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March 2011

Kozon Kronicles

Volume 2, Number 1

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Heating and cooling are two of the most important words when it comes to feeling comfortable in your home and two of the most neglected. Daily we hear how our customers spent the night in the shivering cold or sweltering heat, because their unit broke down during winter’s blistering cold winds or summer’s sweltering days. Although last year’s generous tax credits for residential equipment installs have come and gone, there is a new wave of government tax credits aimed to ease the cost of upgrading/replacing your existing systems. Left over from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is the geothermal tax credit for qualifying installs. An energy tax credit is available for the installation of solar hot water systems and geothermal heat pump systems occurring from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2016. The credit is equal to 30 percent of the installed cost and there is no maximum cap on the credit. Beginning in 2011 is the new breed of tax credits for the installations of qualifying furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps and water heaters. The maximum amount an eligible homeowner may receive in tax credits for “residential energy property” will be $500. The cap is on the total amount of credits a homeowner may claim for purchases between 2006 and 2011, not just for 2011. If a homeowner has already claimed credits of $500 or more through this allowance, they will be unable to claim new credits for improvements made during 2011. Stipulations on installed equipment are as follows:

Make your hard earned money work for you with energy savings on your utility bills and applicable tax credits, by installing a new energy efficient home comfort system. Visit

today for information on home comfort systems!

Kozon’s Receives High Honor!! For years, Kozon Plumbing & Heating has been a front runner in the plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical industries. Our mission to continue to provide quality products and superior service has allowed us to continue being one of the top installers in our industry. We are proud to announce that Kozon Plumbing & Heating was named Bryant’s 2010 Top Geothermal Sales recipient for our area. A personal thank you goes out to each and every one of our customers for their support and continued loyalty. Being part of the Bryant dealer team is our pleasure and gives us the ability to continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Remember… ―Different isn't always "better," but "better" is always different. There's no doubt about it: a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer is different. And, is a dealer that makes a difference… in customer comfort, customer satisfaction and in the local community. But, "different" isn't enough. What makes a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer stand out is the unparalleled performance the company offers— true excellence in every aspect of operations, product solutions and technical know-how.‖

Tips of the Trade Texting may be all the rage, but has your thermostat jumped on the techie bandwagon? The “L6” that many of you have seen show up on your thermostat isn’t your display going bad, it’s your thermostat’s way of communicating to you that it has a low battery. Low batteries can hinder operating performance even before the indicator symbols shows up or the display goes blank. For best performance make sure to change your batteries yearly. Faucet running a little slow? Check the aerator screen in the spout for common debris which could be obstructing the flow. Most faucets have a removable screen at the end of the spout that can collect particles, building up over time, and eventually slowing your water flow. To protect the fixture’s finish, never use a wrench on the bare exterior. Sign up on, to receive reminders about this and many other important Tips of the Trade.

Property for Lease!! Storage/Business (click here for more info)

Total Space Available: Rental Rate: Min. Divisible Max Contiguous: Property Type: Property Sub-Type: Lot Size:

15,552 sf (3 total bays) $1.50/ sf/ yr 4,320 sf 5,616 sf Industrial Warehouse 4.04 sf

Kozon Team Spotlight: Mike Doub Position:

Service Manager

Years w/ Kozon’s:


School Affiliations/ Licenses:

Warsaw H.S. w/ Honors Interstate Tech, Top of Class HVAC & Electrical Licenses Nate Certified Ross Solar Heating Renovator (Lead) Certified

Hey may not be Superman, but over the years many of you have thought Mike was the one who saved the day with his expertise in all fields of home mechanicals. Beginning his technical education at Interstate Technical Institute after graduating high school in 1977, Mike was honing his skills in the HVAC and refrigeration sectors. Hired by Rolf Heating in 1978, as an installation helper, Mike would move through the ranks of installer and service technician to eventually become Service Manager. In 2000, Mike found a new home as Kozon Plumbing & Heating’s Service Manager. Mike continues to hone his expertise with continued technical training, providing his customers with the best possible service and support. In his spare time, in between the emergency service calls, Mike enjoys participating in medieval reenactment. It is not uncommon to find him wielding shield & sword, and keeping history alive, by re-creating the culture of the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Mike’s significant other, Karla, joins him in the quest to relive the times of the past – keeping these two young at heart. Mike’s vast knowledge, and fantastic people skills, have made him an asset to the Kozon Plumbing & Heating team and a valuable resource for our customers.

Yummy Carmel Cake 1 Box White Cake Mix – cook as directed on the box 1 Jar of Caramel 1 Small Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 Large Tub of Cool Whip 2 Crushed up Candy Bars of your choice (we like Heath bars the best!) Once cake is done and slightly cooled, take a rod and poke holes all over the cake. Take the jar of condensed milk and pour in all of the holes. Then take the entire jar of caramel and pour in the holes. You can also pour some on top of the cake. Let cake cool the rest of the way. Frost with cool whip and then sprinkle with crushed candy bar. Refrigerate. The caramel will soak in more the longer the cake sets; therefore it is recommended that the cake be made the night before serving. Lastly….try not to completely devour!

Image 1: Can you see a vase and (2) faces? Image 2: We all know an elephant has (4) legs or does it??? Image 3: Can these lines really be straight and parallel? Get out your ruler and amaze yourself!

Ask a Tech: I’ve heard putting chlorine tablets in your toilet tank can damage it, is this true? In short the answer is an absolute YES. Before we explain how, let’s examine the internal components of your home’s toilet tank. Inside the tank is a mechanism called the flush valve. The flapper is the moving part of the unit, which forms the seal which holds water in the tank and releases it when flushed. The flapper is made out of rubber, which is easily damaged by tank additives. The main reason for leaky toilets, or most commonly referred to as a continuously running toilet, is a damaged flapper. According to, ―The main ingredient in toilet bowl cleaners is the cleaning agent. Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, bromochloro-5, 5-dimet hylhydantoin, calcium chlorate, calcium hydroxide, and calcium carbonate all remove dirt and deposits such as calcium and rust. They can be harmful if swallowed, and highly corrosive to the eyes and skin.‖ Tablets/additives containing these chemicals have been known to destroy a flapper in less than 30 days, by breaking down the rubber. With the popularity and ease of these products, it is easy to see why they are a common staple of many households. But fear not, there are safer alternatives to keeping your porcelain sparkling clean without the risks of unwanted service calls. Products designed to hang over the rim of the bowl or ―stick‖ to the inside of the bowl, clean the area after the water has passed through the flapper and exited the tank. If you have a question for the “Ask A Tech” section please send it to

Kozon March 2011 Newsletter  

Kozon March 2011 Newsletter