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Breaking up or losing your girlfriend or anyone that you love can be heart wrenching. The pain and sadness is unequaled. However there are things that you can do to tip the scales in your favor. There are steps you can start taking today to make sure that you can win back the heart of your girlfriend. Pay attention to what she tells you. If she is up front and honest and tells you what you have to work on, take it as a blessing. She just told you what you have to work on in order to get her back. Don't be macho or prideful and think you don't have to change for anyone. Here is a newsflash, yes you do. You need to if you want to get her back. Heed her words and take care of the things you need to in order to make things right. Listen to that voice of reason inside you. It is funny how there is a little voice in us or our conscience that tells us when we should or should not do something. Most of the time we never listen and we do what ever we want to. It is like when we are out having a good time, something inside us tells us "ok, that's it, any more alcohol and I am going to throw up." What do we do instead? We keep on going, until we find our way to the porcelain throne. If you know she does not want you calling and emailing, then listen to that voice and just say no. Do as she asks. If there are things that she asks of you while you are apart, such as giving her space or not to drop in on her at work, then listen to her. Nothing makes a woman more upset than asking men to do something only to have them do the complete opposite. Imagine asking her to do something and then having her completely ignore you and do what ever she wanted. Paying attention to her, listening to your inner voice and doing as she asks are all small steps. But they are all small steps that will help you to take leaps and bounds in your relationship with her. There are a lot more things that you could do to make sure you win your girlfriend back. There are a lot more steps that you can take, just make sure to start out with these and things will work out fine.

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How to win your girlfriend back  

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