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December 2010

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Volume 1, Number 6

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The saying, “This country’s in the toilet,” can far overreach it’s political connotation and actually come to mean the literal. Time after time our technicians come across everyday items the homeowners or their children have deemed it appropriate and safe to send down the water ride of their home’s commode. It’s easy to see why, when every store shelf is packed with items that deem themselves as biodegradable and flushable. The reality is that, most of these products should only see the smooth porcelain of your water closet from the wastebasket. The use of sewage ejection pumps in many of our customer’s basements is one of the biggest obstacles un-flushables meet. Since basement baths are lower than ground level, sewage ejection pumps allow the debris from your basement bathroom to be pumped up to a septic or sewer system. Due to the pumping mechanism handling the flow, obstructions can get trapped within, causing back-ups of sewage, pump seizure, and possibly the end of the pump life. Below are some of the most frequent items that tend to be flushed: •

Tampons Although females may appreciate their super-absorbent possibilities, this same feature can easily lead to a clogged toilet trap. Should these items be sent through your sewage pump a jam is almost positive to occur.

Condoms Not only can flushing these items cause the above issues, the synthetic material is not biodegradable in your septic tank.

“Flushable Wipes” Here lays one of the most common advertised products claiming to be safe to flush, but can wreak havoc down the road. Although the product may go down “some” toilets easily, their ability to not degrade and cause plugs is their biggest down fall. Even the website for Kleenex Kids Flushable Moist Wipes states, “Sewage systems and stream flow conditions are different from door to door. Some extreme cases show that just one sheet can plug a toilet, so our advice is don’t flush these wipes if the water stream in the toilet is weak, and also don’t flush many sheets at once (we recommend that no more than two wipes are used per flush).”

Underwear In rare cases, it has been seen that potty training toddlers accidently send their britches down the drain as well. Be proud of their accomplishment, but keep an eye out for the clog causing, pump seizing item.

Paper Towels A very common practice in the home cleaning maintenance profession is to flush the paper towels after cleaning with them. This not only distributes chemicals into the septic or sewer from the rags, but they have been known to cause costly obstructions in city sewers. For more items on the “Do Not Flush List” click here.

The crew of Kozon Plumbing & Heating is pleased to announce the near completion of their Design Showroom & Lighting Gallery. After many months of hard work the vision of a functioning, artistic, and modern design center is within reach. Customer’s will now be able to experience the feel of jetted body systems, see the tranquility & peacefulness of a rain can showerheads, and shine a light onto their ideas with the impressive illuminated fixtures. With the creation of the one of a kind Design Showroom & Lighting Gallery, Kozon Plumbing & Heating will continue to set itself apart from the competition and remain a step above their opposition, for the betterment of their homeowners. We look forward to working with you to meet and exceed your home dreams.

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Tips of the Trade •

It’s that time of year again…Christmas Decorating Time!! As many of you begin your holiday fun with some cheerful decorating, please remember a few electrical safety tips this holiday season. Overloading power strips and connecting too many strands of lights together poses a potential fire risk-make sure to limit your connections to the approved number for your power strip. Check light strands every year for possible fraying & cracking of the cables – replace with new lights if they show any damage. Have a safe & Merry Christmas.

If you have an odor coming from a sink, tub, shower, floor drain, or laundry tub, try running about a gallon of water thru that fixture. Dry drainage traps can emit a terrible smell. Make sure to keep all unused drains moist, by routinely pouring water into them.

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Kozon Team Spotlight: Josh Michael Position:

HVAC/ Electrical Installer

Years w/ Kozon’s:


Favorite Music Genre:


Josh is a graduate of Wawasee High School, who joined the family team of Kozon Plumbing & Heating in 2008. Married to team member Jessica Michael, and brother in-law to President Brandy Barthel, the philosophy of a family run and operated company continues with Josh. Josh began his career at Kozon’s in the heating/cooling department and has added to his skills the knowledge of basic electrical installations. When not working out in the field, Josh’s pastimes are spent hunting, fishing, and playing on the lake. Currently his weekends are spent duck and goose hunting. Expecting his first child next month, Josh looks forward to the trials and fun fatherhood will bring his way.

“Santa’s Whisker’s” Cookies

courtesy of

3/4 cup Margarine 2 cups Flour 3/4 cup Sugar 1 tablespoon Milk 1 teaspoon Vanilla 3/4 cup finely chopped candied red or green cherries 1/3 cup finely chopped pecans 3/4 cup coconut Beat margarine with an electric mixer on medium to high speed for 30 seconds. Add about half the flour, the sugar, milk, and vanilla. Beat till thoroughly combined. Stir in remaining flour. Stir in cherries and pecans. Shape into 8-inch rolls. Roll in coconut. Wrap in wax paper; chill 2- 24 hours. Cut into 1/4-inch slices. Place on an un-greased cookie sheet. Bake in a 375 degree oven 10-12 minutes or until the edges are golden. Cool cookies on a wire rack. Makes about 60.

Property for Lease!! Storage/Business (click here for more info)

Total Space Available: Rental Rate: Min. Divisible Max Contiguous: Property Type: Property Sub-Type: Lot Size:

15,552 sf (3 total bays) $1.50/ sf/ yr 4,320 sf 5,616 sf Industrial Warehouse 4.04 sf


Ask a Tech: Is Drain-O an Oh-No?

Retail drain cleaners are a common purchased and often asked about product. Their claims for a convenient solution to a frequent problem make them a top seller. When asked about the safety of using these products to clear drains, the simple answer is…Sometimes. Plunging or snaking a drain is always preferred over the use of chemicals. This is easier on the piping itself and does not require the use of drain clearing chemicals. Chemical cleaners can be hard on some forms of piping, but may be also very toxic. Many people turn to crystal forms of these cleaners, for the stubborn clogs that the foams & gels leave behind. The crystal counterparts are more toxic to people and therefore poise a great risk. Should you choose to use a chemical cleaner and the clog does not free itself, remember your safety when attempting to then plunge or snake the item. The chemicals can back up or splash onto you, resulting in a chemical burn. Always remember to follow directions carefully, do not mix chemicals, and keep out of the reach of children should you elect to use these types of chemicals. If the clog persists, don’t keep overloading it with chemicals…call a pro.

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Kozon December 2010 Newsletter  

Kozon December 2010 Newsletter