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Kozloff Stoudt Now Representing Real Estate Cases in Philadelphia and Reading Renting or putting a down payment on a new property can be exciting but nerve-wracking. Thoughts go through everyone’s head, from the price of the property to the terms and conditions of the agreement, to the rules of a rental. It can be a difficult situation to confront a landlord or real estate agent who will ensure each client that everything is kept up-to-date and there are no problems with the property. If a dispute arises, the attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt are pleased to announce they will now be representing landlord-tenant and other real estate transaction cases in Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas, as well as the Reading area. The lawyers at Kozloff Stoudt will work with their clients to make sure all communications are complete and regularly occurring during and throughout all transactions and assist their clients with any real estate issues that surface during what may occasionally be a complex and challenging process. If in need of a real estate attorney in PA, Kozloff Stoudt handles real estate transactions and property disputes arising during such real estate transactions —anything from preparation of complicated legal documents to tenant and landlord controversies over rental properties, and terms and conditions of lease agreements. There are various ways a property transaction can raise red flags, including buying a property in an area prone to flooding and not being reminded of that fact prior to signing the agreement. Also, if real estate agents or property owners are selling the property with the knowledge that a problem exists, or could arise in the future and neglect to mention such problems or concerns to the buyer, Kozloff Stoudt will help their clients seek appropriate remedies and mediate such disputes. In addition to real estate cases, the attorneys at Kozloff Stoudt represent injured parties assert personal injury claims and lawsuits. Injuries can occur from automobile accidents, product liabilities, workplace malfunctions, defective and dangerous conditions on residential and commercial properties, slip and fall circumstances, all of which can lead to claims and lawsuits for which fair and just monetary compensation can be obtained, and to which victims of such injuries are entitled—the amount of compensation is determined by the extent of the injury. The personal injury lawyers at Kozloff Stoudt provide their clients with the personal attention and service needed to obtain the damages they are entitled to under the law. Potential clients who have been injured and who feel they deserve to be compensated for the injuries they’ve suffered, should be sure to contact a PA injury lawyer at Kozloff Stoudt and to do so before the statute of limitations runs, or expires thereby negating a potential right of recovery or lawsuit. For more information about the services of the personal injury attorneys in Reading, call Kozloff Stoudt, or to receive a free consultation for any potential personal injury case, please call 610370-6700 or visit the Kozloff Stoudt website today. About the Law Firm: The law offices of Kozloff Stoudt formed in 2000, as the result of the merger of two large, respected and successful and historically prominent Berks County firms. They are located in the Spring Ridge area of Berks County, the professional and commercial center of the Reading area. For more than 70 years, the lawyers of Kozloff Stoudt have advised and represented individuals, businesses and municipalities in all aspects of civil law.

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The law offices of Kozloff Stoudt formed in 2000, as the result of the merger of two large, respected and successful and historically promin...

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