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"Get Girlfriend back, get girlfriend back", if you have been chanting these words in your mind, you need to answer a few questions. Do you miss the way her hand held yours? Do you miss the smell of her hair? Do you constantly think about what a lovely person she was? There are ways to regain the love and trust of your ex-girlfriend, and to start things anew, if you've recently gone through a breakup. First, try and analyze the reasons why you broke up in the first place. Maybe your partner didn't like something in you- if so, try and work that out. It's important to deal with issues and certain situations that previously caused strife, so these will not reoccur when you get back together. Don't be desperate; don't harass her with phone calls and texts, begging her to take you back. To get your girlfriend back is sometimes a very risky proposition because, at this point, she is very emotionally unpredictable. That is why ultimately the best way to get girlfriend back is by slowly and steadily making her realize that you have changed and are worthy of her. She'll get put off with your clingy behavior, and run far away. You need to give her space - and this is crucial. Give her some time to think about things, and remember that you need the time to think about things as well. Don't invade her personal privacy, don't encroach upon her boundaries, you need to respect the fact that you both have broken up. If you truly want to get girlfriend back, you'll need to stand back for a while. Maintain a friendly and cordial relationship, albeit with boundaries. Show her affection and gratitude - tell her she was the greatest thing in your life. If you give her credit for what she was, she'll feel good about herself, and about you. If she's having some problems, be her friend, support her through tough times, and help her work things out. There's no one better than a good listener. Offer advice when she needs it; give a hug when she requires it. She'll realize what a wonderful guy she lost, and you will soon get your girlfriend back and she will be yours forever. Keep a positive attitude. Don't make negative comments about her, or try to put her down- she'll resent it, and chances are, she'll walk out of your life completely. Respect her for the person she is, and the friend she is to you. Give her the credit she deserves. If she's going out with someone, chances are it's a rebound - don't feel jealous. Act calm, cool and collected. If you pass them in the street, say a cordial hello.

Don't get into a fight with her current boyfriend - this will make things worse, and show you up in a bad light. You need to show that you're mature and understanding, and that you have grown up, and sorted through your issues. Don't try to take revenge by having a fling yourself or flaunting other girls in front of her - she'll resent it, and lose all respect for you. You need to show you're above petty things like that. Don't go out with someone just for the heck of it, just to make her jealous. It won't work. If you follow these steps with patience and discipline, you will find that you will get your girlfriend back in no time at all.

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