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Family house Krakov Czech Technical University in Prague Bachelor thesis Ing. arch. Jitka Paroubkovรก SuSe 2012

The task of my bachelor thesis was to design a family house with another associated function. The location of the existing ground is in the centre of village Krakov in the Central Bohemia region. The parcel is in the front side faced to the village green and the back side is turn to privacy. The more common part of the building is designed like a day-care nursery, the rest is used for living a four-member family. The solution of the mass corresponds by its shape, scale and placement on the parcel to the surrounding buildings and

tries to maintain the traditional form of a village house. The design in detail tries to follow modern architecture. The working process contained the development of architectural design and preparing technical details as well.

ground flor

the first floor



Leibniz salon Hanover Leibniz University Hanover Long project Prof. Hilde Le贸n WiSe 2012

the area of Hanover centre

the embankment of the Leine River

the view from St. Johannis Church to the Hanover city centre

The designed building is located on the edge of the historical city centre of Hanover directly by the river bank. The parcel was in the close history an island on the Leine River. The “Leibniz Salon� is an education centre, which follows ideas of the famous Hanover thinker Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The building mass included two salons, a big one and a small one, a cafeteria, a library, a study and a workshop space and a few students’ flats. The shape of the building expresses the uncontrollability of human thinking and tries to follow the city structure at the same time.

ground floor


quick designs

Podbielski Strip Leibniz University Hanover Institute for Design and Urban planning Dipl.-Ing. Frank Eittorf WiSe 2012

Pillows vs. barricades

Biscuit step path

Walking ring Park vs. monument

The task of this project included four short designs located on one of the longest streets in Hanover called Podbielski Street. Each one had to be done in four days. The work had started with an excursion in the processed area and was followed with daring ideas which had to be put on an A2 size layout in one weekend. My work is focused on using common free space and connecting hidden places with main public spaces.

Walking ring There is a green area close to a group of office buildings including a pond and passed by a highway. Currently nobody is using this recreation area. The main idea of this design is to bring people from the offices and induce them to use the space to walk, relaxing, spending free time on the sun, maybe get an ice cream or a coffee. I just put a path in the green area and did a lot with a little. That repeats in the next designs as well.

Park vs. monument The second project is placed in an old hospital area. In this design I did not care about reusing of the hospital buildings, but I followed the main idea to work on the free spaces around or between the buildings. I took the health cross and transform it in a monument and a park element and use it for connecting the whole area. The function of the hospital building maybe change, but the symbol will remember on the past sublime using of this area.

Pillows vs. barricades Next problematic city part is an area between the Podbielski Street and the Mittelland Canal. There are a resting points, which have to be connected and showed to the visitors. One of them is an air raid shelter inspired the third design. I put a way, which is bounded by sandbags, between the street, the shelter and pervious and useable for time spending.

lot of different uses and a few intefrom the Second World War, which the waterfront and made the area

Biscuit step path The last part is the area around the old Leibniz biscuits factory building, adjacent to the Podbielski Street. Nowadays the factory is converted to a shopping passage. The problem is a bad connection between the city train station and the shopping centre. I showed the way to the old factory by using a biscuit shaped stones in the pavement. If you follow the stones, you will find a Leibniz coffee and a Leibniz biscuits store. The stone-way is also connecting the passage with the city centre.

quick designs

Beach cinema in Dornum Leibniz University Hanover Institute for Design and Urban planning Prof. Dipl. -Ing. Jรถrg Schrรถder WiSe 2012

pictures of the existing building

This quick design should have been done in one week including a two days excursion. There is an unused building on the seashore in the city Dornum located in northern Germany. The beach hall is a former restaurant. I decided not to reuse the building interior, instead I changed the outside skin. I put a screen on both longer sides and create a double used cinema building. One side is faced to the parking place and is used like a drive-in. The other side is oriented to the beach.


ground floor

the first floor

view from the drive-in

view from the beach cinema




3D - Plot Leibniz University Hanover Short project Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Schmid-Kirsch WiSe 2012

The 3D-plot seminar introduces the participator to the basic principles of using a 3D printer. The task was to devise a 3D object available to be print on a 3D printer. There was used a modelling software (SketchUp, Rhinoceros) to export a *.stl file, which is compatible with the printer. I create a cube passing by a labyrinth. During the working process was also built a prototype to proof the feasibility of the design.

handmade prototype

final vizualization

about me

name: Sandra Kozlová title: Bc. birthplace: Kutná Hora birthdate: 16.3.1989 education: 2004 - 2008 High school of civil engineering 2008 - 2012 Czech Technical University in Prague bachelor degree Architecture and civil engineering 2012 - 2013 Leibniz University Hanover master degree - erasmus Architecture and urbanism work experience: March - November 2010 Kutnohorská stavební s.r.o July - September 2012 Energy Benefit Centre a.s. software: AutoCAD, Archicad, SketchUp, Artlantis, Photoshop, InDesign, Teplo, MS Office languages: Czech German Englisch Italian

native language B2-C1 B1-B2 A1.1

even the way can be a target...