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Like body fat, our body also stores water. Our body is made up of almost 80 percent of water but it can also cause major problems in looking lean, especially when at beach when you want to maximize muscle tone especially in the abdominal area. Learn how you can lose enough water weight to reveal such muscle tone. Reveal those muscle definitions because you deserve it; lose water weight safely without being to obsessive, which is my fitness principle to live by. Assuming you have a great amount of muscle and body fat that is low enough but you feel you are not that lean looking yet, it may be caused by an excessive amount of fluid stored in your skin called subcutaneous fluid. This can be caused by excess sodium and can be avoided by: 1. Drinking More Water - Contrary to the popular belief that we should drink less water to have less fluid in our skin, drinking more can drain sodium by urinating. We need water to avoid being cranky, losing focus and other side effects of dehydration. Drink more water than usual but I advise do not over drink. My overall principle is to avoid obsession in anything about fitness and health so anything you feel is not natural for you should be avoided. In addition you might find it inconvenient having frequent trips to the restroom all day. or you can... 2. Avoid Having Too Much Salt in General - What is there to store if you don't intake any excessive amount? Having less salt in your diet without going bland on everything you eat is ideal to avoid any excess fluid retention on your skin. This may mean limiting anything fried and salty foods, especially when an event or a vacation is near because you really want to look the leanest this time. You can get creative in flavoring your foods without using any excessive amount of salt. 3. Fiber is a Lean Body's Best Friend Fiber in food can not only improve digestion but also can flush out excess fluids in the body. Like what grandma and mom always says "eat your fruits and vegetables". Not only would it nurture your body with much needed vitamins and minerals, but also can help you look good. I guess moms know best! 4. Want to Look Lean? Sweat it Out!

If excess sodium is under your skin, wouldn't sweating it out literally flushes it out? A regular amount of sweat has many perks other than looking lean. It can also wash your body from bacteria that causes body odor and regulates body temperature. Here is a technique I often see at the fitness blogs I usually read: While doing cardio or hitting the sauna, taste your sweat for a bit, and if it doesn't taste that salty anymore it means it will not hold too much water. Hope you get lean when you need it the most, because we live once so why not look gorgeous? Reveal those muscle definitions because you deserve it; lose water weight safely without being to obsessive, keep it simple and it is easier to look really sexy.

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