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Innovative Building Solutions

Why Choose A Sustainable Building System from K-Panels Ltd? K-Panels Ltd, based in Nottinghamshire, is a leading Kingspan delivery partner specialising in the Design, Supply and Installation of the innovative Kingspan TEK Structural Insulated Panel System. Established in 2003, we have provided our growing client base with practical, sustainable and cost effective solutions to the ever changing government legislations by adopting a fabric first approach to the demands placed on developers to meet the requirements of BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

In addition to an effective sustainable offsite construction solution we offer our clients a truly bespoke service, with true commitment to quality and outstanding service which has earned us recognition in business innovation and the 2020 awards title of Business of the Year. Today we proudly boast a portfolio of over 500 projects all sizes, ranging from highly sustainable and bespoke single homes to affordable housing projects, educational units, health care facilities and commercial developments.

We work closely with Architects, Local Authorities, Private Developers and Main Contractors with the common goal of creating both successful working partnerships and sustainable efficient builds.

Are you looking to: • Produce sustainable, carbon neutral buildings? • Improve the energy efficiency of your building fabric? • Achieve the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes or gain BREEAM ratings? • Deliver a faster more efficient build programme? • Reduce site waste through offsite construction? • Introduce an Eco-Friendly building system to a project?

Quality Key Benefits

Environment Key Benefits

As a Kingspan TEK delivery partner, we are a supplier of a product recognised industry wide as both reliable and innovative. Our values and commitment to delivering a quality building solution are reflected in the high standard of materials we put into our structures and the workmanship we employ to build them. • Recognised by warranty providers Building Life Plans, NHBC and Zulrich Municipal.

K-Panels sustainable building systems reflect commitment to the environment at each stage, from our responsible sourcing and fully audited supply chain, to the delivery of highly insulated and air tight buildings. Our package is designed with sustainability at it’s core PEFC Timber, a natural and renewable source of building materials. • Our established TEK chain of custody is PEFC certified in accordance with TVU Nord Cert auditing and certification and is subject to regular surveillance reviews, offering transparency of source along with reassurance that only the highest quality sustainable goods will be delivered to site. • The TEK building system yields worst case whole wall and roof U-values of 0.21 W/m2K with no additional insulation at all. • Extremely low U-values, e.g. 0.10 W/m2K can easily be achieved with minimal application of additional insulation. • The TEK building system offers an easy and reliable component in building towards the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM ratings, and is designed with the goal of producing cost effective superior quality structures with excellent insulation, low air leakage and minimal cold bridging. • 2008 BRE Green summary ratings for walls and roofs constructed using the TEK building system typically achieved an A+ and A rating.

• BBA, IAB & BM Trada certified.

• PEFC Chain of custody certified.

• ISO approved UK manufacture facility.

• 2008 BRE Greenguide A+ summary rated elements available.

• CHAS Approved Kingspan TEK Delivery Partner.

• Online project collaboration.

Service Key Benefits Our dedicated team combine a comprehensive mix of industry expertise and experience. We operate a transparent system of project management and invite our clients to be as much of a part of the process that takes place off site as they are once we deliver the project to site. As such we provide online management, collaborative working and good old fashioned face to face contact to make sure our clients are well looked after. • K-Panels offer an assured service level agreement to our clients and provide a high quality structural solution which as part of the completed build, offers a significant contribution towards the achievement of BREEAM ratings and CfSH.

• Continuous liaison strategy with open honest and clear communication.

• We undertake quarterly service reviews with our clients in order to gain feedback regarding the overall management of their business, and endeavour to continually improve our clients experience through effective implementation of new initiatives.

• Dedicated account and project managers with a wealth of industry experience supported by industry leading designers and technical developers.

• Transparent innovative online collaboration tool provides our clients with full control over the management of their project.

• Delivery from single source to reduce carbon emissions. • Manufactured using a high performance rigid urethane core with a blowing agent that has Zero Ozone depletion potential. • The ongoing benefits of a TEK build structure offers savings in energy bills, as well as the option of a habitable roof space and increased floor space without increasing the footprint of the structure.

• Continually developing account management with site specific service plans which are individually tailored for each project.

• K-Panels strive to provide the highest level of service and dedicated project management through effective communication, commitment and flexibility of solution. We feel this key factor in the success of our business.

Working with K-Panels K-Panels are one of the UK’s most experienced Kingspan TEK delivery partners combining the most modern building methods with a wealth traditional industry experience. We are the SIP’s supplier of choice for a number of the UK’s leading principle contractors and have been trusted with the delivery of a diverse range of projects all over the UK.

Our committed and experienced designers take a proactive approach to problem solving, providing clients with expert guidance to ensure that the build runs smoothly and without disruption to the predicted programme.

• Each project will be planned with an accurate critical timeline agreed by all parties pre-contract, this outlines key stages of the project, expected completion dates and is accessible via our online project portal to all involved in the project. • K-Panels work in partnership with our clients to deliver the project to both the client’s expectations, and those of the end user.

• Our experienced site personnel are qualified in Trade Specific CSCS qualifications and are coordinated effectively by our experienced Project and H&S managers. • CHAS approved Kingspan TEK Delivery Partner. • Our team have experience of delivering a truly varied range of projects, on programme and on budget.

How does it work? Project Management K-Panels have built a reputation on quality of service coupled with an innovative SIP’s Based fabric first approach to sustainable building solutions. Our commitment to continually improve our clients experience is reflected in every aspect of our work, and we pride ourselves in taking a proactive positive approach to project.

Each and every SIP’s structure is a tailored pre-manufactured solution, produced to the exact specifications of our clients. The key elements in the successful delivery of such an accurate and bespoke construction method are effective planning, open communication and proactive project management. With these three elements in mind, we proudly announce the launch of our newly developed, easy to operate interactive project management tool. Using this secure online management system you can check what stage your project is at any time, day or night, amend instructions, upload drawings, chat with your designer and keep track of dates for all your key project milestones. Alongside telephone and face to face support from your dedicated project manager at K-Panels, we believe will streamline project management and offer true value to all of our customers.

Using our online project management tool we bring a new transparency to the process of managing a SIP’s project from concept to completion. Our bespoke management system enables you to communicate with the designer allocated to your build, your estimator, your project manager and anyone else who is involved with the project, allowing you to create a collaboration of people, all of whom can be given individual levels of access to information.

online project management tool

Traditional Method • Access all your projects anywhere and anytime using a secure user friendly web based collaboration tool. • Build to online programme management with uninterrupted workflow with no delays. • Keep all your key appointments, milestones and communications accessible from a single place.

K-Panels Projects • Collaborate with team, customers and partners, in real-time from a single place. • Facilitate communication between people and enhance knowledge sharing among team members.

Building with TEK explained Internal Floors Our internal floors are usually constructed using a simple Joist and deck arrangement which offers a precise design process and speed of build. Both K-Panels Joists and deck are manufactured to the highest quality using sustainable timber sources wherever possible.

TEK Roof

Glulam Beams

Our pre-insulated TEK roof panels mean your building can easily be designed to incorporate a warm roof space which can be used as valuable additional living space. Our TEK roofs can be clad with many finishes including Slate, Tiles and Zinc.

These are structural timber beams which support the roofing structure and eliminate the need for trusses. When left exposed they can be used to provide a decorative element to the build by providing feature beams.

Joists There are two main types of Joists, these are traditional the I-joist and the more recently developed Pozi Joist. Timber I-Joists can be cut with reinforced apertures to allow space for services within the roof void. Pozi Joists are ideal for commercial developments, they consist of a structural metal web void to allow for ease of running services such as MVHR systems and plumbing. Our Joists are fully assessed for quality and longevity, and are manufactured using PEFC or FSC certified Timbers.

Foundations Due to the lightweight nature of a TEK SIP’s panel structure, significant reductions can be made in the reinforcement of foundations, saving cost overall on the build.


The TEK Panel

Our service is regularly audited by external research agencies and the results of these surveys are made available to our clients.

The TEK Panel itself is made using a state of the art continuous line manufacturing process, using PEFC certified timber and a high performance rigid urethane insulation core. The panels have an overall thickness of only 142mm and weigh just 25 kilo’s per meter square. Despite this they typically perform to a U-Value of 0.2 W/m2K and integrate easily to provide a highly air tight structure, allowing for a fast and easy construction without any compromise the performance of the building.

Cladding for Internal Walls There are 3 main options for internal wall cladding, these are 12.5mm Plasterboard on 25mm counter battens leaving space for services, a 12.5mm Plasterboard on a 19mm gypsum plank or second sheet of 12.5mm Plasterboard with routed space for services, or where no services are required a 12.55mm vapour check plasterboard can be fixed directly to the SIP’s Panels.

Factory Machined Apertures Our TEK panels are supplied with all windows and doors and skylights CNC cut into the panel prior to delivery, a closing timber is then added on site to protect the insulation within the panels. In some cases, we have supplied complete panels which have “future proof” windows, a pre-inserted structural element which would enable the occupier to easily create an opening at a later date by simply sawing out the SIP’s panel without the need to amend the structure. This method of production gives predictability of build, allowing in most cases for glazing to be ordered before construction even begins.

External walls

Internal Walls


Our internal walls can be constructed using TEK SIP’s panels, or more commonly a Timber Stud wall. We have also incorporated metal stud walls into SIP’s buildings although these are less common. All K-Panels internal Timber Stud walls are FSC or PEFC certified and will hold relevant TRADA or BBA Certifications.

The TEK Building system fixes to a timber Sole-Plate fixed to a concrete slab. The reduced wall thickness means a typical build with a U-Value of 0.20 W/m2K can achieve 13.69 square meters more useable floor space than a house built with masonry full fill cavity walls of the same dimensions.

External walls on a TEK property can be clad in a number of ways, with a simple brick skin, stone, timber, brick slip and lightweight render coating.

As a leading provider of flexible SIP’s based Modern Construction Methods, K-Panel’s offer a full suite of services from initial design and engineering through to successful project delivery.

Our commitment to maintain excellent client relationships is reflected in our 100% client retention record and high level of referred business. Our teams are always available to assist and offer free no obligation guidance and technical expertise, should you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch!

For more details on how K-Panels can help you on your next project, please call:

T: 0845 2260 214 E: W: K-Panels Ltd, Brailwood Road, Bilsthorpe, Newark, Notts NG22 8UA


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