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Many women struggle with weight and body image. In general women tend to be on diets and exercise programs in order to manage weight and lose weight. Most have struggles with this most of their adult lives. One key element in losing weight for women is something that many actually avoid. Lifting weights is something that will not only help with weights but will also have other benefits as well. The reason that lifting weights is important is because it will build some muscle. With muscle, this will help you burn calories all day long. A combination of cardio and weights for the same amount of time is better than just cardio alone. If you are going to put in the time, you might as well get the most results for your efforts. The big issue that many women face when thinking of lifting weights is becoming bulky and masculine looking. While this is conventional thinking, it's wrong. Gaining muscle for women is very difficult since there isn't enough testosterone in the body. Women will tone up but not get bulky. Weights are also great for your bones and joints in the long run. This is very important to women who end up have issues with bone strength and density when getting older. Many of the women who have the legs, abs, and arms that many women are hoping for are on some sort of weight training routine. These types of features are not achieved by eating less food. There are weight routines behind them all. Rarely does your body and muscles actually get challenged in day to day life. With weight lifting you can push yourself till failure really challenging what you have. If you do lift weights be sure to focus on proper form. Do the exercise the right way and go slow. Don't push through excessive pain. Be safe when you are working out to prevent injury.

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