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Most people have experienced a break up during their life. Usually they learn how to move on but there are people who are dedicated to get back their girlfriend. If you are reading this I guess you are one of those. Learn these three ways to get your girlfriend back and enjoy being together again! 1. Minimize contact: Emotionally this is the most difficult technique out of these three ways to get your girlfriend back, but it is worth utilizing it. It is very important to minimize contact with your ex and never seem to be needy. Most people tell their ex how much they love her and they want her back etc. It simply not work it will only push her away! Instead of this you should show your girlfriend that you are strong by yourself! Show her that you can live happy life without her! 2. Make her jealous: It is a very powerful technique if you use it properly, it is one of the most effective ways to get your girlfriend back. After the break up (only after you are sure she really meant it) you can start flirting with others. It is even better if you start flirting with her acquaintances. You may get a new girlfriend but if you keep your original goal (getting back your ex girlfriend) you should avoid serious relationships. It is crucial to keep a some contact with your ex and show them that you are not completely unattainable...if she thinks you moved on she will also do so.So it is very important to show that you still care about her! 3. Be yourself: It is a very simple tactic but it really works. First of all you should maintain a good relationship with your ex. Try to become friends. So don't blame her for leaving you! Act naturally and show that you accept the situation that you can only be friends. Be yourself and do similar things what you did when you fell in love with each other. Never forget she fell in love with you for good. You can make her fall in love with you again by doing similar things and remain the same guy you used to be. These three were the most effective ways to get girlfriend back. If you are interested in getting back your ex click here

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