


KIM CRAIGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CHILDREN enjoy helping to prepare their favorite foods. For family-pleasing recipes go to kimcraigwellness.com







to gluten and dairy Caden, 6 — multiple food allergies that can cause anaphylaxis: peanuts, corn, soy, dairy, wheat, apple, pear, orange, chicken, rice, oats and egg. Also several food sensitivities. He eats a four-day rotational diet to heal his digestive system. They are gradually adding food back in to his diet, beginning with the foods of least sensitivity first. Madison, 3 — multiple food sensitivities

If you were no longer able to provide for your family, who would take care of them? Leaving your family financially prepared is extremely important. Don’t put off this important discussion. Call us today for a free consultation, and find out how you can prepare for the unexpected.

• Last Will & Testament • Living & Revocable Trusts • Life Insurance Trust • Living Wills • Family Law • Chapters 7 & 13 • Bankruptcy • Criminal Law


• If you have a food allergy, always have Epinephrine (an Epipen) with you. It can save your life. • Educate others about food allergies. Make sure they know the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, how and when to use an EpiPen, and to call 911 immediately if a reaction is occurring. • Never assume a food is safe. Always read the ingredient labels. Specifically inform the staff/management at restaurants that there is a life threatening allergy and ask questions before ordering. Common

For a FREE consultation, call today.

IGNEY InLKendallville AW OFFICE Michele R. Igney, J.D.

260-349-9050•• Toll Toll Free: 877-349-9050 260-349-9050 Free: 877-349-9050 Free Consultation • Affordable Fees • Flexible Payments 119•West Mitchell St.,Fees Kendallville Free Consultation Affordable • Flexible Payments A debt 119 relief West agency Mitchell under bankruptcy St. code

The mammogram you need. The pampering you deserve. Because it's

your health.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and every month, DeKalb Health is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of early detection. The Women’s Imaging Diagnostic Suite, part of the DeKalb Health Imaging Center, offers you access to state-of-the-art digital mammography in a welcoming spa-like setting. If you’re due for a mammogram, give us a call. We’re here to care for you. To schedule your mammogram, call 260.920.2513

Joyce, Radiology Technologist & Breast Cancer Survivor Kim, Radiology Technologist

260.920.2513 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013

I DeKalbHealth.com




ingredients can be hidden under other names. For example, dextrose can be derived from corn. Regular powdered sugar usually contains corn starch to keep it from sticking together. Contact the company if there are any questions. As a bonus, companies will often send you coupons! • Food allergens hide in unexpected places. Foods can often be contaminated during manufacturing. Products, such as cheese or fruit snacks, may contain warnings: “may contain… or manufactured on a line with…” These products need to be avoided because trace amounts of an allergen due to cross contamination can cause anaphylaxis. • Cook multiple portions at once and freeze or refrigerate for another meal. Make batches of cookies and cupcakes and keep them in the deep freeze for unexpected celebrations. • Invest in good kitchen appliances, such as a good blender, mixer and dehydrator. Use a Vitamix to make dairy free, coconut ice cream or sorbets out of frozen fruit.

• Buy things that are naturally allergen free like fruits and vegetables. It’s much healthier and cheaper than trying to buy the products that are labeled allergen free. • Research the best prices for the items you buy frequently and buy them in bulk. Use azurestandard.com and the Subscribe and Save option on Amazon. • Focus on fun activities that do not involve food: family game night, ice skating, miniature golfing or a backyard party with friends. • Involve children in label reading and cooking. Make it fun. Give them choices when possible. Living safely with food allergies is a lifestyle. It is not a choice. They cannot cheat here or there. Educate your child how to safely live with food allergies — they will eventually need to do it on their own. • Avoid a gray area to avoid confusion. If there is any doubt, the item is not eaten and a safe alternative is offered. • It is important for the child to be included in activities at school and in the

community and not feel discriminated against. Find activities that all of the children can safely participate in together. • Find multiple ways to use the foods that can be eaten to keep things interesting. We use coconut in everything from smoothies to thickener. • Find a few good pages on Facebook or blogs to follow that use ingredients or recipes that you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to switch out ingredients in recipes you like. For example, use pumpkin or sweet potato puree in place of applesauce in baking. Use sunflower seeds in place of nuts in some recipes. Experiment. Usually you end up with something delicious. • Be positive. Work as a team with anyone involved in the care of your child. You need to keep the lines of communication open between your child, yourself, family members, the school, daycare, and physicians to ensure their safety. Additional info: Kim often updates her Facebook page (Kim Craig Wellness) with tips, articles, and


Radiant Floor Heat Street Legal Carts Available Full Service • Golf Carts • Repair

• Accessories • Customizing


Slabs - Wood Floors - Geothermal Solar - Tankless Hot Water




935 N 275 W, ANGOLA

See us at www.indianawarmfloors.com


Warm, Silent & Efficient


recipes that are allergy friendly. Also visit kimcraigwellness.com Kim has learned how to follow a rotation diet and find substitutions to create safe and delicious meals for her family. She decided to become a health coach to inspire others to live a full life with food allergies, as well as fulfill her passion of working with children and parents to improve their health and family life. Kim received her training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Kim also holds a master’s degree in elementary education from Ball State University. Kim leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual health and nutrition coaching to parents and families.

Crispy Kale Chips • 1 large head of organic kale • 1 teaspoon sea salt • 3-4 tablespoons nutritional yeast • Olive oil =bk^\mbhgl3 Preheat the oven to 375°F. Take one head of kale and remove the woody stem, tearing the leaves into \abi&lbs^]ib^\^l'PZlaZg] dry thoroughly. In a large bowl, massage kale leaves with 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Season lightly with sea salt and approximately 3-4 tablespoons of nutritional yeast. Spread out in one layer on Z[Zdbg`la^^m';Zd^_hk*) minutes, then carefully stir the kale. Re-check after another *)fbgnm^l';^o^kr\Zk^_ne because these can burn quite quickly. Once nearly all crispy, remove from oven and let crisp up further on the baking sheet until completely cool. Ma^ÛgZek^lnemblZo^kreb`am and crispy “chip” that tastes bg\k^]b[e^Zg]lZmblÛ^lZgr chip/salt craving that you may have. Notes: Courtesy of Julie Hurley

Easy Homemade Granola • 2 cups rolled oats • 1/2 cup slivered almonds • 1/2 cup dried shredded coconut • *(-\ni\krlmZeebs^] ginger • 1/4 cup coconut oil • 1/4 cup maple syrup DIRECTIONS: Ik^a^Zmho^gmh,.) degrees. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.


Spread mixture in a thin layer on a cookie sheet. Bake for 5 minutes and then stir with a spatula. Bake another 5 minutes and then stir again. Keep baking for about 15 minutes total until golden brown all over. Eat immediately or cool _hkZ[hnm*)fbgnm^likbhk to serving. Ghm^l3=hn[e^mablk^\bi^ and store it in an airtight container in the pantry. Enjoy it with milk or yogurt all week.





FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 Hot Air Festival Call Van Wert County Fairgrounds, 1055 S. Washington St., Van Wert. All day Sept. 6-8. Exciting new attractions. For more information visit vanwerthotairfestival.com.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 Pioneer Festival Stone’s Trace, 5111 Lincolnway South, Ligonier. Continuous family entertainment, historical reenactment of early American life, non-stop perfomances. Charity Cycling Event 9:00 am. Boys & Girls Club of Middlebury, 56805 Northridge Dr, Middlebury. One day. Two great events. A metric century ride for avid cyclists starting at the Boys & Girls Club of Middlebury and a family fun ride along the Pumpkinvine Trail. Both events support the Boys & Girls Club of Middlebury. See website for registration information. Cost: $50 metric, $25 family ride.

Butterflies Rule at the Monarch Festival 11:00 am. Eagle Marsh Barn, 6801 Engle Rd, Fort Wayne. Meet at the Eagle Marsh barn for this family-friendly event featuring hikes, demonstra tions, education stations with activities showcasing monarchs’ lifecycle and migration, and monarch crafts for kids. You can also plant a milkweed to help feed monarch caterpillars at Eagle Marsh or take one home for your butterfly garden. (260) 478-2515 Miami Indian Heritage Days 1:00 pm. Chief Richardville House, 5705 Bluffton Road, Ft Wayne. First Saturday of each month through November. Born in 1761, Richardville was the son of a French fur trader father and a Miami Indian mother, Tacamwa, sister to the Miami war chief Little Turtle. Together he and his mother built a trading empire based on control of the ‘long portage’ between the St. Mary’s and Wabash rivers, joining two water systems and thereby completing a pathway for commerce.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 Little River Ramblers Class 9:00 am. Eagle Marsh Barn, 6801 Engle Rd,

Lift Up

Fort Wayne. Meet at the Eagle Marsh barn from March through December and at the Boy Scout office parking lot January through February. Hike to explore and record the flora and fauna of Eagle Marsh. Make sure to dress for the weather. Image Courtesy of: picsearch.com/index. 260-478-2515 Now You’re Cooking ‘Cool Your Jets’ 4:15 pm. Kendallville Public Library, 221 S Park Ave, Kendallville. Create ice cream treats during this program for grades 6-12! (260) 343-2010

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 Minecraft Mania Teen Program 5:30 pm. Kendallville Public Library, 221 S Park Ave, Kendallville. Use your account, iphone, or ipad or use our laptop and account to build a Minecraft world! (260) 343-2010

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 Magic Squares Dance Club 7:00 pm. YMCA of Steuben County, 500 E. Harcourt Road, Angola. Dancing.

a child’s voice. a child’s life.

I am for the child. Help an abused or neglected child. Visit neincasa.net Serving DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben & Whitley Counties

260.636.6101 34



f o e t s Ta range LaG

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 Community Health Fair & Picnic 8:00 am. Parkview Noble Hospital, 401 Sawyer Road, Kendallville. 8-11 a.m. low cost blood tests. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. family activities. 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. free picnic lunch. RSVP for lunch by Sept. 6. Call 888-780-3505 for reservations. For more information call 347-8161 or 888-737-9311, ext. 78161. (260) 347-8700

ob LaG er 19 ,2 ran Fair ge Cou 013 6 PM ground nty -8P s M

Come taste the best LaGrange County has to offer! • Food • Sweets • Meat • Wine

Free Airplane Rides for Kids (Ages 8-17) 9:00 am. Smith Field Airport, 426 W Ludwig Road, Fort Wayne. Free airplane rides for kids ages 8-17. Parent or legal guardian must be present. Registration: 9:00 am-11:00 am Flights: 9:00 am-1:00 pm (weather permitting) Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire 10:00 am. Headwaters Park East - Lincoln Pavilion, 333 N. Clinton Street, Fort Wayne. A family fun festival to make, create, learn, invent, recycle, build, think, play & be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology.

All proceeds go to

Auto Indiana 10:00 am. The History Center, 302 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne. An exhibit by the Indiana Historical Society supplemented with materials



Call 260-463-0334 for ticket info. A non-profit organization providing youth services to LaGrange County.

Likes Law Office, L.L.C.

Kevin L. Likes

Competency you can trust, results you deserve.


Automobile Accidents Wrongful Death Industrial Accidents DUI/OWI • Criminal Defense Divorce/Custody • Wills & Trust

Across the street from DeKalb County Courthouse 129 S. Main, Auburn, IN • www.attorneylikes.com

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from the History Center’s Archives. Children 2 and under free.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 Mom Squad Tiny Scientists Story Time 10:30 am. Eckhart Public Library, 603 South Jackson Street, Auburn. At the story time, there will be a 20 minute story time with Miss Amanda and then lots of time for hands-on play science themed stations. Bring a friend to the BIG fall kick-off event upstairs at Eckhart Public Library. Mom Squad is a diverse support network of moms that is founded in faith. It provides informative, economic, social, and kid-friendly opportunities to stay at home moms in the community. We have weekly play dates during the school year and park days during the summer. We also do service projects, field trips, and Mom’s Night Out events. For more information, please email joanna.liberty@gmail.com

professionals and others wanting to learn more about autism are welcome. Topics vary monthly. For more information contact Susan Crowell at eeeautismspectrum@yahoo.com or call (260) 637-4409. (260) 456-4534

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 Knitters Group 5:30 pm. Fremont Public Library, 1004 W. Toledo St., Fremont. Bi-monthly knitting group, newcomers welcome.


rated PG-13. (260) 854-3382 Light the Night Walk 7:00 pm. East Noble High School, 901 Garden St, Kendallville. Smith sisters Chyanna, 16, and Arianna, 13, are the 2013 honorees for the Northeast Indiana annual Light the Night Walk to raise money for the Indiana Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Register at lightthenight.org/in or call Melanie Kruth at 616-0654. (260) 347-7167


Model Train Club Meeting 7:00 pm. Garrett Heritage Park Museum, 300 N. Randolph St., Garrett. Meets in the basement.

Johnny Appleseed Day 4:00 pm. Limberlost Public Library, 164 Kelly St, Rome City. It’s Johnny Appleseed Day! Time for snacks and apple themed crafts! (260) 854-3382



Music & Movement 6:30 pm. Limberlost Public Library, 164 Kelly St, Rome City. Jump, dance, shake, and hop while listening to exciting music during this program for all ages! We will be using hoops, bean bags, and more for 30 fun-filled minutes! (260) 854-3382

Teen Movie Night 4:00 pm. Kendallville Public Library, 221 S Park Ave, Kendallville. Watch Iron Man 3 during this teen movie night geared towards grades 6-12! This movie is PG-13. (260) 343-2010

Autism Spectrum Support Group 7:00 pm. Easter Seals Arc, 4919 Projects Drive, Fort Wayne. Parents, grandparents, teachers,

Teen Scene: Iron Man 3 4:00 pm. Limberlost Public Library, 164 Kelly St, Rome City. If you are grades 6-12, you are invited to eat pizza and watch Iron Man 3! This movie is

Victory Over Violence 5K Run/Walk 9:00 am. Ox Bow County Park, 23427 C.R. 45, Elkhart. The Elkhart County Women’s Shelter will host its first annual ‘Victory Over Violence 5K Run/Walk’ on September 28, 2013 at Oxbow Park. Funds raised from this event will be used to provide services to approximately 400 women and children who seek safe shelter and 1500 community members who receive support via its crisis hotline and educational programs each year.



• Children should get an eye exam before the age of five. • Good vision is necessary for proper development and educational progress. • Untreated eye conditions can lead to vision loss.

Don’t wait…call us today to schedule your child’s eye exam.


Innovative Eye Care Douglas C. Morrow, O.D. • Michelle L. Frye, O.D. 36


Auburn Office • 1212 N. Main St. • Auburn, IN 46706 • 260-925-1916 Garrett Office • 110 N. Randolph • Garrett, IN 46738 • 260-357-6261



The event will feature the band Shiny Shiny Black and will provide family friendly activities along with the opportunity to walk/run for family members of all ages! Come join us and make a difference! Everyone who registers by September 6th will receive a complimentary event t-shirt. Family Fun Hike: ‘Scat-ology’ 9:00 am. Eagle Marsh Barn, 6801 Engle Rd, Fort Wayne. Meet at the Eagle Marsh barn. Scat (poop!) reveals the deep dark secret of which animals live at the marsh. Join us to learn basic ‘scat-ology,’ create scat models (using play-dough), then hike to find some of these telltale signs of wildlife. (260) 478-2515 Switchfoot 7:30 pm. University of St. Francis - Performing Arts Center, 431 West Berry Street, Fort Wayne. Switchfoot is an American rock band from San Diego, California. The band’s members are Jon Foreman (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar, backing vocals). After early successes in the Christian rock scene, Switchfoot first gained mainstream recognition with the inclusion of four of their songs in the 2002 movie A Walk to Remember. This recognition led to their major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, which was released in 2003 and featured the hits ‘Meant to Live’ and ‘Dare You to Move’. It went on to sell over 2.6 million copies. They have since been noted for their energetic live shows, and their seventh studio album Hello Hurricane received a Grammy award in 2011 for Best Rock Gospel Album.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 Apple Festival of Kendallville 9:00 am. Noble County Community Fairgrounds, U.S. 6, Kendallville. Festival is Oct. 5th and 6th. Parking on the festival grounds for $3 a day per car and free at East Noble High School on Garden Street, at NoSag parking lots in Industrial Park East on Production Road (off Allen Chapel Road) and the off-street lots in the downtown area. No admission is charged for entrance into the Festival. Free shuttle bus to and from Main Street, the East Noble High School and NoSag parking lots during festival hours. The last shuttles will leave from the gate at 6 p.m. Saturday and at 5 p.m. Sunday. Food, music, crafts, demonstrations, games and much more. For more information visit kendallvilleapplefestival.com.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 Tuesday Tours: Native Americans of Elkhart County 1:00 pm. Elkhart County Historical Museum, 304 W. Vistula St., Bristol. Hear the story of Pierre Moran, Chief Five Medals, and the lives of the Native Americans that inhabited the area that would become Elkhart County. (574) 848-4322 Many more events at InFortWayne.com



Quality Legal Help You Can Afford When you need legal help, you need an attorney who can get the job done, but at prices you can afford. John was raised on a family farm, and continues to help work the family farm. So he knows hard work and the value of a dollar. He opened a rural law practice to save on overhead and pass those saving along to his clients. • Adoption • Family Law • Litigation • Probate

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www.schwarzlawoffice.com MONTH/MONTH 2013




To advertise in

DAYCARE INFOMATION Early Childhood Alliance www.childcareindiana.org 800-423-1498

EDUCATION St. John Lutheran School www.stjohneagles.org 301 S. Oak St., Kendallville, IN 46755 260-347-2444

Call 260-347-0400 ext. 184

Brenda Butters

fwfamily.com ATTORNEYS

Emerick, Diggins & Zabona www.edzlaw.com 218 S. Main St., Kendallville, IN 46755 260-347-1050 Glaser & Ebbs www.glaserebbs.com 132 E. Berry St., Ft Wayne, IN 46802 260-424-0954 120 E. Center St., Warsaw, IN 46580 574-269-3634 Igney Law Office 119 W. Mitchell St., Kendallville, IN 260-349-9050 • 877-349-9050 Likes Law Office, L.L.C. www.attorneylikes.com 129 S. Main St., Auburn, IN 46706 260-925-6318 Nordmann Law Offices www.nordmannlawoffices.com 600 S. Main St., Auburn, IN 46706 260-925-5200 110 W. Berry St., Ft Wayne, IN 260-420-5511 Schwarz Law Office www.schwarzlawoffice.com Call For Appointment 260-925-1542

CANCER CARE Regional Cancer Care of Angola 516 E. Maumee St., Angola, IN 46706 260-624-2124

CANOEING Trading Post Canoe, Kayak & Campground wwwtradingpostcanoe.com CR 300 N ,Mongo, IN 46771 260-367-2493

COUNSELING CENTER Northeastern Center www.nec.org 220 S. Main St., Kendallville, IN 260-347-2453 38


ENTERTAINMENT Fashion Farm (Pumpkin Fantasyland) www.fashionfarminc.com 1680 Lincolnway W, Ligonier, IN 46767 260-484-4498 Apple Festival of Kendallville www.kendallvilleapplefestival.com

GOLF CARTS Hot Rod Golf Carts www.hotcarts.com 935 N 275 W., Angola, IN 46703 260-668-5588

HOSPITALS Memorial Community Hospital www.CameronMCH.com 416 E. Maumee St., Angola, IN 46703 800-942-9583 DeKalb Health www.dekalbhealth.com 1316 E. 7th St., Auburn, IN 46706 260-925-4600 Lutheran Health Network www.LutheranHealth.net Parkview Health www.parkview.com

INTERNET Ligonier Telephone Company www.ligtel.com 414 S. Cavin St., Ligonier, IN 46767 800-714-6353

LIBRARY Kendallville Public Library www.kendallvillelibrary.org 221 S. Park, Kendallville, IN 46755 260-343-2010

MARTIAL ARTS Angola ATA 202 E. Harcourt Ste. H,Angola, IN 46703 260-624-2282 ATA Excellence Martial Arts www.ATAExcellence.com 111 W. Rush St., Kendallville, IN 46755 866-858-2102

NURISNG Home Nursing Services www.inhomenursingservices.com 528 W. Washington Blvd. Ft Wayne, IN 46802 260-424-1237

PET CARE Pawsitively Paradise 43 N 200 W, Angola, IN 46703 260-668-PAWS(7297)

RADIANT FLOOR HEATING Indiana Warm Floors www.indianawarmfloors.com 260-668-8836 • 800-700-8830

RESTAURANTS Tasty Pizza www.tastypizzaangola.com 1920 W 200 N, Angola, IN 46703 260-833-8500 515 W. Union St., Waterloo, IN 46793 260-837-2777

SPORITNG GOODS Dunham’s Sports www.dunhamrewards.com Angola Square, Angola, IN 46703 260-668-3500 Auburn Plaza, Auburn, IN 46706 260-927-1095

UTILITIES LaGrange County REMC www.lagrangeremc.com 1995 E. US Hwy 20, LaGrange, IN 46761 260-463-7165 Noble REMC www.nobleremc.com P.O. Box 137, Albion, IN 46701 260-636-2113 Steuben County REMC www.remcsteuben.com 1385 S. Old 27, Angola, IN 46703 260-665-3563

VISION Vision Source Innovative Eye Care visionsource-innovativeeyecare.com 1212 N. Main St., Auburn, IN 46706 260-925-1916 110 N. Randolph, Garrett, IN 46728 260-357-6261

YOUTH AGENCY Indiana Youth Institute www.TripToCollege.org

YOUTH CENTER LaGrange Community Youth Centers Inc www.lagrangecyc.org 408 N. Detroit St., LaGrange, IN 46761 260-463-0334

Best Friends Family


of the

Assisting children and their families with mental illness, substance abuse and family issues.

Thank you to before5.org and these family-focused locations! 220 S. Main St., Kendallville • 260-347-2453 • nec.org



Innovative Eye Care Douglas C. Morrow, O.D. • Michelle L. Frye, O.D. Auburn Office 1212 N. Main St. Auburn, IN 46706 260-925-1916

Garrett Office 110 N. Randolph Garrett, IN 46738 260-357-6261




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By Signing Up For Dunham’s Rewards



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*Excludes: firearms, ammunition, licenses, Ugg, Merrell Footwear, select Nike and TaylorMade product, Under Armour, all Titleist golf balls, any regular priced bat $199.99 and up, KL Pro 120 boat /trailer, augers, shanties, GPS/fish finders, trolling and outboard motors, motorized vehicles, Columbia Omni Heat, gift cards, special order items. Cannot be used with any other offer, coupon, current sale or clearance item. Only one coupon applied per item. One coupon per customer. Not valid on previous purchases. Void if copied. Not for resale. Coupon Expires 12/31/2013

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EDUCATION Now enrolling for the 2013-2014 School Year • Christ-centered academic excellence • Preschool through eighth grade • Caring experienced staff • Small class sizes • State accredited


Our school participates in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS!

ST. JOHN LUTHERAN SCHOOL 301 S. Oak Street, Kendallville, IN 260.347.2444 • www.stjohneagles.org



TRIPTOCOLLEGE.ORG WITH THE RIGHT PLANNING, ANYONE CAN MAKE SOME FORM OF HIGHER EDUCATION A REALITY. ii FREE PLANNING TOOLS!! Explore and compare schools or organizations; see what matches your interests and budget. Keep up-to-date on scholarship options, deadlines, financial aid and more!



Your Complete Pet Care Center!



• Health & Wellness - Massage & Weight Loss Program • Grooming • Daycare • Agility Training • Grief Counseling

43 N. 200 W., Angola


Targeted Radiation at the Regional Cancer Care Center of Angola Pet Resort

260.624.2124 516 E. Maumee St., Angola



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Greater Fort Wayne Family Magazine aims to provide parents with helpful information so they can make sound decisions while raising and educa...

Greater Fort Wayne Family - Sept/Oct 2013  

Greater Fort Wayne Family Magazine aims to provide parents with helpful information so they can make sound decisions while raising and educa...

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