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Several factors, including hot weather, excess sodium, birth control pills, prescription steroids and more, cause our body to retain excess water. Though you might tend to think that water weight is not as serious as the regular body weight, learning how to lose water weight fast will soon become a concern as you feel it making you uncomfortable and adding inches to your waistline. If you are considering ways and means on how to lose water weight fast, given below are a few simple things for you to do. 1.Drink plentiful water daily: It is suggested to drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water each day. This may appear to be a complete contradiction to your attempts to get rid of the water weight, but, strangely, this technique does work. The more your water intake, the more your kidneys get stimulated and the more you will be flushing out of the body toxins and excess fluids. In addition, your body will feel less need to retain water upon your increased intake of it. Spring water is a splendid choice in helping to reduce water retention as it contains no salt. 2.Change any prescription medication after consultation: Discuss with your doctor regarding your water retention problem and get dosages adjusted if any prescription medication is suspected to cause this problem. If this were indeed the cause, then switching to alternative medication or lowering the dosage will certainly help you to lose water weight fast. 3.Reduce sodium intake: Foods with high sodium content contribute quicker to water retention more than anything else. Less sodium also contributes to improved health. Processed foods often have high contents of sodium and they need to be avoided. Read the food labels on any product and ensure that your sodium intake does not exceed 1500 mg per day. 4.Indulge in exercise or physical activities that cause you to sweat: Sweating helps to remove salts from the body and so more sweating helps! Wearing heavy clothes will make you sweat more. Exercising regularly is still amongst the best ways to get rid of any kind of excess weight. The more the exercise, the more you will sweat and the more you will lose water weight fast as a net result. 5.Reduce intake of carbohydrates: Carbohydrates tend to add water to your body. The fact is, every pound of carbohydrate stored in your body will result in adding 3 - 5 pounds of water. If you eliminate intake of carbohydrates for 1 - 2 days, the already stored carbohydrates will burn up and this will cause you to quickly lose 3 - 5 pounds of water weight. The stated methods on how to lose water weight fast are amongst the most effective methods available. If water retention is a continuing problem for you, you should definitely restrict or even eliminate your daily intakes of salt and carbohydrates, and as well drink plenty of water (at least 8 10 glasses each day). You can also consider substituting carbohydrates with proteins. You will

lose water weight fast and, in addition, will feel more energetic and healthier.

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==== ==== To know more about how to lose weight, click this one ==== ====

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