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Nowadays, most people have skipped the exercise and diet routine and instead have gone for diet pill and supplements in order to lose weight. Sadly, losing weight is just that - losing the extra fat without any thought to the health risks caused by varying actions. However, what most people don't realize is that you can actually get on the fastest way to lose weight without resorting to these so called diet supplements and without putting your health on the line. Of course, it's going to take willpower and perseverance on your part, but then again, it's going to be worth it. What you must know is that the fastest way to lose weight commands a combination of two basic elements: food and exercise. How much you take in versus how much you burn out. These two can be broken down into further elements wherein you will only perform the best exercises and consume the best fat burning foods. Let's start discussing the best of each element and start your weight loss program. Exercises The main thing why people avoid exercising is because it's not fun to do. We can't change that, but we can alter the intensity of the exercise so that it will burn more. Ideally, your exercise should contain stretches, cardio and weight lifting. The question is, how do you perform these exercises? Do you prefer high intensity training or low intensity? Study shows that the fastest way to lose weight would mean switching back and forth from low to high intensity and back again. This not only allows the muscles time to recover but also trains the body to burn more fat each time. Hence, regardless of what your exercise it, make sure to switch between intensities. For example, when jogging, start off with a normal walking, up the move to a fast walk, jog and then start walking fast again. Food Consumption Food resembles a large universe when it comes to losing weight. There are different tips and tricks pertaining on what food to eat, how much, how often and even how to prepare it. However, regardless of what you do consume, the trick here is to drink a glass of water prior to any meal. Water occupies a large amount of space in the stomach, so you won't be eating as much food as you usually do. Don't confuse being thirsty to being hungry. More often than not, people gulp down huge amounts of food because they feel empty, only to crave for a glass of water in the end. Another tip is that you eat lesser portions more often. This means eating around five times per day, but always in small amounts. This basically serves as fuel for the whole day without any extras to be stored as fat. Also, you might want to stock your fridge of fat burning foods like dairy, lean meat, whole grain food and beans. Stay off the junk food or perhaps limit your consumption. The same with exercises, you might want to list down your food consumption for a more tangible

proof that you are actually working towards weight loss. For most people, this could make or break a diet plan.

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==== ==== To know more about how to lose weight, click this one ==== ====

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